I'm a stand up comic, creator of Life with Louie, Host of Family Feud, McDowell's employee, and now playing Zach Galifianakis's mother, Christine, on FX's Baskets which airs thursday at 10pm/9c

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Thanks everyone! Feel free to keep asking me questions and I'll do my best to answer them periodically throughout the day.

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Cuza670 karma

Hello mr. Anderson. I would like to tell you that your animated series "Life with Louie" was huge in Romania (Eastern Europe) , everybody was watching it when i was young , and people quote you all the time even today. What was your favorite moment from "Life with Louie"? Thank you for this AMA.

IAmLouieAnderson620 karma

One of my favorite things was during my show in las vegas, I did my meet and greet, two fans from Romania had come all the way there just to see the real me. I still have that picture framed!

j0npau1256 karma

Hi Louie! Thanks for doing this AMA. You are easily my favorite part of Baskets. Up until now you've been hysterical as Mrs. Baskets, but episode 4 was just heartbreaking. I couldn't look away from your performance.

So I'm wondering, has it been a stretch for you to play an older woman? Have there been any challenges, foreseen or unforeseen? Your portrayal is so incredibly human, and I'm wondering what goes into that.

IAmLouieAnderson266 karma

Thank you! If there is any hard part of doing Baskets, the physical stuff (standing on my feet all day, hours of makeup and prep in early morning) but once I get in to the role, it all disappears. The script. The cast, and especially the director have guided me through the emotional parts that were at times difficult. I tried to call upon the hard times in my moms life, and the heartbreak that all people go through, and try to portray it in an honest way.

mirunaftw137 karma

Hi Louie, I'm so glad you're doing this AMA 'cause you're by far one of my favorite performers :) I'm a big fan of your Life with Louie series, as they were very popular when I grew up, so my question for you would be what was your favorite memory from your childhood that you also transcribed into an episode? Lots of love from Romania

IAmLouieAnderson107 karma

The nfl football episode! thanks for the love.

b3091 karma

Louie, can you confirm that I saw you in a bar in Boston 15 years ago. And I said "Are you Louie Anderson" and you said "I always thought I looked more like Sargent Slaughter". Can you confirm that??

IAmLouieAnderson139 karma

That was not me

no-internet84 karma

Hello Louie, huge fan. I have seen on your facebook page that you are pretty close to Romania, be it the country or its people. Why is that?

IAmLouieAnderson145 karma

Love the Romanians, luckily Life with Louie was featured in 18 different languages! Ive learned that dads are crazy, mean, and unfair everywhere! But we love them

TheMiracleWhale75 karma

You're portrayal of Christine Baskets is the best thing on television right now. Bravo. Is there a specific person you utilized in the development of that character? How much input did the creators have?

IAmLouieAnderson82 karma

Mostly my mother, and for the mean parts, my dad. and of course growing up with 5 wonderful sisters and several nice sister in laws

Queen_LaQueefah71 karma

Hey Louie,

How difficult was it growing up with 9 brothers and sisters? Any funny stories from having such a full house?

IAmLouieAnderson180 karma

10! Figuring out where to hide the food was the most difficult part. (so that I could have it all)

mysecondattempt69 karma

Hello senor Anderson. Do you have any hobbies or passions other than acting?

IAmLouieAnderson277 karma

I'm in the process of putting together a project for the homeless in Las Vegas. Working with some people there to get a mobile bus where people can come wash their clothes, shower, and get things they need. Always have had a special place in my heart for people who have been displaced, because my brother lived on the streets for a while.

redphantom55 karma

What was the best curly fries experience you've ever had at an Arby's?

IAmLouieAnderson153 karma

I asked for a small, and got two larges

tiamdi54 karma

Do you think Maurice from Coming to America is finally making the big bucks?

IAmLouieAnderson73 karma

No, I think he is getting closer to becoming the manager. I heard Kevin Hart was going to remake Coming to America, and I think at that point, Maurice will probably be the manager!

papajustify2549 karma

I'm not sure if anything makes me laugh as hard as your "My Dad doesn't like people" bit from your old standup. So thanks for that. Love you as Christine on Baskets, you play that role perfectly. Whenever I hear you in interviews/podcast/etc....you always seem to have a great outlook on life. Is your positivity something that comes naturally to you or is it something you've had to work on?

IAmLouieAnderson81 karma

It's something that I've had to work on. Easy to say, harder to do, but worth it. While my dad didn't like people, I do. I think people are the best thing going right now. Always interesting, and you always find out something you didn't know about yourself when you deal with others.

Philadelphi_Ann48 karma

hey Louie, when you dress for your character on Baskets, do you look like your mom?

