Hey everyone! I'm an actor named Patrick Gozur. I was super excited to be featured in a few episodes of Preacher. AMA!


Here I am from tonight's episode! http://imgur.com/lN38B9M http://imgur.com/AXhzDme

Spoiler Alert! I die.


My Proof: http://imgur.com/HjebYHM

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JSK2315 karma

How did you get the gig?

Pgozur29 karma

I have been doing some small acting stuff here and there. I have an agent who I guess I should shout out if this blows up. I'm with Mitchell and Presley Talent Agency. They get me auditions, I just went in to read for the part and I guess I looked like the guy they wanted to shoot in the head.

dyeingbrad_10 karma

Have you internally came up with a Back story for your character?

Did you know you were doing Preacher and if so did you read the comics?

Good luck on your career, man!

Pgozur14 karma

I didn't come up with a backstory for the part. I hope that doesn't make me a bad actor. I did think about the part a lot.

I'm a big comic book fan but had never read Preacher. As soon as I heard about the audition I went and got the first volume and read it. I have since read the second volume and a myriad of spoilers. It's good stuff. The comic was also always on set and people were always referencing it during the day they seemed to really value it. Thanks for the well wishes!

ThreeHeadedMonster6 karma

The scene shows your corpse and pans out to Jesse holding the smoking gun, but we don't actually him shoot you or see the context for why. Was any of that confrontation or the actual gun shot filmed?

Pgozur8 karma

I don't know what I am allowed to say, I don't foresee getting in trouble for any of these answers. What I shot for that scene is what you saw. That's all I know.

MDCCCLV2 karma

Do you imagine you went to confront them and they shot first or you shot at them first?

Pgozur8 karma

I'm not as cool as Han Solo. So I bet I didn't shoot at all.

lightningstrikekid6 karma

Why do you think you were chosen?

Pgozur12 karma

Good question. I would like to say it was my amazing acting skills, but I just tried my best at the audition. I guess I had the right look. I joked that I have a face people just want to shoot. Like nearly every audition on this scale, it just comes down to if you are the person they had envisioned in the role. There could be a million factors that disqualify you or that get you the part.

lightningstrikekid4 karma

Wow... seems stressful.

Pgozur9 karma

Auditions can be looked at a few different ways. 1.They are hell and no matter what you do, you never know if the part will be yours. 2. They are a great opportunity to do that role, even just for a minute in front of a casting director. You get to embody that character even for just that short time.

I like to look at it the second way. They suck sometimes yes, but that is the job. Auditioning is the job of an actor. And when you book something, that's just an amazing perk of the job of auditioning.

portableteejay6 karma

When you were lying on your back, shot through the head, what were you looking at?

Pgozur7 karma

There were pigeons up on the roof above. It was super hard not to follow them with my eyes. I think I was looking at this patch of building that was unpainted.

paTEoriginal5 karma

do you have any prop from the set?

Pgozur4 karma

Nope I kind of wanted to keep the prosthetic piece from my gunshot wound but I thought that might be a little morbid.

nighttvales4 karma

Do your family/friends follow the show and look for you?

Pgozur6 karma

Yeah. My dad is super proud and loved the show. He was so excited that he spoiled the fact that I was coming back on Facebook. I had to get him to delete it. My mom is also very proud, but this is not show for her, so I cut out all of my scenes and sent them to her.

abqnm6663 karma

IMDb says you're from Albuquerque. As a native of Albuquerque, what would you say the consensus of the actors and crew you worked with on production being in Albuquerque versus other potential locations? Did most of them seem to enjoy filming here or despise it? Or none of the above?

I've always been curious how actors and crews perceive their time in Albuquerque and whether it's generally considered a good place to get stuck for a gig or not so much.

And great job playing dead!

Pgozur2 karma

Everyone I've met here has loved it. It is not all Breaking Bad. I know Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga said they would be sad to go. A lot of the crew was local New Mexicans. It's not the greatest city ever but I have really come to like it. Being an actor here is awesome. There are SO MANY things that shoot here that you would never expect. It beats paying to live in LA.

im_on_the_case1 karma

Sad to go? Is production for Season 2 not going to be based out of Albuquerque studios?

