Hi Reddit! Sorry about all the confusion getting this post up, but we got it now! Johnny and Kissa here to answer all your questions and spend time with our fans. We'll try to answer as much as we can in the next hour!

Proof: https://twitter.com/JohnnySins/status/706996110754062337

To continue the fun after the AMA we'll be on CamSoda so we can talk live @ 10PM EST / 7PM PST!

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punerisaiyan1571 karma

Hey Johnny Sins did you know that you are famous as the most talented guy on the planet?

camsoda_com862 karma

Haha love that meme

toeofcamell329 karma

This guy fucks!

camsoda_com198 karma


lxcx1068 karma

So, about that airplane blowjob... did you guys happen to get caught/any consequences? Anything left on the bucket list for ya?

camsoda_com673 karma

No we didn't get caught!! Yes we have lots and lots of things on the bucket list!! And adding more every day. Do you have any suggestions for us?

pjf18222572 karma

Doin it in the Oval Office

camsoda_com891 karma

Lol ok set that up for us

swingawaymarell688 karma

What did the Titans give up for Demarco Murray? Probably just taking on that huge contract, but I can't imagine they gave away their 1st round pick this year.

camsoda_com475 karma

We love vagina

AnonymousFroggies433 karma

I saw a pic today of a cameraman literally breathing down the neck of a guy to get the perfect shot, while the guy had his schlong in a girls butt. Is it hard to stay aroused in situations like this, or is it something that you just get used to?

camsoda_com627 karma

Thats pretty common on set, and you definitely get used to it. The better you know the director and the crew the less weird it becomes. It's usually really fun on set, and we all joke about things like this, especially when the director says funny shit to you in these moments just to fuck with you. Its all fun!!

Apualmor386 karma

In your guys opinion, who's the most underrated pornstar and who do you think will soon become the next big star?

camsoda_com1632 karma

You are the most underrated pornstar :)

isnotcreative321 karma

Hey Johnny!

There's a bit of a running gag in my school that we have a teacher who looks exactly like you and will now refer to himself as Johnny Sins.

How often do you get recognized in public? And has anyone ever told you a story of being mistaken for you?


camsoda_com477 karma

I get recognized depending on where I am... when I'm in LA I get approached maybe once a week, but lots of people stare at me like when I'm at the gym, etc. When I'm here at home in Hawaii NO one ever approaches me... some weird looks. But when we're in Cabo I get recognized all day lol

Sanc7273 karma

Johnny, I've never seen someone with so many professions.. Doctor, lawyer, cop, teacher.... I guess my question is How many years of schooling did you go through and how much do you owe in student loans?

camsoda_com380 karma

LOL a lot... the doctor school loan was a big one. lmao the astronaut one should be expensive too we'll see

punerisaiyan261 karma

Do you ever go on to Brazzers, watch your videos, read the comments, or even masturbate to your own porno?

camsoda_com383 karma

Sure!! Sometimes we watch our own scenes and fuck each other!! It's cool cuz you know exactly how everything felt and you can really visualize how the scene was

agnuselocin259 karma

Kissa, have you always considered doing porn or was it only because Johnny does it?

camsoda_com432 karma

I actually NEVER thought I'd do porn... I used to joke about it with Johnny. For the 1st couple of years we were together I still would say I would NEVER do it lol... but here I am. I saw how johnny had so much freedom in life... it's a great job because of the freedom and flexibility it gives you

julioiluj250 karma

Can i take you to prom Kissa?

camsoda_com341 karma

You gotta do better than that ;)

minnieroughouse244 karma

What are your plans after porn?

camsoda_com624 karma

All we wanna do is fuck and travel!!!!!

pjf18222371 karma

Any advice to a guy who does neither?

toeofcamell249 karma

Just do it, go out and fuck n travel

camsoda_com546 karma

Our advice is to just "do it" and commit to a plan and manifest it. And CONFIDENCE. if you're confident you get pussy. and if you stop making excuses for why you live a life you don't love, you will realize you're capable of anything!!

camsoda_com4 karma

Advice for what lol

isnotcreative220 karma

When was the last time you had hair? (On your head)


camsoda_com289 karma

Ha its been awhile, 15 years and I love being bald! Kissa loves it so much too, she doesn't even look at other dudes if they aren't bald!

chtucker18205 karma

What is it like having your partner in porn?

camsoda_com340 karma

It's great!! It means we're both great in bed so that's fun for everyone haha

punerisaiyan202 karma

Have you had scenes that made you just think "Ugh, just have to get through this"?

camsoda_com221 karma

Yup lol

awock154 karma

Any advice on how to last long during sex?

camsoda_com312 karma

Don't think about it... even though that sounds weird... and practice probably is the best way.

