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MplsMaven48 karma

Hi Louie, let me just say, I love, love, love you! 1st live show we saw was at the Guthrie in 1986. I bought the sweatshirt ‘what’s this one size fits all stuff’ and 28 years later you signed it at the Cinema Grill – it was a thrill to meet you in person. We are loving you as Christine Baskets, you are stealing the show! So, questions, Hmmm….when are you coming back to Mpls to do a show? Cinema Grill and Brave New Workshop were great venues to see you in. Love from Mpls!

MplsMaven12 karma

Most of the time we hear about your Mpls shows on the fly. I've checked your website, however it seems to only sell tickets to your Vegas shows. Is there a better way to know in advance when and where you'll be appearing in Mpls and surrounding area? P.S.: Saw you on Jason's show via satellite - looking good!