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We are Radiotopia, a collection of story-driven radio shows and podcasts that broke Kickstarter fundraising records last year in the publishing category. We are here to answer your questions about the "us" - the creators, hosts and producers - and our shows - as well as podcasting in general and Radiotopia as a network.

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We’d love to have commenters use the username of the host/show at which they're aiming their question… e.g. /u/romanmars for Roman

/u/helenzaltzman and /u/romanmars recently did AMAs here and here. Now the rest of the Radiotopians are here.

We are:

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matecarefor82 karma


Why did you advertise this as "the WHOLE gang" being here when Helen Zaltzman is nowhere to be found?! ANSWER ME THIS, YOU SON OF A BITCH! D:<

mattrox21723 karma

Or Phoebe Judge!

matecarefor37 karma

Or Nate Dimeo!

If I didn't love everyone else, I'd be so demanding my money back now!

publicradioexchange18 karma

Nate from /u/thememorypalace is sick :( Leave your question for him and tag his username, he'll respond later on!

mattrox2178 karma

I'm such a huge fan of so many of your shows. This question is for Jonathan. Who says ""The Truth"? And what was your thought process behind that interesting bit? I ask because I loved hearing your thought process behind the Radiotopiatag in Song Exploder this week.

Also, where is Phoebe??

publicradioexchange6 karma

Aw the Criminal team is traveling today sadly! We'll have them do an AMA soon. Feel free to ask them questions and they can answer later this week.