Have you ever wanted to name a paint color? We choose paint color names for a living! We saw an IAMA Request from /u/PoorlyAttired in this subreddit who wanted someone who names paint colors - That's us! We are PPG Voice of Color and we recently named more than 500 paint colors for our PPG Paints collection and have named paint colors for many brands you may have used in your own home – brands such as Olympic, Glidden, PPG Paints – and more! With more than 20 years in the paint industry, this activity is one of the most fun and agonizing jobs we've had! Want to know how we do it? Ask away! Our identities:

Dee Schlotter - Senior Color Marketing Manager, PPG Architectural Coatings

Misty Yeomans - Color Marketing Manager, PPG Architectural Coatings


Twitter post showing us: https://twitter.com/voiceofcolor/status/667799734384480256

Link to our Voice Of Color site where you can view many of the paint colors we are going to talk about: http://ppgvoiceofcolor.com

Facebook post from our company account: https://www.facebook.com/voiceofcolor/photos/a.296880744327.181885.180193159327/10153726476589328/?type=3&theater

UPDATE 11/23/2015:

Thank you so much to everyone that came. We are blown away by the response and had a great time answering your questions about paint colors and how we choose the right names for colors. We're definitely going to be involving Reddit again when we choose the names for new paint colors - so stay tuned and please come visit us at our social networking sites. Thank you again to poster /u/PoorlyAttired for the initial request - This was so much fun!

UPDATE 11/25/2015: We're so amazed by the response from the AMA! We are answering a few more questions this morning, so feel free to ask your color related questions!

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dexikiix2659 karma

What are your opinions on Titanium Hwite?

Edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

PPGVoiceOfColor1920 karma

Dee - "We love Bob Ross."

batman10293847561698 karma

what qualifications do you need to become one?

what is the "name" of your job?

how much do you get paid?

PPGVoiceOfColor1416 karma

Dee - "1. I have an English undergrad and a BS in Environmental Management - but I had a strong interest in color and color psychology. 2. Senior Color Marketing Manager. 3. Not enough."

Misty - "1. I have a BFA in Fine Arts with a focus in Graphic Design - My graphic and color experience has helped immensely. 2. Color Marketing Manager. 3. I love my job."

oneanddoneforfun822 karma

I create the names of jobs for a living - I've recently named over 500 jobs and have named jobs for many professionals you have used in your home. Ask me anything!

GrammerNasi382 karma

what qualifications do you need to become one?

what is the "name" of your job?

how much do you get paid?

Ragelols454 karma

I create the names of names for a living - I've recently named over 500 names and have named names for many names you have used in your name. Ask me anything!

qwb3656336 karma


SednaBoo396 karma

I create the loops of loops for a living - I've recently looped over 500 loops and have looped loops for many loops you have looped in your loop. Loop me anything!

slydunan133 karma

What's your opinion on fruit?

PPGVoiceOfColor52 karma

Dee - "We love fruit. There are lots of fruit color names." Misty - "Melon Pink. Apple A Day. Apricot Cream. Banana Pudding. Banana Brulee. There are so many!"

Here are a couple mentioned -

Melon Pink:


Apple A Day:


Jeanpower1134 karma

After 20+ years of wanting to do it I finally painted a wall in my house to look like a paint chart and spent hours agonising over the colours and their names: Golden Bark, Auburn Falls, Wholemeal Honey, Blue Diamond and Tarragon Glory. My favourites are the tarragon and Wholemeal as they amuse me. So, how often do you choose names that simply amuse you?

PPGVoiceOfColor770 karma

Dee- "Love the wall! Yes we do have colors that amuse us. There are my favorites: Funky Frog, Gobbledygook, Honey Bun!"

Misty - "Gone Giddy.(which is what happens after you name 500 colors)"

fiveamtuesday941 karma

Could you name a shade of white "Walter"?

PPGVoiceOfColor1277 karma

Dee - "I'd rather name a blue."

Catostomidae810 karma

What was the most risqué name that was discussed and squashed and/or made it?

PPGVoiceOfColor1218 karma

Dee - "One Horse Sized Duck."

SoKPupit514 karma

What sort of vetting process must a color name go through before being approved? Where does one usually draw the line when it comes to vulgarity in names? For example, would "Poo-Poo Brown" be approved? Why or why not?

PPGVoiceOfColor637 karma

Dee - "When we name new colors our color names are are vetted through a legal process to avoid trademark issues. We are focused on finding names that are fun, visual, creative and appropriate to the color."

Nevermore416474 karma

What's your favorite color?

PPGVoiceOfColor736 karma

Dee - "My favorite colors are Paradise Found, Zombie, & Plunge Pool from our collections, green if we're talking in general!"

Misty - "El Captain & Hunt Club Red from our collections- black if we are talking basic colors!"

Countingfrog390 karma

Did you guys happen to come up with the name "Sautéed Mushroom"? It is a brownish color I used to paint my room.