IAmLouieAnderson140 karma

I think I look like my mom. Here's a pic: http://imgur.com/M0v14wo

MplsMaven48 karma

Hi Louie, let me just say, I love, love, love you! 1st live show we saw was at the Guthrie in 1986. I bought the sweatshirt ‘what’s this one size fits all stuff’ and 28 years later you signed it at the Cinema Grill – it was a thrill to meet you in person. We are loving you as Christine Baskets, you are stealing the show! So, questions, Hmmm….when are you coming back to Mpls to do a show? Cinema Grill and Brave New Workshop were great venues to see you in. Love from Mpls!

IAmLouieAnderson42 karma

I'll be back in April! Thanks so much for the kind words!

Lycangrope45 karma

How did the Life with Louie cartoon come about? How much of it was based on your actual friends/family growing up?

IAmLouieAnderson71 karma

It came about from Margaret Loesch at Fox Kids who told me that she thought my life could be a cartoon. Matt o'callaghan animated my family, and put my voice from my standup act over it one day, and I saw it come to life. Most of it was based on my life. Other people added character ideas also

Frajer39 karma

What's your favorite memory from Family Feud ?

IAmLouieAnderson147 karma

One of my favorite memories was the time that during the commercial break a family member was told they would have to find their own ride home because they screwed up the answer

Filvox36 karma

Hey Louie, thanks for the AMA.

Was the Rambler in 'Life with Louie' based on a real life car? I mean, did your father actually own it? Was it as terrible as it was in the cartoon?

IAmLouieAnderson103 karma

Yes we actually owned a Rambler. One of the doors was knocked off by me driving. One time backing up I had the door open so I could see where I was going. I didn't see I was about to hit a parked car. When I did, I panicked, stomped on the gas instead of the brake, and snapped the door right off. I had to get out of the car, throw the door in the back, and drive away so I wouldn't get caught. It was snowing, I was driving down the street with no door, I felt as if I was in a dream. But I knew when I got home it would be a nightmare.

nipdriver36 karma

Love the new show. You're the unsung hero mom-
with the fading cheer of a world weary pragmatist.
Galifinakis' tortured artiste'/jerk is subtle genius.
As much a drama as it is a comedy to me.

How much of the show is improv -off script ?

IAmLouieAnderson52 karma

we get a lot of freedom to improv the lines. As long as we get the content of the story. It's a blast to work with two great comics.

AlexD44133 karma

Who do you resemble the most in your family? What about the least?

IAmLouieAnderson89 karma

I resemble my mom the most, and my dog the least.

kpbergman30 karma

For years my kids have asked me "Want to hear something funny?" I always follow up with "Is it a knock-knock joke?" So, my question... Are knock-knock jokes funny?

Thanks for all the laughs over the years!

IAmLouieAnderson71 karma

Yes, knock-knock jokes are funny. Especially because they introduce kids to humor! Usually its the first joke someone tells as a person

Clark198427 karma

Hey Louie! I'm a friend of Deyle's, you were kind enough to have me over at your pool a number of years ago. People should know you're as clever in person as you are on stage. I just wanted to say hello. Since this is an AMA: What makes for a good society?

IAmLouieAnderson67 karma

Pool parties, compassion, understanding, and empathy make for a good society. If we don't have empathy, we really don't have anything

dasparton000724 karma

Would you say that the younger generation doesn't recognize you when you're out and about? I'm a huge fan!

IAmLouieAnderson33 karma

I'm always happy to meet my fans, Young, old, or really really old like me.

KomandorSzepard21 karma

Have you ever been to Poland? And I love your show!

IAmLouieAnderson22 karma

Never been to Poland, would love to visit soon!

francoruinedbukowski19 karma

What was bigger for you at the time when you where a young struggling comedian, your first Tonight Show appearance or recognition and support from Rodney Dangerfield?

IAmLouieAnderson28 karma

Great question. Tonight Show

evanlpark19 karma

any update on whomever the real girl who inspired the Jeannie Harper character? The friend zone is brutal

IAmLouieAnderson24 karma

Jeannie B, just retired as a school teacher, and I heard from her last year. She's doing well, and I still have a warm spot in my heart for her.

asstasticbum18 karma

Hey Louie, how the hell are ya? Thank you for stopping by reddit today. A few questions from one St. Paul boy to another.

  • I'm curious how you and Tom Barnard over at the KQ morning show got to be such great friends? For the curious - national top rated radio morning show

  • I absolutely loved Life With Louie, but I am curious why you betrayed us and had it set in Wisconsin vs Minnesota? Fuck The Packers

  • Is Teddy Bridgewater the future of the Vikings?

  • What is your favorite watering hole here in the Twin Cities when you decide to go out?

  • What is the craziest thing you witnessed when on one of the KQRS Vegas trips? I have, well had, a picture of you and me there a few years back but I am currently homeless and someone decided they wanted my laptop more than I did so it got ripped off. Bunch of savages in this town.

  • What is your favorite cuss word?

