For the past year I have worked as Miss USA. I competed at Miss Universe in December and made it to the top 3.

I advocate for breast and ovarian cancer awareness, as well as Alzheimer's disease.

I'm getting ready to pass on my crown on June 5th in Las Vegas!

Ask me anything!!

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Thank you for all of the questions! I'm signing off, hope I answered most of them!!

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SATexasNative46 karma

Has Leo DiCaprio reached out to you yet?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan21 karma


TheRealScorpionKing32 karma

I once got $10 for coming in second in a beauty contest in my monopoly game.. impressed?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan25 karma

Yes! How could I not be!?

CanGuy2516 karma

What does your fitness regiment consist of?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan14 karma

Weight lifting, but I love mixing it up with yoga and Pilates!

Akfied15 karma

Recent polls have shown that 1/5 of Americans can't locate America on a world map. Why do you think this is?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan96 karma

I think we need to improve the education system in America. Like, such as...

_KatieS14 karma

  • What made you decide to do beauty pageants? In your opinion, what are the best/worst aspects about today's pageant industry?
  • What was the funniest/most embarrassing experience you had during a pageant?
  • How do you feel about the 'pageant girl' stereotype?
  • What was your most memorable experience as Miss USA? What are your plans for the future?

Apologies for so many questions. Congrats on Miss USA, & as a fellow Alpha Phi sister, AOE!

MissUSA_OliviaJordan14 karma

Miss USA was always a goal of mine, I feel it's a great opportunity to develop public speaking skills and work on your confidence!

I fell to the floor backstage at finals night at MISS USA last year, right before I went out! I was lucky the bruises didn't show during in my bikini!

Lobby for the Alzheimer's Association in DC has been the most amazing experience. Pursuing acting and modeling in LA while continuing to lobby for that cause is what I hope for my future.

iamdigidude11 karma

Cats or dogs?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan16 karma


iamdigidude2 karma

Do you have a dog?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan5 karma

Not yet, but I would love a puppy one day!

Michafiel10 karma

When did you realise being beautiful would be a way to earn money through a modellign career?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan24 karma

Modeling was a response to how awkward I felt, I was 5'11 at 13. It was the first time that I felt that being gangly and awkward could be used to my advantage!

lula24889 karma

Other than zombies,diseases,and nuclear war,what would make for a great Apocalypse/post Apocalypse movie?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan18 karma

Wild pageant girls take over what remains of the planet!

Michafiel9 karma

There's some controversy in the modelling world; models who are too thin, young modelling girls who are abused, and more recently the 'curvy' models. What are your thoughts on that?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan15 karma

I think as a culture we need to work on embracing all different body types and looks! There's not one specific way to be beautiful!

Snout_at_the_Devil8 karma

Hi Miss USA. With today being National Donut Day what's your favorite donut?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan10 karma

I like strawberry frosted cake donuts!

Boxcar_Overkill8 karma

Aren't most people already aware of breast and ovarian cancer? Is there are large portion of people out there that don't know it's a thing, and so you have to go around telling them, "yes, there is such a thing as breast and ovarian cancer,"?

Isn't cause marketing, particularly surrounding breast cancer, a well known scam? Not saying you are scaming anyone, but my understanding is that it is used to get people to make purchasing/donating decisions based on the premise that the money will be used for RESEARCH, when instead it is used for the very vague notion of AWARENESS, with much of the profit going to pay the salary or expenses of the people raising awareness?

For example:

MissUSA_OliviaJordan16 karma

First, ovarian cancer is not a well known disease. The reason it's such a deadly disease is because so many women aren't diagnosed until the 4th stage, when there's very little they can do at that point. But with breast and ovarian cancer, early detection is crucial for the most positive results and effective treatments. I'm going to keep working with these diseases until there is a cure, because I believe that is possible. There are many organizations that do effectively fund research, BCRF is one we've worked with this year.

freshpondindian168 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this aMa. When that Steve Harvey thing happened in December, what did the other girls think of it? Did everyone run and hide from Miss Colombia?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan10 karma

Everyone was shocked, but I was so impressed by the grace and elegance that all of the women involved showed in what was an uncomfortable situation.

tellmetheworld7 karma

what is the most UN-MissUSA like thing you've ever done?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan15 karma

On my way to Miss USA, my sister and I locked out keys in the car and I had to crawl through the trunk into the front seat. Not my most graceful moment! haha

no-soy-de-escocia7 karma

This is going to sound like a loaded question, but I promise it's not. I just want to hear the thoughts of a participant who has obviously gained a lot from them.

Why do you think pageantry is still relevant in today's society?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan12 karma

I personally learned how to be a successful public speaker through training for pageants. I have felt empowered through the opportunities I've had to use my voice to create positive change.

riverjustice6 karma

If you went back in time, what would be the most important advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan5 karma

Don't let fear stand in the way of doing anything you want!

zoidboob6 karma

There's a town in Manchester, England, called Marple. If I paid you enough cash would you consider moving there and entering in some sort of pageant to collect the title of said pageant just for the sake of a good pun?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan12 karma

I don't understand the pun, but no.

Newarkryan6 karma

Who was your biggest competition and why?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan7 karma

I don't see other people as competition. I'm constantly trying to better myself, and I believe we all have greatness inside of us!

vedder446 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan6 karma

I think that as a woman, I can do everything a man can do.

