Hi! I'm Brandi Love and I'm here to answer your questions! ;-)

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boardgamejoe34 karma

How many attractive step-daughters do you have total?

camsoda_com49 karma

Well my film step daughters # is probably somewhere around 20. Clearly I have been busy LOL!

0446am22 karma

What's the biggest change you've seen in the porn industry in recent years?

camsoda_com38 karma

It has become WAY smaller. It was actually never as huge as it would seem but it has clearly thinned out and become a survival of the strongest atmosphere.

Toallpointswest20 karma

What is dating like for you? Do you find it easier or harder (or even desire to) have long term relationships?

camsoda_com75 karma

Dating? Baby I have been happily married for 21 years so I do not have a god answer for that one :)

Sisiwakanamaru17 karma

I have two questions for you:

  • What do you think about the future of VR Porn?
  • What is your favorite dessert?

Thank you

camsoda_com26 karma

  1. remains to be seen. I have not experienced it first hand but will shortly. Like all things in technology, new is always exciting. We shall see if it sticks ( no pun intended).

  2. cupcakes! All flavors!

adiman8315 karma

If you were to "restart" your life, would you still choose adult films as a career? Why (or why not)?

Also, what is the best and worst experience you had in your line of work?

camsoda_com25 karma

I absolutely would do it again. I have had the most amazing adventures because of my career in adult. I wouldn't change it for anything. Worst experience ...... seeing the judgement and hate form others with out interest in even attempting to understand our decisions are personal.

neurotic_rant12 karma

Do you like bush?

camsoda_com77 karma

He was a decent President.

juggilinjnuggala8 karma

have you ever had input to change dialogue because it was just too stupid?

camsoda_com19 karma

Most scripts allow for some impromptu changes. The scripts are "typically" a guide for the scene but once rolling most of us tend to be natural and say what makes the most sense :)

JuanG128 karma

How did you get interested in doing porn? Was it something you wanted to do, or did you just wake up one day and say "I want to do porn."?

I'm a big fan BTW.

camsoda_com24 karma

Thanks Juan..... you can find my full story on www.brandilove.com My husband and I had a wine label business that lead us to have a website built. The designers were adult webmasters. They actually asked us if we might be interested in pursuing an adult business. After some deliberation and research we decided to go for it. The rest is history!

j-sap7 karma

How do you keep your body looking so good?

camsoda_com32 karma

Why thanks! I have been in the gym since I was 15. Always an athlete but once I discovered weight training I was hooked. I train 5 days a week and eat a very clean diet. Tons of water to top it off.

devilinabludress7 karma

Would you ever consider filming a scene with a Transexual co-star?

camsoda_com17 karma

It has never been offered or discussed so I honestly do not know. I do however consider all offers:)

dianebspicy6 karma

Climaxes in porn (not by guys) -- how real are they? It seems to me that professionals are under a lot of pressure in front of the cameras to perform. How real is the pleasure?

camsoda_com21 karma

Men can't fake it. Too visual to attempt that! Women? I can't speak for others but I always go for the real O. I mean damn I am there having fun feeling great why wouldn't everyone go for the O?

The_Alchemyst6 karma

Have you watched the Netflix documentary "Hot Girls Wanted"? If so, do you feel it accurately reflects the porn scene?

camsoda_com10 karma

I have not watched it as of today but will.

Karl4346 karma

Who's your favorite male performer in the business?

camsoda_com12 karma

The fact that they are male performers pretty much means they are talented wink. I have several I enjoy working with... to name a few: Manuel Keiran Lee Danny Mountain Johnny Sinns Johnny Castle Ryan Madison Mick Blue Toni Robas there are more of course:)

nomad805 karma

What was your favourite subject in school?

camsoda_com13 karma

Sociology and Psychology

JMC7925 karma

What are your thoughts on being known for acting milf/cougar roles ?

