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For those who don't know me, I write, broadcast on radio, practice law, and am occasionally on TV. I'm here today not to promote anything, but to talk to you about the state of the country, the Constitution, immigration, and whatever else may interest you. I'm here with my son, Chase, who put me up to this. He will help me navigate through this as I'm new here.

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By the way, before you ask: I would rather fight one horse-sized duck because one big mess is easier to clean up than 100 little ones.

EDIT: I've been asked to link my books. You can find them (and my father's books) here: http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=mark%20levin&index=blended

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EDIT 3: Thank you all for your questions! I wish I had the time to answer more now, but I've got to prep for my show tonight. I've had a lot of fun doing this and definitely look forward to doing it again.

My son, Chase (/u/Halihax), will be checking in every now and then to get the highest upvoted questions for me to answer. Check back in for the occasional response. In the meantime, I hope you'll join me on Facebook and Twitter:

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Mark Levin

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Oldmanriver892632100 karma

Hey Mark, how do you respond to people that say right wing ideologies are bigoted and selfish? Do you find cries for smaller government contradictory in the Republican mainstream when paralleled against antiabortion cries from the religious right or the desire to grow our military from war hawks? How do you overcome this hypocritical identity that comes with right vs left alignment?

chaz91w90 karma

2nd amendment supporters often point out that most gun owners are responsible, law abiding citizens, and they should not be persecuted for the actions of a few bad eggs who use them for terror and violence. Many of those same 2nd amendment supporters seem to have a hard time applying that same logic to Muslim people and feel sweeping immigration reform should be enacted. Most Muslims are responsible, law abiding citizens who feel they shouldn't be persecuted for the actions of a few bad eggs. My question is, where does this disconnect come from?

MarkRLevin55 karma

Hi, chaz91w

The Second Amendment is obviously part of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights were ratified to protect the citizenry from a potentially oppressive federal government. The purpose of immigration is to improve the existing society. There is nothing contradictory, irrational, or uncompassionate about instituting immigration policies that have as their intended purpose the protection of the public. Our nation has never had open-ended immigration, where anyone from anywhere is free to enter our country. It's just common sense to more thorough scrutinize individuals who seek to come to America from parts of the world that are hostile to our country; especially under circumstances where our immigration vetting-process is defective and ISIS is secreting its terrorists among refugees. Thus, there is no disconnect.

DEYoungRepublicans51 karma


Let me start by saying it's an honor to see a conservative here on reddit, it's pretty rare.

Q: As a casual listener to your show, I am wondering why you don't bring up Rand Paul much?

He has inspired a lot of millennials that might not otherwise be exposed to conservative fiscal policy, while continuing to fight for the entire Bill of Rights (4th amendment!).

Edit: Also greetings from /r/Conservative and /r/Republican. \o

MarkRLevin47 karma

Hi, DEYoungRepublicans

Actually, Rand Paul was a guest on my show last night. As regular listeners know, I don't have a constant line of guests on my radio show. It is also not my job, or inclination, to be a special pleader for any candidate. At some point, I will make my endorsement. As for Rand, I like him very much. Although, I do not agree with him in every respect.

Hi /r/Conservative and /r/Republican!

GoodGuyNixon35 karma

One of your Liberty Amendments was for specifically limiting eminent domain abuse--something many state legislatures appear extremely receptive to in the decade after the Kelo case. Donald Trump, however, is infamous for using that specific eminent domain exploit for personal financial gain and appears left of Bernie Sanders on that issue.

How could this stance be reconciled with the Republican Party platform in the event of his nomination?

allenthird24 karma

Mark, I can't thank you enough for everything you do. I started listening to you about 9 years ago, right when I graduated high school.

I own an online store, and have had to learn about business, technology, psychology, persuasion, and marketing.

The Republican Party is TERRIBLE at everything I just listed above. The Democrats aren't much better, except they have tech down very well.

Why are the Repubicans so bad at this, and what can be done about it? It feels like the party isn't interested in people like me that could help them win elections.

MarkRLevin53 karma

Hi, allenthird

Your points are excellent! I think that the biggest problem is that the modern republican party has abandoned conservative and constitutional principles. The reason they can't message is because they don't have a message worth telling. I believe Ronald Reagan was right in 1977 when he said we need a new republican party. Nothing is more true today! Conservatives must take back the GOP.

chrism321 karma

Hi Mark/Chase! What are the first 3 things you'd cut from the federal government to make the biggest change to our debt problem? Thank you.

