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Not OP, but take any entry-level crappy helpdesk support job that you can. It'll be your foot in the door to getting more advanced jobs in the field. It will also give you an idea of what you like/dislike about the field. Once you've got a bit better idea of what you like doing, take some classes in those specific items. Just my $0.02. Also hoping that the more advanced computer scientists from MIT answer your question to benefit those wanting to switch career paths.

Source: I'm a System Administrator with an Associates in Liberal Arts.

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I live in the Detroit area and am very concerned for them and our state in general. Thanks for the response.

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Based on everything that you know, how do you expect this to affect future business/residential development in Flint? Do you expect to see much of the population migrate away from the city in the coming years?

Thanks for doing this AMA.

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Just run your own Ethernet if you can. Especially if you own your own house. There's a reason it's been around for as long as it has.

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Not Nick, but I'll be a smart-ass: Pappy Van Winkle 23.

If you're not so flush with cash, how about some Blanton's? Even more affordable: Evan Williams Single Barrel.