My short bio: I am a recording artist, singer and songwriter . . many people know me as the girl who sings Answers and Dragonsong for FFXIV! Hey you guys! Thank you for all the great questions, it was awesome to speak with you! Lets do this again soon! Maybe even an online concert is in order? Much love, Suz xo

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DaveMcElfatrick26 karma

I saw you live in Dallas a few years ago, performing with the Distant Worlds orchestra! Lovely voice, and find myself singing with your ballads a lot during the drive to and from work. Just wanted to say thanks.

susancalloway17 karma

thank you so much Dave! I hope you grab my new version fo Answers - the Artist cut! I also have a new CD coming out later this year ( in the fall ) so I hope to fill your CD player with even more music!

otterchoice16 karma

When Final Fantasy XIV was first released to a lot of negative press were you concerned that your song might not get as much recognition?

susancalloway25 karma

Yes we all were at first, including Nobuo and Arnie. . but than they did the new trailer and it was even better than the first ! So we were like WHEW!

jaydenwolf11 karma

How did you get involved with Square Enix? Did someone approach you?

susancalloway26 karma

yes! I was working with Arnie Roth, the orchestrator for many of Noubo's songs. He actually had the idea to include me and thought Noubo would like my voice! And fortunately for me, he was right :)

prof_gumby8 karma

Hi Susan, I saw you way back in '93 when you were with Red C in Detroit. Ever keep in touch with your old bandmates?

susancalloway6 karma

a little - We have all grown up and changed so much! That was a great experience tho . . I was so so young. It's great to be where I am now as I know who I am as an artist. I'm much more focused. They were all fantastic musicians and I learned so much from each of them.

Codofwisdom8 karma

Hey Susan,

I have a couple of questions: Have you ever thought about trying your hand at voice acting? And do you play games yourself?

Loved the Artist's cut, by the way. Very different feel from the original, but no less powerful.

susancalloway14 karma

Hi there! I really would love to learn Final Fantasy but haven't yet played. Mostly because I work so much these days . . it's hard to find the time needed to really get into it! I actually have done some voice acting . but not in a video game. It would be really fun to try though! I've had quite a few fans suggest that :) ha ha:) I am SO GLAD you like my own version of Answers. We had so much fun creating it. It is really different than the original . . but hopefully that's a good thing :)

hiyukihime8 karma

would you rather be a Quest Npc or a Boss Fight in FFXIV? :p

susancalloway12 karma

I will have to get back with you on that! My limited knowledge is showing! LOL :) But I like the idea of being a "boss" fight. Who doesn't like being the boss ? haha

OneTrueChaika6 karma

Alrighty since people have asked you about where Answers plays, have you ever personally had the pleasure of participating in T13 while the song you sing plays?

It still strikes me as one of the most intense moments in video games i've ever had.

susancalloway13 karma

No but I would love to do that! We should plan a google hang out or something and you guys can all have a good laugh at me trying ! LOL

SesuRescue6 karma

Hi Susan!

How does it feel knowing that Answers is heard at absolutely the most epic fight of FFXIV: ARR, and how do you feel about the players of FFXIV going through 3 of the hardest raids of ARR just to get a chance at hearing your voice?

susancalloway13 karma

It feels amazing . .and humbling. I know how important this game is to you guys and how much the music means to you as well. The fact that you would embrace me the way you have is so awesome. Getting to know you all has been so great. You are more than fans but friends. I hope that you will all support my music as well as the FF music I do, too. That would allow me to make this into a lasting career - and be able to tour more !!

nanorii5 karma

Susan, I love your music and I tweet to you on occasion, I don't really have a question, but one day, I would love an autograph? ;-;

susancalloway5 karma

You got it! Glad we are connected on twitter !! xo

Demonologyx5 karma

As another fan of your amazing voice, and the power and emotion you put behind your singing. I would really love to know how involved you were in music throughout your life, if you've ever performed school musicals?