PPGVoiceOfColor441 karma

Dee - "Yes we did! That is a great color for a room!"

rallioul389 karma

Where do you get inspiration for the names? Is it fridge magnet poetry? Please tell me its fridge magnet poetry.

PPGVoiceOfColor601 karma

Dee - "Everywhere. It's everywhere."

Misty - "It's whatever the color sparks in our mind."

Dee - "It could be from pop culture. Nature, Food, Everything."

Misty - "Sometimes it just pops in our heads after 4 hours."

Dee - "And fridge magnet poetry."

Kyllakyle306 karma

I recently painted my kitchen (at my wife's behest) Intellectual Gray. Who would name a color something so silly? And do you likewise have any regrets about a name you created?

PPGVoiceOfColor390 karma

Dee - "I regret naming any colors that don't give someone the impression of the color - a name that doesn't align with the color that it is. Or something gross. Like the color Teeny Bikini - to me that color would be teal with white, but in reality it is Yellow."

Misty - "I regret picking long color names. When you are actually trying to fit it into materials it gets hard and I get mad at myself. Like Flowering Raspberry and Enchanting Eggplant. Too long."

fallynstarr260 karma

Have you ever seen Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind?There's a monologue from one of the main characters about how there must be a job out there that names colors. Curiosity quenched. Thanks!

PPGVoiceOfColor196 karma

Dee - "We love that movie. That is a kaleidoscope of colors." Misty - "I would put it up there with Little Miss Sunshine."

Mstrchapl244 karma

Has there been a paint you've named selfishly, in the sense that it reflected your personal likes/fandoms? For instance, if I could call a color "Master Chief Green," I would totally do it. Anything like that?

PPGVoiceOfColor358 karma

Dee - "Zombie because my son loves Zombies so he named it."

Misty - "El Captain because I love Yosemite. Even though there are colors that have my name in them I have not influenced those names."

CuddlePirate420233 karma

What color is that damn dress?

PPGVoiceOfColor368 karma

Dee - "White and Gold. Or in Voice of color terms, Tropical Siesta & Delicate White."

Misty - "Black and Blue. Thanks for sparking this debate again. The colors would be Suddenly Sapphire & Black Magic in our palette."

White Gold Dress Palette: http://www.ppgvoiceofcolor.com/digital-color/paint-colors/tropical-siesta-ppg1107-5


Black Blue Dress Palette:



MrSoul89217 karma

I mix paint at a hardware store and have noticed that different brands will use the same name for the same colour. Is this by design or are certain colours not copyrighted?

PPGVoiceOfColor262 karma

Dee - "Colors are not copyrighted." Misty - "It happens sometimes!"

Grintor212 karma

What would you name the unclicked hyperlink blue here on reddit?

PPGVoiceOfColor596 karma

Misty - "Lost Hope."

Gimme2Breakz183 karma

What are your thoughts about the PANTONE color system?

PPGVoiceOfColor257 karma

Dee - "Great for fashion, makeup, and graphic design.'

Misty - "Agreed."

knightni73171 karma

Do you think that there could be a reddish orange color named "Mom's Spaghetti?"

PPGVoiceOfColor443 karma

Dee - "Oh great idea. You could lose yourself in trying to select that color."

Deleriumb32127 karma

Is there a database of all names used before to prevent replication? Is there a website indexing everything so curious people can look?

PPGVoiceOfColor217 karma

Dee - "Yes, there is! There is a huge database that goes back more than 50 years of all paint color names."

beerux87 karma

Where is this database? Is it publicly accessible?

PPGVoiceOfColor129 karma

Dee - "It is in our R&D lab."

thekillershots3121 karma

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

PPGVoiceOfColor243 karma

Misty - "No! It is not. Because we do not ever reuse a name so it becomes increasingly difficult to create new color names. This is why we like talking and getting new ideas from the public."

Dee - "Sometimes the name comes to you right away. But other times if you have a hundred greys to name it is hard to find relevant and significant names."

this_is_balls114 karma

Do you have any other job responsibilities other than naming colors?

PPGVoiceOfColor226 karma

Dee & Misty - "Naming colors is about 10% of developing a new color marketing program or collection launch. We design the color cards, color brochures, design the rooms in the images, prefect the images, the chip rack, and so much more."

DigiDuncan109 karma

What's the best name that you have personally created?

PPGVoiceOfColor215 karma

Dee - "Ghost Ship, it has emotion with it. It feels emotional to me and I like words that have emotion to it."

synthparadox96 karma

Have you accidentally renamed a color? (Especially one named by someone else)
Edit: partially answered by other question

How do you name colors that change depending on the viewing angle?

Do you look at the colors in multiple lighting situations (incandescent, fluorescent, etc) before naming it?

