I was an MP (Military Police) when I was in the army I joined the Indiana National Guard in 1997 I got my discharge in 2007. I did a year in Saudi Arabia with a few mounts in Qatar. I will not be answering any questions about security on either base so don’t bother asking! I was not in combat, I was a Bridge Crewman befor I beacom an MP feel free to ask about that as well my proof is located at this link https://youtu.be/ZBql3oC7z8c Let the integration begin!

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Mainly we break up parties, stop you from getting drunk and doing stupid stuff, pull you over and issues you a ticket, and enforce the rules and regs that you want to break. Also there isn’t a jerk test so we got jerks the same as any other field.

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Have been in fact had a SGM get real mad when we ended his party. Also in Qatar when we would break up umm… unauthorized meetings between persons of the opposite sex.

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My old teacher was a Vietnam vet and he took us to a military parade on Veteran's day. I hope you relish the fact he boo'd the MPs when they marched past haha.

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Not at all.

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sergeant major sorry

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Also in Afghanistan you write tickets.

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You can.

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To be fair, I think you guys are the most badass in films. Who keeps the rabble soldiers in line? It's the God-damn MPs. And I'm not only talking about American films and TV shows, but other military MPs as well.

Very important job. Keep up the good work!

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thank you.

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Enforcing unfair rules and regs against people who fight for the government. That makes you a traitor doesn't it?

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Like what unfair rules?

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No, "considered" is not the right word. They are assholes. Seriously, fuck you guys. Total dicks.

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I'm an MA and I'm not an asshole. I'm actually a pretty nice guy.

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Sorry, bud. I was in a bad mood and harsh. I was an average sort of solider back in the day. Never had cause to deal with MPs. In the few interactions I had, it seemed like they went out of their way to make something inane and trivial into a huge frigging deal. Slow crime day perhaps.

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I understand on the last day of MP school we had a scenario where we were called to a noise complaint and it was, really all the “bad guys” with training batons and they would jump us and beat us with them. The lesson at one point or another everyone will hate you!

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What was the most interesting thing that happened while you were on duty?

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I was out doing a check of the exclusion zone and we were out by the fence when a car drove by real slow. It then turned around and drove back a guy got out and came up to the fence with a paper in his hand. I looked back and the force protection guys were hiding behind barriers. So I went over to him noticed he had a map I said hello and English in Arabic (some of the few words I know) it was clear he didn’t speak English so I called the translator on the phone. Turned out he was just lost. I will tell you that that was one of the few times in my life I really thought I was going to die!

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In Saudi Arabia or Qatar? A confused man in a safe country was the most interesting thing that happened? You thought you were going to die? Did many people die there?

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That was in KSA and with many terrorist in the arear the largest U.S. population in the country we had threats against us all the time. SANG was doing raids at least 3 times a month and getting high level targets. During my year there we had many direct threats against us, the base went on lock down at least once a month, did bomb searches quite often. I got an idea how about you get off the computer and go do a job where dying is a work place hazard?

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Dude, relax. That was not a barbed question

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I am relaxed.

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No you're not, you just got snarky at a guy asking a question.

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This guys snarkiness is exactly why people hate M.P.s. Because theyre total dickheads theoughout the transaction.

I always remember seeing brand new Privates, Private First Class, and Specialists who had the hand mic to their little baby monitor covering their rank and would be total dicks. Then youre just like "Wait a second, uncover your rank. Who the fuck am I talking to? Just like I thought, some fucking dumbass off the leash."

M.P.s need to get their ass back to the gate and check I.D.'s.

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Maybe if you would not violate the regs the MPs wouldn’t do anything to you.

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Bitch you were safer than most quit acting like you're Rambo. And before you pop off about getting a dangerous job I lived in an area where people died just walking down the street every day. If you thought you were gonna get that horseshit hero worship here you were wrong.

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I don’t want any worship. I never said I was a hero.

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Learn some fucking respect then, nobody told you to take a job that was so dangerous.

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I’m sorry I’m all out of troll house cookies!

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You got smug. You had no business being smug. My father was an airborne ranger and he was never smug, so your "I hide on base all day and pick on actual soldiers" ass needs to know your place.

