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Is there anybody out there who can do an AMA without shamelessly promoting their bullshit?

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So what kind of lobbying are you guys doing?

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This guys snarkiness is exactly why people hate M.P.s. Because theyre total dickheads theoughout the transaction.

I always remember seeing brand new Privates, Private First Class, and Specialists who had the hand mic to their little baby monitor covering their rank and would be total dicks. Then youre just like "Wait a second, uncover your rank. Who the fuck am I talking to? Just like I thought, some fucking dumbass off the leash."

M.P.s need to get their ass back to the gate and check I.D.'s.

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You guys aren't very good at answering pretty straight forward questions. Could you answer the question given? Who elses attention in government have you caught?

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Well its called fraud.