My short bio: I am an author and speaker and my personal life story of triumph over adversity and stepping into my own greatness has impacted millions around the world. My authentic programs and contagious passion challenges and inspires individuals to embody the greatness of their personal selves. I have been a frequent guest on Larry King Live, appeared on shows like 20/20, Good Morning America, The Today Show and CBS This Morning and has been the source of numerous articles for such publications as Life Magazine.

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orangejulius17 karma

How do you feel about people who believe your brother is still alive and living with aliens or Tupac?

impellofilms60 karma

I would love to believe that, but unfortunately I was there and discovered his lifeless body on August 16, 1977.

Sebdar_17 karma

Did Elvis take a lot of drugs ?

impellofilms32 karma

Lots of prescription medications. He was up to 33 sleeping pills a night and 9 shots of Demerol just to go to sleep. He was prescribed 10,000 pills in the last 6 months of his life alone.

IKingJeremy15 karma

Which actor do you think would be the best person to star in a movie about Elvis's life?

impellofilms33 karma

Miles Teller

suaveitguy14 karma

Who did Elvis listen to at home? I heard Jackie Wilson was one of his main influences?

impellofilms20 karma

He loved Tom Jones. And of course the gospel quartets, The Stamps, The Imperials and Dottie Rambo, to name a few.

orangejulius12 karma

Are you also musically inclined? Do you have a favorite memory of playing music with or listening to your brother play?

impellofilms23 karma

I am a drummer! I was fortunate enough to play at many of Elvis' rehearsals. It was so cool jamming with the King!

suaveitguy11 karma

Has the interest in Elvis diminished a bit as his audience has aged? If not the number of people, the intensity?

impellofilms18 karma

Not that I can see. His fan base is stronger than ever and their will always be those who love him no matter how much time goes by.

IKingJeremy10 karma

What were the most difficult aspects about writing your stepbrother's biography?

impellofilms14 karma

Reliving the darkness of those times was tough and experiencing the motions of his tragic loss once again

suaveitguy10 karma

Elvis wanted a serious acting career, and was made to turn down A Star Is Born, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Midnight Cowboy and others? Can you discuss his feelings (frustrations, ambitions) with his acting career?

impellofilms15 karma

The only film that I was aware of that he turned down was A Star is Born. He was very disappointed as he wanted to break out into a serious role.

acogs5310 karma

How did your brother influence your choices in life?

impellofilms18 karma

He influenced several areas of my life, especially in the entertainment business. He taught me to use caution and trust no one. Both he and Colonel Parker were great mentors, and I use much of what they taught me in my company today, Impello Entertainment.

drvogelmann10 karma

How did Elvis get started with prescription medications and how did he feel about recreational drugs?

impellofilms15 karma

He started medications in the late 60's because of the stress of his schedule. 2 pills went to 4, 4 to 8, 6 to 8, and at the end of his life it was 33 pills a night.

drvogelmann7 karma

That's incredible. How did he wake up from all of those?

impellofilms34 karma

He did up until August 16, 1977

IKingJeremy9 karma

There's been a lot of movies that depict Elvis in one way or the other.

Which depiction is your favorite?

Which is your least favorite?

Which do you think is most accurate?

And which do you think is the least accurate?

impellofilms15 karma

Elvis, starring Kurt Russell, is probably my favorite, but honestly I don't think any of them capture the reality and the greatness that Elvis truly was.

Elvis and the Beauty Queen is the least accurate in my opinion.

toeofcamell8 karma

how crazy were Elvis's female fans?

any crazy stories stick out in your head that you could share?

impellofilms23 karma

His female fans were beyond crazy! He would come out on stage and 500 young ladies would rush the stage and 5 min later 500 old ladies would rush the stage. It was constant pandemonium.

