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Idknotyoutho46 karma

Did you have phantom testicle?

csr_mln33 karma

Fortunately I didn't have that. I honestly didn't even know what that was until I searched it up right now.

NadaPapaya34 karma

Did anyone ever try to hit you in the nuts and were they shocked? Also keep up man i'm sure it's hard.

csr_mln48 karma

Not a lot of people know this of me and I do play soccer so it has happened before while playing so I just pretend it really hurts because I do remember how much it hurt hahah but it isn't completely painless. Thanks man I appreciate that!

professor_mc87 karma

So, faking hurt just like every other soccer player?

csr_mln23 karma

Haha not all soccer players fake it but I know exactly what you mean.

Bethkulele24 karma

Weird question, but I'm sure everyone is wondering... Does your sack look empty? Also does it still get droopy when it's hot out?

csr_mln23 karma

I'm here to answer any/all curiosity haha. There's nothing in there so it does look empty but it doesn't sag as much anymore, the skin kind of just contracts.

echothree3317 karma

My brother had an undescended testicle removed and they gave him a prosthetic ball. Any idea why you didn't get prosthetic ones?

csr_mln15 karma

At the time I had limited insurance so I couldn't afford it.

Convergecult157 karma

Would you go back down the road and get one? Or would you go the whole way and get two.

csr_mln11 karma

Probably not, I feel comfortable enough without them, but I suppose if I were to get some I would just get both of them.

DogBoneSalesman2 karma

Serious question. Are there not some type of prosthetic balls that you can put in?

csr_mln2 karma

Yes there are but I don't feel as though I need them.

Sketpic18 karma

Can you have children?

csr_mln39 karma

Yes I can. I have sperm stored so when I am at that point I can.

Bobritanstapis5 karma

Where and how is your sperm produced? Can you still ejaculate properly?

csr_mln18 karma

I don't produce sperm. I still ejaculate because semen is produced in the prostate so I ejaculate like everyone else.

Doubles_N_Fun8 karma

I'm in the same boat you are, although I have one testie. I lost the ability to ejactulate from too many surgeries, my testicle that had cancer didn't fully descend either. I was amazed at how comparable your situation was to mine.

csr_mln6 karma

I'm sure there's more than a few people in similar circumstances. Goodluck with everything man.

wyxtt14 karma

What kind of reactions have you gotten from women when you're about to throw down?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

csr_mln25 karma

I actually haven't had any negative reactions. I've only had a handful of sexual partners and they've all been my gf's at the time and we had talked about it before it actually happened so I guess they knew what they were getting into and all of them were completely cool with things. But I guess I am kind of curious to see what someone's reaction would be if they didn't know before hand :D No problem!

McKegger533 karma

I'm assuming you don't have to wear a condom if you know whoever your partner is. Blessing in disguise I guess. I also lost a testicle to testicular cancer, but just the one, so I'm rockin a half sack.

csr_mln3 karma

No I usually don't wear a condom with my gf. I do have sperm stored so whenever the time comes it's there. Yeah there's many people rocking a half sack like yourself :)

CrossfitVeganVape11 karma

I lost 1 testicle to cancer as well but have one left and my biggest fear is losing the other. I have a few questions:

How is your emotional state day to day?

Does sex feel the same? Does ejaculation feel the same?

How do women react to it?

Any side effects to the testosterone?

csr_mln11 karma

Yeah it's more common than what people realize. Now I'm perfectly fine and feel no different than I did before or than any other guy. At first it was really hard though, I tried to do things on my own didn't seek out help so it took me longer to accept things but eventually I did. Professional help is something that I feel would've helped a lot in the beginning. Or just having people to talk to about it, even if it's in forums or anything.

I didn't have sex before so I can't compare but I did masturbate and ejaculation feels exactly the same.

The women that I've been with have all been completely fine with it and liked the fact that they don't need plan b/birth control lol and no condom is necessary either (I've only had sex with women who have been my gf's and been tested, so made sure no std's)

It can be hard to get the right amount of testosterone to feel balanced. At first I was just on 1 injection every month but that wasn't working for me because the last week I would feel tired and just sluggish. Then went on to having 2 injections a month and it did get better but still wasn't feeling right. Now I'm on weekly injections and feel a lot better. I do get random mood swings though and I feel as though I can't concentrate as well as I used to be able to but it hasn't affected my life in a major way.