I wish you the best of luck in the future, and hopefully one day Square Enix will approach you to voice act someone in FFXIV, that would be awesome!

susancalloway11 karma

ha! Yes it would! I love Square and have a great relationship with them. I have been singing and performing my whole life. For my full bio, you should check out my website! but the short Answer is oh yes, my whole life. I started writing music at 12, performing at 9, piano at 5. i was a nutty kid.

lanceTCT5 karma

Hi Susan,

Asides form being artist, singer, and songwriter. Do you plays FFXIV? :)

susancalloway11 karma

No not yet, but I NEED TO LEARN!

Buddhafied5 karma

Hello, Susan! I had the honoured to see you a few years ago in Chicago, at the 25th Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert. You performed Answers with the End of the Era CG behind you, for the first time live. It was the highlight, for me, of that show. Thank you.

My question: When you get the lyrics of Answers and Dragonsong, did you also get a background story? Your emotions were dead on for both songs, I just wonder how much info do you get, consider you don't play the game. Thanks!

susancalloway5 karma

yes! i got enough to tell the story . . and really, i understood the lyrics . .they can universally apply to so many things. I think that is what good music does when it works well . . we all have wars we fight every day. It is a common theme, tho the players and details change.

gr0c3ry4 karma

Hi Susan! Which race do you think is cooler in XIV? Lalafells or Elezen???

susancalloway9 karma

Hmmm . . not sure. We will need another AMA to address this so I can decide!

UWSMeilin4 karma

Did you know what was going on in XIV prior to recording the songs?

I hope one day I get to see you perform either of them, so make Distant Worlds come to NYC! Thanks a ton for the music, it was so chilling to listen to Answers at the end of such a hard fight. My entire group might have broken out into song... Not as good as you.

susancalloway7 karma

I knew a little, but I have some friends who play FFXIV so they have filled me in. It's amazing what complicated story line it is! It would be awesome to play NY . . I have on my own but not with FF. Glad you and your friends jam to Answers!

nanorii2 karma

I live in NYC too, we need distant worlds here

reseph1 karma

Wasn't DW at NYC multiple times? I went there back in 2011 for it.

susancalloway3 karma

It was in Brooklyn I think but not NYC proper . . and that was quite a while ago :) we are due! I agree!

Jalian1744 karma

Any news on recording for a second FF14 expansion?

susancalloway8 karma

not yet but Square is very happy with Answers and Dragonsong . . so watch out!

clawbriar3 karma

other than Answers & Dragonsong obviously; what's your favourite piece from the FFXIV soundtrack?

susancalloway11 karma

that's a tough one. I am so partial to vocal pieces . . ! i would have to get back with you on that one! hey a good excuse to do another AMA, right?

ConfusedMayor3 karma

Have they invited you to FanFest yet?!

susancalloway11 karma

NOOOO! i am tying to make that happen for Las Vegas in the fall. Maybe you can help me spread the word???

tinyhipsterboy3 karma

Hey there! I've been taking singing classes for almost three years now and music has always been a huge passion of mine--I love how much it can add to a scene, be it games, TV, or movies. You did such a great job with the XIV music!

My question, though, is less about the music itself and more about performing: do you get nervous before you go onstage? If so, how do you deal with the nerves?

Also, what's your favorite part about touring?

susancalloway5 karma

YES I get nervous for sure. That is the only icky part of performing! But it also keeps you focused. Being nervous means you care about doing a good job. The biggest thing is learning how to slow down your breathing when you are nervous . .as that is the kiss of death for a singer. You need to be controled and breathe deeply. It is really a discipline. The more you do it, the better you can manage it.

dekkarra3 karma

Hi Susan! Love your music, not just with XIV, but also your previous work (Chasin' the Sun is a favorite of the Missus and myself).

The FF games have lead to a large amount of exposure for artists who may not have really been widely known prior to their involvement in the series, especially internationally.

