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moondoggy101307 karma

Schaub if some eccentric rich person offered you a Billion dollars to rape Bryan and you guys would split the money 50/50 with the only condition being you can't tell Bryan why you are doing it at the time would you?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid371 karma

This is you know if this Billonaire is real? Cuz my rump is starting to perk...

turdferguson1113239 karma


GSP always looks huge in pictures. Having been around GSP in real life, is he truly that huge or is it merely the angle in which the pictures are taken?


With all the success you both are having, how do you stay so humble and modest?


TheFighterAnd_TheKid99 karma

gsp is more wide then thick i think tv makes him look bigger then he is boss. hes a monster tho.

thehotcagedaily6 karma

Hey guys. I am a Phoenix based MMA journalist. Who do I go through to interview you guys while you are in town?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid36 karma

Ariel Helwani of course.

ignitionnight123 karma

Brendan, remember in the episodes with Steve-O and Theo Von you defended their ability to do comedy on a big stage and that their fame from their previous careers shouldn't be held against them in pursuing comedy as a career. How come you, Steve-O and Theo get to pursue comedy, but you don't give CM Punk the same benefit when he's pursuing a (Short) career in fighting? Why can't he have your support by doing his best to pursue a challenge?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid288 karma

legit point my man. i never thought of that. i think the difference is im not doing live shows at madison square garden right away which is the same as CM punk fighting in the UFC right away.

Rosasome111 karma

Bryan, if you ever come to Australia would you like to come over to my place for dinner? I reckon we would get along great. I am a male and i am not gay.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid124 karma

You sound like you're trying to lure me into a trap where I'm the one who's for dinner so NO WAY you serial killer!!

TotallyNotATrolll96 karma

Question for Bryan "Luke Rockhold" Callen

Who are the top 5 most attractive fighters?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid150 karma

This is Bryan now. I'd say Luke, Cowboy Cerrone, Connor, Alan Jouban, Bryan Callen

Fc230067 karma

Brendan - What do you have to say about Dana Whites recent comments on The Herd? he stated he has only talked to you twice in your whole career.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid136 karma

its simply not true. hes really weird with that stuff not sure why. said im mad cause "i never made it" im not mad i just dont have to censor anything cause i dont work for them. i think he missed the point. what can ya do. i just keep doing my thing.

subi_life67 karma

Since you guys love food, have you ever thought about hosting a dinner party for fans? You could sell 50 or so tickets and provide an experience for fans to interact with you guys and Callen to inform everyone on his extensive wine knowledge.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid85 karma

not a BAD idea at all!

420mma59 karma

If joe decides to stop commentating for the UFC, is there a chance fight companion becomes more frequent ?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid89 karma

id like to think so. who knows what Joe decides to do tho

WadeBoggs6456 karma

Can you confirm the rumor Dana contacted Bryan after seeing that wheel kick in Boston?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid145 karma

yes. He wants me to fight Holly Holm but I'm not allowed to use my wheel kick so I declined.

KyrieKing51 karma

What happened to creepline Brendan?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid78 karma

fans stopped sending us good ones

johnnynoname1248 karma


does artie lange smell like cigarettes?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid131 karma

Only when we kiss.

Jerryj2447 karma

Did Rogans "I think you'd be surprised" speech play a role I why you chose to retire and peruse stand up? And when are we going to get to see you on the big screen since your acting was so good?! And Callen what made Brendan stand out to you so much that you decided to make a podcast with him?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid69 karma

the rogan thing is interesting. if you remeber my initial reaction was to fight at 205 despite what joe said but as time went on and things happened it just wasnt the right choice. thank god i decided to focus on what im doing now whatever you wanna call it.

JuicedToTHeTits47 karma

Hey Schaub, have you ever had to stop Callen from sucking you off? Callen has a mad man crush on you. Peace & love, Don't stop being awesome you guys. Thank you.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid115 karma

I never stop Bryan from sucking me off. He's the best. (this is Bryan, Brendan is too busy pushing my head down super hard. Gadoooosh!)

mrtron46 karma

Brandon, You seem like a smart guy that does a good job of getting out early and grabbing on to the next rung of the ladder.

Obvious question is what is your next haircut after losing the fuckboy style?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid63 karma

Man bun!

TheMalteseFury37 karma

Brian and Brendan, have you ever fingered yourself? Also what do you think about when you masturbate. Thank You

TheFighterAnd_TheKid57 karma

sometimes I pick my nose when I jack off. Does that count?

nathancrooks34 karma

Assuming we're all single, who closes faster Callen or Buffer?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid117 karma

This is Bruce Buffer. Callen taught me everything I know about women so what the Hell do you think?

sstthrowawayyyy26 karma

Bryan, if you had a head of hair like Chris D'Elia what would be the first three things you would do?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid67 karma

I'd steal Chris' fan base, spend even MORE time on a horse and shake dry my hair every time I came out of a body of water.

