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tranchitella105 karma

What are you, Diplo?

deliachris66 karma

It seems people confuse me for him when I get to my green rooms or hotel rooms.

i_am_Raf50 karma

What's up man, I love Undateable especially when you guys went live.

My question is, how does it feel to be Justin Bieber's favorite comedian? Also, any chance you come back on Workaholics as Topher for another episode?

Thanks for doing this!

deliachris60 karma

I like being anyone's favorite. Always a compliment. You'd have to ask the workaholics guys about topher!

Devvoo42 karma

Loved your impression of Rick Grimes. Do you actually watch the walking dead?

deliachris32 karma

Every ep!

afterthefire134 karma

Your Vine in the airport of that guy that looks like the old man from Jurassic Park is too funny, man.

When you're like, "sir, excuse me, how was Jurassic Park, sir? Sir, how was Jurassic Park?"

Have you ever been caught by someone when making a Vine like that?

deliachris52 karma

Never once! I'm covert.

Idontlikesoccermuch33 karma

Is Rog actually F-ing crazy?

deliachris18 karma

I think he thinks he's being funny when he says that. He's not really that crazy though if you ask me. He just says stuff.

KeyTBoi28 karma

Have you ever met Donovan McNabb? What's he like?

deliachris34 karma

I've never met him but Rog wants to meet him very, very badly.

Leafsfan8322 karma

Chris, is a hot dog a sandwich?

deliachris53 karma

No and neither is a hamburger.

fithmeal22 karma

I know you still do ten minute podcast, but do you still keep in touch with Bryan Callen?

deliachris53 karma

Who's that?

DentistFucker21 karma

Hey Chris, how often should you reuse material at open mics? Should I be doing almost all new material weekly at the same mic?

deliachris38 karma

No way dude. Stick to what works and flesh it out. I don't like when people do new shit all the time. The stuff never gets good that way.


Can you respond to this so that I can finally tell people I've had an interaction with a celebrity?

deliachris115 karma

Yes but this is a sad as shit post.

CuteCuddly16 karma

Why does Bryan Callen know s'little? And do more tmp ya dough goat

deliachris29 karma



Are you aware of Bryan Callen's porn career? Because I'm pretty sure he's the guy on the top left of this poster.

deliachris19 karma

Holy shit that looks like him hahahahahaha.

sapeetapottus15 karma

Are you bae?

deliachris43 karma

No. I used to be but not now.

Mrcopolo19913 karma

What are your favorite shoes in your collection? Your snapchat is hilarious by the way! Thanks.

deliachris10 karma

Too many to choose from!

Versayan13 karma

I loved Incorrigible, when's the next Netflix Special?

deliachris28 karma

Not sure but working on the material now.

swb100313 karma

taking material from an AMA to put in a netflix special.

Ballsy, but I'm interested how it turns out!

deliachris16 karma


paulkrinkle13 karma

Hey Chris, I can't get enough of you in Undateable. Definitely my favorite show on TV right now. What's it like doing the show live? Do you have more fun with it? Also, any talks yet about another season of it?

deliachris8 karma

Way more fun!

itsfoine10 karma

What is your routine/ pre-show ritual before putting on a performance?

deliachris54 karma

Fighting anyone in sight.

vibethriller10 karma

Diplo or Trump?

deliachris22 karma

Diplo for prez.

mcathen10 karma

Hey Chris, saw you at the Ice House in Pasadena a few years back, it's been great to see you doing so well! What did your parents want you to do as a career and how do they feel about your current career path?

deliachris8 karma

They are really proud so I'm happy. I think in the beginning my father was skeptical about me being in the biz... but he's relieved now.

Ty_wat9 karma

Do you consider yourself to be more French or Japanese as shit?

deliachris7 karma

GOOD QUESTION. I think I'm a little of both.

r3d_ra1n9 karma

I'd like to see Rog, Terry and Phil to a crossover, Avengers style. Do their lives all take place in the same universe?

deliachris6 karma

They do yes but I don't see a crossover.

deliachris15 karma

People don't know this but Phil is Rog's brother.