Also, please link your books in the top of this thread. More people need to know about them

MarkRLevin23 karma

Hi chrism3,

Here's what I would do:

1: Limit the size of the annual federal budget to a percentage of the gross domestic product, perhaps 17%.

2: Cap the amount of total taxation, including taxes on individuals, businesses, payroll deductions, etc.

3: No regulation that imposes $100,000,000 or more on the economy could be issued by the bureaucracy without an affirmative vote by members of congress.

I have several other ideas, but that's good for now.

I edited the post to link to the books, thanks!

SharpieThunderflare19 karma

Greetings, Mr. Levin. With the Republican Primary coming up, would you say that now is the time for conservatives to vote based on principles and policy, rather than who is "electable"? (Look how that turned out with McCain and Romney).

Sincerely, a Ted Cruz supporter.

MarkRLevin32 karma

Hi, SharpieThunderflare

I don't believe conservatism and electability are mutually exclusive. In fact, let me suggest that conservative principles, properly communicated and related to everyday circumstances, is how republicans can with the presidency. How many more times will we run establishment candidates who lose until we learn our lesson? On radio, I often say: If you're under 45-years-old, you've never had an opportunity to vote for a conservative for president. That's pretty remarkable when you consider that the candidate who won two landslide elections was Ronald Reagan.

MarkRLevin14 karma

Thank you all for your questions! I wish I had the time to answer more now, but I've got to prep for my show tonight! I've had a lot of fun doing this and definitely look forward to doing it again.

My son, Chase (/u/Halihax), will be checking in every now and then to get the highest upvoted questions for me to answer. Check back in for the occasional response.

In the meantime, I hope you'll join me on Facebook and Twitter:



I try to read as many of your comments as I can.

Mark Levin

KevinBoilard13 karma

Is Mr. Producer a good guy?

MarkRLevin12 karma

Chase: He's awesome! Very good guy.

blitzbomb48 karma

Mark, I’ve listened to your show for years now. Thank you for your commitment. I wanted to put two thoughts together if I could. I see one of the biggest threats to American national sovereignty as corporatism / globalism. It’s driving open borders, unfettered immigration, job exportation, unfavorable trade deals and a forced retreat from our own traditions, values and culture in favor of political correctness. The second part of the thought is the scorched earth policy of the RNC blocking any change to establishment politics suggesting a brokered convention if Donald Trump remains the front runner. Do you think Washington power brokers would be just as happy with Hillary Clinton? If so, is a convention of the states and term limits enough to change politics as usual? Thanks in advance for your answer.

MarkRLevin29 karma

Hi, blitzbomb4

Yes. I do believe many establishment republicans would prefer Hillary over a principled conservative. I also believe, in the end a COS (convention of states) can, in fact, begin the process of restoring the constitution and, through it, the republic. Term limits are only one reform I've proposed. I lay out the rest in my book, The Liberty Amendments.

ningrim7 karma

The Great One! Thanks for doing this.

You have repeatedly said on your show that conservatives need to unify behind the most electable conservative candidate early in the primary process, or risk splitting our vote.

Hasn't that time come? Do you intend to identify and/or endorse such a candidate before the Iowa caucuses?

MarkRLevin17 karma

Hi, ningrim

I will but I don't think the time is right; no primary has occurred yet. Still too early. Keep listening!

gohalos025 karma


First, thank you for signing my copies of your books 3 years ago at Chapman University.

Do you think it is hypocritical of the left and some "conservatives" to criticize Trump for his suggestion to pause migration based on religion or race, when the young people in this country who are actually citizens, face the same type prejudicial judgment when applying to college based on affirmative action?

MarkRLevin32 karma

Hi, gohalos02

CHASE: That norovirus outbreak finally put my alma matter on the map! Go Panthers!

MARK: Let me put it this way: I think it is totally appropriate and legal to pause immigration from any country, or any part of the world, where terrorism or rabid anti-Americanism is prevalent. We've done that before and we should do it now. As for affirmative action: I reject it completely. There was a time when our goal in this country was to treat everyone equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, etc. I reject balkanization and preferences that have nothing to do with merit.

ThatJimKid5 karma

Hey Mark,

I fully appreciate your radio show as well as most of the others on XM The Patriot. As a young American conservative I am always looking for resources on issues in our country and internationally. How does a person go about finding non-biased factual based information what with 24/7 "News" and the over saturation of knee jerk click bait articles across the internet and other forms of media?

