Hi I am Kung Fu Action Star Donnie Yen, here to answer your questions. So, ask me anything!

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Thank you all for your great questions! I appreciate you joining me today and I hope you're able to catch Ip Man 3 in theaters this weekend!

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edpark8832 karma

Your mother is quite famous in the martial arts world. What was it like training under her? Was she harder on you than on her non-blood related students?

RealDonnieYen1640 karma

She was EXTREMELY hard on me, I remember her pulling me out of bed at 5:30 in the morning starting at the age of 9 and training for an hour just before going to school. When I misbehaved and didn't train, she literally broke a couple of wooden swords over my skinny thighs (at the time).

Redditor000000000001715 karma

Hi Donnie, what are your thoughts on being involved with Star Wars and how do you think Rogue One will compare to the other movies?

RealDonnieYen2201 karma

I think it's really flattering to be the first Chinese actor in the Star Wars universe and I have full confidence Rogue One will do extremely well, because the force is with me.

FearlessGT463 karma

Hi Donnie!

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

RealDonnieYen1274 karma

When I married my wife!

MattBaster444 karma

Donnie, welcome to reddit, I love your films! I’m sure you are tired of the endless imaginary ‘Who would win?’ fantasies, but if you were in a hot-dog eating contest with Bruce Lee (in his prime), who would win!?

RealDonnieYen790 karma

ME! I love to eat, especially the NY street stand hot dogs

mslighthouse423 karma

Donnie! How much did you enjoy filming Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? That movie is one of my favorites for over-the-top films!

RealDonnieYen695 karma

A Lot! I got to reunite with Michelle Yeoh and Yuen Woo Ping, which we haven't worked with each other for over 20 years. And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Part 2 is the very first English speaking Chinese sword movie.

Boingoloid403 karma

What was it like working with Mike Tyson on Ip Man 3, compared to working with others on the first two films?

RealDonnieYen558 karma

Mike is a professional and a fun guy to work with. It's hard to compare this experience with the first two films.

gamebusterz389 karma

Hey Donnie, Watched and loved Ip Man 3! How did you break Tyson's finger during filming?

RealDonnieYen492 karma

That was an accident! I think it was an elbow strike. You'll see some of that in the film

NL_Cereal328 karma

Just how many men do you think IP man could really take on?

RealDonnieYen687 karma

You should definitely see Ip Man 3 to see him take on more people than he ever has before. Plus Iron Mike, the baddest man on the planet! lol

Supreme_Emperor_Kim311 karma

Hi Donnie Yen! First of all, I'm a big fan of your career! I have a few questions:

  1. In shooting a movie, which one has been most memorable for you and why?

  2. You're currently doing work for Rogue One. What is your opinion on being part of a huge franchise such as Star Wars?

  3. You have been praised a lot by your peers in the martial arts world for your fighting prowess. Who else do you think should be praised?

  4. Currently in Hong Kong, where I have been living now for a few months now. What is a place/thing in Hong Kong that you'd definitely recommend someone to see/do?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

RealDonnieYen468 karma

1 - look at the question above about Ip Man 2 - I feel very honored to be the first Chinese actor in the franchise and its great to be a "cool dad" to my kids now 3- There's so many, anyone who has paid their dues and put in the hard work deserve recognition 4- Definitely The Peak for hiking, Chinese traditional tea houses and LKF - a cool nightlife neighborhood

PointMan528491264 karma

Hi Donnie!

Of the many films you've done, which one was the most grueling for you?

RealDonnieYen766 karma

There's just so many. Ip Man 1 was one, for example. Once, the whole side of my arm was pretty much paralyzed from so many punches from all of the takes. I also lost a lot of weight in order to portray Ip Man, who was very slender. I was in a lot of pain during a lot of the shots and had to play it off with controlled facial expressions due to pinched nerves.

wabajck213 karma

Ever think you'll do dance fighting scenes like in Mismatched Couples again?

RealDonnieYen353 karma

I can't spin on my head anymore, that was 30 years ago, but I loved it - I just don't know if it'll happen again.

Mama__Murphy202 karma

What do you normally have for breakfast?

RealDonnieYen475 karma

Toast, eggs, juice - super exciting, right?

KiltsMcGee169 karma

What is your favourite movie? Martial arts or not.

RealDonnieYen363 karma

I don't think I can pick a favorite film but I really enjoy animated films

stainez152 karma

Hi Mr Yen! I am a big fan, I know you've spent a lot of time in London in the past. What are you favourite things to do in the UK?, looking forward to seeing the new film, have a nice day!