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I’m sorry I’m all out of troll house cookies!

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I got an idea how about you get off the computer and go do a job where dying is a work place hazard?

I was a land surveyor for the SHA. I'm sure that we died far faster than people on babysitting duty in friendly countries. Besides that I hate cops and authoritarians and mouthing off to them seems to be the most dangerous activity that I undertake. They do kill thousands of people a year, though.

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I’m sorry I’m all out of troll house cookies!

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Just ignore them, never good to throw them more bait, no matter the quality.

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I know but it’s funny to get them all mad!

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Thanks for answering my question, that sounds like it would've been scary going in

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Well it wasn’t really until about 5 minutes after it happed and my brain started processing it! it was also kind of funny here are the infantry guys with rifles and a machine gun hiding letting the MP with just a pistol do all the work!

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That's because it's your job to approach and communicate within close proximity, where a pistol is most useful. Our job is to cover you with our rifles and machine guns.

  • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Infantryman.

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Just keep in mind one thing an MP team has a whole lot of bang bang!

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I think the scary part would be the person who can handle the problem better if it gets violent was hiding

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How does Jack Reacher stack up to the standard MP of his rank?

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I don’t know I only saw the movie.

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I have to go for a while but please keep the questions coming!

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Did you ever arrest anybody for some serious crime like murder, rape, stealing etc.?

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I assume to be an MP your hand to hand had to be pretty top notch just in case you came across someone who was MAC 4, for example. Now, I only got up to MAC 3 and felt like I could take on the world, but 2 of my instructors, SFC Fortune and Sgt Garcia would kick the ever loving shit out of me every single time.

Anyways, I always wanted to know 2 things:

Do MP's train in some form of MAC that isn't taught elsewhere, or were my trainers just that good?

And, what are the best and worst places to be deployed to as an MP? (One Sgt said that you had to 'earn' the term 'cagekicker' by being in Gitmo, so I assume it was rough?)

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I think you mean MACP. We learn a thing or two. The best/worst that would depend on you, you might like Korea and hate Hawaii. I don’t know I was not a Corrections Specialist

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Have you ever had to work with SecFo? I've heard they are horrid.

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Yes they treated us fine. Well except for telling us how the Air Force barracks are!

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Was about to join as security forces a few weeks ago. Just got a job in ammunition, ships out may. I'm kinda excited for the actual air force base :)

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Good for you!

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Did you hate your job?

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If I ask, you probably won't tell anyway, amirite?

mp5man1 karma

Don’t know unless you ask.

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I think it's a 'don't ask, don't tell' joke.

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How do you feel about your service after being the the military?

mp5man2 karma

Honored to have been in the Army, and to have served with some great people.

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Is there a job back in the states that selects MP's before other candidates, i.e. some branch of law enforcement?

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No. Being an MP doesn't mean shit to anyone outside of the military, to civilians they're just veterans that never saw combat.

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I think this answer is slightly exaggerated. I doubt most civilians know what MP's do and don't do. And I can't state this as a fact, but if you have military experience related to a civilian job you're applying for, it's valued. Why the hell wouldn't they pick someone with MP training to be a civi cop?

ComatoseSixty1 karma

What I mean is that police will jump at the opportunity to hire anyone from the military. Personally I can only imagine the hoards of codes, procedures, call signs, etc. an MP has to memorize and hell yes police departments or security firms will snatch one of these guys up immediately. It's just that the same goes for any other vet.

Rereading what I said, I did seem to imply that there was no value in having MP on your resume, but that was not my intention.

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Yeah, and like you said, police departments or security firms. If you plan on doing anything outside security/police, then yeah that experience is worthless.

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Except for the same skills you learn in the military in general.

mp5man1 karma

Maybe to some.

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Wrong answer, there are MPs that see combat.

There are also plenty of skills that can carry over into security or police work. Especially NG MPs

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You're preaching to the choir, my dad was a Vietnam Vet and so were all of his friends. Doc, Poppa Smurf, Peanut, One Eye Jack, many others if you ever happened to be in Hot Springs Arkansas. VVO. They won a contest where they did a tiger cage as a float in a parade. Well there were MPs in the squad. MPs that saw Vietnam combat. So I know personally, but a lot of people just think of them as non-combat.

