Short Bio I’m Chris Geere, lead of FXX’s critically acclaimed comedy, “You’re the Worst.” I play Jimmy Shive-Overly, a brash, narcissistic and self-destructive writer in a relationship with Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash). Aside from acting, I’m married to a beautiful singer/songwriter, Jennie, and have one young son, Freddie. I love woodworking and watching soccer (football to me!).

You can find me in season three of “You’re the Worst" airing Wednesdays at 10:00pm ET/PT on FX Networks. If you need to catch up, seasons one and two are available to stream on Hulu.

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Pekingese36 karma

As someone who has suffered depression in the past, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed last season's heartfelt portrayal of depression. The show may be You're the Worst but the actors, producers, and everyone are the best!

My question is: Will Jimmy ever write a hit book?

ChrisGeere23 karma

Firstly thank you, that means a lot. Secondly, I doubt it. He's his own worst critic and therefore enemy!

ChrisGeere34 karma

Thanks everyone for chatting w me! Please watch the show on FXX

Tinc74727 karma

Do you wash your legs when you shower?

ChrisGeere27 karma

I do now!

Frajer21 karma

How is Jimmy able to afford the rent without the help of Edgar and Gretchen?

ChrisGeere36 karma

Great question. We constantly are questioning that on set. It must have been one hella successful 1st novel.

karateandfriendship919 karma

Are we going to see another list of slams this season?

ChrisGeere44 karma

The heckle list comes out at the most inappropriate time. Get ready.

prop_lupo0918 karma

Did Flow try to sell you any insurance at any point while filming?

ChrisGeere25 karma

She was the SWEETEST woman and I hope we get to bring her back. And yes, if I ever need insurance..I will go to her.

la_xu18 karma

Hi Chris, I'm so excited for the 3rd season and thank you for doing the AmA!

My question is: what would be on your personal Sunday Funday itinerary, and who on the cast would be most likely to get wasted?

ChrisGeere29 karma

Personal Sunday Funday is day drinking at a soccer match. Some real posh ass meal and tequila.


axisofphilippe16 karma

Hey Chris, it's Philippe. How's it going?

ChrisGeere80 karma

New phone. who dis?

megapull14 karma

First off, thanks for being a part of my all-time favorite TV show, I love every minute of it.

Second: Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?

ChrisGeere15 karma


Fzpeter14 karma

Hey! What was the hardest scene/episode of You're the worst to film? And do you feel sometimes after filming that you stayed in character?

ChrisGeere32 karma

Trying to understand Gretchen's depression was by far the hardest thing. I would have 2 pages of full diaglouge and she would be catatonic on the couch w no response. Usually Aya gives me everything I need to simply react. It was like doing a monologue- great challenge. This year has been a new challenge altogether.

And yes, it takes me quite awhile to shed Jimmy from my head.

topernicus13 karma

When can we finally enjoy you as The Doctor? And would you mind giving me a lift in the TARDIS to then?

ChrisGeere9 karma

send your address and I will pick you up tonight.

redcommodore13 karma

What do you have in common with Jimmy?

ChrisGeere39 karma

we both like feet.

SlightlyChunkyCharli12 karma

The season premiere was fantastic. Did you get a heads up during the break that you would be nude helping Aya "take the floor" this season opener or did they just spring that on you at the table read?

ChrisGeere16 karma

A. we don't have table reads B. We found out 2 weeks before...we rarely get a heads up about anything.

itsmeagentcodybanks12 karma

Hey Chris! Big fan!! What's the favorite thing you've worked on? And does You're the Worst have any improv in it?

ChrisGeere13 karma

YTW is my favorite but I did commercial for Coke Zero which was great fun.

There is next to no improv whats so ever. The scripts are too good!

tovias12 karma

Do you and the rest of the cast hangout together when you're not filming the show?

ChrisGeere17 karma

all the time!

J3WZ1LL412 karma

JIMMY STUPID THREE NAMES!? Thanks for joining us for an AMA! I actually have two questions.

1) What has been the funniest moment behind the scenes working with the awesome cast you guys have at YTW?

2) Besides the shows amazing writing YTW features a similarly incredible soundtrack. What has been your favorite song in an episode?

ChrisGeere22 karma

Two good questions!

  1. Funniest moment BTS Aya and I had to drink fake bloody mary's which consisted of warm tomato juice. yogurt. Tabasco and a stick of carrot. We couldn't film because we were trying not to throw up.

  2. Everything from the S2 finale including Kether's singing!

mabes_0812 karma

Who is the actual worst on You're the Worst?

ChrisGeere40 karma

It varies from episode to episode but I think I will have to go with Lindsey.

DocKillinger12 karma

If you could give your fictional counterpart any piece of advice to be less Worst, what would it be?

ChrisGeere12 karma

I love 24 but going along with the show I would LOVE to sew Jimmy in a guest role in NCIS LA.

irishstevenj10 karma

Do you root for/have any issues with your dad regarding any particular real football team?