RealDonnieYen396 karma

My wife Cissy is sitting next to me here and she says shopping. For me, paying for her shopping :)

Shinryu52130 karma

Who were your mentors, how did you find them, and what were the most important lessons that they taught you?

Of all of your martial arts experience, what style(s) do you find most practical? Which do you enjoy practicing the most?

How did you get into the movie business? What advice would you have for martial artists who would like to be where you are in your career?

RealDonnieYen328 karma

My mother is my mentor because she's not the normal "mother" per se - she's a real grandmaster in martial arts. I was given the opportunity to have this family background in marital arts. Without her teaching, I would not have had those skills today and there would be no Ip Man.

techrae126 karma


What are some way that you and your wife have grown together over the years? What is your secret/strategies to building a stronger marriage as the years pass by?

非常感谢你!我非常喜欢你的电影 :)

RealDonnieYen319 karma

Mutual respect and understanding, communication and honesty, and just understand that she's always right. ;)

mi411115 karma

Hi Donnie!! Aside from work, what do you like to do with your kids? Are you a cool dad?

RealDonnieYen250 karma

I'm now considered a cool dad, thanks to Rogue One (even though I've always thought I was cool to them ;)) I'll do anything with them, I just enjoy being with them

Blazingtatsumaki86 karma

Greetings...What Are your goals as a martial artist Donnie? also Big fan of yours...Best Wishes for your future :)

RealDonnieYen143 karma

It's so in depth, I don't want it to sound cliche. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Mikeydoes75 karma

You seem like someone who would do charitable work- Are there any charities or causes that you would like to mention?

Enjoyed IP Man, thanks for coming back!

RealDonnieYen155 karma

I work with many charitable groups, some include Save the Children, Free the Children, Conservation International, The Elephant Parade, Heep Hong Society, plus a lot of local Hong Kong charity organizations

0megafist74 karma

Hi Donnie,

I am a big fan of your movie. Are you and Mike Tyson gonna join fans to watch the IP MAN 3 in AMC today like yesterday?

RealDonnieYen170 karma

Yes, I'll be at AMC Atlantic Time Square in Monterey Park, CA after the 7pm show, make sure to get your ticket: https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/los-angeles/amc-atlantic-times-square-14

uargvak71 karma

First off love your movies and here is my question. What sort of things do you enjoy doing the most outside of being a huge martial arts movie star?

RealDonnieYen132 karma

Spending time with my kids and finding new restaurants too

erfaraihana60 karma

Hi Donnie. What's your advice to your young fans who look up to you as their inspiration? And what's your ambitions yet unattained, beside acting industry? I'm a big fan of you, and I'm 19!

RealDonnieYen150 karma

Work hard, be humble and stay positive.

NightbirdUSA54 karma

Hi, Donnie! Lemme ask, are you going to team up with your sister, Chris again? You two are a dynamic duo. Love ya!

RealDonnieYen91 karma

Yes of course! If the right project comes along.

kspmatt52 karma

what is your favorite pizza toppings?

RealDonnieYen188 karma

I actually just like plain thin crust margherita pizza with extra cheese

tsunami332351 karma

Donnie, hi big fan from Mexico I have one big question, do you know when will be released the IP man 3 movie in America?. I want to see that movie really bad.

best regards.

RealDonnieYen110 karma

TODAY! Check out ipman3.com for theaters

JackJackxD135 karma

Donnie, I'm a Hong Kong student studying in London. How did you find London?

RealDonnieYen99 karma

I love London. I used to hear that London had bad restaurants, but it's totally untrue and there are some of the best in the world.

doplank29 karma

Hi Donnie.

One question, if you had a chance break into Hollywood, what actor or director that you would like to collaborate with and why?

Edit: typo

RealDonnieYen55 karma

There are so many talented people that I'd be honored to work with

serpnt27 karma

Hi Donnie! What do you regret most?

RealDonnieYen61 karma

That's a tough question, but now it's got me thinking...

SuperstarTinsanity18 karma

Hi Donnie! How are you today???

I was a big fan of your TV show 精武門 Fist of Fury while I was growing up. I used to sing the theme songof the show you did with my friends in school! I just want to congratulate you on your success today and I'm very happy for you. Its been a long road since your days in ATV! Can't wait to watch Ip Man 3! P.s. I follow you on Instagram too!

RealDonnieYen43 karma

Jet-lagged, a bit hungry, but excited for Ip Man 3 to open in the US and Canada today!