PrincessGoodVIBES150 karma

How often a week do you have sex?

camsoda_com269 karma

Every day!

punerisaiyan143 karma

Hi Johnny! If you weren't doing porn, what would you be doing?

what did you wanted to do when you were a kid?

How did you get started in the industry?

Who are your favorite actresses to work with?

camsoda_com235 karma

If I wasn't doing porn i'd be working for myself probably in the fitness industry because I can't have a boss or set hours!

When I was a kid I wanted to be a mechanic and work on only muscle cars.

I pursued the business and eventually broke in and worked my way up!

jacksleepshere138 karma

Have you been in scenes together when you do things that you wouldn't usually do together?

camsoda_com187 karma

I guess so, like bondage type scenes we wouldn't typically do at home, so it's fun to be pushed to your limits in those ways

julioiluj118 karma

Is it all competition in the industry or are all of you friends?

camsoda_com188 karma

We're friends with everyone!! Kissa especially loves all the girls and we both love pussy and we love people so we are cool with everyone!! We find industry people really chill

2014bmw328i108 karma

Johnny what was it like performing with Rachel Starr? You two seem to have chemistry.

camsoda_com172 karma

I've performed with Rachel many times over the years... she is awesome!! It was great to get to work with Kissa AND Rachel this past year for Brazzers!! That was a great scene, did you watch it?

isnotcreative103 karma

On a more serious topic, what was your reactions to the reports of sexual assault by James deen and has this affected people's views on the industry and you?

camsoda_com180 karma

No comment

camsoda_com127 karma

It was fucking awesome!!!!! Haha. Too bad we couldn't finish!! Maybe when we go to Cabo in May we'll try again!!

happycamper22386 karma

Are you still going to space? If so, when?

camsoda_com184 karma


blobbydigital84 karma

If you have kids how would you feel about them following in your footsteps?

camsoda_com232 karma

Pretty awesome because we've never been happier. To us it would be important that they were safe, happy, and healthy. But usually kids do the opposite of their parents... we joke that if we ever did have kids they'd probably be scientists or something and think we're crazy and wild people haha

PainForYearsAndYears84 karma

Will you stay a couple after you're no longer wanted in porn?

camsoda_com241 karma

Lol we were a couple 2 years before porn and we will be a couple a million years after porn!! :)

PrincessGoodVIBES82 karma

Do you guys actually call each other by your porn names on a day to day basis?

camsoda_com230 karma

No lol -- I actually call Johnny "daddy" and johnny calls me "baby" lol its funny because when johnnys parents came to visit it was very hard to not call him daddy because Im so used to it loL!!!!

Vizq78 karma

If you were stranded on an Island, what 3 things would you need to have on you to survive?

camsoda_com120 karma

We would need food of course, our two dogs and each other:)

punerisaiyan70 karma

What has been your best and your worst experience working in the industry?

camsoda_com145 karma

One time Johnny almost caught on fire in a firefighter scene LOL that was probably his worst experience... Kissa hasn't really had one yet. The best experiences are every day!! Getting paid to get pussy!!

MotherFuckinTeresa69 karma

Hey Johnny, my friend Jack is trying to break into the porn business in the UK and has adopted the alias "Jacky Sins" as a tribute to his favorite male pornstar! Could I get a shoutout from the main man himself? It would make his whole life!

camsoda_com201 karma


john4030367 karma

Who are your favorite performers to work with together? Hope you work with Sydney Cole and Kimmy Granger :)

camsoda_com85 karma

We don't really have favorites because we love all pussies equally :)

StrikerXXX80863 karma

Kissa, I see you haven't worked with other male talent as of yet. Any chance of a BBG scene with Johnny and someone else?

camsoda_com101 karma

I have not worked with any other male talent no :) i like to keep my pussy special for Johnny!! I love pussy and I'm happy with just pussy as long as I get a great cock like Johnny's!!

chur9660 karma

In the porn industry it is possible to get jealous? It's like you two are agree of havin' sex with others but when you considered it's cheating?

camsoda_com148 karma

It's not considered cheating if we both know about it... it's all about respect!! If there is respect it works!!

minnieroughouse55 karma

Kissa how do you prepare for anal? What do you do?

camsoda_com104 karma

I have only done 1 girl/girl anal scene, and I prepared for it by starving myself lol. We will release my FIRST ever anal on our own website, but not yet ;) i fucking love anal!! The times that me and johnny have done anal i didn't prepare at all and was totally clean... cuz i don't poop!! haha

isnotcreative53 karma

What shows are you guys currently binge watching?