Pgozur1 karma

I just meant when the season was wrapped. But I think everyone here assumes if they come for season 2, the whole thing won't be shot here. From here on out the show is a road trip if they follow the comics, and the comics take them all over. You just never know.

Biggieduece3 karma

So what do you do for fun?

Pgozur5 karma

I love teaching and performing improv comedy. Also a big tv and movie fan.

_your_highness2 karma

Do you teach long form or short? And how long have you been playing?

Pgozur3 karma

I teach both. I also perform weekly here in Albuquerque. I have been performing with my current group for 5 years. The guy who plays Clive in Preacher (Gets his Penis shot off) is also in the group!

DrAllistarManchild3 karma

How much did you make?

Pgozur9 karma

I was pretty sure this question would come. I am part of SAG/AFTRA (Screen actors Guild). I worked multiple days on the set. I'll let you look up what the standard rates are for that. They are pretty awesome.

kay28043 karma

What do you think about Seth Rogen as director/producer?

Pgozur6 karma

I never got to meet him. I know he directed an episode or two and was on set for a few also. My buddy was in one that he directed and said he was a great director and really nice. Crew members all said the same thing and almost everyone mentioned his laugh. So, I didn't get any first hand experience with him.

makinlovetomyvibes3 karma

Did you get to chat with the cast? And who were your favorites to be on set with?

Pgozur16 karma

Totally. Everyone I met was super nice. I was in the scene with Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper. Spent most of one of the days with them. We just hung out and played wall ball in between scenes. Definitely a really fun day of shooting.

I also saw them working really hard to memorize the lines for the next days shoot and get all of their stuff together. Those people are hard working for sure.

Sam Catlin (one of the creators) directed the finale and he was a really great director. He laid with me on the floor while I was bound and directed me from there during a scene. A really nice and awesome guy.

juicewilson1 karma

What's wall ball?

Pgozur1 karma

Any of the millions of variations of this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallball

MDCCCLV3 karma

Did you do a wardrobe change in between the inside and outside scene and if so did anything change?

Pgozur3 karma

I said in another question that we shot the outside in February and the inside in April or May. So, I think I got blood all over my shirt. It may have been a little different in the inside shots but I think it was a duplicate.

The props guy and I couldn't remember the name badge he gave me the first time so we had to look it up.

attenhal3 karma

How long did it take to shoot both scenes you were in?

Pgozur5 karma

Weirdly, we shot the stuff where I am dead way back in February. (It was so cold on the pavement) That took all day. Probably 12 hours. Then just recently we did the finale stuff. That was maybe a 14 hour day.

It is a lot of waiting around while some really cool and talented crew people set stuff up. Shout out to my stand ins. They are the ones that laid on the ground for hours.

luke2422 karma

Do you listen to Vinyl? What are your favorite bands?

Pgozur3 karma

I don't. Literally the only Vinyl I have ever heard came out of my roommates room while I was in college. I don't know if that makes me lame. But I like Shovels and Rope, The White Stripes, I'm pretty into Musicals (Though, not a band), I'm also into comedian Howard Kremer's Summah stuff during the season.

Lazerus422 karma

musicals??? so... how true does this song ring a bell to you? Spamalot - Diva's Lament (I am also an actor in LA)

Pgozur3 karma

Saw Spamalot touring last year. Pretty great stuff!

Scully_fuzz1 karma

Do you listen to of Montreal at all?

Pgozur2 karma

I have heard a song or two but not more than that.

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Pgozur6 karma

I had the scripts for the episodes I was in (103 and 109) so from that and talking to people on set and friends in the show, I had pieced together much of what the season what all about. When we shot 103, I didn't have the later script, so the director filled me in on what he thought was going to happen. Thanks for the question!

TimTheEskimo0 karma

How did your character get dead? Do you know if we ever see more of the bank heist?

Pgozur4 karma

I know what you know. Not much else. I am sure the scripts went through many revisions, but I've only seen what you saw.