How has it felt having such a surge in international following since your involvement with FFXIV?

susancalloway3 karma

I am so flattered and honored for the opportunity! It has been tremendous and I really owe it all to the fans. It was up to them if they would accept me and like my voice. I'm very grateful to Arnie and Nobuo too . . especially Arnie as it was his idea to get me involved! He is also an amazing talent and musician :)

rbazzo3 karma

What are your favourite songs from the Distant Worlds I, II and III albums?

susancalloway8 karma

Kiss me Goodbye. But they are all cool and all very different !

rbazzo6 karma

I really like your voice in Melodies of Life. It fits the music perfectly.

susancalloway6 karma

thank you so much! That is a great song I agree :)

antimonyfunk3 karma

What sorts of things do you enjoy doing outside of your voice work?

susancalloway6 karma

I love to cook, play with my dogs, Of course I love writing music. I'm working on a full length CD to be released this fall . . and I am also writing my first inspirational book! which I'm really excited about. I just signed with a book agent and everything - I'm really thrilled.

Mithent3 karma

Hi Susan! Both Answers and Dragonsong are both great songs (I listened to the latter on repeat when Heavensward came out), and I was fortunate enough to see you perform at Distant Worlds in London.

Since you're a songwriter, do you feel any different about performing songs that others have written compared to those you wrote yourself?

susancalloway5 karma

yes! and very good question. I am a singer . . but that is only one part of me. I am in truth an artist, which means I create songs and music not just sing. The most pure form of susan is what I create. I love the FF songs and they are fun to sing, but the don't fulfill me as an artist compared to doing my own music. I love London and I can't wait to come back!

BirdGangCawCaw3 karma

Any particular vocal track from XIV that is your favorite and/or you would love to have recorded your own cover for? Such as Thunder Rolls, Oblivion, Under the Weight and Broken Steel?

What are your methods for preventing unintentional vocal chord exhaustion when doing extended recording sessions

susancalloway6 karma

Someone else asked me this and I will have to get back! I've onlyheard some of these songs once . . I'd have to listen more closely to answer . For Vox health. Water. Lots and lots of it. stay off the phone - get a ton of sleep. Vocal sessions aren't what wear me out, its live shows. Vocal sessions are short - usually a couple hours. But touring is much harder as you are tired, can't always hear on stage the way you want . . etc. that is what can really be tough on your voice.

phantasmage2 karma

Hello Susan!

I started listening to your beautiful voice thanks to FFXIV and will certainly forever have Answers and Dragonsong in my list of timeless songs!

Do you have plans to do a concert in Africa in the near future? I read in the comments that it's in your list of places to visit and we would be glad to have you!

susancalloway3 karma

thank you so much! I would love to - we will see if that can happen! It is not on the schedule, but I hope one day! I am fascinated with African culture, landscape . . and the animals too.

taz34852 karma

Hello Susan. You have such a great voice. I have a couple questions.

  1. Do you have formal music theory training?
  2. What influenced you to become involved in music?
  3. What non-Final Fantasy based music do you currently listen to?

Hopefully we can hear more from you in the future.

susancalloway2 karma

Yes, I studied classical piano and voice since I was 5. I have been performing all my life so it really chose me more than I chose it! I listen to Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones, U2, Dead Can Dance, Florence and the Machines, stuff like that :) of course Adele is awesome. as is Sam Smith - both just incredible singers.

TheOneTrueE2 karma

Chasing the Sun is one of my favorite songs. I found it while doing a search for an unaltered Answers. One of the questions I ask all my favorite artist is Who do you listen to?

susancalloway2 karma

Ha! I just answered this ! I am so glad you like Chasin the Sun! I have a new CD coing out this fall so I can't wait to see how you like it! I listen to Sam Smith, Adele, Florence and the Machines, U2, Coldplay, Dead can Dance, Tori Amos . and classical music - I listen to tons of different things . .

blackhammer792 karma

What inspires you to give such powerful performances, not just in the Final Fantasy songs, but in your own writing as well?

