I’m a law professor and longtime political activist who decided to run against Congresswoman Schultz due to her strong support of the TPP and her unwillingness to listen to her constituents about our concerns. The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) would have disastrous effects on our middle class while heavily benefitting the super-wealthy. There are many other ways that Congresswoman Schultz has failed her constituents, including her support of payday loan companies and her stance against medical marijuana. I am also a strong Bernie Sanders supporter, and not only have I endorsed him, I’m thrilled that he has endorsed me as well!

Our campaign has come a long way since I announced in January— we have raised over 2 million dollars, and like Bernie Sanders, it’s from small donors, not big corporations. Our average donation is just $17. Please help us raise more to defeat my opponent here.

The primary is August m30th, but early voting starts in just a few short weeks— so wem need as many volunteers around the country calling and doing voter ID. This let’s us use our local resources to canvass people face-to-face. Please help us out by going here.

Thank you for all your help and support so far! So now, feel free to ask me anything!

Tim Canova

Edit: Thanks everyone so much for all your great questions. I'm sorry but I’ve got to go now. Running a campaign is a never-ending task, everyday there are new challenges and obstacles. Together we will win.

Please sign up for our reddit day of action to phone bank this Thursday:

Thank you again reddit.
In solidarity, Tim

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This_Is_A_Robbery2146 karma

You've been quoted as saying the Iranian nuclear agreement was full of 'holes'. Can you be more specific? Do you think the Treaty should be repealed?

TimCanova2016663 karma

First, I'm sorry I did not get to the top question. I’m still new to reddit and I was answering questions as they came in. After 90 minutes on the AMA, I had to get back to the campaign trail (you cannot imagine how demanding this is). I support the full implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement. But yes, I have expressed some criticism of the deal, and I think the State Department could have done a better job negotiating. But now that it has been adopted, of course I support keeping it, as going back would be a big mistake. My main problem with the agreement revolved around the inspection protocols and the timeline of lifting of the sanctions. I think we should have negotiated for inspections that are harder to skirt, and I think that the sanctions and release of frozen assets should have been lifted on a schedule to provide an incentive for Iran to continue its compliance. Granted, I was not in the room, but I don’t think that Obama has been the strongest negotiator. The Affordable Care Act, while partly successful, also has had major problems with costs being so high. A public option could have helped alleviate these problems, and hopefully taken us to a single-payer system like we need. Obama did not negotiate hard for the single-payer system, but instead argued from the middle and got a result to the right— a Republican idea from the 90s. Bottom line, I think it's quite alright to be skeptical of negotiations that are conducted in secret (remember the Trans-Pacific Partnership), but once the Iran deal was adopted, it would be destabilizing to go back. I do not support repeal! I support implementation, and hopefully building on this in negotiations for a general regional disarmament.

Brewhaus32231237 karma

My sister-in-law has Cerebral Palsy and receives money from the government. She has periods where she is in a lot of physical pain. She would love to get a part time job somewhere that is flexible and understands her needs so that she can get out of the house more. However, if she gets a job of any kind her benefits will be taken away. Why would benefits be structured in a way to incentivise people to not join the workforce. Why would anyone think this is a good idea and what can be done about it?

TimCanova2016226 karma

Great question, and I'm sorry I didn’t get to it earlier. I know many things sound silly because they are, and this seems like one of those cases where either 1) They weren’t thinking things through clearly or 2) Perhaps it’s just bureaucratically easier to administer. I hope it's not from a mentality that if someone has a disability and can work 10 hours a week, they should be able to work 40 hours a week and not get any job. I also respect and understand your sister’s desire to get a part time job, as getting rewarded for your work has a positive psychological benefit. I don’t see any reason why the system can’t be restructured to gradually alter your benefits based on how much you make in a part-time job, instead of an all-or-none fashion as you describe. It seems to me that would benefit both society and people’s mental health.

ashlomi516 karma

Hi Tim, I'm a representative of district 23 who will be voting in the primaries.

How will you address issues of bipartisanship if elected? What issues do you think you can compromise with Republicans on?

TimCanova2016148 karma

That’s a tough one! For one, we need to stop screaming at each other. In the old days, many more politicians had friends across the aisle and despite disagreements, they could work together. I don't believe I can fix it single-handedly, but I will be willing to sit down with anyone to get things done. One thing you can help with to get Republicans and Democrats elected in 2018 who WILL work on some of the most important issues together is by checking out Brand New Congress. I think many Republicans and Libertarian-minded people can get behind legalizing medical marijuana, which my opponent is against, and decriminalizing it, at least at the federal level, both of which I support. Also, I think many Republicans, at least Republican voters, will join me against the TPP as well (the TPP would further harm the middle class).

