When we first developed the game, Reddit's amazing community provided feedback, support, and lots of entertainment with good conversations and good people. From the initial release to the current deck, we've increased card thickness, had them UV Coated, Water/Stain Proofed, and had a bunch of other improvements -with additional plans for 2016; possibly a deluxe deck, a Kickstarter project, and various events in New York. The Expansion has been getting great reviews, as we turned things up a notch with more mini-games and booze. Modern lingo and references were also sprinkled into it (example: Cam Girls, Hypno, etc); we intend to build on that further, since it improved the game-play so much.

  • With the help of some very talented redditors, we also released this silly promo and continue to mix film, art, and various sub-cultures into this homage to old-school smut: PORN: THE GAME Presents: Party Crashers

We've received love and support from many comedians, actors, adult-entertainers, musicians, and have seen our silly novelty make it into the hands of many around the world;

Thanks to everyone for helping a wacky and bizarre dream come into fruition. We still have a long way to go :)

Let's get Groovy: Ask away.

Our last AMA: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/36vrjb/iama_we_are_the_creators_of_porn_the_game_back/

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Zmanofgod14 karma

Im not sure if this was asked but, What inspired you to do that?

WeArePORNTheGame13 karma

We're approaching our mid-30's, and found ourselves working in cubicles and other office environments. In short, we figured now would be the time to try something before "it's too late".

We've always had a love for Horror, Sexploitation, and 70's art -along with a deep appreciation for 80's VHS culture. Some of us came from art/media backgrounds (as hobbyists) and wanted to see if it can cross-over into a full-time gig; whether from audio background, design, etc.

Looking back, it's wild to reflect.

If anything, I feel like this could turn into an r/motivation post. The thesis-statement? No time like the present, it's ok if you fuck up, do things while you can, and try to make yourself happy.

Hell, we grew up on Troma films and always admired their drive to stimulate and playfully offend while making some kind of social commentary on free speech and other topics. Another person we admire is Corpsy from Girls & Corpses Magazine.

Basically, it was about stepping out of a box and creating our own. As a result, we've communicated and/or worked with such people -and it feels like a dream.

It's an attempt to take a love for a specific nostalgia and turn it into a happy and productive business.

As mentioned we have a while to go, however, regardless, we're proud to have gotten this far.

astrakhan423 karma

TL;DR In volatile market, only stable investment is porn.

pxrking115 karma

I mean the Internet is for porn right?

WeArePORNTheGame4 karma

According to Avenue Q. Awesome reference, pxr.

DoBrodi0 karma

So do you still work in an office environment or have you quit your job to do this?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Still working, as we progress to our goals.

DoBrodi-7 karma

Damn! So you are doing this while on someone else's time and money? Can you say "guts"? What if you get caught?

WeArePORNTheGame8 karma

Personally speaking, I take care of my work and my employers know about these projects. As long as I deliver, they can 't complain (and they don't).

We have a motto: D.B.A.D , which = "Don't be a dick". Essentially, the belief is, as long as you respect others, take care of business, and are honest, you give people very little room to complain.

Hell, if this AMA keeps going, I'll call my coworkers over to take a look :)

Lastly, every job is different. We've all had horrible bosses in the past, great/understanding bosses, and everything in between. I guess it's relative and a matter of who you're dealing with, what you do, and whether you honor your word and get the work done regardless :)

Today presented itself with the opportunity for an AMA, so the trigger was pulled/hoping for the best. My current employer is aware and is supportive.

SyntaxOfL6 karma

I've gone to your website, read through your comments here and I still don't know what the game is about. Is it a groupsex cardgame?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

The second video and FAQ/Instructions on our site provide a bit more details:

Additional Reviews and Details NSFW

The Penthouse article, linked in my above post also provides some info. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to ask away :) Happy to help.

SyntaxOfL2 karma

Allrighty, thank you for the answer!

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Our pleasure.

phroek5 karma

Any plans to make your game available to stores in Canada? Shipping here from thegamecrafter.com is a little steep, and would love to be able to pick it up locally.