camsoda_com105 karma

30 Rock and The Profit

Tokyoto_52 karma

How did you two meet!?

camsoda_com215 karma

It's a funny story, Kissa found Johnny on Instagram actually, trying to have the 1st one night stand of her life. So we met up and fucked, but instead of it being a one night stand we became totally inseparable and have been together ever since!!

footballwhileworking50 karma

Hi! Johnny - I was reading that your and Eva Lovia were going to make a scene in space. Was that a gimmick or still on the cards to happen? also, any cool stories about bloopers on set? Thanks

camsoda_com69 karma

That space thing was just a joke haha but that would be SO awesome!! Bloopers happen every day on set I guess haha... sometimes furniture breaks or something as you're fucking on it or someone falls or something haha

happycamper22347 karma

Johnny, you are a legend. Did you ever think you would be this big in the porn industry?

camsoda_com58 karma

No I definitely never thought I'd become quite this popular. But it's been great!!

Toshiro4645 karma

Do you ever get bored of each other's bodies or sex in general?

camsoda_com106 karma

Fuck no!!!!!!!

punerisaiyan39 karma

Due to popular male pornstars being lower in numbers compared to their female counterparts, the pornstar most men fapped to the most is probably a dude. How do you feel about that?

camsoda_com102 karma

Its great lol!! Keeps me employed

Devilton30 karma

How does the industry think about Virtual Reality and it's role in the future of porn? Are companies already preparing for the changes VR could bring to the industry?

camsoda_com40 karma

There are a few companies that are shooting VR right now... we haven't done any VR scenes yet though!! Seems so cool I wanna watch one and see how it is haha

agnuselocin30 karma

What did you guys do before porn? Was it at least interesting?

camsoda_com75 karma

No lol. Johnny was in marketing and Kissa was a GM

Sarac88230 karma

Kissa- your body is perfection. What is your workout routine?

camsoda_com68 karma

I do a lot of cardio, and a shitload of squats!! I eat clean except I keep a bit of chocolate in my life for the booty!!

itsthatboyroy27 karma

Damn Johnny you're my idol! How tf do you do it with all these professions? Doctor, plumber, karate instructor, engineer, etc.? I honestly think people underrate in the industry with all these talents. Thank you Johnny! I'm naming my future son after you!

camsoda_com84 karma

Now that you said it on Reddit you MUST name your son Johnnysins, one word as the first name

Pimpsqweek20 karma

Do you guys plan to have kids in the future?

camsoda_com52 karma

We joke about it sometimes but no, no plans. If we ever did it would be later in life, maybe when Kissa is 35 or something. But we kinda do have kids, we have 2 large pitbulls that are just like children!!!!

StrikerXXX80812 karma

Johnny, Are you gonna put more fitness videos on You Tube?

camsoda_com25 karma

All of our fitness stuff will be on our new website, that is set to launch next week. Follow us on twitter for updates on when the site will come out!!

aryasins11 karma

You think to come to Brazil?

camsoda_com17 karma

We would love to come to Brazil! So many beautiful people!

KMGraphiks8 karma

Which has been you all's favorite seen so far and which is a scene you'd love to do in the future ? (:

camsoda_com13 karma

Damn I can't even start to try and decide on our favorite scene so far!! There are so many!! And so many more to come. But a scene we'd love to do in the future is one we're currently planning... an orgy in front of our beach house in Cabo right on the beach!!!!

Ehh_Embb8 karma

Do you guys get off on the idea of strangers masturbating to you?

camsoda_com15 karma

We never really think about it i guess, but when we do think about it we think its hot!!!!

punerisaiyan6 karma

Worst thing that's happened on set?

camsoda_com13 karma

Johnny almost caught on fire once lol

aryasins3 karma

Kissa (and Johnny obviously) have you ever thought about having children and leave the porn industry?

camsoda_com4 karma

We don't really think about having kids, but if we do it will be later in life!!

happycamper2231 karma

Anyway to get a discount on a Sins shirt? Shipping to Australia gets a bit expensive...

camsoda_com5 karma

Tonight on Camsoda we will be giving everyone a FREE shipping coupon!!

chur961 karma

Johnny do you think that kissa is the one? And kissa the same question for you

camsoda_com9 karma

Yes of course we do. We never expected to ever find someone as perfect as we are for each other... Johnny couldn't find someone like kissa again and kissa could never find someone like Johnny!! Don't you think we're perfect together haha... who else would be planning a 5 day sex orgy vacation in mexico together? haha