Drakon519458 karma

Hi Tim. As we know, you are running against DWS for her seat in Congress, and not her position as the DNC chair. However, if you were made chair of the DNC, what would you try to accomplish?

TimCanova20161248 karma

True, I am not running for DNC chair and certainly don't expect to be made chair. What should be done at the DNC? Ban corporate lobby donations to the DNC (Wasserman Schultz had reversed Pres. Obama's 2008 ban) and get rid of super delegates, many of whom are corporate lobbyists. Have the DNC work with all state parties to press them for universal registration and open primaries. And to ensure that the votes cast are the votes counted, real monitoring of the software of voting machines and tabulations. I have heard a rumor that some Democrats want to offer the DNC to Bernie Sanders if he does not get the Democratic nomination. Perhaps that would help unify the party, I don't know. Like many, I am still hoping Bernie will get the nomination at the convention next month.

1tudore259 karma


(1/2) To increase turnout by easing participation, would you support encouraging or requiring states adopt vote by mail1 and coordinating elections2 ?


(2/2) Based on the 2000 election, would you support nationally requiring we move to score voting (a.k.a. range voting)3 4 5 to prevent another Bush-Gore/Nader spoiler problem?

TimCanova2016422 karma

I would like to see universal registration, I believe like Oregon now has.
I have been supportive of score voting and instant runoff voting for many years.

seamslegit203 karma

Hi Tim, Are there other progressive candidates that you think we should be supporting? Thanks for running! Just wanted to remind redditors that we are campaigning for Tim at the subreddits r/TimCanova and r/Political_Revolution , the later being where we are focusing on many progressive candidates for the long term movement.

TimCanova2016206 karma

Here in South Florida there's Alina Valdes, she doesn't have a primary challenge as far as I know, and she will likely be running in the general election against Mario Diaz Ballart, a Republican congressman in what's been a Republican district. Thanks for all your support! Redditors have helped our campaign tremendously from day 1!

tyrannosaurus_r147 karma

Thank you for taking your time to do this AMA, Mr. Canova!

I am here to ask, obviously you've indicated your concerns with the election process as per the DNC conflict, so I must ask: what is your stance on the Fair Elections Now Act?

TimCanova2016180 karma

I would support this bill.

caneskessler129 karma


I am a student currently living in the 23rd district. I feel that because of the notoriety of DWS, the needs of the district have not come up as often as I like when discussing politics, because usually the conversation is steered toward national issues. If elected, what are your priorities for our district specifically?

As an aside, it truly means a lot to me as a voter severely dissatisfied with DWS to see someone accept the daunting challenge of taking her on. I can't remember the last time she had any challenge on the primary level, and what you're doing hasn't gone unnoticed. Thank you so much.

TimCanova201628 karma

“All politics is local.” That can mean multiple things. My work and expertise on the TPP is one of the main reasons I’m running because it will be a disaster for so many people in our country, including our district. Same with reducing costs of college education, which I’m sure you’re uncomfortably familiar with. And another national issue that is critical in the long term for our district? Climate change— South Florida is a place where rising sea levels and strengthening hurricanes existentially threaten its existence. My top priorities are to help reform the campaign finance system and learn up political corruption, and to do something about the jobs crisis. I believe this generation is overdue for a New Deal -- public works financed by a federal infrastructure bank, and the Federal Reserve helping Main Street instead of Wall Street. I can go on and on about the War on Drugs, reforming Immigration policies, etc., and why these big issues ARE some of the biggest issues not just nationally but locally. LGBTQ rights vs gun laws, for example— I believe that the gun laws should be changed to ban assault-style rifles in order to help prevent sick tragedies like what we saw in Orlando. Another reason I got involved: I will listen to you. I tried to get DWS to listen to us about the TPP, but apparently she will only meet with you at $500+ fundraising dinners. That won’t be true for me— I will listen and help address your concerns. We won’t always agree— that’s the nature of reality— but I will listen and work to come to an solution that works.

1tudore107 karma

Disabled Rights

(1/4) Will you please abolish the sub-minimum wage for disabled workers1 ?

(2/4) Will you please support the Disability Integration Act 2 ?

(3/4) Will you please abolish asset caps that trap disabled people in poverty3 ?

