Hi everyone, Rick and Marty Lagina here. You might know us from HISTORY’s “The Curse of Oak Island”, where we’ve spent the past 2 years digging up Oak Island in Novia Scotia looking for buried treasure. We’ve been fascinated by the island’s 220 year old history since we were kids, and look forward to chatting with you. We’ll be back at 12PM EST to answer any questions, talk theories, so ask away!

Proof: http://imgur.com/ppNQN1v

EDIT: We want to thank you all again for your great questions and support. Signing off, got to check out the Rick and Morty show. You can catch us on HISTORY’s The Curse of Oak Island on Tuesdays at 9/8c."

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therealandrew140 karma

Are you guys fans of the animated show: Rick and Morty?

Have you ever found Nazi gold in a Uboat?

Lagina_Brothers33 karma

Marty/Rick: We're unfamiliar with it.

Rick: Find us the boat and we'll look for the gold.

doryteke108 karma

Start watching it. It is better than your show.

Lagina_Brothers43 karma

Marty: Gee it must be really good. We'll check it out.

nmccallum5832 karma

You pumped down 10X on last night's episode to a level in order to retrieve the pipe that slipped down (and in the process may have gotten a core sample of the bottom of a chamber). My question is this: why can't 10X be pumped further down, and at what level does water fill it up again to what level? You pumped it down somewhat and it is not refilling. What flow rate does it fill? Can pumping capacity be provided that exceeds fill or flood flow rate?

Lagina_Brothers19 karma

Marty: This is an ongoing debate among Rick and I. Yes, 10X can definitely be pumped down, perhaps emptied but there's significant risk of a catastrophic collapse. We believe technically it could be done with some modifications.

Mantisbog24 karma

Rick, how did you get out of intergalactic prison? Marty, have you forgiven him for abandoning the family again?

Lagina_Brothers10 karma

Marty: Jabba the Hutt arranged for his escape.

EDIT: Marty: And Rick would never abandon his family.

cyberseal8221 karma

I was wonderin has anyone thought about sending a remote controlled submersible like they used to get inside the Titanic down 10x?

Lagina_Brothers23 karma

Rick: Stay tuned, you'll get your answer this season.

BestSkiJobs12 karma

2 questions if I may one for Rick and one for Marty. Marty, what has been the most infuriating part of the process for you? And Rick, how hard has the swamp been to actually get to to excavate?

Lagina_Brothers22 karma

Rick: The swamp is difficult because environmental regulations have to be obeyed. We need a defined search area before they process a dig permit and we're not quite there yet. We're certainly not done with the swamp.

Marty: Given Rick's answer, I'm infuriated that I might have to go back into the swamp.

SuspiciousManatee9 karma

My sister and I are absolutely obsessed with your show. We actually saw Marty at the journey concert this summer. We just wanted to know what do you think or hope may be buried on the island?

Lagina_Brothers10 karma

Marty: I think the most intriguing theory involves the treasure of the Knights Templar and if we could hope for one, we would hope for this treasure.

Rick: It's not only a treasure but it fills in the gap for history.

skjortekrage9 karma

If you make a MAJOR discovery, wouldn't be all over the news long before the show airs?

Lagina_Brothers15 karma

Rick/Marty: Of course if we found something of great importance, all relevant parties would be contacted (i.e. the Canadian government). However, we can control when and where that announcement is made publicly.

there_and-back_again8 karma

Hi guys! I've lived in Nova Scotia my whole life, and was so excited to hear about this show! One episode and I was hooked! I was just curious if it adds even more excitement to finding items/artefacts to get to show them to Dan Blenkenship? He's such a big part of the history (and mystery!) of Oak Island, and I find myself going "Oh! I can't wait for them to tell Dan!"

Lagina_Brothers9 karma

Rick: I feel exactly the same way. I get a lot of satisfaction showing our discoveries to Dan. Nothing pleases us more.

OItoursLAM6 karma

Hi guys! This is Lisa from Friends of Oak Island Society! We all miss you here in NS but have been enjoying Season 3 so far! Justin wanted to ask, What do you consider your biggest success so far? Where do you think you've made the most progress?

Lagina_Brothers13 karma

Rick: For me, the biggest success was that there are coconut fibers in Smith's Cove. Another was being able to work with Fred Nolan.

