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He probably didn't get charged for the murder due to lack of evidence, but did get charged for something else. She would've been one of the few, if not only witness, to it.

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OP is terminal. If going to some shaman puts their family at ease then it's not a bad thing. It's arguably better than that family member saying, "if they went to my shaman they would be here today" in 5 years.

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It's a bs media marketing thing. All of the answers are generic, "it's bigger than talking to someone on your commute". It sounds like some marketing company is trying to start some " movement " to get more clients.

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Hey, they call it a butt plug for a reason.

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Unification doesn't work. You have South Korea that would be forced to dump their entire infrastructure and budget to bring North Korea back up to speed. Just as Afirejar made the analogy to East/West Germany when the wall fell down. If North Korea were to be liberated, it would need to take the steps on its own. Doing that would ensure that it keeps a solid foundation and is able to progress without ruining the economy of South Korea. Germany, especially Berlin, is still struggling with the reparations of uniting and providing the aid needed to the Eastern side because of how much needed to be done. Scale that up to how much damage has been done to North Korea, and Unification becomes a recipe for disaster.