Also...are you in love? Asking for a friend.... ;)

Thanks in advance!

susancalloway7 karma

I really love singing and performing so much. It comes from a very honest place. I don't know how else to sing except to sing from my heart. When I sing for you guys, I am telling you a musical story . . taking you on a journey with me. I especially love writing music. . it is alwasy an even deeper story when it comes from your own experience. This is what God made me to do so it comes easily to me . . but I also work hard at being as good as I can be. Nothing happens without great effort, practice, time, and focus. Hmmm am I in love? Well I do have someone I am dating right now. We will see how it goes!

Eanae2 karma

Do you still perform anything from FFXI on Distant Worlds tour?

susancalloway5 karma

I think so! You will have to remind me which songs go with which versions ( I have the worst memory - LOL ) But I do Kiss me Goodbye, Eyes on me, Suteki Da Ne, Distant Worlds, Melodies of Life . and of course the 2 songs from FFXIV

ExKage2 karma

How did you get involved with FFXIV and singing Answers and Dragonsong?

susancalloway4 karma

Thru Arnie Roth. I met Nobou- san thru Arnie and Nobuo liked my voice and felt like I was the right fit for Answers . . which of course led to Dragonsong.

susancalloway8 karma

and I just realized I misspelled Nobuo - I am worst speller EVER!

Bioman112 karma

Answers is a great song! Paired with the End of an Era video, it especially conveys some powerful emotions. How do you, in particular, interpret the lyrics? I'm sure there's been plenty of debate by fans on what they mean!

susancalloway7 karma

thats a great question! To me Answers is describing this great tragedy, while also giving hints as to how to survive it. It is both narrative and inspirational . . which make it very unique.

kalyissa2 karma

How much fun was it to work with Square Enix and record Answers.

Did you find it an emotional song to sing?

susancalloway3 karma

It was great! Square Enix has been SO supportive of me and I so appreciate that. I especially enjoyed working with Nobuo and Arnie tho . . as they were more of the musicians involved. Square just listens and approves. Yes it is an emotional song to sing for sure . . but when we recorded it we had no idea what scene would be going on. That happened later! Sort of a fun fact for fans to know

reseph2 karma

Hi Susan, thank you for taking the time to do this AMA and we from /r/ffxiv appreciate it!

It's fantastic to see you at Distant Worlds. Do you have a favorite song during the tours?

(For anyone wondering, here are her tweets to confirm the AMA)

susancalloway3 karma

probably Answers or Kiss me Goodbye. They are all such different songs so it's hard to pick. I like KMG because its more like a regular pop song and it lets me dig in as a singer more. And of course I love Answers because it's Answers! LOL

AstralElement2 karma

Hi Susan!

I love your rendition of Memoro De La Stono!

Have you actually played any of the games?

susancalloway3 karma

aw thank you! That piece is seriously beautiful. We are actually working on a susan version of that one as well ! I still need to learn to play - I'm just super busy.

darkside23892 karma

Hi Susan. Would you sing any upcoming primal songs in final fantasy 14? Hopefully the Goddess theme in the Warring Triad? Fingers Crossed

susancalloway3 karma

I would if they asked! That's a good question for Square Enix! LOL

Dempf2 karma

Hi Susan. Like many, I have learned about you through your absolutely beautiful work on the FFXIV soundtrack. Dragonsong and Answers are both fantastic pieces. I have two questions for you:

  1. How has your experience been interacting with the Final Fantasy fan community? Any major positive or negative experiences?

  2. I think I may have read somewhere that you've never played FFXIV yourself (correct me if I'm wrong). How much context does Square Enix give you about the story behind the songs that you perform?

susancalloway3 karma

Aw thank you for the kind words! The fans have been amazing - nothing bad to say. You all have become my friends and I appreciate you so much. Every once in a while I get some critical comments but that seems to be a rare thing ( most singers get a ton ) hey, you can't make everyone happy! you are right, I don't play FF yet . . but I have done research on my own actually. I just wanted to know and understand more. Square actually doesn't brief me . . I just decided to investigate. I'm very Nancy Drew that way :) ha ha

kevasir2 karma

Hi Susan!