Edit: and there's an MP in this thread getting smug so I'm grilling his ass to remind him of his Honor.

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You don’t need to remind me of my honor And how is saying things like “Bitch you were safer than most quit acting like you're Rambo.” “Learn some fucking respect then, nobody told you to take a job that was so dangerous.” "I hide on base all day and pick on actual soldiers" ass needs to know your place.” “If you thought you were gonna get that horseshit hero worship here you were wrong.” Going to “remind me of my honor” I can easily take you saying “My father was an airborne ranger” as smug like you think you’re better them me for something your father did. I don’t think that but I could.

ComatoseSixty1 karma

It's giving you a hard time. If what I said hurt your feelings go cry to your CO and ask him for a tampon.

mp5man1 karma

You couldn’t hurt my feelings. It’s interesting that you didn’t answer my question.

ComatoseSixty1 karma

First, pointing out that my father was a Ranger wasn't me bragging on him, it was relevant. He was never smug.

I did answer your question. I grilled your ass because you were smug. I fucking despise cops saying how dangerous their job is when it doesn't rank in the top 10 deadliest jobs and I'll grant you an MP is more dangerous than a city cop but still doesn't rank up there with something as mundane as a trash man.

I grew up around Vietnam Vets, not a few, fucking dozens. They were way harder on each other than I was on you and I guess I mistakenly thought being hard on you would remind you that you're just a man.

mp5man1 karma

Yes it is irrelevant what you dad did means little to how I am or you. So my grandfather was a veteran from WW2 Korea and Vietnam has 4 PHMs is that relevant? No not at all. At what point did I say anything like being an MP is the most dangerous job? I have served with veterans from Vietnam, Korea, Somalia, the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, and Grenada. And my mother was “harder” on me then you could ever be now the question was why do you think it’s your place to try and remind me of something I already know? And before you say it’s because you think I’m smug, keep in mind that I could very easily think that about you. So would it be ok for me to insult you and say something like “unless YOU have served in the military you can stop trying to ride the coat tails of your father”

mp5man1 karma

That depends on the person doing the hiring.

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'Ey, my dad was an MP! I have a few questions. Did you come in as an officer or were you enlisted at first? What rank were you before you got discharged? And lastly, do you ever miss the PX or the Commissary (assuming you lived on base). I always felt more comfortable with food there than at Walmart or Publix, haha...

mp5man2 karma

I was enlisted the whole time I was in. I was a specialist E-4 Not really over seas the PX in Lost in the woods was ok the military clothing shop is what I miss the most good deals on knives and things like that.

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Are you trained to handle Coup d'etat or is that worry nonexistent in our armed forces.
Or are you guys trained to handle rogue personnels in any special ways?

mp5man1 karma

Interesting question! It was never brought up in my training, as far as rogue personnel just the same as any other person violating regs. Depending on what they did CID might be the ones that handle it.

spiderlanewales1 karma

Do you have a favorite Gerber knife or tool?

mp5man1 karma

The Gerber 600 I have 2 now but I’ve had at least 5, left one on the back of a 5 ton, dropped one off a boat, and gave one away.

_25871 karma

Did you got a daily routine ?

mp5man4 karma

For the most part it was draw weapons, have a briefing, go out on patrol, do building checks, do ATMs (Anti-terrorism measures)and respond to any calls, turn in weapons pass on any info. On days we would do the same and also work the gates.

J-rockave71 karma

What was the biggest crime you witnessed or got called to but let the person go?

mp5man1 karma

Witnessed we had a guy who got drunk and beat his roommate pretty bad. He was charged with article 128 assault.