(4/4) Will you please commit to making sure your site is accessible to disabled voters4 ?

TimCanova2016174 karma

I wrote an op-ed last year in the Miami Herald in support of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Restoration Act which would raise levels of support for seniors and disabled living in poverty. The Act was introduced by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown and sponsored by Bernie Sanders. My opponent has not cosponsored the House version. I've had disabled loved ones, I would want to do all I can to help disabled folks. I will read up on these issues and do all I can.

emr102888 karma

Dear Mr. Canova,

Are you at all concerned by the fact that so much outside money is being poured into your campaign? What is the split between money raised from within the district that you are running in, and money raised by outside donors?

TimCanova201682 karma

No, I am not at all concerned. In the 1st quarter, about 10 percent of our fundraising came from donations within Florida. Wasserman Schultz also raised about two-thirds of her money from outside Florida. My donations are an average size of $17. She's taking a lot of money from PACs funded by corporations based outside Florida, a lot of Delaware chartered corporations. And I had more individual donations in Florida than she did!

Frajer77 karma

How would TPP be disastrous?

TimCanova201692 karma

It would outsource potentially millions of American jobs to countries with far lower wage rates and labor and environmental standards. It would raise prescription drug prices. It would shift costs of compliance on environmental and health and safety regulations from big investors to taxpayers. Just days ago, The Daily Dot explored my views on this more fully:

zackcote65 karma

Hi Tim, longtime fan,

What do you think is the best way to create a real progressive revolution in the US? Shifting the Democratic party from its current corporate agenda, or the rise of a third party?

TimCanova2016152 karma

I am running as a Democrat and I am committed to reforming the Democratic Party. If I win this race, I hope I will be in a position to push for such changes. Is this going to be the best way? I don't know. We all know that the election system is unfortunately really stacked against 3rd parties, and that's a big problem.

A739461 karma

I see some parallels between your campaign, and that of the late Paul Wellstone's, against his big-money incumbent opponent Rudy Boschwitz in their 1990 Senate bids. Wellstone was pressuring Boschwitz to debate, highlighted in a humorous TV spot "Looking for Rudy"

How can we help pressure Rep. Wasserman Schultz to a debate?

We have your back over at r/Political_Revolution

TimCanova2016102 karma

This past Saturday at the annual Florida Democratic Caucus meeting, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was asked by Carlos Calzadilla, a recent high school graduate if she would debate me. She was asked in front of room filled at the Labor Caucus. I was not there, but from what I was told she had no answer, she was red-faced, bowed her head and scurried back to her seat, and the room then erupted in laughter and applause. She deserves ridicule for ducking debates. I am now hoping to hire Carlos as a field organizer! I think anyone who sees Wasserman Schultz live should ask her the same debate question and they should videotape the exchange. She should have nowhere to hide, perhaps except on the softball Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow interviews!

1tudore33 karma

Campaign Finance Reform & Anti-Corruption

The American Anti-Corruption Act1 would, among other reforms, provide citizens with vouchers they could contribute to candidates and parties, which would help lower-income voters get more influence.


Would you support that as part of a plan for public financing of elections?

TimCanova201643 karma


Matr1cks30 karma

Politics Aside, what's your favourite kind of pizza?

TimCanova201690 karma

Daiya cheese, black olives and spinach: at least that's what it's been lately!

Hypothesis_Null17 karma

Okay, now Politics included, what's your favorite kind of pizza?

TimCanova201631 karma

the pizza question again! anything with Daiya cheese!

justSFWthings7 karma

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

TimCanova201630 karma

Thank you. As a great man once said, there are no heroes, only ordinary people who are forced by circumstances to do great things. Our grassroots movement is a great thing and all who are part of it are heroes.

hypermoderns19 karma

Hi Tim! Have you heard about the leaked DNC files from #Guccifer2 and do you have any comment? Also, what do you think about Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden?

TimCanova201647 karma

I believe Edward Snowden did this country a service. In a democracy, the people should know what their country is doing with their tax dollars and in their name. Yes, I've heard about the leaked DNC files, and understand that it shows some internal DNC memos from last May that strategize how to promote the Hillary Clinton campaign and stifle her opposition within the party.


if elected, what will the first things you will do?

TimCanova201666 karma

Convene a bipartisan caucus of House and Senate members committed to overturning Citizens United, committed to publicly financed elections, and unwilling to accept corporate money. I would support the Brand New Congress in challenging those who refuse to get on board with these reforms.

Pulais11 karma

Why isn't anyone discussing how the DNC colluded with HRC even after Bernie joined the race?