And also. Please tell us. Favorite TV show ?

camsoda_com8 karma

I love it!

iBurnedTheChurch5 karma

What is the creepiest fan interaction you have ever had?

camsoda_com7 karma

hmmmmmm, May be surprising but I can not recall a "creepy" interaction. Lucky me!

MensRights20164 karma

Do you think experience in adult films helps or hinders switch into conventional drama TV and film? I'm thinking specifically of Sasha Grey, I thought she was very good in Entourage.

camsoda_com5 karma

She played herself in entourage. It was a strong move for her and I am sure a good one. It is very difficult to crossover. A few have done so but it is typically short lived. I would suspect most mainstream producers do not nor would work with crossover due to controversy wither the actor was talented enough or not.

Classyconman3 karma

Hi Brandy Huge fan here. who has been your favorite costar to work with? or who surprised you the most

camsoda_com11 karma

I have several favorites! I don't believe I could pick just one. The best way to answer your question would be t say the young women I work with have surprised me the most. Many have more passion then I would expected.

blurr903 karma

What changed the most in the buisness since you started and what change did you like/hate most?

camsoda_com10 karma

The industry has become smaller for many reasons. I wouldn't say that is a benefit. Growth is good and it seems to me the industry has flatlined. CA civilians thinking they can run a "safer" industry and businesses moving to other states has fragmented whats left but we are not going any where :) porn is not going away.

BriennesBitch3 karma

What's your typical fan like? I'm curious about these men. I watch quite a lot of porn but once the job is done move on, I would not consider going to a convention to meet one of you lovely ladies as... well... it's obvious to me, but not everyone else apparently. So what do they get from it? And have you had any crazies?

camsoda_com13 karma

I truly appreciate you question however you are asking me what "they" get out of coming to conventions and what not. I am not sure how I can answer for them. Know what I mean?

decor3 karma

What is an average day like being Brandi Love?

camsoda_com19 karma

I would suppose fairly normal? If I am not traveling, I wake up and make my coffee. Drop kids off at school and then hit the gym, shower and make a plan for the day. I typically spend 6-8 hours doing office work. When traveling..... well that's a whole different story.

Dethem3 karma

Favourite Pokemon?

camsoda_com12 karma


Paniccarmen2 karma

LOVE your work. :) How has your relationship with your mother changed since she tried taking your children away because of your involvement in the porn industry?

camsoda_com7 karma

Thanks first of all... and it was more my Dad who lead that crusade. My Mom and I are on great terms.

ciderczar2 karma

Have you ever had to put your foot down about an act you weren't comfortable performing?

camsoda_com9 karma

I have not because I always know before I arrive on set exactly what s expected. I know the talent, have the script and am always very comfortable prior to getting to set.

traceminerals2 karma

First off, you have an amazing body of work. Thank you for that! As a corollary to the favorite scene question, is there any video or scene you're especially proud of because it illustrates your dedication as an artist?

camsoda_com3 karma

Again several on pornfidelity really capture my passion brilliantly. They are true artists themselves.

alexbrizzle2 karma

Hi Brandi! Do you think you will ever do any anal scenes? tbh you are more than hot enough to not have to but could be fun to watch

camsoda_com2 karma

I can with almost 100% certainty I will not. It's just not for me.

xNuts2 karma

Size matters ?

camsoda_com11 karma

it can

RonnieRadical2 karma

I am a huge fan Brandi! Love the work! But I gotta know, Favorite Band?? Also, could i get an autographed picture??? :) id love to hang it in my studio!! Much Love!

camsoda_com10 karma

Thanks first of all for the kind words Ronnie. Drop me a DM on twitter or email for the pic. As far as favorite band, lord I have several. I love classic rock, southern rock, 80's hair bands, country ( Chris Stapelton to Garth Brooks and Faith HIll.) I also have my collection of Metallica, Tool., Korn and Limp Bizkit. Totally eclectic.

