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Always watch your show.

Any tricks to get our cat to play?

He likes to stalk but only has a 5 second attention span. String, feather toys, sticks yield the same result. Minutes of watching but no pouncing or chasing.

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I was at Ubon Thailand working as as a radar air traffic controller during some of the time you were at station. Military aircraft stationed there were F4's, AC-130's, C-47, OV-10's and the occasional spook aircraft.

An FYI: Because the town was located at the end of the runway landings and takeoffs were the same direction (towards each other). Aircraft scrambling had priority which made things crazy if you had a dozen F4 queued for landing.

During that period we officially stopped bombing North Vietnam but the following week continued in Cambodia and Laos. Stopped bombing in Cambodia and I assume continued in Laos because the action never slowed.

  1. Were you aware which countries in which you were flying? If so could you elaborate on Laos and Cambodia?
  2. I was on a C-130 twice. How did you handle the temperatures going from hot (ground) to cold in flight.
  3. What were a few of your favorite items such as electronics, camera or souvenirs you brought home?
  4. Steam & cream?

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Google Bridgeport mayor Joseph P. Ganim

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The do not call list is worthless.

I installed a used TCL VoicePro phone system I bought on ebay. I went from 3-4 per day garbage calls to only 1 since Oct 2013.

It has an feature called office attendant. I set it up that a human must respond to a voice prompt and enter a digit before a phone will ring.

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You seen at ease with a camera following you around. Are any of the crew opposed to being filmed?