Stormen816 karma

I've watched all of the episodes and I feel sorry for you guys with all the nutjobs showing up, especially that Hutton guy. Amundsen seems like a solid bloke though.

Can I ask what sums you guys have put into this quest - and how on earth you afforded it? Have you found the treasure already and just stringing us along?

Lagina_Brothers7 karma

Marty: Yes its certainly true that Oak Island is a magnet for "interesting characters." The hard part is sorting out who's credible and who's not.

dtracynel5 karma

Hi Marty and Rick! We love the show in our family! One of my favorite parts about the show is seeing your awesome brotherly relationship and seeing all the family members you have helping on the island. How has being on a reality show affected your family?

Lagina_Brothers6 karma

Rick: I love the fact that my nieces and nephews at a greater or lesser degree are a part of the show. I like having them there. As for being on a reality show, they can't believe it and neither can we.

KentBrocks5 karma

Hi Lagina's, Have you put a camera in the Vault yet? I can't wait to see what's there!

Lagina_Brothers9 karma

Rick: Hi KentBrocks, stay tuned. We're surely not walking away from it.

Usedpaintbrush5 karma

I've been waiting for this. Big fan of the show. Last nights episode was great!

Can you say that you found anything amazing this season? Without breaking your nda.

What was the biggest difficulty you guys had to get through when searching for the treasure?

Lagina_Brothers8 karma

Marty: Stay tuned! Can't break the nda.

Rick: The biggest difficulty is we're fighting 220 years of search. We don't know what has gone on in the last 220 years.

WilliamAlespiller5 karma

Using the nuclear magnetic resonance charts, why not find the tunnel closest to the surface and dig there to get into the unflooded tunnels and then explore them?

Why not use young, athetic, jockey sized diver(s) instead of the full size senior divers?

Has their been any research into wireless communication, ie, through water communication? (to prevent tangling and trapped in the shaft) Seems to be possible: http://www.oceantechnologysystems.com/through-water-communications/

Lagina_Brothers5 karma

Marty: We've had some of those thoughts as well. Stay tuned, you'll see some of those answers this season.

artin215 karma

Lets say you guys do find treasures and figure out the secrets of the island. Then what? Do you think you would continue treasure hunting in another way or another place, or is the island your only real interest? I can see you guys finding sunken ships and things.

Lagina_Brothers7 karma

Rick: Life is full of mysteries and it's up to each and every one of us to figure out where our passions lay. Follow your dreams. The thing that has always fascinated me is where the great Genghis Khan's tomb lies.

artin214 karma

Given that many people have been interested in the island, how is it that you two ended up getting to be the ones to work it? Did it just come down to having more money than others to buy rights and things? How were you the 'chosen ones' that got the chance?

Lagina_Brothers5 karma

Rick: It was more about timing. David Tobias and Dan Blankenship agreed to split up their partnership and it was at a time we were interested in being involved.

PsychoNautJohnII4 karma

Huge fan of what you guys are doing, and the history behind everything.

What was it that you found so fascinating with Oak Island and its legend? Just one of those things you found cool as kids that always stuck with you?

On an end note: I really hope you guys find what you're looking for. Not only would it be a huge personal achievement, it might shed some more light on our history.

Lagina_Brothers7 karma

Rick: We always appreciate your words of encouragement and that our fans are rooting for us.

Kylehoward284 karma

Are you guys planning on excavating one of the tunnels, with say a backhoe, and then maybe having access to them? Also who owns the island?

I love the show and I really hope you guys find the answers you're looking for, especially for dan Blankenship to have closure for all those years of work.

Lagina_Brothers4 karma

Rick: We would love to get access to a tunnel but we don't think there are any tunnels that are reachable by a backhoe. We agree, we hope to find closure for Dan.

NateM0314 karma

If you guys don't find any treasure this year how long will you continue to look for it?

Lagina_Brothers4 karma

Rick: I'd like to say as long as it takes but one has to be realistic and at some point if we don't feel we can make progress, we'll hand the mystery to someone else.

fastsz14 karma

I am a big fan but also a scientist, why don't you test some of the scientific theories as to the mysteries of the island? Like that the 'tunnels' are naturally formed?

Lagina_Brothers5 karma

Marty: We try to be as scientific as possible but there are some unique geological features on the island that make it difficult.

Fureels4 karma

If you end up coming out empty handed on the island (treasure wise)......what's next?