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What Bases where you at (stateside and overseas) and what year where you in the box? And to CivilityBeDamned, ComatoseSixty, and dirtynate66666666666. Grow up show some respect! I’ll bet none of you know anything about what’s it’s like to serve your country, To give up parts of your life to be thousands of miles away from your family and friends. Sergeant First Class Jack Watson 18B4VS6

mp5man1 karma

As Sayliyah In Qatar, Ali Al Salem and camo Doha in Kuwait, Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia. State side fort Leonard Wood, fort Hunter Legit, fort Campbell, camp Atterbury, Fort McCoy, Camp Ripley, and fort Benjamin Harrison 2004-2005

AV_WHSPhysics1 karma

What was the most exhilarating part of your job?

mp5man6 karma

Really for me the weapons I got to fire the M4, M9, M203, M2HB, M11, mark 19. And the training MOUNT and SRT.

Spoiledworm3 karma

MOUNT or MOUT. I have never heard of MOUNT

mp5man1 karma

yes MOUT

gr7701 karma

Did you drive the asv.

mp5man1 karma

No we used suburban’s and a few regular cars yes a few where armored. those thing suck on gas mileage!

BigTalk451 karma

What is the most mundane/surprising thing about your job that a civilian wouldn't know?

mp5man1 karma

Surprising that MPs do a lot more than just police work like convoy security, POWs and PSD (bodyguard work) Mundane the paperwork

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mp5man3 karma

Not so much as an MP, a few of us went to a restaurant and a little kid wanted to meet us and shake our hands. He loves the army and wants to be a soldier when he grows up, we gave him one of our patches and one guy had an extra beret and gave it to him. His mom took his picture with us.

mp5man3 karma

Forgot the worst that would be if it happened killing a fellow soldier. What did happen is something I can’t really get in detail with but seeing what people can do to each other.

jamejamesonjohnston1 karma

How many calls did you get a shift? How busy were you on base? Was there a lot of crime?

mp5man1 karma

For police work not a lot. may 2-4 a week For all things pretty busy escorts, manning gates, doing security checks, anti-terrorism maneuvers, random ID checks, and things like that. As with most bases not really we had some thefts, noise complaints, some disorderly conduct some fights, the 2 biggest where a drug bust and a battery.

WookieNerfherder1 karma

My dad has told me some bad stories about fellow soldiers getting robbed assaulted on base. He even said his bunk mate was wrobbed at knife point in the middle of the night while he slept in basic training. Do you think it's true that you shouldn't be out on base alone at night?

mp5man2 karma

I don’t know how it was back in the day but in my time the cities around base usually have a higher crime rate then on base. One thing to consider the army is a dictatorship and there are no degrees of crime the punishment is the same if you steal a stick of gum or a tank.

DarthRoacho1 karma

Were you a bridge crewmen in the military? What made you pick being an MP?

mp5man2 karma

yes My unit was being dissolved so I went with the MP unit that was being formed.

DarthRoacho1 karma

Looking back on your experience, would you choose something else if given the chance?

mp5man1 karma

Maybe to go active duty from the beginning, But I’m happy where I am now so probably not.

bloodthorn19901 karma

why did you join the military?

mp5man1 karma

2 reasons 1 both my grandfathers served and I wanted to experience that as well. 2 We have so much in this country that is given to us I wanted to earn it.

scrubThatCow1 karma

We have so much in this country that is given to us I wanted to earn it.

Do you personally believe the only way to "earn it" is to serve in the military? Or are there other ways for civilians to "earn it"?

mp5man2 karma

There are many ways to “earn it” that would be up to you. As far as I’m concerned as long as you don’t take advantage of the system (getting disability because you don’t want to work for example) I have no problems with it.

allvoltrey1 karma

Have you ever had to arrest any special forces guy, and if so how did it go?

mp5man2 karma

No. did deal with them on occasion and it went. Me “can I see your id?” “Thank you” and they would go into the office.

KidPeco1 karma

was the payment worth it?

mp5man1 karma

For me yes.

FrankVillain1 karma

Do you go on regular mission like any normal soldier?

Also, I'm not trying to accused or generalized on soldiers but do you think or have you noticed if there were more people with unusual comportments (type psychopath etc...) in the army than in the civil society? Asking that because some people really begin to think that, as an example, the police is hiring with too low criterias and a lot of psycho and sociopath made their way in, nothing like that in the army?

mp5man2 karma

Yes MPs are all over the place in the Army. I don’t know its hard to tell I can tell you that living on base is generally safer the off base.

