Hi, everyone! My name is Cory Anotado, and I'm a serial game show contestant. All my life, I've been obsessed with game shows. And throughout that life, I've been lucky enough to be a contestant on four game shows (on two continents!)

I'm doing this AMA to help promote the 24-Hour Game Show Marathon, my yearly charity event. It's like video game marathons, except me and my two best friends (and a load of our friends) re-create 24 of the greatest game shows of all time. And we're doing it to raise money for Child's Play.

My Twitter's @pacdude and I've posted proof there. So, Reddit, AMA!

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heman3218 karma

I've heard rumors that game shows are fake. Are there some aspects of that, that are true?

pacdude54 karma

So, there's actual Federal laws that prohibit the rigging of the outcome of televised competitions, and a load of lawyers on set of every game show in the US I've been on to make sure that every part of the game is fair. There's also sheets of rules that the game and the players must follow. If either side breaks the rules, there can be serious repercussions.

So, on shows like Jeopardy! and The Price is Right, those game shows are on the up and up, and are generally edited for time constraints, but what you see on screen is how the game actually played out, with the results being fair.

Shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor and things like that have producers that can adjust the rules of the game on the fly to influence the outcome of the game, but as long as the rules are both run by Standards and Practices with no issues and thoroughly presented to all contestants, unfair they may be, there's no issues.

ConradShokner8 karma

Can confirm. I was on a couple of game shows and they really, really take the whole "rigged" thing seriously.

pacdude7 karma

If you haven't already, message me via /r/gameshow and get some flair! :D

DrewGo16 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Alex Trebeks, or one Alex Trebek sized duck?

pacdude31 karma

I always thought that things that were duck-sized were super-easy to punt, even with 100 of them around. A running start with some decent cleats would probably dole out some pretty raucous carnage.

Rapturesjoy5 karma

Does he get grenades?

pacdude6 karma

He gets nothing but a pile of index cards with answers and questions on them.

DrewGo5 karma

What you're not taking into account here is your weakness for trivia. There could be literally dozens of Tiny Trebeks giving you rapid-fire answers you need to ask questions to. You'd be powerless against the urge to buzz in. Then there would plenty of time for the other Trebeks to get into position to attack all at once.

pacdude8 karma

I would respond in a non-standard question (Is the answer New Zealand, you ponce?) to freeze the Trebeks while they search for a judge to corroborate the answer.

lostpatrol13 karma

Are you planning on appearing on Naked and Afraid any time soon?

pacdude67 karma

My wife has forbade me from doing reality.

That being said, if I'm on TV naked, it's going to be everyone else that'll be afraid.

Skorne1311 karma

Mariah Carey and Enrique Iglesias have both had hits with which one word title? Dreamlover; Hero; Tonight

pacdude20 karma

Is it Hero? I think Mariah had a song called Hero and I definitely know Enrique's




emileautouri9 karma

Best and worst game show of all time, and why?

pacdude17 karma

The best game show of all time?

Hmmm. It could be Family Feud/Family Fortunes/100 People Said. The game is so reflective of the society in which it is produced at any given time, that it's wonderful to watch as both current entertainment, a game to play along with and as a historical slice-of-life for a culture.

Worst? That's tough. There's a few metrics to measure "worst" but for me, the least-enjoyable game show to watch was Million Second Quiz. The game was stupid. The online component was useless. And from first-hand accounts, living on set was some kind of dystopian nightmare.

CoughSyrup2 karma

I think the actual TV show of MSQ was nothing special, but I really enjoyed the online component. Not watching two randos in a bout, but the "downtime" streams. More randos in the subway room waiting to play, the people on winner's row sitting around chitchatting, that sort of thing. I think they really missed the mark by not showing us more of life on winner's row.

pacdude3 karma

It was far more interesting than the quizzing going on, that's for sure.

therealquiz8 karma

What game show offers the greatest reward for a person skilled in what that show requires?

pacdude17 karma

A fantastic question.

I would think Jeopardy! at this point, just due to the unlimited nature of the champion format. If you're good at ringing in (which you get better with time and practice) and you're excellent at trivia, there's no limit to how much you can win. And if you're really good, Jeopardy! tends to bring back big money or high-profile winners for special tournaments once in a while.

toadboy1237 karma

CORY. REMEMBER ME? Just kidding, you probably don't. Anyway, two questions:

  1. If you could go back in time and relive a gameshow experience, which one would you go to and why?

  2. What makes a good trivia question?

pacdude9 karma

OF COURSE! My biggest streaming fan.

  1. I'd like to go back and relive my WoF experience so that I could actually win the game. We were super close to winning but my finger wasn't fast enough on those toss-ups.

  2. A good trivia question is one that feels rewarding if you know it, and makes you learn something if you don't.

BrutallyHonestDude6 karma


pacdude14 karma

Pat Sajak had no noticeable odor. Brooke Burns smelled pleasant, with a light perfume. I was too young to actively remember smelling Bob Bergen. Terry Crews smelled like what I assumed a real man smells like. I couldn't figure out what Willie Revillame because the whole place was hot and lightly smelly, like the rest of the Philippines.

BrutallyHonestDude7 karma


pacdude12 karma

I assume Old Spice gives him a special blend, like Bearclaw but fine-tuned to his natural aroma.

ricochet_rico5 karma

How did you get picked to be on 4 shows? Do you life in L.A. and go to a ton of rehearsals?

pacdude8 karma

Haha, I wish! I'm a life-long East Coaster.