Coneyboy9 karma

Chris do you watch marvel movies? If so whats your favorite, and if not why dont you?

deliachris38 karma

I do! I liked Ant Man. he was small as shit. Cute.

gg18669 karma

Who's the best QB in the NFL and why is it Donovan McNabb?

deliachris22 karma

My buddy Rog LOVES DM

NoMugglesAllowed9 karma

Hey Chris, I'm a relatively new fan, my boyfriend got me hooked and your drunk girls skit makes me cry every time, I love it.

I follow you on Twitter and I see you get a bunch of hate from people, is it rough on you always seeing that negativity? (Ps, don't listen to them, you're fucking hilarious)

Also, I loved you on workaholics, are there any other shows that you love and really want to make an appearance on?

deliachris43 karma

I don't get more hate than the normal person. I just RT it more and like to put people on blast it's fun because they think I won't see it. Then I retweet it and they get all frazzled. Fuckboys.

Turdferguson81978 karma

Who wins in a fight Russell Crowe from gladiator or Mel Gibson bravehart?

deliachris15 karma


Zonibear8 karma

Do you wish they would put some respeck on your name?

deliachris9 karma

Stop playin' wit my name.

glane887 karma

Is it ok to put pineapple on a pizza?

deliachris37 karma

Absolutely fucking not.

WillchairJimmy7 karma

Is Terry really dead?

deliachris21 karma

Yeah he passed away. Trying to dig up archive footage as we speak.

4562477 karma

did Justin Bieber actually cry a little at his roast like Kevin Hart said? lmao

deliachris8 karma

No. Not that I was aware of.

Bigassbird6 karma

Are you that fit bloke who was Whitney's boyfriend in that comedy series?

deliachris8 karma

No that was Blake Underwood.

spamueljohn5 karma

Are you going to come to the UK? Me and some of my bronies saw you in LA last June and you were genuinely fooking hilarious.

deliachris4 karma

Thank you my man. Trying to get out there!

iMightyButter5 karma

Do you prefer orange or pink shirts? (I love you and I'm not very creative, don't hate me).

deliachris12 karma

Hahaha thanks. Orange.

tyereliusprime5 karma

Why wasn't Glory Daze longer? You were fantastic in it. :(

deliachris4 karma

Thanks because no one watched it.

juggilinjnuggala5 karma

How's it going today?

deliachris10 karma


cameo935 karma

Awesome seeing you perform when you came through Spokane, WA. (saw you on my birthday) i dont need to ask when you'll come back. We'll know. here's my question, through the years of you doing stand up, how have you overcome dealing with hecklers?


deliachris8 karma

I don't think you overcome it. I hate hecklers so much. So so selfish to the other people who paid for a show to just blurt out shit.

scratchysingh5 karma

How do you stay positive always?

deliachris14 karma

I don't.

thekidwiththefa5 karma

Any hope for a Terry 2: Electric Boogaloo?

deliachris11 karma

There were 5 seasons of Terry so there already was a Terry 2 get your facts straight.

pringles75 karma

Hey.... hey dad? Whats up, im here now.

deliachris15 karma

Go to bed it's 3PM.

Ampersand7995 karma

I love your show Undateable on NBC. What's the word on Season 4? Are there any other tv or movie projects you're currently working on or involved in?

deliachris7 karma

We'll find out in about a week on season 4.

ohherroeeyore5 karma

How often do you encounter drunk girls?

deliachris15 karma

Every night they are everywhere dude come onnnnn.

bigtim224 karma

Why do you have me blocked on Twitter?

deliachris22 karma

Probably because you were an asshole.

Bootybuttbottom4 karma

What is your go-to song right now?

deliachris26 karma

Anything by Celine Dion or Beyonce but I need an hour to listen to Lemonade. Hey Beyonce make shorter songs.

lpnelson4 karma

Would you consider making a reality TV show with myself and a friend knowing no information other than the fact that we are both hilarious?

deliachris10 karma

Of course I would how could that go wrong?

ryleyannk4 karma

Where did your obsession with Diplo come from?

deliachris17 karma

Just a funny name. Thought it was the funniest DJ to do it with. I like him.

