Clarification: I am Johnny Jetts grandson typing his responses as they are said by him. Ask us anything. Proof

Edit: gonna call it a night. Thanks Reddit for your questions. Tune in to Barnwood builders tomorrow night at 9 on DIY network also check out my website

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schwap233 karma

How did you learn to be such a mad-man with the forklift? Looks like you could pet a baby with that thing!

(btw, I'm friends with the blacksmith that some of you got knives made from on set in Pennsylvania)

bwbjohnny3 karma

Years of experience and I'm lazy and don't want to get off of it and do anything. lol

schwap233 karma

I can relate to that! I switched to making furniture from theater set building mostly because I knew the stuff would weigh less!

Love the show! I build furniture using the urban equivalent of barnwood (100 year old 2x's from old houses coming down) and I really enjoy seeing the work that goes into producing the material that I'm buying. It's really satisfying to bring these hidden beauties out into the light...

bwbjohnny1 karma

Thank you for your interest!

canadian19873 karma

My dads got a huge barn that's falling apart...probably 1800's to early 1900's. Want to fix it up? Barnwood Builders Canadian Edition!

bwbjohnny2 karma

Contact Mark Bowe

screw_the_primitives2 karma

This is amazing. I'm going to ask: do you remember moving an old log cabin from a property in MO to a neighbor's property and renovating it? The person who's land that cabin originally was on is my father (initials S.T), and you moved it to his friend's property (initials M.P.) just so you know :D. In any case, I just wanted to mention that my dad had such a blast during the whole thing, and I wanted to thank you. I guess my only question would be, how did you like MO, and how did you like my father? He's a nice guy, and a good hunter; originally from MA.

bwbjohnny1 karma

He was a good guy. Liked eveything about it. Thank you

groggboy2 karma

Are you a friend of bill?

bwbjohnny1 karma


groggboy1 karma

Alcoholics Anonymous just something in one of the episodes made me think that maybe

bwbjohnny1 karma

Nope no friend of Bill

RedWine_1st2 karma

You seen at ease with a camera following you around. Are any of the crew opposed to being filmed?

bwbjohnny2 karma

No everyone is easy going

BarrelKin2 karma

Hey Johnny!

Love you on Leo's show.

My question would be what is the place you have visited that surprised you the most, whether it be good or bad?

bwbjohnny4 karma

The 4 corners out in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. The diversity of the plants and animals in the desert. Totally different from where I live. Thanks for your question.

paravis1 karma

Also a big fan and know you from Leo's show. Keep up the good work!

bwbjohnny1 karma

Who's Leo? Thanks for your interest

SkyCaptainStarr1 karma

Hey Johnny! Thanks for doing this!

Do you think Hank Hill would be proud of the work you do on your show?

bwbjohnny3 karma

Sure ಠ_ಠ

LoloDo1 karma

Hi. Will you be selling any of your original artwork? I have some prints but would like to have an original piece. I enjoy the show, and really like what you guys are doing- thanks for saving some of our history.

bwbjohnny1 karma

Not selling any originals at this time. Sorry. We are currently only selling prints.

xavyre1 karma

Johnny no offense but I have personally never heard of you or your show. Are you related to Joan Jett?

bwbjohnny2 karma

I'm not sure if I'm related to Joan Jett or not. You should tune in to DIY tomorrow at 9pm est

thiswillbepoop1 karma

I just saw a commercial for your show for the first time about an hour ago and now I see this. Just out of curiousity, as someone who is good with their hands, can I help you guys? I would love to have a job working with you :)

bwbjohnny1 karma

I'm not the person to talk to about this

thiswillbepoop1 karma

I understand. But could you be the person to message me the contact info of someone who might need another person to help out? :)

bwbjohnny1 karma

Mark Bowe @ Antique Cabins and Barns