ChrisGeere18 karma

Both of us are solid Southampton fans!

Sheep_god10 karma

What's your favorite insult Jimmy has said to someone?

ChrisGeere14 karma

Jimmy says something to Edgar next week that is possibly the meanest thing I have ever heard him say. My new fav.

mm8259 karma

Chris, my favorite part of you're the worst is Jimmy and Vernon, The interactions between those two characters are some of the funniest parts of the show, such polar opposites who can bond over their relationship with a crazy woman. What's one movie that both of them would enjoy?

ChrisGeere7 karma

I think they would enjoy Transformers. They wouldn't have to think too much but could tear it apart afterwards!

whiskytengo9 karma

When you have scenes when you are eating Edgar's delicious creations, is it actual real, decent food, or are you just acting like it is?

ChrisGeere17 karma

It is always delicious yet I have to remember that whatever I choose to eat in the first take I must also eat in take 38!

MusicIsTheWay8 karma

How long did it take you to get used to driving in the CORRECT side of the road here in Britain's favorite offspring of a nation?

Also, I love the episode where you guys try to act responsibly and end up doing a bunch of drugs.

ChrisGeere13 karma

I get beeped at every. single. day. Not for being too fast, but for being too slow.

One day I had to do a scene with a full camera rig attached to the car & it was terrifying.

re: episode. Me Too! Thanks

GBSii8 karma

Sometimes Jimmy's rants, ramblings and insults remind me a bit of Mark and Jez from Peep Show, are you a fan, and who are some of your comedic/acting influences?

ChrisGeere11 karma

Such a Peep Show fan! Huge Inbetweeners fan to work with those kinds of people would be incredible.

Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais and Steve Coogan all influences!

parkman478 karma

Chris, I love the show - consider it the best show to have come out of 2014.

With that in mind, can you please send me Gretchen's poster from "your" room?

I need that jazzy cat.

ChrisGeere9 karma

cool cat! I think Aya has dibs on that one!

huge_ox8 karma

If you could have a cross over show with any other show currently in production, what would you choose and why? Doesn't even need to be same "universe".

ChrisGeere13 karma

I love 24 but going along with the show I would LOVE to sew Jimmy in a guest role in NCIS LA.

Dreekun8 karma

How is Killian doing?

ChrisGeere12 karma

His voice is dropping by the day!

anizolp7 karma

Hi, Chris! What's your favorite line from the show?

ChrisGeere50 karma

sleepy bitches don't deserve real phones.


(in pillow fort) you stayed.

storefront7 karma

should we expect more brunch-related antics this season?

ChrisGeere9 karma


Tokens_Only7 karma

Chris, the relationship between Jimmy and his father obviously form a pretty big component of his character. Do you have anything in your own childhood that gave you inspiration there, or did you have to fuel that entirely with imagination?

ChrisGeere6 karma

we are products of our childhoods so of course there are similarities. But Jimmy's relationship with his father is very different from my own.

ChrisGeere3 karma

we are products of our childhoods so of course there are similarities. But Jimmy's relationship with his father is very different from my own.

blessedbetheslacker7 karma

  • Regarding the flashback episode of season 1 (episode 9), did you guys shoot that along with the pilot, or were the episodes made in the order they were aired?

  • Would we get to see Jimmy's mother at some point?

  • "Castle" had the titular character's books published in real life, and so did "Californication" and Hank Moody. Is there even a remote chance that we could actually read "Congratulations, You're Dying" for ourselves? Maybe at least Jimmy's "erotic tales"?

  • Are the breakfasts Edgar cooks actually being eaten by you guys? For that matter, is Desmin Borges as good a cook as his character?

  • Does the boy who plays Killian also hang out with the rest of you guys on set?

ChrisGeere5 karma

we shot flashback ep 6 months later. The continuity department were all over it.

I hope we see Jimmy's mother... I have a feeling that she might be a little wild.

When Killian comes to set we all have to mind our language, though it doesn't always work.

hannainthecity6 karma

If Jimmy could live anywhere else in Los Angeles, which part of the city would live up to his standards? Side question, what is your favorite part of LA?

ChrisGeere8 karma

he would live anywhere apart from Bev Hills.

My fav is WeHo but if I were to love here I would probably go Eastside.

LynnatMDF6 karma

What was your favorite location to film in Echo Park/Silverlake?

ChrisGeere7 karma

Every so often we do stuff in the crematorium and it is actually rather beautiful. Look out for it again this season.

Yakuza_6 karma

I don't want to force you to write a biography here, but what piqued your interests in acting? What made you pursue that career as a brit? I'm american and never left home, so I'm unaware of the influence in the U.K.

ChrisGeere8 karma

Strong question. I had the choice of following my dreams or taking a sensible route so many people told me to be sensible. Surround yourself with good people. Trust them and never have a plan B.