Stay positive and try and get as much info as you can about what you're going through because there's a lot of us out there that are too shy or feel as though people will look at us in a weird way but most of it is in our own heads. I wish you the best.

grizzlyking2 karma

What is the ejaculation fluid (is it still technically semen) like?

csr_mln6 karma

Yes it's semen, the prostate produces semen so it looks pretty much the same, just without sperm.

nerdoldnerdith5 karma

Since you're already on roids, have you considered going all out in order to get jacked?

csr_mln6 karma

I don't get enough to be that jacked haha. I already go to the gym 4-5 times a week but I don't have any advantage over a normal guy.

Nickthedick554 karma

Do you think of this as a blessing in any way?

csr_mln15 karma

After being diagnosed with cancer and had the surgery I did look at things differently. My family hadn't been too close growing up and after the surgery my family became closer and solved some issues that had come up in the past, so that was a good thing. I accept what happened to me now and I can live my life as anyone else.

TaterTotsBandit4 karma

Was the testicular cancer related to your pre-existing condition? Or was it just coincidence?

csr_mln6 karma

No one knows.

tiamdi4 karma

Does it still hurt to get sack tapped?

csr_mln9 karma

It still hurts but not nearly as much as it used to hahah.

hirst_3 karma

Are injections the only way to artificially get testosterone into your body? Were tablets an option or do they simply not exist?

csr_mln7 karma

No, I believe there are gels and patches you can use but injections are the cheapest and easiest to get. I don't know about the tablets though.

TheSmileyCactus3 karma

How many teeth do you have? What percentage of those are baby teeth?

csr_mln6 karma

The normal amount and all of my teeth were replaced by permanent teeth. I never got my wisdom teeth taken out though and I only had 3 to begin with, which was weird.

NineUlmleven3 karma

How often do you get injections?

csr_mln5 karma

I get 1 injection every week.

Banh_mi1 karma

The full 200mg I assume? I know some HRT patients are at 100mg.

csr_mln3 karma

I take 100 every week.

justplainjay3 karma

1: Is it synthetic or natural testosterone?

2: This might be a difficult question since everybody has a different level of testosterone and it effects each individual different, but: Do you notice a difference in your sex drive or anger levels from others in your age group?

csr_mln9 karma

  1. It's synthetic testosterone.
  2. I hadn't had sex before the surgery but I've had steady gf's and have/had sex 4-5 times a week with no problems. Anger levels I feel sometimes that I get irritated more easily but it's not all of the time. But it doesn't affect my life in any way.

sentient-bin3 karma

What would have happened if you were not taking testosterone?

csr_mln8 karma

I think I would pretty much be useless. Weight gain, no energy, muscle mass loss, no sex drive, I assume it would affect my mood (maybe depression).

TTTT272 karma

Did you bank any sperm before your testicle was removed?

How have your sex partners reacted to this? Do you tell them first?

csr_mln3 karma

I did bank sperm before I had my surgery.

All of the sex partners I've had have been my gf's and we had talked about it beforehand so they knew what they were getting into. All of them have been completely cool about it and supportive when I was the one feeling self-conscious or whatever the case was.

FixedDecay2 karma

Does a kick in the nether regions still hurt?

csr_mln2 karma

It still does hurt but not nearly the same as it used to.

seluj12342 karma

Do you still jerk off ? If so, how is it different ?

csr_mln5 karma

Yeah I do and it's exactly the same for me.

blobbydigital2 karma

Do you have implants? How long into a relationship do you reveal this information?

csr_mln3 karma

I don't have implants. And it depends on how I feel with the other person. It's been as soon as 2 weeks and as late as 2 months.

Qpeser2 karma

Do you get just enough T to function, or are you jacked too?

csr_mln5 karma

Hahah no I'm not jacked but I do go to the gym 5 times a week so I work for what I have :)

WillCreary2 karma

Do you still guard your nuts when someone goes to hit them? Serious question!

csr_mln10 karma

Lol yeah I do, it's a reflex.

Gay_Coffeemate1 karma

How long will you have to keep taking testosterone?

csr_mln3 karma

For the rest of my life.

redbull1231 karma

what would happen if you stopped taking the medication?

csr_mln2 karma

I probably would be tired all of the time, no sex drive, muscle mass loss, weight gain, bone density loss, and I'm sure other things so I need the testosterone.

CaptainCrater1 karma

What have you learned from this lifestyle that you can pass on to a regular old balled up guy such as myself?

csr_mln2 karma

Idk maybe just the general fact that a lot of people take most stuff for granted. Even the simplest things make a big difference in someone else's life that maybe don't in our own.

noupvotes4Squanchy1 karma

Did you have an option to store sperm before it got removed?

csr_mln1 karma

Yes I have sperm stored.

noupvotes4Squanchy2 karma

That made me feel much better about this story. Great stuff.

csr_mln1 karma

Yeah thankfully I got the chance to do that before :)

reddit_guy6661 karma

Did you find it easier to convince girls to go bare back?

csr_mln3 karma

Yes it's way easier now

Vazmanian1 karma

How does it effect your sex drive? Are you complete uninterested with sexual behaviour or does the testosterone injections compensate for that?

csr_mln2 karma

The testosterone injections compensate for all of that. I'm sexually active with my current gf and have sex 4-5 times a week.

a_guile1 karma

In a fight do you think a ninja or a pirate would win?

csr_mln7 karma

Man idk, I think I would go with ninja haha.

