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How did you learn to be such a mad-man with the forklift? Looks like you could pet a baby with that thing!

(btw, I'm friends with the blacksmith that some of you got knives made from on set in Pennsylvania)

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I can relate to that! I switched to making furniture from theater set building mostly because I knew the stuff would weigh less!

Love the show! I build furniture using the urban equivalent of barnwood (100 year old 2x's from old houses coming down) and I really enjoy seeing the work that goes into producing the material that I'm buying. It's really satisfying to bring these hidden beauties out into the light...

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I'm in the Chicago area and there are several places to buy this kind of thing in person, like a regular lumber yard. It can also be ordered online, but the shipping tends to be prohibitive. The material needs to be really special (like what they get on the TV show) to be worth hauling around.