TimCanova201615 karma

The recent hacking of DNC files has revealed some evidence of this, but the corporate media has done its best to ignore this.

funkalunatic10 karma

Do you have any advice for other folks running for office in a primary against established incumbent politicians?

Edit: shameless plug for /r/political_revolution

TimCanova201616 karma

Go after them from day 1, go after them on their records, and raise as much money and support through social media as possible. Make the case that the primary is the most important contest, more important than the general election, if your district (like many) is gerrymandered.

smugbuddha8 karma

Hey Tim, the money support for you points to a ground swell support of an amalgam of ideas, which specific ideas do you believe you can realize, In the immediate future if you win?

TimCanova201616 karma

I think the work of political reform and campaign finance reform will take a while if it's not part of the first hundred days of a new administration. And even then, if Congress looks like it does today, it won't happen. That's why I like the idea of a Brand New Congress 2018 referendum. Without campaign finance reform, everything else becomes harder (reversing income inequality, helping Main Street economy, ending the drug war, addressing climate change).

1tudore7 karma

Immigration Reform


(1/2) Would you support the Black Alliance for Just Immigration's call for reform, including repealing the discriminatory and ant-immigrant provisions of the immigration policies of '96? 1


(2/2) Would you support a state-based visa system to supplement our current federal program, as is practiced in Canada and Australia 2 ?

TimCanova20167 karma

Thanks for the question. I always learn a lot when I do a reddit AMA. I will look into the state-based visa system and study the issue and also the Black Alliance for Just Immigration's reform proposal. I'm not surprised about the 1996 policy, another regressive policy from the 1990s. I am very much in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, it should be a top priority in a new administration and new Congress.

teslaxoxo6 karma

So, if you able to win the primary and ended wining the election, and if you did not follow through your campaign promises, would you resigned because you failed to fulfill all the sweet talk or promises? Would you take the pledge on that?

TimCanova201628 karma

If I failed to fight for my agenda, then I should not be in office. I cannot promise results, but I do promise that I will fight every day for my agenda. I already have a great job (as a tenured law professor), I don't need this job and I'm not running to line my own pocket. But as long as I can, I will keep fighting for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, for the future of our democracy, and for #ProgressForAll

raiskream6 karma

Hi, Tim. I saw you Saturday at the Leadership Blue Gala in Hollywood. I was volunteering there and wanted to say hello, but never got the chance. I wanted to let you know that if I had an "I Heart Tim" sticker, I would have been wearing it!

My question: I know you oppose open borders, but support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Can you expand on your stance and ideas on the issue? Do you consider yourself a moderate on this issue compared to your fellow democrats? How does your stance on this contrast with DWS?

TimCanova20166 karma

Thanks and sorry we didn't get to meet at the Blue Gala. I think open borders become a safety valve for failed states south of our border, and often it's the US (both public and private sectors) that are propping up corrupt oligarchs that don't take care of their people, who then undertake the often dangerous migration over borders and into the US.
I suspect there are some Democrats like DWS that like to talk about comprehensive immigration reform, but never push it as a top priority. As long as the problem is unresolved, it continues to be a grievance against Republicans. Democrats who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk are the real "moderates." I don't see myself as moderate on the issue because I think this is another issue that has to come up for a vote in the first 100 days of a new administration.

pilgray5 karma


Thank you for doing this AMA! We're proud to support candidates like you over at /r/SandersForPresident and /r/Political_Revolution, where we will connect candidates and organizations to their constituents, raise awareness about many of the important issues facing our country. Our goal is to ensure that every American has an equal voice in the political process, so that we can bring about a future we can all believe in.

My question: If elected, would you push to eliminate the super-delegate system?

Thank you!

TimCanova201611 karma


PlastarHero4 karma

How can we best support you here in FL?

TimCanova20169 karma

We need folks here in the district willing to walk door to door with me and our canvassers. I was out walking the district just yesterday. We also need folks who are willing to phonebank for us. There's a "Phone Banking" link on our webpage at and there's also this direct link: Finally, we welcome house parties, meet and greets, and fundraisers. Anyone interested in helping can contact us at [email protected] Thanks!

PurrCatStretch4 karma

Do you expect people to fall in line and support Hillary Clinton, or are you actually fighting to change the Democratic party as a whole? The whole point of us supporting people like you and Bernie is to eliminate people like Debbie and Hillary.