JonathonCorey4 karma

If given the chance, would you press a button that wipes out all human life?

deliachris29 karma

Yeah except for Diplo.

Chef-Curry4 karma

How the hell do you come up with your snapchat characters?! I laugh so hard at them I think I might die. Just kidding, what am I, effin crazy?

deliachris10 karma

I just do what I think is funny I don't really know haha. I don't like all the filters but if I come across one that's funny I just go for it.

sadsapman4 karma

Is Ron Funches better than you at every game? If not, what games?

deliachris4 karma

Every game yes.

cornynibblets4 karma

Hey Chris, i'm a huge fan and love your work.
1.What is your favorite stand up routine you have ever done?

  1. How were you able to keep it together during your drake skit at the laugh factory.

Thanks for the AMA, you can't fade me.

deliachris9 karma

I didn't keep it together I was laughing the whole time.

Ghostofhan4 karma

Hey Chris! You're my new favorite comedian, Incorrigible was awesome and I can't wait for more. When you can't keep from laughing at your own shit I lose it haha.

I like the way you laugh at haters on twitter, got any advice for learning to not give a fuck what people think or say about you?

deliachris6 karma

Haters are part of the fun. Thanks for the love. I laugh because I think my shit is dumb.

julesdemario3 karma

Hey, Chris!

I fucking love Incorrigible, your bit about Russians in the valley kills me (I'm a valley kid myself). Youve mentioned before that you're sober, you don't drink or do drugs - What made you decide to be sober? Is it an uninterest in the whole thing or was there a specific reasoning behind your sobriety?

deliachris14 karma

I never really "decided" it so to speak. I just never have done drugs or drank. Very odd I know. Just never have. Don't really know why haha.

TheCoco3 karma

Ever thought about recording an album? You have crazy vocal range

deliachris17 karma

No I hate real singing. I'm not beyonce.

SpecialKendrick3 karma

If this whole comedy/acting thing didn't work out, what in the fuck would you have been?

deliachris27 karma

50 Cent.

Hobbit06253 karma


Chris who do you think Negan killed in the season finale?

deliachris11 karma

Donald Trump.

BasedSaint3 karma

When is Rog going to start his comedy career? Love that guy.

deliachris12 karma

That's a drama.

paulkrinkle3 karma

Hey Chris, any plans to come do a show in Atlanta any time soon? Would love to see ya in person!

deliachris5 karma

I go there a lot. I love ATL.

Lisalassi773 karma

What was your favorite/least favorite thing about stopping in Saint Louis last weekend?

deliachris8 karma

The crowd was the best!

rad_car_guy3 karma

Chris! Your stand up is hilarious! What is your favorite time that you've been heckled either on stage or on Twitter? Thanks for doing this!

deliachris10 karma

Being heckled sucks. There's nothing "favorite" about it. Comedians hate it.

RedditFeind3 karma

You looked pretty shocked when they dropped Justin Bieber at the start of his roast. Did it not go entirely as planned?

deliachris6 karma

Had no idea.

Dollarama3 karma

Hey blanka, any movie roles coming up?

deliachris7 karma

Movie XOXO come out on Netflix and Flock of Dudes in theaters.

darkforest143 karma

Who's your favorite comedian?

deliachris23 karma

Right now? Bill Burr.

RemoteViewingTrainee3 karma

have you ever been on the Bob & Tom show?

deliachris2 karma

I have yeah.

Booty_Warrior2253 karma

If you were going to die indefinitely tomorrow, what would you do today?

deliachris10 karma

Probably spend it watching the Inspector Gadget movie with Matthew Broderick.

madlate3 karma

what's happening with Rog these days? you think he'll ever meet Donovan McNabb ? Is Donovan the greatest ever in his honest opinion ?

deliachris5 karma

He sure hopes so.

mapfaster963 karma

What's with the Coachella beef man? What are you 'effin crazy? just kidding. Have you ever met Diplo?

deliachris18 karma

I have never met Diplo no.

Coachella is a no go for me. They're all cows.

anniejane193 karma

When is your Lip Sync Battle going to air and what songs did you "sing"?

deliachris7 karma

I think in June but I can't tell you!!! You'll have to see for yourself.