KyleButler225 karma

Bryan who's your favorite mma fighter and Brendan who's your favorite stand up comedian? Big fan of TFATK btw.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid44 karma

fav comedian is Bill burr. obviously outside my group of friends (rogan, bryan, D'Elia)

AndrewJITSU23 karma

I know Brian is doing commentary on boxing fights. Will we ever see you guys doing commentary for any of the top MMA promotions? I really enjoy the Fight Companion and think that candid laid back style is great for MMA fans and gives a different flavor.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid28 karma

i doubt anyone wants that chaos on a network.

LesterDiamond121 karma

brendan if the ghost of mr. hands had a podcast would you go on it?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid40 karma

cue horsey sounds

Maiize20 karma

If it wasn't for the podcast/making dick jokes for a living where do you think the two of you would be right now?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid81 karma

hmmmm prob working at the UFC gym for min wage teaching cardio kickboxing.

xSoapysoaPx18 karma

Hey guys, loved 3D, love the show, and the shirts.

Why did Joey Diaz never get on and when will he?

When will Mitrione be back on?

What can we expect from you two, and Brendan especially, in the entertainment business in the near future, with 3D's success and other shows? Also, when are you two getting up to Canada? Would love to have you and thanks for the many laughs. I look forward to every episode, they make my week more enjoyable and can't thank you enough.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid23 karma

joey doesnt want to drive to the studio its too far for him lol so not sure with diaz. in regards to entertainment i have a show on E! im shooting and some other stuff in the works. movie roles, season 2 of 3D. coming to Canada this year!

fogart9946 karma

Buy him like 3 edibles and hire him an uber. Tell him you'll get him high to the gills and you'll take care of the ride. Cocksukka.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid19 karma

great idea

jjrodr120614 karma

Who you got for Mark Hunt v Brock Lesnar at 200?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid44 karma

Schaub has Hunt. So do I. OBVIOUSLY.

M0nthu10 karma

Why don't you guys do your Podcast from JRE studio, this way you don't have to deal with FOX or anyone else?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid57 karma

people always ask that. Fox has been great we dont work for them they are a partner. they provide a free studio, producer, guest every now and then and funded our tv series. doesnt make sense to leave. for what?

Jussa36510 karma

Hey I have to ask when you guys doing your live shows in Canada?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid14 karma

end of this year

fly_for_a_white_guy9 karma

Any dream guest that you wanna bring on, and any guest that even if you were paid crazy money still wouldn't have them on?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid33 karma

I'd pass on that swimmer from Stanford.

alex7athens8 karma

Bryan: When you lived in Athens did you go to ACS (American Community School)??? Fellow alumni maybe? Any memories of Athens to share?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid35 karma

yes I did go to ACS. Memories to share? Well I was in 3rd and 4th grade so I still believed in Santa Claus.

teh_g0at7 karma

How many units of TFAK 3D did you sell?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid15 karma

enough for a season 2 AND 3.

tizzleface6 karma

Hi guys! I just wanted to pop in and say I'm a female fan and I love you guys a lot. You've brightened some pretty shitty days and I really appreciate it.

My question is for Brendan,
It looks like you've been putting the gloves on more often lately. I know you've mentioned never having the desire to fight anymore, but you also said if the Lesnar fight was offered to you that you would consider taking it. Today do you think you would ever professionally fight again?

TheFighterAnd_TheKid17 karma

i would say no as of right now. just too many things going on im excited about and that doesnt include fighting. i train so much cause its a stress reliever and i dont have the pressure of getting ready for a fight so im having fun. ive been in a gym since 4th grade sooooo its part of my life competing or not.

rbrza2 karma

Has Brendan hooked up Bryan with some sneaker heat yet? Thanks for the show guys, please have a live show in Los Angeles soon!

TheFighterAnd_TheKid2 karma

yes! just got my GREATS. Love them and I'll be modeling them later. Check them out at GREATS.COM

TheFighterAnd_TheKid2 karma

bryan being 49 i have to be carfeul he cant rock yeezys or jordans. i hooked him up with Greats.

SupaSmooth2 karma

How would you help someone get better at BJJ? I used to do it years ago. I stopped, but now I'm back in it. I wasn't good then, and I'm still not great. Should I just work at it and not worry about getting better? Thanks.

TheFighterAnd_TheKid7 karma

time and effort is the only way to get better at BJJ its a long race my friend not a sprint.