GISP6 karma

Many sees thies "contests" as braindead entertainment filled with hot but stupid girls that wants to save the world.
Why do you think it´s promoted and hosted to that cater that assumption? And what is it realy like?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan5 karma

These competitions have grown to be so much more that that. They truly require intelligence as well as a good heart, which is shown in the interview portion of the competition. Beauty is just a small fraction of what it takes to be a titleholder.

frankztn6 karma

What is it specifically does Miss USA do?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan6 karma

The duties of Miss USA are diverse. This year I lobbied in DC, volunteered in Haiti, and I saw Oprah on a red carpet! Every day was a new challenge and a new blessing!

ProfCunningFox6 karma

What are the relationships between contestants like? Is it competitive, friendly or downright bitchy? Or something else entirely?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan9 karma

Friendly! I have made some of my best friends through pageantry! But it is what you make it.

thomasutra5 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan6 karma

Large quantities of anything scare me, so definitely the horse sized duck!

Chtorrr5 karma

Do you have any pets? tell us about them!

MissUSA_OliviaJordan4 karma

I couldn't have any pets for this year, but I hope to one day have a puppy!!

3entendre5 karma

are there rules against Miss USA having pets? or you were just too busy this year

MissUSA_OliviaJordan10 karma

There are rules against it, but it truly is in the best interest in of the pets because of how busy I am!

Dreth3 karma

What phone do you have?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan4 karma


perry1473 karma

Honest question. How do you feel about some of the questions that get asked to the pageant contestants?

Like compare and contrast how do you feel about the transgender bathroom controversies and the North Korean nuclear program in 30 seconds.

MissUSA_OliviaJordan10 karma

I think 30 seconds is not an adequate amount of time to sufficiently exhibit the speakers awareness on world issues or their intelligence levels.

malcontented3 karma

Are you a Trump supporter?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan5 karma

I am a supporter of equality and rights for everyone. I will vote for a presidential candidate based on those beliefs.

Arillious3 karma

Who's your favorite Ninja Turtle?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan6 karma

Whenever I watched that show growing up it always made me want pizza, so that's definitely my favorite part!

PR3CiSiON2 karma

You're really good at answering all these questions diplomatically, like you should be as a pageant star. Are you using this Reddit post as training for potential pageant questions?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan4 karma

haha I'm actually retiring from pageants now, but the training will always stay with me!

supercubbiefan2 karma

Hi Olivia, what's a secret about being a model that no one else would ever think about?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan8 karma

You don't always wake up feeling beautiful. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it!!

harry50502 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan3 karma

I have strong legs so I would be able round house kick!

ccr6142 karma

What level of education do the contestants for miss America usually have?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan2 karma

I'm not an expert on Miss America, I'm Miss USA. However, many of my fellow contestants have bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and some even pursuing their PhD's.

_Buff_Drinklots_2 karma

Where do you go from here? After you pass your crown, what are your next steps and career plans?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan3 karma

I'll move back to LA to pursue acting, modeling, and maybe even hosting!

YouveGotAids2 karma

What was the most rewarding part of being Miss USA?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan2 karma

The people that I've been able to connect with this year!

031819902 karma

Want to go on a date to Tender Greens with me?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan5 karma

If we're going on a date, I'd prefer pizza!

3entendre2 karma

what's your very best life advice?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan6 karma

Go after your wildest dreams! You never know what'll happen.

FrakkinPhoenix2 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan6 karma

Turkey, bacon, cheese and avocado!

Yaowwiz2 karma

Whats are some funny/silly accidents you've had modelling? like tripping or hitting someone in the balls or something?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan3 karma

Thankfully not many accidents like that have happened yet! Keep your fingers crossed that they don't in the future!

AstroHamsta2 karma

Any chances of you probably being next years Miss USA?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan3 karma

No, it's time for the next woman to represent her state, her causes and her passions!

Michafiel2 karma

When did you realise you were extraordinary beautiful, more so than others?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan4 karma

Everyone is beautiful, it's all about embracing your inner beauty. Finding what it is about yourself that makes you feel beautiful and confident and then letting that shine through!

titsnass012 karma

How would you address the situation in venezuela?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan10 karma

I don't want to pretend to be an expert on foreign affairs, I will send prayers that their people are kept safe and that positive leadership prevails.

MehPsh2 karma

What happens next for you?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan2 karma

I will move back to LA to pursue, modeling, acting and maybe even hosting!

terattt0 karma

What's a pickup line that will work on you without fail every time, even for guys you find physically repulsive?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan5 karma

Pick up lines don't really work on me, I like genuine and confident men who are able to strike up a conversation with me!

IrishBall-7 karma

What is your nationality?

MissUSA_OliviaJordan6 karma


terattt-9 karma

May be a long shot, but would you ever consider saying you're my gf so my friends will see it? Like put "shoutout to my sweetheart /u/terattt for always supporting me. Love you so much, hon! <3 xoxo" as an edit in your main post? Obviously we don't have to even meet or anything but it would just make it so my friends respected me more.

Thanks so much!

MissUSA_OliviaJordan12 karma

I'm sure you don't need a fake girlfriend to impress your friends. You're going to find someone who loves you for who you are and that's all that matters!