Since you've been asked about Square Enix, I'll instead ask, how did you meet Arnie Roth?

And: Besides the FFXIV songs, what are your favorite songs that you yourself have sung on the DW tours? Seeing as you've done several. :)

susancalloway6 karma

I met Arnie thru his technical director, Chris. Chris and I had worked at some other recording studios together and he was very familiar with my voice and my work as an artist. Good question!

vinta_calvert2 karma

Have you ever been approached by the Distant Worlds organization to perform 1000 Words, Real Emotion, or My Hands (all from FF games)? I'd love to hear your take on those songs.

Edit: There's also the Cosmos, Chaos, and The Messenger (same lyrics, 3 songs) tracks I'd love to hear from you.

susancalloway3 karma

No not yet. We have thought about doing a vocal CD that includes some of these songs you mentioned however. We shall see!

sheepcat872 karma

Hi Susan! I saw you sing Dragonsong recently at Distant Worlds in Chicago the day after Christmas, what a great performance!!!

Here's my question to you.

I've read several stories of artists similar to yourself that start out with their own personal work, end up doing a part for a game that has a massive fan base and from then on their personal work will always take a backseat to their involvement with the game.

Although you're amazingly talented and I hope you achieve great success outside of FFXIV and its fans, if its ok to ask, how do you feel when you see your personal work and career overshadowed by your involvement with the game? Is it bittersweet? Or do you embrace this new direction and roll with it?

I feel like I'd be a bit miffed if I was a great artist and I did one song for one game and now that's all people ever knew me from, but then again, it's a great opportunity that millions would love to have (traveling around singing final fantasy songs?!) so I was just curious on your thoughts!


susancalloway4 karma

that's a really insightful question. For me it's all about exposure. I don't look at my susan music as having failed because honestly, I haven't released anything in so long. BUT when I do this fall, I am hoping that the FF fans will give it a chance. The fan base for FF was there for this music way before I got involved. So that has been a blessing. And it is very fun to work with the game and the music from it. My prayer is that as I move forward that my susan music would get more exposure so it would have a chance to succeed, in addition to the F music that I do. This happens more than you think for artist. Bruno mars was writing hit songs for people way before he was recognized for his own voice and music. It's a common road . . and also an effective one. The story isn't over. And ultimately, I'm in God's hands. If it's his plan, He will bring whatever success is needed for me to make a difference. I trust Him completely :)

Pokerodres2 karma

Hello Susan! I'd like to say that I really like your powerful voice and all the pieces you have sung are really beautiful, I was really blown away by your singing when I heard Answers for the first time.

I'd like to ask you about how you feel about singing songs that are written and connected to Final Fantasy, is it hard to sing a song that already has a preconceived specific idea and story behind it that at first you dont know about,and then when its up to you to evoke those feelings and message, how do you go about it? Do you have some specific instructions to follow or is some of it ''improvised''.

Edit: I thought my question wasnt well made and tried to make it more understandable, sorry if it is convoluted. Thanks.

susancalloway3 karma

thank you so much! Im so glad you like my voice !!! so appreciate that! I actually think it would be much harder to sing a song without any story of meaning. The story behind the song is what gives you the passion to sing it ! I just close my eyes and think about what the song means and my voice just takes over :)

Sententia13092 karma

Hello! First I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions!

Now for my questions: Is there any song (whether for the Final Fantasy series or not) that has particularly blown you away the first time you heard it? and Is there a song that you particularly enjoy singing?

susancalloway3 karma

you are welcome! I think more than a song, I have been blown away by an artist. I remember the first time I heard Adele sing Someone like you I was like - holy cow, this chick can belt it out! Or the first time I heard Coldplay's "Flock of Birds" - It's called "O" on the CD . . it choked me up. It was so moving. Honestly I love singing the FF music but Even more, I love doing my own music as it is so personal to me

