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Do you advocate separatism from China?

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I'm talking about the Uyghur independence movement. Surely you know this is central to the Uyghur controversy?


The East Turkestan independence movement, also known as the Xinjiang independence movement or the Uyghur independence movement, is a political and social movement seeking independence for Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China as a homeland for the Uyghur people, to be named "East Turkestan". The territory of Xinjiang has been continuously controlled by the People's Republic of China since it incorporated the Republic of China)'s Xinjiang Province in 1949.


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Aren't most people already aware of breast and ovarian cancer? Is there are large portion of people out there that don't know it's a thing, and so you have to go around telling them, "yes, there is such a thing as breast and ovarian cancer,"?

Isn't cause marketing, particularly surrounding breast cancer, a well known scam? Not saying you are scaming anyone, but my understanding is that it is used to get people to make purchasing/donating decisions based on the premise that the money will be used for RESEARCH, when instead it is used for the very vague notion of AWARENESS, with much of the profit going to pay the salary or expenses of the people raising awareness?

For example: http://thoughtcatalog.com/parker-marie-molloy/2013/10/breast-cancer-awareness-month-is-a-marketing-scam/

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Great, but please don't ask anyone else to pay off your student loans then.

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It's not clear Trump knew he was being recorded at the time he spoke, but that is besides the point. From your post it's not clear you know what revenge porn is. Revenge porn doesn't turn on consent at the time of making. It turns on the unauthorized release of material of a sexual nature when the release isn't consented to.

Danielle has expressed that she viewed intimate discussions as having privacy rights and that they should be protected. According to her view, no one should discuss Trumps recording publicly any more than they should exchange nude photos that were voluntarily taken by a former partner.