Jerk of all trades, actor fro 27 years, filmmaker, photo and music maker. Currently can be seen in Netflix's "Rebirth" and on TV Land's "The Jim Gaffigan" show. Beginning to mix the 4th The Goldberg Sisters record, which will be limited edition vinyl with 12 of my photography prints, one for each song. Exhibition to follow. I'm also constipated.


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Yoguls641 karma

Your death scene in saving private Ryan is a scene that will stay with me forever, how was it to film?

MrAdamGoldberg720 karma

Thanks so much, I think. Or I'm sorry? : ) I know that scene is quite upsetting for some people. It was grueling but cathartic, to sort of come face to face with your own mortality in a sense but in a relatively safe environment. I remember feeling almost high after. That scene and the Dazed and Confused fight scenes will always be stand outs. Something about visceral scenes such as that, scenes in which you'd ordinarily not find yourself, that are a little intoxicating.

Discoberry1630 karma

When you played Chandler Bing's roommate, how much did you personally add to the character?

MrAdamGoldberg758 karma

the word "pals," some wardrobe, and my hair.

EaseofUse443 karma

Hey Adam, have you ever met someone with a nasally voice and thought, "Is this guy mocking my voice? Is this his normal tone?"

MrAdamGoldberg1045 karma

not until now.

Manaconda218 karma

Hey Adam, what does the future hold for you and Marc Maron? You guys have good energy and chemistry and could probably craft some legit shit.

Also, who the hell are you, Isaac Fucking Newton?

MrAdamGoldberg332 karma

It's unclear. We may do a show, maybe a movie, been tossing around ideas...or we may just go to lunch and complain.


Ethical_Inventory165 karma

What was your favourite acting role?

MrAdamGoldberg453 karma

Probably if for no other reason than it was such an exciting opportunity and my first substantial role in a movie, I tend to go with Dazed and Confused. Having said that it's far from my favorite performance.

scigs6151 karma

Is it true that everyone on the set of Saving Private Ryan resented Matt Damon because he didn't have to endure a boot camp?

MrAdamGoldberg293 karma

oh I dunno. Maybe we gave him a little grief. But no not really. Mainly I remember all of us playing cards together in one of our trailers, during our down time.

yunghemp110 karma

do you have any advice for how (or how not) to deal with anxiety as an artist when the prospects of success seem impossible from a mental aspect? I know there's a great deal of celebration for the "tortured artist" stereotype, but not as much light shone on how impossible self expression feels when your psyche is (if not more) still prevalent in your life and art. It's a romanticized topic that doesn't really deal with how much emotional exhaustion, self doubt, and a constant mindset of inferiority is incorporated into our experiences. In your experiences has it been in your favor to embrace it or have you found your own peace with it? also: the Fargo series was an brilliant homage to the original film. Your duo with Wrench was especially memorable in that it's originality had an unexpected rhythm that most people seem to find when discovering a new cult classic. Did you expect to be such a favorite of the series despite being in just a few episodes?

MrAdamGoldberg326 karma

I fight my self doubt with action. And often doubt that as it seems arrogant, narcissistic, an act of hubris...but if I don't do things, make things, I'll still be self-loathing, have more time to focus on physical and psychological discomfort and likely simply recede. I sometimes use the "tortured artist" idiom as a way to justify the amount of discomfort or anxiety doing sometimes even the things I love the most. The fact that there is at least a frame of reference for this experience takes the edge off slightly. Refusing however to let go of misery as an excuse to feed art I think is a sort of sophomoric gesture and is a bit of a luxury. If I could expel mine I would in a heartbeat. Thanks so much. Wrench and Numbers always stood out to me, and I guess I figured if we did a decent job and the show was well received it might have an impact not dissimilar to the hitmen in the film who were certainly fan (and my) favorites. Actually my favorite Fargo (movie) character might be Mike Yanagita. Thanks again and best of luck to you!

hotdogcarwash96 karma

listened to your wtf interview the other day and was excited to hear you describe your prostatitis. i'm going through the same shit! 4+ months of prostatitis. sitting is awful. many lubed fingers in asshole but no relief. is yours bacterial or non-bacterial chronic? what if anything has helped? ass-valium?

MrAdamGoldberg130 karma

Don't think it's prostatitis. More and more convinced that there may not be a such thing as anti-bacterial prostatitis, unless you clearly have an enlarged prostate. Much of these symptoms fall under a category which on the surface would seem to apply to women who just gave birth or something -- PELVIC FLOOR DISORDER. Just started physical therapy for it. It's no picnic. It's more than just a finger for a minute. But many men swear it has changed their lives.

hotdogcarwash9 karma

what's this finger technique? can you go into more detail? I've been doing pt for a few weeks (stretching, estem, lasers) and no improvement.