GBSii6 karma

We never see Jimmy cook but what's your favourite thing to cook? Also, as an irishman and a huge fan of British comedy I love how at times because of Jimmy's dry British wit the show is almost a crossover between British and American sit coms

ChrisGeere8 karma

I am a BIG fan of cooking. Sometimes I make a curry from scratch! It takes ages but everyone seems to like it.

ljamos6 karma

The last Sunday Funday this season isn't really the last one ever, is it? They've been some of my favorite episodes of the other seasons!

ChrisGeere6 karma

We go out with a bang but for now I think we are done. You can never tell with Stephen though.

KhalReesesPieces6 karma

What's the best story you have from being blackout drunk?

Ps, I LOVE this show. I've been watching it on repeat for the last two weeks getting psyched for Season 3.

ChrisGeere9 karma

Can't remember;)

monthsbehind6 karma

Hi Chris! Thanks for the AMA. My boyfriend says you're the best part of You're the Worst!

Can we PLEASE get the recipe for breakfast tots? Also, have you and the cast ever actually drank trash juice?

ChrisGeere15 karma

I had no idea what breakfast tots were being British. I think Edgar should write a cookbook, right?

Trash juice on set is sever amounts of kool-aid and warm water with floating fruit. Sound delicious!

aus10ideas6 karma

Do you have any other upcoming roles besides YTW we can also look forward to?

ChrisGeere11 karma

I shot an awesome horror comedy in Mexico that is called Deadtectives. I will keep you posted!

sbwv095 karma

Chris/Jimmy, This show is just fantastic and really helps people like myself, 30-somethings struggling with mental health issues. To me, at least, the show gets everything right and has actually helped in my treatment and progress by just knowing that I'm not alone.

My question is, have you have ever had to experience living with mental illness, whether as a caretaker/partner or suffering with it yourself? Your work is always spot on and you and Aya have outstanding chemistry. Thanks for what you do.

ChrisGeere8 karma

Thank you for such a lovely comment. yes, I have had personal demons that I have had to deal with the first and most important rule, is as you said, to recognize that you are not alone.

bferret5 karma

What was your favorite episode of YTW the film?

Any specifics moments stand out to you?

ChrisGeere7 karma

Fav ep was tennis match I think it was ep 8 from S1.

Any moment where Gretchen and Jimmy declare their feelings for each other are exciting to do, as it shows they are finally progressing.

irwinator5 karma

What was it like working on After Earth?

ChrisGeere10 karma

There is a reason why Will Smith is the movie star he is- a kind, generous, awesome guy. Such a pleasure to work with him.

the_electric_gigolo5 karma

What's your favourite Radiohead album? I imagine that Jimmy would hate them, though

ChrisGeere8 karma

So do I!

Actuallykb5 karma

Hey, what's it like being on the best show on tv at the moment and when did you realise that this show was going to be a hit?

ChrisGeere6 karma

We never did. We are constantly grateful for the trajectory!

aaj2135 karma

What's your favorite thing about LA?

ChrisGeere8 karma

The supermarkets. I am there ALL THE TIME.

csherma5 karma

Hi Chris, when will we be blessed with The Prince & Me 5?

ChrisGeere4 karma

If there is one, I would definetly go and see it!

andreiprobabil5 karma

Hiya, first of all me and my girlfriend love your show. Could you tell me a funny behind the scenes moment?

ChrisGeere10 karma

This season I have to eat a raw egg. Please feel for me when you see it, I was genuinely sick.

sarah_cate14 karma

Hi Chris! Thanks for doing this, I am a huge fan of the show. Question: in what ways are you like Jimmy? Is there any one in real life that you draw inspiration for Jimmy from?

ChrisGeere9 karma

We both like day drinking.

Jimmy says the things we all wish we could say and are really thinking.

69ingchimpmuncks4 karma

Do you smoke weed?

ChrisGeere10 karma

Not as much as you! LOL

Hoosierfj4 karma

Tomorrow is Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, if you were on the Enterprise what would be your job?

ChrisGeere8 karma

Personal trainer! Getting Spock in shape!

isthisoktoo4 karma

Hey Chris, love the show. Can't wait to see the next episode. Thanks for doing the ama

How much of your "hear me and fear my enormous knowledge of the English language" rants is actually improvised?

ChrisGeere15 karma

none. I have to google thesaurus 75% of every speech. b/c Stephen is mutherfucking smart.

piratey_goodness3 karma

Hey Chris, love the show so much. Question: Do you watch every episode of it when it comes out? And how much of the show do you have left to shoot once the first episode is released?

ChrisGeere8 karma

I love to watch each ep, not to criticize myself but to celebrate my co-stars in scenes that I am not in.

We have two weeks of filming left.

el3ctricc4ndy3 karma

  1. Super big fan, of the writing, acting, everything, I hope for the best in all the success of the show

  2. someones gotta ask it: would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

ChrisGeere9 karma

I would take down that massive fucking duck!

The-Optimystic2 karma

I'd like to know your zodiac rising sign. What time of day you were born?

ChrisGeere7 karma

WTF is that? I want to know what that is, I was born in March at 2:30pm.