PPGVoiceOfColor69 karma

Dee - "We absolutely look at colors in multiple lighting situations and recommend everyone does as well. Different angles will pull into surrounding colors differently, so these may be unique to each home."

Adnotamentum90 karma

If my username was a colour, what colour would it be?

PPGVoiceOfColor159 karma

Misty - "Gray. A gorgeous metallic gray."

V4refugee84 karma

Would you consider sub contracting us redditors to name colors for you?

PPGVoiceOfColor130 karma

Dee - "Yes you guys are awesome! Next time we color card we will totally reach out to you guys. We love you guys."

Misty- "Stay tuned..."

crazynormal83 karma

What would you say is the most difficult color you had to name?

PPGVoiceOfColor161 karma

Misty - "I would say muted greens I struggle with." Dee - "Beiges. People love beiges and there are tons of beiges and they are a struggle to differentiate."

DropkickDisco78 karma

Are any of you guys' colors inspired by Pittsburgh at all, since that's where you are HQ'd?

FYI, I live in the burgh. The PPG building is kind of a landmark building my husband and I use to know where we are while we learn the city!

PPGVoiceOfColor90 karma

Dee - "City Street, Deconstruction, Black Magic, and Yukon Gold!"

mrtyson5657 karma

If Misty Yeomans was a color, what color would Misty Yeomans be?

PPGVoiceOfColor67 karma

Misty - "It would definitely be red."

brouhaha__57 karma

What are some of the strangest name suggestions you've heard and put forth?

PPGVoiceOfColor108 karma

Misty - "Kenny's Kiss - It's vibrant pink. And Mincemeat."

Dee - "Squished Caterpillar, a suggestion from when we did an I Named A Paint Color contest."

Pockets200056 karma

Is alleteration looked down upon when naming paint?

PPGVoiceOfColor73 karma

Dee - "No I like it. I think it's catchy."

zaphriel56 karma

What colour is your office?

PPGVoiceOfColor82 karma

Dee - "Mine used to be Fuschia Flock and Sweet Annie. Now it's an officle and I have almost every inch of it covered in colorful graphics."

Misty - "Hunt Club Red!"

Fuchsia Flock


Sweet Annie:


823748923746 karma

How can one best decide on the right shade for one's home? Often paint that looks good on a chip looks awful when spread much wider.

PPGVoiceOfColor60 karma

Hi /U/8237489237 We answered your question here on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BB4HFq66bE

Graphite_Smear44 karma

Future interior designer here. I was going over a collection swatches yesterday (from a different company) and noticed an alarming amount of "(adjective) taupe" names that I almost went cross eyed from it. How do you avoid getting burnt out from naming so many neutrals?

P.S. Who ever named Ostrich Feather and Knight's Armor is awesome and deserves a high five.

PPGVoiceOfColor39 karma

Dee - "Neutrals are the hardest. There is such a fine line between the neutrals."

Misty - "This is when we reach out to the public and other members of the PPG teams."

Dee - "We have consumer groups that get together to get some fresh color names for neutrals - and kids! Kids are so quick and creative with helping to name things in a refreshing way."

playerIII21 karma

My dad once told me that the red paint used in Disney stores is copyrighted and they are forced to use it. And that it also costs something like 400 bucks a can.

Don't suppose you know if there's any truth to this?

PPGVoiceOfColor28 karma

Dee - "Most brands do have a specific color specified for marketing and branding consistency purposes. We don't know the story on the pricing you mentioned."

TrishyMay13 karma

Have you ever named a color after someone you know? How did they feel about it?

PPGVoiceOfColor25 karma

Dee - "We used to have a color named Flapjack - it's beige the color of pancakes and was named after my son who loves pancakes/flapjacks."

Mechashevet7 karma

Is the naming process done in a committee? Individually? How does it work?

PPGVoiceOfColor6 karma

Dee - "It is a committee - for sure."

ectish6 karma

Outside of the normal 'spectrum' of paint's colors and effects, what fun projects gave you worked on? Like odor, luminescence, glow-in-the-dark, thermochromic, and the like.

PPGVoiceOfColor6 karma

Dee - "Our product team is always looking into fun, innovative products but we always get to focus on the most important thing - COLOR!"

Slothbaby2 karma

Can I name one please?

PPGVoiceOfColor4 karma

Dee - "Check out our Facebook - when we have a palette to name we involve the public! We'd love your help! https://www.facebook.com/voiceofcolor"

berrset31 karma

What is your most memorable moment while on the job?

PPGVoiceOfColor2 karma

Dee - "The Global Color Meeting! Because we get 25 different color experts from Automotive to Aerospace to discuss upcoming color trends for the next year!"

Y_dilligaf1 karma

Why? Why why why why? Sounds like a pretty dumb profession

PPGVoiceOfColor1 karma

Dee - "Are you not impacted by colors in your every day life? Do colors not influence your purchase decision? Color is a vital decision maker - part science, part psychology, part art."