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Huge, huge fan here, both of your outdoors skills and your boldness in your faith, a few questions.

  • What did it feel like to summit Everest?

  • Who's one of your heroes?

  • Do you ever drink your piss just for, you know, fun?

  • Any plans to do any speaking in or around Florida anytime soon?

  • What's your favorite place in the world?

  • What, would you say, is (or are some of) your greatest achievement(s)?

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Thanks, Bear! You're an inspiration to many.

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Or Phoebe Judge!

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I'm such a huge fan of so many of your shows. This question is for Jonathan. Who says ""The Truth"? And what was your thought process behind that interesting bit? I ask because I loved hearing your thought process behind the Radiotopiatag in Song Exploder this week.

Also, where is Phoebe??

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I'm interested in what your backgrounds are. Have you been trained in audio recording and producing or are you trained writers and story tellers?