MarkRLevin15 karma

Hi, ThatJimKid

That's a very good question. We are very fortunate today to have access to research tools that were not readily available just a few decades ago. You can access original historical documents, raw economic data, the great philosophers, etc, without any filters. I would also suggest that you become familiar with certain websites and over time you'll determine whether they're a reliable source of information, or not. And, of course, listen to me on the radio ;).

npurpura273 karma

Mr. Levin let me start this off by saying I am a big fan of your work and your radio show is the highlight of my evening. I have a few questions.

  1. You often say that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of JFK and FDR in what ways would you say the Democratic Party has changed in the last 50 years?

  2. After the MSNBC Debate their was a movement to get yourself Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to host an independent GOP Debate. Limbaugh has turned it down and I don't what Beck has said so would you do it and who would you want as co-moderators?

  3. Who were your inspirations?

  4. What do you think the biggest problem our next President is going to have to face first?

  5. Are you related to Miachel Salvage you guys look similar?

  6. How do you feel about the fact that both Trump and Carson have threatened to split from GOP?

  7. Since President Obama will probably never Debate you who else would you want to debate on your show ?

  8. Do you think the United States will be involved in a war with a foreign power in the next 5-10 years?

  9. Why did you start a radio show and not say get a job at Fox News?

  10. What's the most unconstitutional thing this President has done so far in your opinion?

Sorry if that was a lot I've been wondering about Alot of these things for a while and I am glad to have them answered.

Thank You.

MarkRLevin16 karma

Hi, npurpura27

That's a lot more than a few! Here's a few responses:

  1. I have not, and will not, solicit opportunities to moderate debates. I was asked whether I would if requested by the RNC. I said I probably would, however, that will never happen because the chairman of the RNC is not a conservative.

  2. Here's a list of some people I'd debate:

  3. Hillary Clinton

  4. Bernie Sanders

  5. Lindsey Graham

  6. Mitch McConnell

The usual big government-types in either party.

  1. Obama's violations are numerous. One violation is enough. That said, the greatest damage is probably to separation of powers. Even today he's talking about usurping the Second Amendment by fiat. This is extremely dangerous and is a continuation of his brazen lawlessness. I fault congressional republicans from failing to take any effective steps to protect the Constitution.

DFG3043 karma

Hi Mark, I have been listening to you for years and have purchased many of your and your dad's books for my children's school libraries. Thank you. My question is this. I have a freshman in college who is becoming more liberal by the day. I try to reason, but we argue and things generally don't end well. He just refuses delivery. Any advice? It is both heartbreaking and maddening and I float between both emotions. The thought of him canceling out my vote, particularly in 2016, when we are paying the tuition by the way, just ticks me off.

MarkRLevin14 karma

Hi, DFG304

This is why I wrote Plunder and Deceit. I'm not hawking it, but I honestly believe that if you can persuade your son to read it, it might be helpful. Sometimes if a stranger, or someone who is not the parent, speaks to (or in my case, writes) their child, it has a greater effect. It's worth a try.

Good luck!

adament001-2 karma


MarkRLevin35 karma

Hi, adament001

The Israeli people seek nothing but their own freedom and survival. They have the military capacity to destroy any of the surrounding countries as well as the Palestinian authorities. They have not started a single war in which they have fought. They have protected the rights of Arabs and Palestinians who live within their borders and respect all religious groups as well. If you cannot figure this out by now, then let me suggest you work a little harder at educating yourself.

Chase: Shh bby is ok

Freedomnotfear-7 karma

Hey Mark, I am 23 years old. Finished college and the entire time I was in school the teachers seemingly brainwashed the children they were teaching. We were forced to read Obama's book (which I refused in the face of a failing mark on the assignment). I decided to try a social experiment and made up a BS paper on how hard it was for Obama being African American and used every liberal praise of him in the media. I received an A+ on my paper without having read a page! Is there anything we can do to stop liberal professors from brainwashing students? We have regulations for child molesters. Is this not similar to that? These professors who are supposed to be their to guide students to their future goals instead take advantage of them. They push the greatness of the left and no one challenges them and students blindly accept it. How can we stop the University system from brainwashing our youth?

Sincerly, Concerned libertarian college student.

MarkRLevin13 karma

Hi, Freedomnotfear

Not to promote my books, but consider reading Plunder and Deceit. It is loaded with facts, arguments, and history, which you and any other free-thinking students can use to challenge your professor in class. And they should be challenged in class. Also, I think it is time that students, like you, organize and civilly protest against professors who abuse their positions to advance their ideologies rather than actually teach. You and your family pay a great deal of money to these institutions so that you can attend law school. I believe it's time that we speak out.

MarkRLevin12 karma

I also want to congratulate you for refusing to be indoctrinated.