EDIT: Thanks to all of you for asking questions! It's time for me to head back to the distillery and make some more vodka!

I founded Alaska Distillery after surviving a plane crash in 2005. I traded in my career in aviation to join the wild world of distilling and haven’t looked back. I love where I work and everyone I work with, and we are all so passionate about our goal: to pour the spirits of Alaska in all of our spirits! If you want to see all of our products and get recipes, check out our website here: http://www.alaskadistillery.com/

I’ve never done an AMA before, but with the premiere of Alaska Proof being tonight at 9/8c (Get a sneak peek here: http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/alaska-proof/videos/an-adventure-in-every-bottle/), I thought I would give it a shot! My friends over at Animal Planet are helping me answer these questions via phone, so go ahead and AMA!

Proof: https://twitter.com/AnimalPlanet/status/687711608433446914

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d4m4s7427 karma

Since you're on animal planet, will you involve any other animals than yeast?

Toby_Foster_AMA-4 karma

In our expeditions to harvest the wild ingredients of Alaska, it's hard NOT to be around wild animals! There's always the treat of seeing a moose, a bear, an eagle. Also, we have my dog, Hooch, the trusty distillery dog and Cache, our caribou antler gathering dog! He's a very unique dog that has been trained to sniff out and find already-shed caribou antlers.

I_Key_Cars15 karma

What kind of animals drink this shine?

Toby_Foster_AMA-6 karma

Obviously we don't promote animals drinking our booze, but now and again Hooch the distillery dog will sneak something that's been spilled on the floor!

courtiebabe42012 karma

Hi Toby,

How did you get involved with Animal Planet and decide to go forward with this show?

Toby_Foster_AMA-5 karma

We got involved with Animal Planet because Matador Productions approached us after they read an article done about the distillery, our master distiller, Scott, and our use of glacial ice. After much debate, we decided to move forward with the show and share our experiences with the world!

sexrockandroll10 karma

What are your favorite and least favorite things about living in Alaska?

I know many areas of Alaska have trouble with alcoholism or alcohol-related problems and have prohibition-like laws. What do you think of these laws? Are there places in Alaska you can't import to, but would like to? What do you think about the alcoholism problems in Alaska?

Toby_Foster_AMA-10 karma

My favorite thing about living in Alaska is basically everything! It's in my blood. It's beautiful, it's wide open, it's untamed, it's wild. I love Alaska and the people here. Alaskans are a very unique set of folks. If there's anything that gets a little hard, it's the darkness in the dead of winter. But even that has it's own beauty, especially with the Northern Lights and being able to see the stars.

We distribute our alcohol not just in Alaska, but across the country and even around the world!

orangejulius4 karma

What are your thoughts on arctic drilling?

Can you see Russia from your house? :P

Toby_Foster_AMA-4 karma

I support it as long there are safeguards in place to protect the environment. There's a reason we live here: for the beauty of this land!

We cannot see Russia from our house!

Frajer0 karma

is there a science to distillery?

Toby_Foster_AMA-13 karma

Yes, there is a science to distilling, but more than science, it's really an art form! You can use the scientific method, but you also need to put your spirit and creativity into it to create something that will knock your socks off!

cbarr92-3 karma

If you were trying to impress a significant other with a fancy dinner, what drink would you choose to accompany the meal?

Toby_Foster_AMA-15 karma

It really depends on what you're eating! My wife really likes our Fireweed vodka, so I would suggest a Fireweed Cosmo. Just replace any vodka with our Fireweed vodka, and it's a sure-fire win.

foeticidal-3 karma

What's the most unique/interesting way that you've seen someone use your smoked salmon vodka? I love the idea of trying it in a bloody mary, but that's kind of the obvious choice.

Toby_Foster_AMA-9 karma

We have a drink called the Alaskan Manly Shot. It's just a straight shot of smoked salmon vodka, which definitely isn't for everyone. This vodka was actually produced to be used in Bloody Marys.

A lot of chefs up here are also using it as a base for spaghetti and pizza sauces!

[deleted]1 karma


Toby_Foster_AMA-13 karma

It's just straight smoked salmon vodka!

niteskies1105-3 karma

What are some of the worst flavors you've used in your alcohol? I'm still trying to comprehend the idea of a smoked salmon vodka!

Toby_Foster_AMA-13 karma

The worst flavors have come out of trying to smoke anything! Luckily our smoked salmon vodka turned out great, only after 47 tries!

cbarr92-3 karma

I have another question. How do you properly taste test the alcohol without getting sloshed every day at work?

Toby_Foster_AMA-5 karma

We just take a small, small taste of what we're working on, let it sit on then tongue, then spit it out. If we didn't do it that way, it would be drunken debauchery all day long!

lula2488-5 karma

What's something that people should be taking full advantage of?

Toby_Foster_AMA-16 karma

People should take advantage of trying our booze! Especially the smoked salmon vodka!