TimCanova20169 karma

I am fighting to change the Democratic Party as a whole. But if Bernie endorses Hillary, then other options are limited. In a really blue state like California, it's easy to just say the hell with it and vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party. Much more difficult for folks in purple Florida, where the loss of Broward County and my district could literally swing the election to Trump.

dragonfangxl4 karma

Sanders claims he is running for president, and yet that door is firmly closed. Why hasnt he dropped out yet?

TimCanova20162 karma

Because no delegate has actually cast a vote yet, because he wants to push for badly needed reforms at the DNC, because a lot can happen between now and the convention, because votes are still being counted in California and lawsuits are pending in other states. Hundreds of super delegates pledged their support for Hillary Clinton before the first primary or caucus. Is it too much to ask delegates to actually vote before Bernie drops out?

The_pun_fart3 karma

What methods can the average citizen utilize to oppose the TPP?

TimCanova20167 karma

I tried and failed to influence my own congresswoman DWS which is one of the reasons I decided to run against her. But the TPP will move to a more dangerous phase after the November election when there is a real possibility that the lame duck Congress will vote on it and maybe pass it. We will need to organize and scare members of Congress who think it's safe to pass this during a lame duck session when folks are not paying attention. There should really be some massive march against the TPP and civil disobedience in DC during the lame duck session.

justSFWthings3 karma

It seems that almost every problem in this country has its roots in legalized bribery in Washington.

If we end up with a president that actively takes millions of dollars from corporations, engages in quid pro quos with foreign governments and domestic corporations, and is a friend and ally of the military-industrial complex, can we make the sweeping changes we need in order to get corporate money out of politics? This is one of my biggest fears at the moment so I hope you're able to respond. :)

Thanks for dropping by. You absolutely have my support!

TimCanova20166 karma

We must. We cannot solve our other problems if our politics are awash in corporate money. This needs to be the focus of our grassroots movement going forward. Those who donated so generously to Bernie this year need to remain engaged and support a brand new congress in 2018.

ZebZ3 karma

A few questions about you personally having absolutely nothing to do with your campaign. Just for fun.

  • What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

  • What is your favorite Christmas movie and why is it Die Hard?

  • What do you think is the best album released in the last 10 years?

  • What is your favorite Prince song?

  • Did you watch Game of Thrones last night?

  • What's your favorite joke?

  • What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  • How fast can you run a mile?

  • Have you ever worn socks with sandals?

  • Android or iPhone? Mac or PC?

  • What do you think Donald Trump is hiding under that cat on top of his head?

  • If a train leaves Chicago at 4:30 PM and travels east at 100 MPH and a second train leaves New York at 5:15 PM and travels west at 80 MPH, how many apples does Johnny have left?

TimCanova201615 karma

Return of the Jedi :-) Yes, Die Hard is a good one. Of course, I always like It's A Wonderful Life as well. Die Hard shows the art of the deal is really bogus (it kills off the evil terrorist dealmaker and the cowardly Wall Street dealmaker) Adele 21 is a good one, I don't know if it's the best. Of course, Purple Rain brings back a lot of memories. I also liked Prince's cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" I believe my fastest mile in high school was just under 4:50. Today I'd be chugging along trying to break 6 minutes probably. No socks with sandals. iPhone and Mac Ben & Jerry's dairy free chocolate fudge brownie

CornyHoosier2 karma

Mr Canova, recently the Sanders campaign has released a sort of 'call for action' by American citizens to run for office where they live. You're clearly the trend-setter for that sort of effort.

What sorts of speed bumps or snares have you seen and had to deal with running against "establishment" politicians? Do you have any advice for someone who is wanting to follow in your footsteps and take a swipe at long-seated politicians who are of similar mindset or are also Democrats?

TimCanova20164 karma

It's tough, there are a lot of entrenched forces against insurgent challengers. My advice is to just do it, have fun doing it, and know that you have the angels on your side. There's no knowing how it will come out, but the key to doing this is to have faith -- faith that others will step up to help!

1AdamHoward2 karma

A criminal background check is not enough! A firearm in the hands of someone who is suffering from mental illness is a tragedy waiting to happen. I believe a mental evaluation should be a requirement to obtain or renew a permit. Is this something you feel you could support?

TimCanova20164 karma

No doubt that mental illness and instability is a major contributing factor in these spree shootings. Whenever we see a TV commercial for an anti-depressant and they say there could be suicidal side effects, well just add a powerful firearm and there could be mass homicidal side effects. There clearly needs to be some kind of screening along the lines you suggest, along with proper training.