A female fan once mailed herself to Graceland in a box!

toeofcamell12 karma

did she at least poke some breathing holes in the cardboard?

impellofilms23 karma

yes she did actually! it was quite funny!

suaveitguy8 karma

What's it like upstairs at Graceland?

impellofilms21 karma

Dark. It was Elvis man cave where he went to escape the world. He had tin foil over the windows to keep the light out--and it was always freezing cold as the excessive medications made him hot.

diamondem7 karma

Elvis was known to be fairly controversial, being a sex symbol and shaking his hips on stage in a very prim and proper time. How well did he handle that type of controversy? What was his attitude like towards naysayers? Do you have any memories of people that were particularly negative to Elvis or yourself surrounding said controversy?

impellofilms13 karma

He was fiercely loyal to his fans and thought the Beatles were more damaging to youngsters than his hips. He was surrounded by constant adoration that most often drowned out any naysayers.

suaveitguy7 karma

What's your take on Elvis impersonators?

impellofilms20 karma

I think their cool. But when they think their Elvis, I draw the line

DrLazyApe6 karma

How was the relationship between you and your stepbrother?

impellofilms14 karma

We were close--we trusted each other and loved each other. I spent 17 years of my life with him--he was the greatest brother a kid could ever ask for.

stileshasbadjuju6 karma

What do you think about Elvis in 'Lilo and Stitch'?

impellofilms13 karma

Great introduction of Elvis to the kids!

GarthMayder6 karma

How did you feel about people's loving reactions to your brother's death? Did it make you realise how loved he was?

impellofilms14 karma

Oh yes. There were tens of thousands of people who came to Graceland to mourn him--it was a worldwide outpouring of love. In my talks throughout the country, people are always sharing with me how much they loved Elvis and how much he meant to them personally. It makes me proud to have been a part of his family.

suaveitguy6 karma

Did Elvis ever acknowledge his own substance abuse and the risks with it?

impellofilms19 karma

No. He denied it and that is what cost him his life.

suaveitguy5 karma

What was Tom Parker like personally?

impellofilms12 karma

He was business, business, business. But as kid growing up, he was like my uncle--alwasy giving me stuff from RCA such as TV's, radios, etc.

SarcasticWalnut5 karma

If there is one little-known fact about Elvis that you want people to know, what is it?

impellofilms11 karma

He gave away more than he kept. He was the most generous person I've ever met.

PLPLOOO5 karma

What did your brother think of rock'n'roll as it progressed through the years? Just wondering if he listened to all the new stuff. Thanks!

Also, thanks for doing all this, and writing the book! I'm gonna go listen to Live in Las Vegas now.

impellofilms12 karma

He thought it had come a long way from when he started doing it, but he wasn't a big fan of the rock music of the 60's and 70's.

suaveitguy5 karma

Who else is still alive that was a part of Elvis' inner circle?

impellofilms11 karma

My brothers Billy and Ricky, Sonny West, Red West, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, Billy Smith, Marty Lacker, Al Strata, and a few others.

GoCubsGo235 karma

What was a simple, everyday hobby that Elvis really enjoyed?

impellofilms10 karma

He was a master Kenpo karate enthusiast and taught me everything i know about the sport.

__dilligaf__5 karma

Are you or were you close to Lisa Marie? Did she ever bring Micheal Jackson to any family gatherings and if so, how was it? I just can't imagine them being a regular couple chillin' with the fam.

impellofilms14 karma

I helped raise Lisa Marie until she was 9 years old, but was not a part of any family gatherings involving Michael.

GiancarGoGetThatHR5 karma

can you confirm elvis died on the toilet?

impellofilms18 karma

Yes, he was sitting on the toilet reading when he died and fell to the floor.

noott5 karma

What do you think of his depiction in Forrest Gump?

impellofilms19 karma

I thought it was cool--what a great tribute! The guy who played Elvis in Forrest Gump, also played Elvis in my film, Protecting the King.

cmrunning4 karma

This might sound weird, but do you know if Elvis liked James Bond movies? If so, which was his favorite?

impellofilms9 karma

He loved James Bond! Gold Finger was his favorite. Loved Dr. No too

Dameleon4 karma

How are ya?

impellofilms8 karma

fantastic my friend

Liamsdadcj4 karma

Would Elvis embrace social media? If not- why do you think that.

impellofilms10 karma

Social media would have been Elvis' downfall--image was everything to him.

SinSmithy4 karma

Did Elvis ever listen to Black Sabbath?

impellofilms6 karma

Not that I'm aware of.

KrumpsiTy3 karma

What do you think about the Johnny Cash-Elvis Presley "rivalry" ? I think they're both great musicians and they both deserve respect, and also they're the kings of rock!

impellofilms13 karma

I think they're both great as well, but I wouldn't consider Johnny Cash a rock artist. In my opinion he dominated the country field.

drvogelmann3 karma

Do you plan to make a movie from your new book?

impellofilms13 karma

Yes. It's currently in pre-production!

drvogelmann3 karma

I saw some film clips on your Facebook fan page. Where did they come from?

impellofilms9 karma

From a film I did in 2007 entitled, Protecting the King. It's available on Amazon and iTunes.

aCharacterGuy3 karma

Were you in his Will?

