It's Thomas Knox. I'm here to answer any questions about me or the Date While You Wait movement. Please ASK ME ANYTHING! Here's the proof: I'll start taking questions at 12PM EST

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Hey everybody! I don't know why Mr. Knox is being so modest about sharing clear info about his product but I've been using my "date while you wait" for a couple weeks now and I'll give you my review: First off it took a long time for me to receive it after I ordered. Free shipping would be a nice gesture, but I understand how difficult this might be considering the size of "date while you wait". I actually sent mine back to get a different size (medium) which was absolutely perfect. In terms of user-friendliness I'd rate "date while you wait" an 8 out of 10. Those of us in the movement have been asking for a touchscreen interface for a while now so I hope Mr. Knox will consider it for future versions. For first-time users I'd recommend setting the day selector to "Monday" regardless of what day it is when you start. Also, the saddle takes a while to get used to so you might want to use something like a throw pillow on top of it -- but try to do without extra padding as soon as you can in order to get the full experience. Lastly, if you do opt for the water cooled version you might want to consider adding die or food coloring to the water to get it to look more flesh colored. Oh, a quick question for other date while you waiters: how long do you leave yours on for? should I be turning it off when I go to sleep?

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I have no idea what Sickballs is talking about!

This is what Date While You wait is about:

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Can you explain exactly what it is you're talking about? All of your answers are incredibly vague. Which doesn't make any sense.

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So to explain what "Date While You Wait" is since Thomas doesn't seem to be doing himself justice.

Date While You Wait is literally Thomas sat down with a table and two folding chairs, and a sign that said "Date While You Wait". Specifically, while New Yorkers were waiting for the subway in Manhattan.

I don't know if he gets compensated for it, he might since it'd be pretty similar to street performers who play an instrument with a donation case/bucket/w.e sitting in front of them.

It's not really a service, website, app or whatever, it's genuinely his idea of New Yorkers are all about point A to point B with regards to life in general. The subway is a great physical manifestation of that, and the general environment is not one of conversation with strangers or even general friendliness.

My understanding is Thomas decided to resist that concept and have individuals "date" while they wait for their subway train to arrive. Specifically with the intentions of fostering conversations in what would typically be an unfriendly environment. So the "movement" is to simply put down the smart phones, sit down, quite literally in his context, and date one another while waiting instead of feeding into the technological era we live in where our faces are constantly in our phones and we have no awareness of those around us.

Thomas / /u/DateWhileYouWait please correct anything that's incorrect with my statements.

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You are the bomb! Thanks for filling in!

Sparkybear49 karma

It's a bs media marketing thing. All of the answers are generic, "it's bigger than talking to someone on your commute". It sounds like some marketing company is trying to start some " movement " to get more clients.

DateWhileYouWait-138 karma

It's extremely sad that you even think that. You think I would start a reddit post to market my company. Come on! you gotta do better then that! Yea, I'm in need of reddit clients..hahahaha

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You sound like a jerk off and trust me, I know jerk offs.

DateWhileYouWait-134 karma

Really? do you Really? only one way to find out.

diaboloyy38 karma

What exactly is date while you wait?

DateWhileYouWait-129 karma

It's a movement I created to challenge people to have conversations and positive open dialogue during their commutes.

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So it's an attempt to get people to talk to each other?

DateWhileYouWait-106 karma

It's more of an attempt to get people to share their story. I believe it's bigger then just talking, it's in some ways very therapeutic.

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What is date while you wait? Specifically. A website? An app? A guy standing on the street corner? Do I pay for it? What do I do when on this website/app/store/corner/whatever this is.

You haven't seemed to answer any questions so far in anything other than ambiguous sales pitch phrases.

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Oh man.. He said a million times it is a movement he created!

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I think he's gone :I we will never know

DateWhileYouWait-52 karma

No way! I'm here to stay!

chorrica15 karma

Ok, but, are you here to answer too?

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Yes, Im here to answer serious questions.

DateWhileYouWait-55 karma

Right? Thanks for understanding

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Here is the sales pitch you've been looking for

Guess what? it's free! who would have thought!

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Does anyone here have any idea what Date While You Wait is?

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I looked at his Twitter and I think it's just that he goes to subway/bus stops, and sets up a table with a sign that says "Date While You Wait." It has a tablecloth and two chairs set up, and he's sitting in one. So I guess people are supposed to sit down and have a conversation with him, and it's like a date.

It seems that it's just the one guy doing it, and maybe it's turning into a local NYC oddity, because there are a few people tweeting pictures of him and writing little articles about it. But I think, because he lives in NYC, he has a warped view of how common-knowledge it is.

