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Viral particles being present is not the same as the virus being active and able to reproduce and make you sick.

This is the important part. Being able to detect it doesn't mean it is present in significant amounts.

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Safety margins are different now. NASA has very very high thresholds for safety. Apollo was a deathtrap by comparison and wouldn't be approved by their current safety requirements.

Like the Lunar Module, the LM had one engine. Which was sufficient. But now they want redundant engines, so you have to have three engines. And one large bell vacuum engine is more efficient than three smaller ones so it's heavier and less efficient. Which means you need a bigger rocket to launch it on the ground.

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People that went on Unemployment early on in the pandemic will already be hitting the 39 week deadline in November. Once that guard rail comes off the economy is gone plunge and you'll start having massive problems just in time for a record surge in cases during December and millions of people going bankrupt before Christmas.

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He's been peddling this for a while. It's a very niche idea, and like many enthusiasts he acts like it's a secret invention that will change the world. It has issues and I don't think it's the amazing thing he says it is.

Notice he's essentially against renewable energy and solar.

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Jon tester won so it's not impossible. If you run on trump saying he's gonna seize peoples land using eminent domain and doesn't care if he's breaking the law you could win.