  • The Big Mac or the Big Mick? And did you ever get out of washing lettuce and make your way to assistant manager?

  • Would you take me to Mannys for dinner? Matt's Bar for Juicy Lucys would work too ;)

Take care & love you Louie!

IAmLouieAnderson23 karma

  1. Tom and I enjoy eachothers company, and more than that we love to eat. So we've had many great meals together. His family has adopted me into his. Love them. He has helped my career, and I hope I have done some small thing to enhance his.

  2. The lawyers made us do it. We didn't want legal trouble from people thinking the characters were them

  3. Yes. Teddy looks great, the only problem he has is the same problem that Russell Wilson has, because he isn't as tall, his passes get knocked down and intercepted. I am excited about the Vikings, and even more so about the Timberwolves

  4. Favorite new hotel is the Blue hotel at Mall of America. Great wild rice soup!

gunsforthehomeless18 karma

what's your favorite pair of shoes you own?

IAmLouieAnderson31 karma

My favorite pair of shoes are yellow leather loafers but they are too narrow for me to wear. My most comfortable shoes are my Loon slippers.

exitzero18 karma

Louie...saw you in Las Vegas, you were awesome. You were nice enough to give a picture to my buddy with Down Syndrome and it made his day! When's the next book coming out?

IAmLouieAnderson27 karma

Good question! Publisher asked me the same question. To be honest with you, I am hoping to finish it by the end of the year. Out early in the spring. But right now I just released Dear Dad on Kindle!

nikechik15 karma

What's your favourite donut from Krispy Kreme?

IAmLouieAnderson43 karma

Plain. Can't go wrong with the original.

suaveitguy14 karma

Dennis Wolfberg is a guy I used to love to see on TV that I don't think is remembered as much as he should be. Do you have any memories of him?

IAmLouieAnderson20 karma

one of the kindest, sweetest people I ever met.

405213 karma

I enjoyed watching Splash. Does your ribs still hurt?

IAmLouieAnderson26 karma

No they have healed. I still love swimming, I just look funny in the outfits when I show up at the pool

waddums13 karma

Louie, I think you're awesome. Amongst your other works, I've gotten many kicks out of a Sports Authority commercial you did years ago, along with virtual "Family Feud" bits.

What's up with these? Thank you and keep up the positivity!!

IAmLouieAnderson22 karma

One day the owner of Sports Authority flew to Las Vegas, where I was working, and said he'd like to do a bunch of commercials. I said I'll do them if we could make them funny. I think we made some great, funny commercials that were successful both for myself and them.

Mitach11 karma

Hi Louie!

You were the definition of my childhood, I loved every episode of your series. Thanks a lot for that.

So my question is, what was the episode you enjoyed the most? What was the creation that you were the most proud of? Thanks for the AMA.

IAmLouieAnderson22 karma

I was most proud of having the chance to re create my upbringing in a very positive light. While still keeping the difficulties families face front and center.

Henry_J11 karma

Hi Louie!! Thank you for being here.

Since you have been a part of television for quite a while, do you feel like the television atmosphere has changed? Do you feel it is any easier or more difficult to get into television? Do you like television? lol

Asking as someone who is thinking of going into television. Thanks again and you are awesome. :-)

IAmLouieAnderson20 karma

Much easier to get into! so many more channels, outlets, options. All the rules and the boundaries are being stretched! As long as you can produce content, you're in show business.

acewildz10 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

Also, coke or pepsi?

IAmLouieAnderson33 karma

100 duck sized horses that I could roll right over! Pepsi for me.

suaveitguy7 karma

What was the equivalent to podcasts and twitter when you were starting out? A lot of comics use ham radios and publish newsletters?

IAmLouieAnderson26 karma

Soup cans with string, and messenger pigeons.

nikechik5 karma

I missed you when you came to Niagara Falls, Ontario last! Anytime to come back soon? I saw you in Vegas, and I'd love to see your stand-up again with my mom this time

IAmLouieAnderson6 karma

I'm going to be in Winnipeg April 3rd at club regent casino!

marijuanaperson2 karma

Hey Louie, what brand of shirt do you like most?

IAmLouieAnderson4 karma


ihateyourgeneration-4 karma

You're rich, why not get gastric bypass and live the rest of your years slim and healthy?

asstasticbum8 karma

I have had gastric bypass surgery and believe me when I tell you that it is no fucking picnic. It is a common misconception that it is simply have the surgery, wake up, a lil recovery and then all the weight magically melts off.

It is one hell of a lot of work as we have to battle other health concerns that skinny people do not. I was 405lbs the day I was on the table and got down to 235 and I have skyrocketed back up to 290lbs. Its a constant battle every single day.

IAmLouieAnderson8 karma

I investigated it, and realized it would be an aid, but no solution. It all goes back to eating well and exercising. Struggles are with you your entire life, how you live with them, and how you respond to them, is the important part.