MrCrowley762 karma

I absolutely love your voice and greatly enjoyed Answers and Dragonsong on FFXIV. I also really like that you follow and interact with your fans on Twitter and Facebook. It feels like you use social media as way to really interact with your fans more than just as a tool to advertise yourself. As a fan, I really appreciate that. Do you see yourself using continuing to use social media to connect with fans as your popularity grows?

susancalloway5 karma

I hope so! And thank you for the nice comments. It is very hard to make a living at being an artist these days. It is really ALL about the fans. YOU guys are the ones who will decide to buy my music or support me. And even more, connecting with you all and building friendships with you make me a better artist. That is the greatest thing I could do for you guys - create music that you will love. But if I don't know you - what you are thinking about, your struggles, your wins, your frustrations, how could I ever create something that inspires you? Thank YOU for supporting me and for being my friend! I will always try to be as available to you all as I can :)

Kuja90012 karma

Hi, What is your favorite part of the lyrics from Answers?

susancalloway7 karma

I like the section about "war born of strife, these trials persuade us not" . . because it's a great reminder that sometimes bad things happen but we can't give up and quit in the middle. We must go thru . .

Turtlehead322 karma

What was one of your favorite moments working on Answers and Dragonsong, and also are you planning to do more music with Noubo and Roth?

susancalloway5 karma

I am alwasy hoping for that so we shall see! My favorite moment is when we get the thumbs up! We work over skype with Nobuo while He is in japan. It actually didn't take that long to record the vocal. Knowing that I am giving them a great performance that tells the story, that the fans will embrace . . that is the most important moment :)

Turtlehead322 karma

Sounds like you had a lot of fun doing what you do and hope the future allows you to do even more amazing work!

susancalloway2 karma

thank you so much! yes i do enjoy what I do - and that is a great blessing.

kalyissa2 karma

How much fun was it to work with Square Enix and record Answers?

Did you find it an emotional song to sing?

susancalloway5 karma

it was very fun for sure! And yes it was emotional . . but honestly we didn't know how it would be used until later! That's what made it such a cool thing when it worked so well with the new trialer

pandarynn2 karma

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all our questions!

Out of all the final fantasy songs, which do you prefer performing the most? And which one has has the most meaning for you?

Also posting for my fiance! But he wants to know if you have ever performed at weddings and how much it would cost? (Or if you would come if he invited you, haha. He's such a fan of yours!)

susancalloway5 karma

LOL .. well in general, I don't do weddings. I'm so sorry! It would just be too much with everything else going on right now.
I like all the FF songs but Answers and kiss me goodbye are def my favorites :)

nakano132 karma

What has been your best and/or favorite opportunity/memory since working with Square Enix that you would not have been able to experience had you not been working together?

susancalloway7 karma

Going to Tokyo and performing at the Tokyo International Forum, getting to meet the whole team who created FFXIV . . that was so great. They were so gracious and kind and so happy I agreed to come to Japan. I won't ever forget it! Plus they give the best presents. Amazing cookies and sweets . . the BEST!

Hyperion-OMEGA2 karma

So what did you first take from your first performance of Answers? And did you think it succeeded in setting the tone for the rest of the game?

susancalloway6 karma

That's a tough one. The hardest thing as a singer is to let a performance go and say it's "done". I always hear things I want to do different. One of the reasons I wanted to do my own version of Answers is to address this issue. Answers can be big and powerful but it can also be emotional and moody . . given what's going on. It would be cool if both versions were used during game play :)

Curiousplay2 karma

Do you have any projects for FFXIV or ones with Nobuo and Roth that are in the works? I've been an immediate fan since the moment I encountered Memoro de la Stono​~​Distant Worlds. The song and vocals are stellar, utterly fantastic.

susancalloway4 karma

aw thank you so much! We shall see. Nothing official right now. Noubo is doing his thing and I am writing for my won record right now but you never know! We have talked about some ideas. we shall see

Post_cards2 karma

Who are your favorite singers or bands? Musical influences?

susancalloway6 karma

Adele, Coldplay, U2, Rolling Stones, The Police, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran ( tho I think he may need to go to AA - too much drinking in his music - LOL ) I like Florence and the Machines a TON. Best music videos EVER. I like lots of different things . . but those are the more mainstream things