Lagina_Brothers8 karma

Rick: I don't believe that will happen. I firmly believe at the very least, there's a story.

P0rkbe11y3 karma

Would you rather find gold/treasure? Or would you rather find religious/historically groundbreaking artifacts?

Lagina_Brothers5 karma

Marty: Gold

Rick: Historical artifacts.

artin213 karma

Love the show! Every time I watch though, I am left wondering if Jack is single?

Lagina_Brothers7 karma

Marty: Yes, Jack is single.

jk826723 karma

The first season was 5 episodes and the second was 10 episodes. How many episodes is season 3 slated for?

Lagina_Brothers7 karma

Marty/Rick: We believe it's 13 episodes.

artin213 karma

I recently read an opinion that you guys should have an archaeologist working on the team. Have you had any express interest in it or thought about having one join up with you guys?

Lagina_Brothers6 karma

Marty/Rick: We have worked with several archaeologists.

UrMomLikesMine2 karma

What's the strangest thing to happen to you while you were there?

Lagina_Brothers15 karma

Marty: There are so many strange things that it's difficult to answer. Equipment malfunctions at an amazing rate. For instance, when we ran an underwater ROV, it immediately malfunctioned. When we brought it to the surface, it started on fire.

artin212 karma

Although you have your hands full with the island, are there any other mysteries that have peaked your interest? Any that you would like to see someone else solve or that you may have pursued if you had never become involved with the island?

Lagina_Brothers3 karma

Rick: Genghis Khan's tomb

Marty: The island has been a handful so far but I've always been intrigued with Alaric's tomb.

djohns1232 karma

Hey, I'm super interested in the Oak Island mystery. To me it's got to be more than just money. No one would go through all of that based on just selfish greed. To keep money away from anyone else. So, my question is, do you have a favorite theory of what it might be? And also can i come help you guys dig? You don't even have to pay me :) I figure you could use a another strong back out there and history/science is a love of mine. I can't imagine working on something so incredible.

Lagina_Brothers3 karma

Rick: I agree that it has a lot more to do than just money. There are four or five credible theories and we're trying to prove one of them correct. My favorite one is that it's Knights Templar associated.

supervision_required2 karma

-Have you ever had a hard time keeping a straight face listening to someone's Oak Island theory? -Did your family have a hard time with the decision to put your money/time into this adventure?

Lagina_Brothers3 karma

Rick: It's always interesting to hear the amazing theories that people look for. I love their passion and their interest.

Marty: EDIT: Yes, occasionally some of the theories are a bit far-fetched.

Chuckdeez4202 karma

Hey guys, huge fan from north carolina here, is there one treasure that sticks out of all the possibilities that you hope is down there? I have been so intrigued since season 1 and hope there is something significantly historical down there. Good luck and can't wait till next week!!

Lagina_Brothers4 karma

Marty/Rick: We're hoping for the Knights Templar treasure because it would be historically important and $$$.

Loganisbest2 karma

Hi guys! I'm a huge fan of the show! But what do you hope to do if you discover something on oak island? And how do you guys keep your sanity after a while of searching, with things going wrong and all that?

Lagina_Brothers3 karma

Marty: Rick asked our father that exact question. If we find something of huge value, our recently deceased father told us to do something good with it, which is what we intend to do.

EDIT: Marty: As for sanity, who says we're sane to start with.

imthatguy252 karma

What do you think is the most fascinating thing about the island?

Lagina_Brothers7 karma

Rick: The fact that it's held people's fascination for the last 220 years. It's held their interests for all these years and the why is still to be discovered.

ColinTurner262 karma

Hey Rick and Marty, huge fan of the show. I've read books on Oak Island my whole life. What are your plans for the island itself after you find the treasure? Give tours? Keep on working and having faith. You're team will do it.

Lagina_Brothers7 karma

Rick: It would be a wonderful predicament to find ourselves in. Thanks for the well wishes!

skjortekrage2 karma

In the first season you did some collaboration with Petter Amundsen and his theories regarding the Tree of Life and the Mercy Point in the swamp. Is Amundsens theories and the Mercy Point completely aborted at this stage?

Lagina_Brothers9 karma

Rick: Absolutely not, we continue to do exploratory work in the swamp. At this point, Amundsen's theory is one of many theories but the swamp is still on target.

Marty: I hate the swamp.

Rick: But we're not done.