MrAdamGoldberg37 karma

you need to go to pelvic floor rehab.

uzi95 karma

What would you think about doing a Hebrew Hammer sequel in which Mordechai combats the evil forces of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome)? Real question: are you as neurotic as some of your characters?

(Also, it's my wife's birthday and she's a fan -- would you be willing to make a short video wishing her a happy birthday? I'll PM her name if so.)

MrAdamGoldberg117 karma

I believe The Hebrew Hammer does combat such forces in the first one. Actually considering entering into discussions again about a sequel which has been in and out of development for years. Yes I'm neurotic as some, but not as neurotic as others. Like, I don't murder so much anymore. Happy birthday wife of uzi who had he given me your name would be more personally addressed!

timlo8486 karma

Are you Adam Goldberg from 'the goldbergs'?

I'm in the UK and that programme has not long been on.

Also, if it is you, it's a brilliant programme, and concept.

If it isn't you, my bad and sorry dude

MrAdamGoldberg128 karma

nope. OGAG here.

mattgmann81 karma

What does Jim Gaffigan taste like?

MrAdamGoldberg145 karma


villagecynic70 karma

Hi Adam! Nice to have you here!

What was it like learning American Sign Language while working on 'Fargo'? And what do you think happened to Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard) after everything that occurred in the first season?

MrAdamGoldberg119 karma

Nice to be here, thank you! It was ROUGH! I was really nervous I simply wouldn't be able to pull it off. I was directing and acting in my movie "No Way Jose" and twice when I had days off Catherine MacKinnon, my ASL coach, flew down to work with me and I honestly thought I had gotten in over my head. I really did not want to disrespect the ASL community nor embarrass myself. But Noah, the writer/creator, assured me I'd be fine, just to focus on the first scene (where you meet us), which we had to shoot just a couple days after wrapping my film, then I'd have a little more time to focus on the ASL. That said I was also editing my film myself at home or in the hotel when I was shooting Fargo, so there was a lot going on. But Catherine and Russell (who was super duper helpful and supportive), and I got into a groove and came to treat it like I would any lines I had to learn or like a dance. Maybe the toughest scene was the one entirely in sign language in the diner. I still think that could have better. It was hard to get out of my head and just BE the guy. I'm not sure I thought much about what happens to Russell's character, I guess maybe he found new partner. :(

MrBratton69 karma

Any fond memories from Saving Private Ryan that you made?

MrAdamGoldberg287 karma

I'm sure a bunch but i was so exhausted and burnt out the whole time, it's a bit of dream when I think about it. It was tough work. I liked it as we were leaving boot camp and Captain Dale Dye, who trained us, said, tapping my chest, "You know what Mellish? (he called us our character names) You got more in the chest of yours than you give yourself credit for." Or maybe "heart?" I think "chest." His point being I'm stronger, more resilient than I think. This has always stuck with me.

dmoneyyyyy53 karma

What can you tell me about your bunions?

MrAdamGoldberg87 karma

that they were removed in 2001.

bobhall48 karma

I truly believe you were the first great Viner. Really innovative and dedicated to making creative vids very early on. I know once they tinkered with the app it became just like everything else, but looking back how do you view that time of your life creating them?

MrAdamGoldberg64 karma

Thanks so much. I think it opened a lot of creative doors for me actually -- both practically, in terms of forging an aesthetic with so many limitations, which led to incorporating such an aesthetic into other mediums, i.e. music videos -- but also in terms of creativity of any kind spawning other creative ventures. Made a feature just a few months after emerging from the Vine rabbit hole. And it was. A very deep rabbit hole for me.

givis35 karma

Hey Adam. Have you ever had your anxiety troubles manifest into intense physical sensations...muscle twitching, pain, constant stiff muscles...all that fun bs? A couple things you find helpful during intense anxiety and panic attacks or the feeling of one coming?

MrAdamGoldberg101 karma

I'm in near constant physical discomfort.

  • meditating/breathing/self-hypnosis
  • Brian Eno and Loscil's ambient music -Ativan alas

curiousandspurious35 karma

Who was your favorite director to work with and why?

MrAdamGoldberg103 karma

Along the lines of my answer regarding my favorite role, I'll go with Rick Linklater who directed me in Dazed and Confused and Waking Life. He kind of spoiled all of us. Super collaborative, nurturing environment. If you needed more structure or more overt direction, maybe not your guy, but if you were bringing a lot of things to the table, ideas you wanted to communicate, he was so receptive. I imagined it was what it might have been like to work with Cassavetes.

lizardrancher33 karma

Have your tattoos ever gotten in the way of getting an acting gig?

