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MyOliveOilIsAVirgin13 karma

I'm too young to gamble and have hardly any experience with it.

But so far I'm like 99% sure it's a terrible terrible idea to try and cheat at casinos.

So, honestly, does it ever work? I mean with the amount of security that implies it's worth it to stop everyone who tries to cheat. But do many people actually have success?

Lefebvremat39 karma

Card counting is a great idea honestly. If you ever decide to gamble, only do it after a lot of experience counting cards at home. You won't get "roughed up", you still get to keep all the money, you'll just be asked politely to cash out and leave and never come back.
if you cheat by say, stealing someones money, cap a bet, or the like, then you're dealing with police. But simply counting cards isn't illegal, just not allowed again.

Elbourne26 karma

what is capping a bet?

Lefebvremat23 karma

lets say your the last to be paid, once you see that your hand has won, and the dealer is distracted, you add $10 on to your bet real quick so you're paid more. really really simple way of cheating.

mattsk8n7 karma

What is the most you've ever won and how did you steal it? You know, since you're on the inside.

Lefebvremat16 karma

Most i've ever won was $500. I'm a bad gambler haha. My close friend is a card counter and has won $1000 every other week this year though. just by counting cards.

itsmelen7 karma

Hello, what would you recommend for someone who is not a huge gambler to do to have fun at a casino? This includes recommendations for games to play. Let's say $200 budgeted for gambling.

Lefebvremat11 karma

$200 is a great budget, i'd play $100 at a blackjack table trying to learn the basic strategy, and then the other $100 at roulette possibly, there's tons of games to learn and you can ask your dealer how to play and they'll be happy to teach you. if you have a specific game in mind let me know.

Clsjajll7 karma

What's a casino break room like?

Lefebvremat15 karma

mine has a soda machine, cable tv, two soft chairs to nap in, and then just cafeteria type tables to eat at. nothing fancy.

Clsjajll6 karma

Any good break room stories?

Lefebvremat21 karma

Mostly just how calm and chill it is, dealers probably seem very uptight and serious and then in the break room we mostly just hurl racial slurs and come in to work high.

MikeHoltPHD5 karma

1) Does it matter how I make my money that I wager? What if I flat out told you as I placed a big bet that I earned it selling drugs. 2) Under what circumstances are you allowed to discourage someone from continuing to play?

Lefebvremat10 karma

Keep your buy in below 10,000$ and no matter where that money came from it's yours. Don't be a dick to your dealer or you're out, don't get too drunk or you're out, don't buy in with 10,000$ you're not ready to have looked into.

Vash2P2 karma

One question: when a player on a hot streak, What usually happen ? Do you kick him ? Change dealer ? Change the deck ?

Lefebvremat7 karma

nothing, hot streaks are easily identifiable from cheating. we just go on our merry way.

Thriven2 karma

I used to work for a company that ran poker tournaments for company outings and bars and was a dealer.

Do you dream as I did all night long where you were saying ,"check to you" or "your move"?

Lefebvremat3 karma

No, this happened when I workd on a forklift though. jesus those dreams

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