S-r-ex2 karma

What are your less mainstream preferences?

susancalloway5 karma

I love Dead can Dance . . or Tori Amos as she is not so mainstream now. I love classical music - Bach, Debussy . . old classics like Aretha Franklin and Karla Bonoff. there's a million

GeezyHeat2 karma

Will you be at the distant world in Houston July 23rd?

susancalloway3 karma

Not at this point, but that could change! If you request it on the DWFF facebook page. . that could help our cause :)

FrakkinPhoenix2 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

susancalloway4 karma

garden burger - does that count ?

King_Lindblum2 karma

Is there a chance you will perform the theme song for Final Fantasy XVI (yes, 16)? It is rumored the game is currently in development by the same dev team behind Final Fantasy XIV. They recently posted a job advert to say they were hiring for their next AAA project.

Personally, I believe you should perform the theme song for all future numbered Final Fantasy games, just like how Yoshitaka Amano always draws the logos. Your voice is amazing and just suits Final Fantasy. Peace!

susancalloway5 karma

I have not been asked yet but you never know! I think there is a strong chance I will keep working on XIV . . as they create more versions. BUt for 16 . not sure! But hey, you can request it ! Can't hurt?

hiyukihime2 karma

out of all the songs you have sang for the distant worlds concert, which one was your personal favorite?

susancalloway3 karma

Answers - as it is sort of my song ! No one compares me to another singer or anything :) which is nice.

sonovah2 karma

Assuming they haven't already asked you, would you come back and sing the theme for the next expansion?

susancalloway2 karma

Yes! I love working with SE.

Kananetwork2 karma

Being a singer isn't easy, most creative fields aren't, do you have any struggles where you thought about giving up? I know this is a personal question, so I hope you won't find me rude, but it's always inspiring to hear how someone continued on with their dream.

susancalloway3 karma

like a million times! And being involved with FF has been such a great opportunity. So many of you have discovered my susan music thru my voice and FF. It is hard to break thru all the noise out there. What I'm learning is that if you create music and build a situation that inspires others, it creates a great community that we all benefit from. You have to have a really good "why" in life . . otherwise you just won't stick with it thru the hard stuff. My Why is that I want to make a difference in your lives - inspire, encourage, uplift . . make you see yourself different, your life different . . that you would become everything God intended. THAT is a really good "Why" :)

RavensEyeOrder2 karma

Hello, Susan! Thanks for doing the AMA! I have a few questions, if you don't mind!

  1. What's your favorite place you've ever been to?
  2. What place have you dreamed of going, but haven't gone yet?
  3. Do you have any pets?
  4. Do you have a favorite recipe or comfort food you would be willing share?
  5. A favorite book?
  6. If you played Final Fantasy XIV, what role would you choose? The tank protecting the party? The healer keeping everyone alive? Or the damage dealers (Bard being one of them!) who take the monsters out as quickly as possible?

susancalloway7 karma

wow great questions! 1) Paris and London are tied 2) Italy & Africa 3) Yes! I did have 2 labs . . one of them died last week - super heartbroken! Looking for a puppy so my other lab Sam has a sister again. 4)I love cooking so I have a million recipes! I will tweet one out later - how about that? 5) The Bible - it is my life force. 6) Probably the healer. We can do so much to empower each other if we just paid attention more. I am so about doing this with my music and life! I love to see the people around me soar :)

Shuyin812 karma

Hi Susan, do you have plans to come out to the pacific northwest, namely Seattle area, any time in the near future? Also, more random, but do you watch any anime? If so, which is your favorite.(I find a lot of the community of FFXIV seems to like it, so they may find that interesting like I would)

susancalloway2 karma

We have done some shows in San Francisco . . but I have yet to come to Seattle. I would LOVE to!! If not with FF, maybe my own tour. I think anime is super cool but I don't watch it regularly. I'm so deep into my music right now in my life that my freetime is about hanging out with friends, unplugging from technology, watching a movie, etc. super chill type activity

hiyukihime2 karma

its been a few years since distant worlds was last in san francisco, will it be possible to have another distant worlds concert here in the possible future?

susancalloway2 karma

yes for sure ! It's a big city and we have lots of fans there. Just a matter of when :)

newgirlie2 karma

Do you listen to other game soundtracks in your spare time? If so, any favorites?

Hope to see you at Fan Fest in October!

susancalloway2 karma

me too! honestly I don't listen to a ton of soundtracks. especially right now as I am working on a new CD! staying focused :) But I love many of theme from films that I love.

sirafiinikkusu2 karma

The biggest question I have is why must we suffer? That and of all the places you have traveled to where did you enjoy the most and why, scenery/fans etc?

susancalloway2 karma

They have all been so great . . the fans are awesome pretty much everywhere . . but London was pretty amazing. I was leaving the venue and a bunch of them were waiting outside to get autographs and photos. It was so much fun and they were so cool and genuine. Very classy fans of this game. One more reason to love you guys! Why must we suffer? The answer is too long for reddit. But I will say this - many of the best character qualities we get come thru difficulty. Sometimes our perspective is what needs to change, more than what we are going thru :)

Kzin_Silkencoat2 karma

Since PandaRynn asked my question already and there have been so many other serious questions I have two not so serious ones.

1) What place has the best desserts that you have been? 2) What is your dogs name that we see in the pictures all the time?

susancalloway2 karma

hmm . . well, when I'm traveling I don't alwasy get dessert! But i think Paris has the most tempting goodies. It's hard to get away from it! I had 2 labs - Sam and Lucy. Lucy passed away last week however. It has been pretty heartbreaking for me so I didn't post anything about it. I love labs tho and plan to get a nother one for her brother who is still here. Lucy was only 5. She had a rare form of cancer.

Kzin_Silkencoat2 karma

I'm sorry to hear about Lucy. Its always hard when a pet passes. Any ideas what you will name the next Lab?

susancalloway2 karma

thank you so much :) I'm thinking about Suki or Gracie :) what do you think ?

Kzin_Silkencoat2 karma

Suki Da Ne Calloway? I think that would be a fitting name. Gracie I'm not a huge fan of. Grace is such a powerful thing that that changing it to a diminutive form seems not right to me. Though Grace and Sam would be a nice set of names.

susancalloway2 karma

i hear you. that's funny my mom doesn't like Gracie either. But I know what you mean about Grace. Such a gift from God :) Glad you like Suki!! ha ha

SABOTAGE832 karma

Hello, Susan.

First of all I love your voice. Secondly, were you familiar with Final Fantasy before you worked on FF XIV? Ever play any of the older ones in your childhood?

FYI- Other People's Property.

susancalloway2 karma

I started singing at the live concerts before FFXIV so yes I was familiar . . and I had heard of the game but no, did not ever play when I was young!

illusion22692 karma

Hi Susan, we really appreciate you connecting with the FFXIV community in the way you have been the past month, it has been fun getting to know you for more than just your beautiful voice.

Outside of music, singing, songwriting, etc..., what do you like to do for fun or to unwind at the end of a long day?

Also, I really hope we get to see you in Vegas for FanFest!

susancalloway2 karma

me too! Would love to come to Vegas! you are welcome and I love interacting with you guys! we will do more of this! When I am home I like cooking dinner with friends, Hanging out, watching a good movie, I also workout alot. I run 5-7 miles a day most days and kickbox, stuff like that. I also host a mentoring Group for young women - I love empowering my fellow sisters!

[deleted]1 karma


susancalloway3 karma

you are so funny . . that would be so funny if he named a daughter sephy - LOL !!!! i would love to come to Malaysia. It is very far for Nobuo and I both and that makes it very expensive so that is why we haven't done it yet. But you never know! It would be so great to do this

Texas_Ninja0 karma

are you down with opp?

susancalloway4 karma

I'm not sure what you mean ? sorry