MrAdamGoldberg64 karma

Not as far as I know. I think I kept getting them under the assumption that I'd quit and have transitioned fully to directing by a certain age, which simply hasn't happened. I don't love having them when I work, it obviously makes it more difficult to delineate characters I play, unless I cover them up, which I have done a with a couple of them, just never all of them. I have waking up, let alone 2 hours earlier to have them all covered.

Motorbeast30 karma

Would you do a Fargo spin off called Kansas City?

MrAdamGoldberg184 karma

No but I'd do one called Comfort of My Own Home Where It's not -30ºF.

zoidboob27 karma

Hi Adam!

Big Tony Scott fan here... any fond memories from Deja Vu?

Thanks dude!

MrAdamGoldberg61 karma

Lots of them. I love Tony. Was just talking about him yesterday. Easily one of the warmest director's I worked with. Cared so much about his cast and his crew. I remember thinking at times, "I'd only do this or say this for Tony" because you just loved him so much, even if you were feeling stubborn about your instinct or take on a certain concept or scene. He was a great collaborator, allowed me to bring a lot of physics research I was doing for my character to him and eventually the script. Also had a blast with Val who I had known from The Salton Sea, but we became much better buddies on this. I'll always miss Tony, dammit.

Nickeatworld21 karma

How many times have you been mistaken for Dave Grohl?

MrAdamGoldberg48 karma

never to 3.

juicyb0921 karma

A couple of years ago there was talk about a Dazed and Confused sequel and then a prequel as well. Is there any truth to those rumors? Have you been asked to star in either.

By the way, loved your character in Saving Private Ryan.

MrAdamGoldberg54 karma

Rick just put out "Everybody Wants Some" his '80s movie he deems a "spiritual sequel. " For years I wanted a sequel to take place either the day before or of or after 9/11 since the ages would have worked out right for us to play us. This is an admittedly potentially dark take. Thanks so much!

Fire-hydrant19 karma

How cool was Wooderson in person?

MrAdamGoldberg63 karma

I've done three movies with Matthew and spent a good deal of the nineties with that dude. He's Wooderson pretty much. Like a more business savvy Wooderson.

Chtorrr19 karma

Is your smoothie good?

MrAdamGoldberg41 karma

It's delicious. I mask the heinous protein/vitamin powder with blueberries, banana, and lots of ginger. Thank you.

indietorch18 karma

If you could chose to act in a movie or show with anyone, who would it be and why?

MrAdamGoldberg76 karma

I'd love to be in the new Twin Peaks, if for no other reason than to watch and work with Lynch, who is an idol of mine. Although I've found it's best not to meet your heroes. And in any case I often think it's more about aspiring to what that person represents to you, then working with them necessarily. I'd love to work with the Cohen Brothers, who I auditioned for years ago and even that experience was fantastic. It's verging on completely ridiculous I haven't worked with Woody Allen, though I almost did years ago.

bobhall15 karma

Do you mind listing all the cameras you own? Or at least the ones you use most. I'm a big admirer of your work.

MrAdamGoldberg46 karma

Thank you! Ha! too many..uh 2 pentax 67s (one with polaroid back) rollie 2.8f plaubel 670 speed graphic graflex super d graflex norita mamiya universal press mamiya super 23 polaroid sx70, spectra pro, land camera 360 lomo instantwide leica m6 leica m type 240 fuji xe1 konica hexar af polaroid 110 b, 4x5 conversion by Alpenhause Nikon F3 Toyo 4x5 field camera olympus xa mamiya 7ii

Maybe that's all?? Thanks again!

OzymandiasKoK15 karma

Were you ever able to forgive that rotten cowardly sumbitch Upham?

MrAdamGoldberg47 karma

we did a 3 day press junket together and the journalists were genuinely pissed at Jeremy. I felt bad. Sort of.


I loved you in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days! What was the most memorable moment of shooting for that film?

MrAdamGoldberg22 karma

palling around with Thomas Lennon probably. And Shalom Harlow who I met doing The Salton Sea, but we became pals on this. Shortly after I asked her to play a small role in my film "I Love Your Work."

RobotSkeleton14 karma

What's your pokemon go seen/catch ratio like?

MrAdamGoldberg93 karma


BeardisBearded13 karma

Have you tried weed for your anxiety?

MrAdamGoldberg79 karma

other way round, i've tried anxiety for my weed.