I've had a great mix of luck, charisma and knowledge to get on these shows. I've written a whole guide on how to get on game shows: http://www.buzzerblog.com/GetOn

Whenever a game show had auditions in my backyard, or online auditions, I'd apply. If you don't live in LA, your chances of getting on TV are harder but not impossible, especially if you're good at games and trivia.

psuwhammy5 karma

1) How am I supposed to offer up a Pointless Jackpot if there's no Pointless on the marathon schedule this year? =)

2) In light of the success of ABC's Sunday night block of game shows, which show do you think they should bring back next?

pacdude8 karma

1) We've got plenty of game shows for you to place your bets on! Definitely bet against me for Schlag Den Pacdude if you want to give us lots of money.

2) If Robert Mills is listening, PRESS YOUR LUCK PLZ

RedditTrollin5 karma

If you were lost in a strange forest with no supplies as dusk approached, what songs would you sing to yourself and why?

rainbowroadwarrior3 karma

Did you earn much money on the shows? How much of that money did you actually see and how much was taken by taxes, fees, etc.? Was it enough to retire?

pacdude4 karma

I fucking WISH.

It was enough to take a few trips, pay for my wedding, get comfy, have a safe savings account. Generally, 33% of what I won went into taxes. If I can ever get on Millionaire, hopefully I can get a house down payment next :D

CrispyColonel3 karma

Favorite game show host?

pacdude12 karma

Excellent question. I like Bradley Walsh (UK host: The Chase, Wheel of Fortune) because he's personable, witty, and excellent at being both madcap and serious when needed.

SunsetVampire2 karma

Chuck Barris had me emulating his hand clapping as a prepubescent young man. Family and friends were greatly annoyed. To this date he's the only host that's had an actual effect on my actual life.

SunsetVampire2 karma

The world was a fun place before people realized that Cocaine was bad for you.

pacdude6 karma

Wait, cocaine is bad for you?

soothinginfluence3 karma

Do you get any cool swag from just trying out/being on the shows?

pacdude6 karma

Swag I've received from auditions/being on the show:

  • Jeopardy! Ballpoint Pen
  • Wheel of Fortune Ballpoint Pen
  • Free Lunches Waiting To Tape
  • Stole a Bag of Twizzlers From A Green Room

If you make it to in-person Jeopardy! auditions, they give you some swag, but most of my weird game show memorabilia I've scoured from eBay.

NakedTonyDanza3 karma

How did you manage to get on so many?

pacdude6 karma

I wrote a guide detailing how I got on so many shows, but tl;dr: I was interesting, energetic, intelligent and I picked up on how to play the game. Also, I tried out a lot.

Ask_A_Sadist3 karma

Why does Steve Harvey on Family Fued get to ask the question then stand there for 20 minutes talking to the black family while they think up answers?

pacdude3 karma

As per any iteration of Family Feud, if the host can find comedy in a person's answers, or personality, or viewpoints on things, the host will entertain the audience and the viewing public. Richard Dawson often "skirted the rules" a bit when it came to timers and talking to families and such.

Blucatt2 karma

What advice would you have for someone that wants to go on a game show themselves? I love The Chase, Big Brother, Lingo, Chain Reaction, and shows like Dual Survival. Do you watch any of these? Or would you consider competing in any?

pacdude2 karma

There's free money out there (and fun life experiences) out there if you wanna go get them! I wrote a guide on how to get on game shows. Basically, try out to every opportunity that looks fun to you, be energetic, be interesting, and go get that money!

InvincibleAgent2 karma

How valuable is learning geography?

pacdude3 karma

Depends on the show, but definitely helpful in most trivial pursuits. Jeopardy, a good working knowledge of most major countries and their capitals. If you're on Pointless in the UK, best to know every country in Africa, just in case.

margaretiscool2 karma

I know someone has asked something similar - but how do you go about getting picked to be on a game show? I loooove game shows and have thought about trying out, but it seems like they only pick, loud, outgoing, entertaining people - which I am decidedly not.

As far as you know - is the selection process/criteria unique to each game or is there a standard across the board? And what was the process like for you personally?

Ok, sorry - that's a lot of questions. But I'm so curious! I'd love to hear your input. Thanks!

pacdude3 karma

Jeopardy! might be your best bet. At the end of the day, game shows are on television, and television is entertainment, so casting directors try to cast people that are entertaining. But as my guide on how to get on a game show says, if you're open to taking direction, casting directors that see something in you will work with you.

Generally, the selection process is catered to each production, but there are some overarching bits. But yeah, be outgoing, be energetic. That's half-way right there.

ryanlt2 karma

What really started your "obsession" with game shows?

pacdude6 karma

When I was a kid, my grandma would watch me and she'd keep game shows on TV practically all day. Price is Right, Family Feud, Press Your Luck, USA originals, and then GSN when it popped up on Comcast. It was pretty much continued exposure, haha

WYPR here in Baltimore did a profile on me, where you can hear a bit more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0gLTeCcY1o

mdopoiex11 karma

Do you rub peanut butter on you balls when you see a dog?

pacdude8 karma

Actually, I rub peanut butter on a dog whenever I see some balls.