Hello, /r/iAMA! The Hump the Bundle team is here on day 1 of our 3-day live coverage of the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

We're here to meet and interview as many pornstars as we can find, and ask them your questions, and raise money for CHARITY!!

Fun facts:

This is a VIDEO AMA! (But have no fear, we'll feature the usual text responses too)

There's over 500 models scheduled to be in attendance over the 4 day event. You can view a list of the models here

We're told this is the first AMA of its kind, and we'd like to thank all of the /r/IAMA mods for helping us make this happen for you.

Here's how it will go down:

  1. you post general questions for all these lovely ladies
  2. we track down any girls willing to give us some of their time and ask them ~10-15 of your questions each
  3. we post the videos to our YouTube playlist and tweet while the models answer questions via an old fashioned keyboard (if we're lucky enough to get a model that is already a redditor, we'll also ask her to post on her mobile throughout the day)
  4. feel free to post questions for your favorite pornstars and we'll do our best to get your questions to the model (but, no promises as everyone will be super busy running around (including the models!). We'll do our best to get the girls back for full AMA's throughout the year.

At Hump the Bundle we've raised over $50,000 for charity since we started a year ago. We bundle together content from adult web sites and sell it in a really interesting way. You choose your own price, and then divide it up between porn and charity. Will you support the creators of the fine pornography we all know and love, fine charities, or both?

We also run PornBOT, the world's first automated NSFW GIF robot. It's a very powerful engine that generates hundreds of clips daily from all the new porn videos on the Internet, tracking more than 500 paysites. It's generated almost 25,000 GIFs since the summer, and was specifically made for Reddit.

LPT: Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard for easy one-handed browsing!

Finally, we are pleased to announce another new site that we are launching soon called WHAMBAM!. We trust you will feel at home with WHAMBAM!'s familiar look and feel. ๐Ÿ˜„

Our latest bundle is the BustyPetite Bundle, which is in collaboration with the fine folks over at /r/BustyPetite.

We're just a small team of 3 guys with a lot of passion for porn. We hope you enjoy our projects and crazy ideas like this AMA!


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eudamme9 karma

What's your favourite type of pie?

parasocks5 karma

I see what you did there...

realistism7 karma

what does it smell like there?

parasocks23 karma

Teen spirit

parasocks6 karma

Hey guys, keep the questions rolling in!

We've gone down to the show floor and introduced ourselves to 15 or 20 pornstars so far, and taken video intros with them for proof. We're encoding them and will start posting shortly. You can ask questions and we'll run down and ask.

theturtleguy6 karma

Can you ask everyone what their favorite flavor of ice cream is?

parasocks6 karma

We'll make it a top priority.

BeckerHollow6 karma

Show this to Chinami Ito please:




parasocks4 karma

something something hairy pussy something something? :) Apparently we're going to get some time with Hitomi, so look out for that.. And we'll try to find Chinami too.

ISIS-the_Archer_one4 karma

Who won best anal?

parasocks3 karma

The award show is at the end of the AVN's, so it hasn't been announced yet

Boxscape1 karma


parasocks2 karma

Will do.

funspecies3 karma

What's the usual response when you approach a star to help with the charity? And maybe what is the most memorable response?

parasocks5 karma

It's difficult to run bundles directly with the models, because most don't own their content, so we need to make deals with the companies who produce it.

We've been looking to setup model bundles where the model is personally involved with helping promote and market, and we'll give them their own slider so customers can buy bundles and support the girls directly.

Most are very interested in what we do and will help us out on Twitter and such.

Memorable response... Not a model, but we had one producer tell us they wouldn't deal with someone who called themselves Humpy Leftnut.. Thought that was pretty funny.

Maleton31 karma

Well...Who does he want...Humpy Rightnut??

PS: Hey again, tis the dude you gave reddit gold for my porn "review" haha, been enjoying the bundle very much, even went back yesterday and bought the mini bundle...Keep up the good work!

parasocks1 karma

Thanks! Glad you like the bundles. :D

hispanica3163 karma

When can I schedule that foursome with allie haze, mia malkova, and monique alexander that we talked about?

parasocks10 karma

What a coincidence. They've been asking about the same thing all day.

awkwardboner3 karma

will you ask all of them if they prefer circumcised or foreskin please? and why?

parasocks3 karma

Kaho said she loves uncircumsized penises! She loves to play with it and such. If you search her name in this thread there's a longer answer about it

CrimsonPrime2 karma

If I've never seen any of your work, where would you recommend I start?

drlandspider3 karma

Hump the undie bundle

CrimsonPrime1 karma

Already bought ita few weeks ago! Extremely happy with my purchase!

parasocks2 karma

Glad you like it!

TheManInsideMe2 karma

When does day 2 start? I have a question I'm dying to get an answer to, except it's kinda serious and won't get an answer...

parasocks1 karma

We're changing gears for day 2, will be ready to go at about 2pm PST!