BannartheBeserker2 karma

Hi Brandi, thanks for doing this AMA

My question for you is : How do you stay in such incredible shape? Do you work out 3 hours a day or something?

camsoda_com5 karma

My pleasure. I train 5 days a week mixing cardio and weight training. ABout 2 hours each session. I eat clean and drink a ton of water. It's primarily consistency.

truedeadman1 karma

Would you be willing to appear at the Exxxotica shows? I'd love to request you to them Thanks

camsoda_com1 karma

I have tried to several times. The issue has always been my travel schedule interfering with the dates of the show. I will keep trying :) XOXO

Sean5441 karma

What are your plans now that you're retiring from Porn?

camsoda_com8 karma

I am not retiring :) I am in transition. I have other businesses I am already growing for my later years.

alexbrizzle3 karma

Best news all day! I heard the same thing hope you get back into it soon your scenes are so passionate and hot!

camsoda_com2 karma

Thanks Alex!

amc1111 karma

Do you prefer men in boxers, boxer briefs, or briefs?

camsoda_com3 karma

not a big deal especially if they don't stay on! If I had to choose it would be boxer brief.

Nigelrover1 karma

Have any male fans asked to hook up with you while you were out with your husband?

camsoda_com3 karma

no. luckily for me my fans are more respectful than that.

Ghost1g1 karma

Hey Brandi, huge fan. I was wondering if you have a snapchat. If so, what is it?

camsoda_com2 karma

I do but have not started utilizing it yet. Stay tuned.....

CMDR_BlueCrab1 karma

Have family or friends that you didn't expect (like not your husband) told you they have watched your work? Was there any awkwardness?

camsoda_com2 karma

Yes they have and no there is no awkwardness. Not on my part anyway :)

mdardas1 karma

How does your husband handle your career choice?

camsoda_com2 karma

He is 100% involved and always has been. It works for us.

Loky031 karma

Does regular sex work for you? Or sex for the camera kinda spoiled? In all ways sizes, intensity, duration etc.

camsoda_com3 karma

"regular" sex is THE best sex wink. The camera has not ruined my sex life at all.

DangerDragonDude1 karma

How do you really feel about step mothers teaching sex... hands on!?

camsoda_com2 karma

What I do is play roles. It is purely fantasy.

BriennesBitch1 karma

What is the most hardcore thing that has been proposed on a set/by an agent?

camsoda_com4 karma

Hardcore is very subjective. Many would see my career in total as hardcore while others call me vanilla eeek. That said I have never been asked by an agent or producer to do anything other than what I have made clear are my pleasures :)

unachievablehappines1 karma

What is your favorite video(that you have made)?

camsoda_com6 karma

I have shot so many amazing scenes IMO. That is subjective of course to the end viewer, what I mean is I have finished several scenes thinking WHOA that was awesome. The passion was awesome. The physicality was awesome. Several Brazzers scenes inparticular as well as all my scenes on Pornfidelity.com

cantseegottapee1 karma

What are your thoughts about relationships today, and how society labels what is and what isn't acceptable? How do you think porn has affected today's relationships?

camsoda_com16 karma

Porn hasn't changed anything about relationships. It has been around practically as long as we have and it has only become an issue because people simply have easier access and when caught they make up lame excuses blaming "porn addiction". Many couples find adult entertainment an enhancement to a good relationship. The REAL issue with relationships today is poor communication skills. Instead of people meeting face to face and naturally growing a relationship they swipe right or left and hook up. Thats not a relationship and it's not courting. Technology: texting, emailing, tweeting, FB, Insta and snap all have helped dumb us down as humans and our inter personal skills have been flushed down the toilet IMO.

lundkaswami1 karma

Do you enjoy sex as much as you did before becoming a pornstar? Why don't you do scenes with black guys?

camsoda_com8 karma

I enjoy my sex life more now. It was always good but the things I have learned over the years? PRICELESS! question 2: http://www.brandichat.com/my-hotwife-diary-entries/brandi-bbc/2013/12/05/