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma

Retail is a tricky scenario. We've had requests, all year, from stores who want the game. Since we're made in the USA, the cost is a bit higher and is difficult to provide something attractive to retail vs. direct sales. This is where Kickstarter will come in. We're currently hoping to develop a deluxe set, with many additional items, perks, and gameplay, so that we can lower the cost substantially for retail market. To date, everything has been self-funded, and it's been a wild ride trying to build back up what we put in. Nevertheless, it's the nature of starting a business. Hopefully, if the support is there, we'll continue to grow and improve our product, prices, and availability.

MySearchForAnswers3 karma

Hi! So far, what have been the biggest challenges for you with regard to the development of your product? How did you tackle them and what lessons can you pass on after having those experiences?

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

A big challenge has been finding out place in the spectrum.

  • for starters, the game is explicit in Imagery and Langauge (not in gameplay - no sex involved; just drinking, mini-games, and casual card moves a'la Uno. Because of this, we aren't 100% in the gaming-community, and neither are we in the adult-industry. We're somewhere in the middle/a purgatory-state. So, for an example, there have been celebrities who have contacted us for the game -but upon receipt, explain that they love it, thank us, but cannot send us any images of them with it (some have, but not all), due to objections from their manager or current gigs. People love Porn, it's mainstream, but there's still that reservation despite being a harmless novelty with digital composite/2tone vector art in parody fashion.

  • another thing is business. Setting up a company, making sure you're properly registered, protected, and have all the contracts and bureaucratic hoopla in order. This way, should you find yourself growing and doing well, you're covered in terms of all legalities.

  • Marketing and PR: Since our last AMA, we learned a very important rule about promotion: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Since we're an insanely small group, we tried to hire someone to help with promotions (some ambitious kids looking to go into Marketing and all that jazz). Sadly, all they did was spam. After a while, we politely declined their service and are back to handling our own. Being honest, personalized, and to the point goes a lot further than trusting a stranger to care for the promotion of your game via spamming. Every day is an education and a way to improve. We learn, own up to any errors, and move on. “As Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys would say, the interwebs can be fucky”. Everyone has an agenda. It's about respectfully placing yourself in the spectrum. On the flip-side, we've seen a lot of honest support from people all around the world; no spam / that's the lesson here. :)

MySearchForAnswers2 karma

Thanks for the elaborate response!

I always enjoy hearing about independent entrepreneurs who try to carve out their on path. Considering the insights that I was able to gain through reading your answer, you appear to be very thoughtful about what you do and why you do it. Keep up the good work any may you be successful and have a good life! I'm definitely going to check out your game :)

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Thank YOU for asking the question :) Your positive response and well-wishes really mean a lot to us -we can't express that enough.

  • Edit: Spelling

PrimedGames3 karma

Have you reached out to any big names in the Porn Industry to help promote the game or be brought aboard in I guess you could call it an advisory status?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

We sponsored the 2015 Inked Awards / and went to Exxxotica. That's where we met a lot of people in person; everyone was most-excellent. We intend to continue attending such events. Whether networking or not, we feel it's imperative to be up to date on the industry whose topic and theme is reflected in our game.

  • As for adult-models :) NSFW Special Thanks/Super-Deserved mention goes to Producer/Director Glenn King, who's been amazing at bringing people together and obtaining amazing photos.

Bongwaffle2 karma

Those videos you guys do are amazing! Do you do all of those yourself? Out of all the porn stars, who have been the most willing to work with you?

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma


  • The video in my post was done by a very talented redditor: Eric Sheffield; we found him through his videos on the front page. We couldn't speak more highly of the guy.

  • Rachael Madori is an amazing woman who has been super kind and willing to work/talk with us from the start. For the most part, a HUGE majority of people in the Adult Industry have been helpful and supportive; whether networking, photo-shoots, events, or just chit-chat.

ultragnar2 karma

Really digging the artwork! Can you talk about how the illustrations on the cards were made? Are they original or pulled from vintage-era smut?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

The cards were designed by a wonderful artist in Brooklyn. He created original digital drawings/and illustrations, along w/composites, and vector 2-tone design-styles, to make a rather realistic final product. The people and images aren't real, however he perfectly nailed the 70's references and inspiration we had relayed and communicated. He nailed the look and parody-fashion we were aiming for. A lot of people think the images were public domain smut from the past (which isn't the case).