Two questions.

  1. What's your leg workout for all that kicking?

  2. Was undateable cancelled? I never saw any notifications for it.

deliachris5 karma

the kicking is my workout.

No it wasn't we find out what happens to it next week.

NiHiNaNaGaKa2 karma

What is your honest opinion on JB, and how did you feel when you roasted him?

deliachris5 karma

He's a good kid.

maddsalty2 karma

Is there still hope for that chank smith movie i think you mentioned you were writing at some point?

deliachris3 karma

Lots of irons in the fire. We will see! Thank isn't dead yet.

Arbokalypse2 karma

What was it like going from your college experience in new york city, I think you said you would wake up very late and just go to the gym, to being an active stand up comic?

deliachris3 karma

Yeah that's right. I was nocturnal basically in college. But I didn't start stand up till I was 25 so that was a few years after I got back to LA.

NerdyDirtyCurvy2 karma

Will you ever come to Canada on tour? Loved your work since I saw you on Whitney.

deliachris3 karma

I always go to canada. You don't follow me on social media I guess.

Chrisdeliafan_322 karma

Im such a huge fan. Ive met u twice and your one of the sweerest people I've ever met. Do u do meet n greets at all your shows?

deliachris2 karma

No only the smaller shows usually!

j-rackem2 karma

Can you name three dudes you'd definitely for sure go down on?

deliachris3 karma


j-rackem2 karma

What's your opinion on yass kween?

deliachris13 karma

What's that? I'm 36.

damnhotness2 karma

Bro, did you ever get into contact with that dude with the vowels for a name from your weirdest set ever? You know, Mr. Aaaeioouoouuuaaiuoo Oh who definitely has a banjo?

For reference

deliachris7 karma

Oh god so many people think that clip is a foreign guy that I'm making fun of. It ISN'T. It was an american male that was fucking with me the whole time. Can't stand when people get all up in arms about social justice online.

R3ckl3ss2 karma

How much of your set from the Bieber roast did they cut out of the final broadcast? Because I feel like we missed out on some solid gold.

deliachris5 karma

So much.

nickmoe2 karma

Has anyone every confronted you about you snapchat videoing them?
PS my dream is to one day make it in ond of those so come back to New Orleans!

deliachris5 karma

No no one ever did.

man_mayo2 karma

Who has given you the best advice about your career or stand-up material?

deliachris5 karma

Alex Raymundo. "It's not going to go how you think it is."

GeorgeColey2 karma

How much of your stand up is improv? You seem to have a lot of fun and laugh a lot while you do it.

deliachris4 karma

I don't know how to answer that. I go up with material and sometimes I veer off and just start fucking around. I mostly do material though. You're talking about the Laugh Factory clips that are improv mostly. I only let LF put up clips that are not material.

colediosoutos2 karma

How many breawrs are in Don't Lose My Number?

deliachris5 karma

I don't remember but there is a youtube video someone made about it. So so so many breawrs.

ManGuyDudeGuy2 karma

What's the first joke you told at your very first show?

deliachris7 karma

It was a joke about that show 24 how jack bauer is always in a hurry.

Meeshyhoe2 karma

Have you fucked Maxx Bosworth yet?

deliachris5 karma


331655642 karma

Saw you in Minneapolis last week and you killed man. Love Undateable too.

Do you particularly like any cities more than others? What's your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

deliachris5 karma

I loved the crowds there in Minneaoplis. Also that city is so clean dude!!! How do you keep it that way?

Hewitt1102 karma

Are there any people in the entire world you would consider shaving your beard for?

deliachris11 karma

I'd shave for Tupac but he's dead.

MeggNog2 karma

Chris, I've been a fan for years and I will always travel to nearby cities to come see you, but please for the love of god can you come to Cincinnati?

Do you still hang out wit Bryan and Will, and can you please pass this message to them? "Will, I love you and Bryan I don't love you- from Meghan"

Any news on how Bryan's fan is doing these days?

deliachris3 karma

Ill be there at some point! Thanks for the support.

susiee12 karma

What's your favorite food?

deliachris7 karma

Chinese people.