I'm not insinuating anything negative, just wondering what Elvis did to make sure people around him were taken care of after he was gone.

impellofilms19 karma

Elvis left his entire estate to his daughter, Lisa Marie as he should have.

havebananas3 karma

What's something the average person wouldn't know about Elvis?

impellofilms8 karma

He was the most generous person you'll ever meet. He gave away more than he kept.

BestWestEnder3 karma

Can you confirm Elvis' favourite food?

impellofilms9 karma

bacon, eggs and beef!

Chtorrr3 karma

What was your writing process like? Did you have to do a lot of outside research?

impellofilms10 karma

It was quite simple actually, as I wrote from personal experience. Since it is my story of the time I spent with him on tour, no outside research was necessary.

Chtorrr3 karma

Do you have a favorite memory from your time on tour?

impellofilms12 karma

Sitting backstage with George Harrison during the 1972 concerts at Madison Square Gardens in NYC--it was my first of over 1000 concerts with Elvis and one of the most memorable.

tnova23233 karma

How was Elvis "discovered" musically?

impellofilms14 karma

He was discovered by Sam Phillips at Sun records in Memphis TN. He had gone into the studio to do a song for his mom's birthday, and the rest is history!

Mohd05082 karma

How do you feel about peanut butter sandwiches?

impellofilms6 karma


suaveitguy2 karma

Ever get to know Nicholas Cage?

impellofilms5 karma

No i didn't, but I am a fan.

suaveitguy2 karma

Are you still an ex-evangelist? How has that journey been?

impellofilms11 karma

Yes, I am a former evangelist, but my brother Ricky is still currently in the ministry. I've transitioned into inspirational and motivational speaking, yet always interjecting my faith.

suaveitguy2 karma

What of his songs are you sick and tired of? Which one could you listen to any day and any time?

impellofilms11 karma

I can listen to Jailhouse Rock any day any time. Burning Love on the other hand just didn't do it for me.

suaveitguy2 karma

Did you keep in touch with Ginger Alden?

impellofilms5 karma

No I didn't.

jrwren2 karma

why 39yrs after his death instead of an even 40?

impellofilms6 karma

film is in pre-production and we are hoping to have out for the 40th

Geologistguy6781 karma

Did he ever have one possession that he prized above all?

impellofilms2 karma

his plane the Lisa Marie

Pbjdonut1 karma

What was your favorite memory as his drummer? Any certain shows stuck out in your mind?

impellofilms5 karma

Drumming with the King himself at rehearsals

Chtorrr1 karma

What would you most like to tell us about Elvis?

impellofilms13 karma

He was the most generous person I've ever known. While his gift was singing and entertaining people, his greatest gift was in fact his generosity.

Craptonofpeople1 karma

Ever heard of a friend of Elvis named Joyce McQueen? A short blond w I think polio

impellofilms2 karma

I do remember her.  Elvis was always kind to the disabled.  He had a very soft space in his heart for her.

VanBurensChops1 karma

Did you ever ride in Elvis' 1970 Blackhawk Stutz?

impellofilms2 karma

many times

emv_phife1 karma

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Who was/is the older stepbrother?
  2. I read that you played drums at some of Elvis's sessions. Did he help peek your interest in music or did that come on its own?

impellofilms3 karma

Billy Stanley is the oldest. And yes, Elvis was an early musical inspiration for me.

nomelonnolemon1 karma

As a musician I would love to know if you knew if he had a favourite, or odd, instrument/peice of gear he loved or used more than anything else?

impellofilms2 karma

He had a D28 Martin Guitar that he loved and used during that last several concert years of his life.

Ruairimma0 karma

did you have much contact with michael jackson? how was he?

impellofilms5 karma


WindowCat1-25 karma

So you're making money off of your dead stepbrothers legacy?

impellofilms25 karma

that's one way to look at it I suppose. I see it as I'm sharing my story of my life with my stepbrother. In the spirit of Elvis' giving nature, we've started a foundation to assist in the fight against prescription drug addiction and a part of the proceeds from this project are being used to fund the foundation.