The design process was difficult (for us all) and we definitely drove the artist a little bit crazy with our specifics. It definitely took a very long time (months/almost a year total). In the end though, the result is something we're all proud of and we were very lucky to find such a talented person.

  • Edit: Here's a zoom of one of the cards to give an example of the vector make-up. Close up, you can see the "monet-effect" of detailed from a far, and the actuality from near http://imgur.com/3JDa54T

MattBaster2 karma

Alright, fine, I'll ask if nobody else will: Trump or Hillary?

astrakhan422 karma

See, I thought the obvious answer from you would be Deez Nuts.

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

Thought about it.... was afraid it may have been too predictable :)


Figured you would want to #FEELTHEJOHNSON

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

  • #FeelTheJonhson
  • #FeelTheBern
  • #SeeADoctor

DubSTEPbySTEP2 karma

Favorite type of film?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

We're suckers for anything with that old-school Times Square vibe:

  • Taxi Driver
  • Frankenhooker
  • Basket Case
  • Mondo New York
  • The New York Ripper
  • Death Wish

etc etc etc

Edit- Wanted to add "Rumble in the Bronx" (we watched it again last night).

DubSTEPbySTEP2 karma

Fuck yeah. Good ol Grindhouse

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Exactly. Double Feature fun; Exploitation, Horror, / Low-Budget glory

icegnomey2 karma

You guys seem to have this eclectic theme going on: 70s/80s/Grindhouse/Skinamax Horror Mix. Do you plan on expanding into other games or media?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

We'd love to. (PS- Thanks for noticing)

There's something about the grittiness to what we call "analog" history; film, records, VHS Tapes, and the world which they originated and took place. Ultimately, it would be amazing to create a business that preserves and celebrates these eras for what they were. Boat-Sized Cadillacs, Indoor Smoking, Peep Shows, Video Rental Stores, and the strange time from the late 60's to the early 90's. Texas Chainsaw / Go-Go dancing Goodness; convoluted response -I know.

It could be a mini-movie theater in New York that shows obscure cinema, publishing additional games, hosting monthly events & concerts / a blog: who knows?

Right now, we're a card game.

Dndui2 karma

What's the craziest thing that's happened during a game of Porn the Game?

Follow up question, How can we top that?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

What's going on, guys!

(For those who don't know DNDUI.com was one of the first sites to review and play P:TG).

Interesting question, considering we've seen your videos and play-tests - with scenes involving one of you guys taking a drink with your foot, someone eating the box as a dare, and all sorts of other crazy shit. If anything, you guys perfectly know what it's all about and have gotten rather wacky yourselves :)

For us, one of the funniest moments is when the Exhibitionist Card kept being used and everyone ended up playing in their underwear. A look around the room, and everyone burst out laughing. It was a really funny moment.

Also, these pornstars on a late-night talk show took the game to entirely new heights by making up their own rules.

OfficialCasualCat1 karma

Does Ron Jeremy have anything to do with it yet?

WeArePORNTheGame0 karma

We've spoken to his manager and had the pleasure of listening to him speak at Exxxotica. The man is an icon for a reason. Great dude.

Edit - for those who don' know, he has his own rum. It's definitely worth checking out. http://www.rondejeremy.com/

TheNewYorkRipper1 karma

Been seeing the game at a few bars in NYC (people playing it), along with stickers and street-art around the city. Is this from a "Street-Team" type promotion, or is it a natural result and coincidence from the game gaining popularity? (you guys are from NY right?)

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

When we first released and promoted the game, we handed out a bunch of decks and mailed stickers and bottle openers to people and bars.

New York is a hard nut to crack, but it's awesome to walk around and see a sticker in a dive-bar's bathroom, on the street, or catching people playing the game. It occasionally happens.

A few weeks ago, some friends went to a bar in brooklyn and found the game among some other boardgames in the corner. When they sent us the pic, it made our day.

  • Edit: may as well give that bar some love. It was Boobie-Trap in Bushwick Brooklyn (how appropriate, right?) :)

sujal451 karma

Why do you guys rock?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma