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Nate from /u/thememorypalace is sick :( Leave your question for him and tag his username, he'll respond later on!

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Yes we are friendly with Gimlet, and are big fans of their shows. Agreed, the more the merrier... there are so many people out there who don't even listen to podcasts yet. We need to work together to turn them onto the medium and provide amazing content. So yes listen to it all!

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I do love this idea. A few of our Podquest entrants focused on stories like this. We haven't found the right fit yet but wouldn't rule it out.

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Not for this one at least. We're trying to figure out better ways to work with our international donors. We’re continually working with our partner donation platform to improve the quality of the experience for all of our donors, specifically international. As the technology advances we’re certain you won’t have this same issue much longer, and hopefully won't need PayPal. We appreciate your patience and contribution in the meantime :)

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Aw the Criminal team is traveling today sadly! We'll have them do an AMA soon. Feel free to ask them questions and they can answer later this week.