Not_Really_A_Name1 karma

Did they put anything in the sack after the surgery to give it a natural looking appearance?

csr_mln1 karma

No, I thought about getting fake testicles but as time went on I became comfortable enough to live the way I am just fine.

Butt-Sprinkles1 karma

How do you reply to people that say; do it or no balls?

csr_mln3 karma

I react as I used to when I did haha nothing changed in my mind.

Retsueto1 karma

Since you mentioned you have an athletic build, do you do sports? If so, do you have to mention your condition or is it something that can be side-stepped?

csr_mln3 karma

I do play soccer, but at the level I play I don't need to mention it but I suppose if I was at a higher level I would have to?

xcatmanx1 karma

Have you consider an implant? http://www.neuticles.com/faq.php (this is for pets..)

csr_mln2 karma

I did think about it in the past but I don't feel I need it anymore, I feel perfectly fine without implants.

Lofaszt1 karma

Did your voice ever change because of this? Does it feel different to wear underpants or pants because of this?

csr_mln1 karma

My voice didn't change, I don't have a higher or lower pitched voice. It does feel different, but I sometimes still have that scrotum stuck on leg dilemma haha just not as often. My penis doesn't have any companions anymore though lol.

ABrusca11051 karma

Would you do surgery to tighten the skin to make it more comfortable to wear jeans?

csr_mln1 karma

The skin is actually tight a lot of the time so it doesn't bother me.

TheThirdStrike1 karma

If someone knees you in the crotch, does it still elicit the same response as it would in someone who was testicularly gifted?

csr_mln2 karma

Nope, the pain decreased significantly.

8parasitc81 karma


Had a couple questions for ya since I'm in the same boat (smashed my nuts a couple years ago and didn't get checked out until way, way too late):

Do you ever have any phantom sensations (other than pain)? Do your friends know?...or is it hush-hush

csr_mln3 karma

Oh no, that's unfortunate man.

I never got any phantom sensations at all (thankfully). A few of my friends know but it's pretty much hush-hush.

8parasitc81 karma

Any reason to keep it hush-hush? My friends at the time definitely made the whole situation a lot more palatable and less depressing than it could have been.....jokes, jokes, and more jokes aside (plus tons of scissor snip-snip hand signs). Might be because I was in college at the time and not high school.

csr_mln2 karma

I was in that high school faze and now I think back that maybe if I had more people to talk about it maybe it would've been easier for me.

MojaveWalker1 karma

Are you the bastard son of Jose Canseco by chance?

csr_mln3 karma

Lol no.

MojaveWalker1 karma

I don't believe you

csr_mln2 karma


asshair1 karma

I have an undescended teste too! You just put the fear of cancer in me.

What was your T production with only one functional teste like? Whats your level now? Do you have the option of increasing it if you ever wanted to be extra-macho sometime?

csr_mln2 karma

Nooo that's not my intention at all! Just stay on top of things but hopefully nothing happens!

I felt normal with no negative effects. You mean as in numbers? I don't really know but I feel just fine, maybe I could use a little more so if I want I can bring it up next time I see the doctor but I've never brought it up before.

pogiface1 karma

Do you have prosthetic balls?

csr_mln2 karma

No I don't.

pogiface1 karma

But why not? Is it expensive to have them? is it something you would consider in the future? I guess it doesnt make much difference except with the ladies.

csr_mln2 karma

It is kind of expensive but idk I don't feel like I need them personally. The partners I've been with have been completely fine without them. Maybe if they didn't know about my situation when it happened then they would be surprised but technically it doesn't change much during sex.

shritty1 karma

Hi OP! Silly question I guess but here goes.

Have you ever felt jealous that other men can have their sack played on by women they're having sex with? Because I know a lot of men that likes it being done to them.

csr_mln2 karma

I guess I have lol but oh well, I still have sensation there but it's not the same.

shritty1 karma

It's all in the performance OP, so you're good. ;)

csr_mln2 karma

Yup :)

Curiouscerebro1 karma

Out of curiosity, did you have morning wood before the resection? Do you notice in changes in the quality of your morning wood?

csr_mln2 karma

Yes I did have morning wood before and I still get them frequently now so nothing different there.