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Why should I use your service? Who is it geared toward?

DateWhileYouWait-85 karma

Date While You Wait is not a service. I don't charge or ask for anything other then a great conversation. Its geared toward every and anyone. It gives them the ability to have a interesting conversation or interaction during your commute.

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There is a "Date while you wait" movement?

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I believe it's turning into one. DWYW has been done all over the World since I've started it back in June.

nonhiphipster9 karma

Where has it been successful? Please don't say nyc, cause that's clearly not true.

DateWhileYouWait-34 karma

Ok, Its been successful in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx

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Man! So this is what happens when I step away from my computer and connect with people in the real World. My bad people!

I started this movement/project/experience to connect with people. Simple as that! There's no service attached to it. if you're in the subway on your way home and see me feel free to take a seat or go on with your day, its really up to you. I provide a opportunity to talk about your day or anything that's going on in your life. I feel we continue to focus all our time on our mobile devices and sometimes we forget about human interaction. I just wanted to bring that back.

Thanks Viperavirus for filling in while I was out. Date While You Wait is exactly what The New York Times, The Huffington Post and CNN saids it is. Here are the links so you can a visual of what it's all about since I'm not moving fast enough for you.

Yes, its a guy just sitting in the subway talking to people with no strings attached. No, its not a marketing campaign. I honestly don't care if any of you follow me. I want people to follow me that are interested in bring people together, not calling them out or attacking them on reddit.

softmod17 karma

What do you want to be when you grow up?

DateWhileYouWait-23 karma

Good question. I guess a innovator in some way. I'm still trying to figure that out.

Jive-Turkeys15 karma

Hi! Just checked out your Twitter page and it seemed like the people who showed up and tried it out were having a genuinely good time! Here are my questions:

•Do people tend to be be a little hesitant to approach you?

•What demographic have you seen more commonly?

•Has this changed you in any way since you started?

DateWhileYouWait-22 karma

Thanks for checking it out!

-Yes, People tend to be a little hesitant because they don't know exactly what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I encourage people to ask me about it when they see me. I'm totally open and love to share the idea behind it.

-It has been a mixer of all different types of demographics. I've met people from all over the World and all different races.

-Yes, It's taught me that open communication is appreciated and we all have a story, sometimes we just need someone to listen and thats what I enjoy.

VirtualSociopath10 karma

Why are you so lame?

DateWhileYouWait-6 karma

Good question, I think is all started back in 1987. I was a baby and really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

xmagusx8 karma

Why are you calling it a movement when it's just you doing it?

DateWhileYouWait-25 karma

Actually, Its been done in order cities and countries.

Its been done in California, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania here in the US and Germany, Australia

GoogleIsMyJesus7 karma

I love my c100's. Do you?

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TheFearOfRobots6 karma

How did you have the idea for Date While you wait?

DateWhileYouWait-20 karma

Good question, I was inspired by conversations with my friends and family about their negative experiences during their commutes and wanted to do something positive to give back.

thelowsparkof5 karma

I see that you were recently in France speaking at a conference. What were some of the other speakers' stories and how was DWYW received?

DateWhileYouWait-14 karma

Yea, it was amazing! The conference was in Lille, France. It was called the World Forum for a Responsible Economy. Some of the stories included projects on company building and creating eco-friendly resources for countries in Africa. Others were around teaching students in Africa how to us technology. They were all pretty incredible! DWYW was very well received. I had the opportunity to do it in Lille and the locals participated even though I did speak any French. We played Connect 4 and share what words we did know in each others languages. It was great being able to communicate through body language and game play.

thelowsparkof6 karma

Very cool. So how did DWYW tie into the World Forum for a Responsible Economy exactly?

DateWhileYouWait-7 karma

My project was chosen because of the human component. I had the opportunity to speak to several hundred students about my experience doing DWYW and how human interaction is missed in the age of social media and mobile devices.

tkeiy7144 karma

How long do you think you will be doing DWYW?

DateWhileYouWait-18 karma

That's an amazing question.

I love connecting with people, so most likely when it's not fun anymore. It's been a dope ride so far.

monley22 karma

I think this is a great way to improve someone's day, keep it up! Has a male ever sat down with you? How'd that go? Do you get repeat customers?

DateWhileYouWait-6 karma

Thanks! Males have sat down with me and has been just like any other conversation. I usually explain that this movement is not about romance and then we enjoy a great game or conversation. Most of the men who sit down just want to play the game. They really want to talk much. I have had repeat customers, they usually just run into me on their way to another location and give me a high five or hug.