Frajer13 karma

What was it like working on Friends?

MrAdamGoldberg73 karma

It's always a bit awkward jumping into a dynamic so well formed by the time you get there. But everybody was super sweet and supportive. And ultimately I had a lot of fun. The Matts and I would go hang out after tape night, still pals with LeBlanc.

MattBaster12 karma

I'm sorry to hear about that. Have you tried EX-LAX?

MrAdamGoldberg30 karma

Not a fan of laxative. I do however enjoy a stool softener.

bobhall11 karma

Can you recommend a good medium format camera for a beginner?

MrAdamGoldberg35 karma

If you want an all in one type thing, so you don't have to worry about changing the lens or film backs, and that operates a bit more like a conventional camera, consider the Pentax 67, which is like a huge SLR basically, or a Fuji 6x9 camera, like the Fuji GW690 (lots of versions of this) which is like a huge Leica. They call them Texas Leicas. Good luck!

Loud_Snort9 karma

Years ago Lisa Loeb had a reality series about her looking for romance in New York. You were in multiple episodes and it seemed like you guys had such good chemistry, why didn't you guys ever get together? Also did they just edit it to make it seem like you guys had way more of a connection than in real life?

MrAdamGoldberg11 karma

I think I just did the pilot. Unless they cut me through different episodes. I was supposedly hooking her up with a very funny malcontent, poet pal of mine and but they never aired the date they went on. I thought it was such a subversive hookup and I was so upset he didn't make the cut (John Tottenham). It would've been hilarious. I had a girlfriend, and had known Lisa for years, a very old dear friend of my friend Adrienne Gruben, who I co-produced a couple movies I directed.

wholiana6 karma

Hey, Adam! I absolutely love the characters you become for your roles, especially Mr. Numbers and Eddie. I'm also very intrigued by your photography(stunning!). How many pictures would you say you take in order to get those amazing shots that are later shared? Also, I'm going to be taking a tv production course next year and have absolutely no idea about what goes on in that realm, any general protips for a beginner from your years of experience?- Julie

MrAdamGoldberg18 karma

Hey there thanks so much. I dig those characters as well. Sometimes I take few shots to get one I deem worthy of sharing, particularly if it's on old unreliable expired instant film. You usually have to overexpose and are guessing a bit with exposure. I think I take far few photos than a digital photographer however, and that's one of the things film, particularly large format film, photography forces you to do, is be a bit more considerate and cautious before just firing off a shot. I wish I had some advice. My plan was to go to Cal Arts and make films there and see where that led, but only stayed there for about 10 days before dropping out. Acting is a very different realm and even then I'm not sure I'd have any real general advice. Everyone sort of has a different path. But I will say that I made my first film,"Scotch and Milk," for an extremely small amount of actual dollars, like 50k, with LOTS and LOTS of in kind donations and we made a pretty beautiful film (which you can't find...sad face)...but the notion of saying, hey we're just gonna make this is SO much more a practical reality these days. Just make stuff. The tools are so much more accessible, as are the venues in which you can exhibit your work. Good luck!

-PrincessPepperoni5 karma

Hi Adam, who would you like to collaborate with musically and what would you bring to the table to make it amazing?

Do you like deep house/ chill music (bonobo, thievery Corp, ATLAS, Nightmares on wax)?

MrAdamGoldberg13 karma

I asked sort of loopy, ambient, but very organic musician Colette if she wanted to collaborate years ago but she politely declined. I just had someone I simply revere, a hero, and inspiration, whose music is a source of solace, a big warm beautiful blanket of song, sing with me on my current album, which I'm mixing now. Bridget St. John. Find her records. Couldn't be more honored.

Anotherrolen5 karma

Have you ever thought of making a photo book? Also anxiety... Do you find that you've read/seen a lot of potential ideas for curbing anxiety and find it hard to use one due to your own mind "choosing" to stay anxious?

MrAdamGoldberg10 karma

Yes many times. My next album will be a book of sorts, vinyl with 12 prints, and an exhibition. But yes I'd like to do a comprehensive book.

yeah it's a bit of a catch 22. I do find certain notions from those books stick with me though, serves as a sort of hypnotic suggestion. I would mediate and seek out hypnosis.

chasethewater4 karma

How did you and Marc Maron become good friends?

MrAdamGoldberg21 karma

I did his podcast. We fell in love over a cluttered desk. Oh also a really funny episode of his IFC show, that probably sealed it.

FishyJizzSmell-1 karma

MrAdamGoldberg55 karma

Listen Snowden, I'm not clicking on your phishing link.