Filipino_Buddha1 karma

I joined the Army in January and leaving in August to Ft. Leonard Wood as a combat engineer.

At first, I wanted to be an MP but I wasn't 18 at the time. As soon as I finish my contract, I want to reenlist as an MP.

What are the things MP's do? Like, can you give me any information on being an MP and how it is like?

Any advice, tips & tricks for me for the Army?

mp5man2 karma

Patrol, both garrison (on base) and combat, paperwork, its lust like a lot of things if you look at it in a bad light you won’t like it, but if you look at it in a good light you will. Pay attention to what’s going on around you there's a saying if your different you’re wrong! As a combat engineer 2 thing if you can read it turn the claymore around! And never be the lowest ranking person when the mine detector is not working!

Also don’t call a sergeant sir and never thank your drill sergeant!

Filipino_Buddha1 karma

Why shouldn't you thank your still sergeant?

mp5man1 karma

“don’t thank me thank your recruiter!”

caillumknowles1 karma

Say a civilian ran onto the base, would your authority to "arrest" continue over them or does that apply to just military personnel?

mp5man2 karma

Anybody on base.

caillumknowles1 karma

Cool:) stay safe and have a good one!

mp5man1 karma

you to.

june6061 karma

Have you read any of the bestselling novels of Lee Child, who has written more that 20 bestselling novels about a former US Army MP?

mp5man1 karma


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So what can you tell about EOF in Saudi Arabia? When were you allowed to shoot?

mp5man2 karma

The rules of engagement are the same for MPs as they are for anyone else.

RestaurantTime-1 karma

What type of drugs have you done in your life?

mp5man3 karma

Other than some antibiotics none.

RestaurantTime2 karma

do you want to meet my wife?

mp5man1 karma


RestaurantTime1 karma

i was just asking no need to be so rude. sheesh

mp5man1 karma

I was just asking why?

Dookiestain_LaFlair-2 karma

Do you get to wear body armor all the time or only when you are on duty? Do do other soldiers look at you weird if you are wearing body armor and a ballistic helmet just walking around the base? I always thought the whole point of joining the army was to wear armor and be ready for battle at all times, like a knight on Game of Thrones. Do you think soliders should be allowed to carry firearms on base? Not all soldiers but just officers and staff NCOs. When that Mohammedan in the Air Force shot the place up and it was deemed a workplace violence incident by the Mohammedan in the white house, how angry were you that the armed forces were unamred?

mp5man1 karma

You are issued a vest (concealable and IBA) and you can where it all the time if you want. We normally didn’t wear the IBA vest and helmet unless we had a threat alert. That’s not why I joined. Yes I think you should be able to carry on base all soldiers. I felt that the DOD should have changed the policy to allow people to carry firearms.

Dookiestain_LaFlair-1 karma

Thanks for the response! If you aren't allowed to carry firearms are you allowed to carry swords? Does the army have a set length for when a knife becomes a sword? Yeah I guess you are right, most knights are cunts anyways.

mp5man1 karma

The only regs I know of concern the NCO sword and the officer saber. Most times anything not covered by Army wide regs is handled by the command on base.

GrandpawJack-9 karma

Does bothering real heroes make you feel good?

mp5man2 karma

Never did I only bothered people committing a crime.

CivilityBeDamned-37 karma

If you could do it all again, would you have chosen an education?

mp5man15 karma

I do have an education.

CivilityBeDamned-42 karma

In what? How did it lead to so many jobs with no educational requirements?

mp5man10 karma

I have an AS in Surgical Technology And what are you asking me?

CivilityBeDamned-47 karma

I just assumed that someone who takes shit jobs abusing people, like being a prison guard, would be desperate for work.

mp5man19 karma

Oh ok just out trolling!

CivilityBeDamned-11 karma

So why didn't you go into educated work, rather than a series of jobs that allowed you to wield small amounts of power over other people?

Gun fetish?

mp5man18 karma

Like an internet troll not good money or satisfaction n that! And well in a way yes!