Working 14 hours was a goddamn hell on earth but in the end my preferred party won it!


Ask me about my day.

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Stellen_Klo17 karma

What does an information officer do?

blog24x73 karma

So we direct people on which poles to go to, 13 out of the 15 hour shift.

We monitor the vote counting, make sure no party touches the counting ballots or papers (yes this happened), and close all poles

curgoth5 karma

How many folks went away without voting because they couldn't satisfy the new ID requirements? (I saw two at my polling station when I voted)

blog24x72 karma

I counted 15 with me. 5 people refused to show me their ID because a police officer can ask for ID only. K then.

hillysworld5 karma

Other than this what was the dumbest question you were asked today?

marsman2 karma

I hadn't realised you need ID to vote on Canada! That's quite interesting..

PatMcAck7 karma

You pretty much just need two pieces of mail with your name and address on them... Shit someone can just come in and swear they know you and they will take your ballot.

Source: I was a Deputy Returning Officer at the polls yesterday and had to do this for someone who was going batshit crazy about their right to vote.

blog24x71 karma

HOLY CRAP yes I had someone like that too. But they had no one to attest to so when he forcefully voted, we minus one'd his poll so his vote won't count.

gnatwest1 karma

Please explain this.

Forcefully voted? How did they get a ballot? Minus one'd his poll? WTF does that mean?

blog24x71 karma

He force-voted as in he came with no ID. He started a scene and we let him "vote".

We called the central place and they said to do a -1 from that ballot box.

gnatwest1 karma

So hypothetically there are 3 other votes in this poll. 2 are for Party A and 1 for Party B. SceneMaker votes Party B. 4 Votes total how do you -1 that?

blog24x72 karma

Exactly and I was wondering too. I do not know the details.

blackkoolaid4 karma

Did alot of people wear masks?

blog24x72 karma

Haha not even one person did, and one guy contemplated on doing that in the lineup. Guess what voting party he was on.....

willhewings4 karma

Who did you vote for?

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duck-hawk_hybrid2 karma

Did you see any disproportionate amount of a particular demographic? I was under the impression there were a lot more young voters this time around.

blog24x76 karma

You won't believe how many JUST turned 18 yr olds I saw.

a_frayn1 karma

What was the involvement of the scrutineers?

CanPoliEnthusiast1 karma

I volunteered as a scrutineer about 15 years ago.

Their hypothetical role is to watch the poll workers to ensure that all voters who are eligible are allowed to vote, no one ineligible is able to vote. They also watch as the votes are counted. It's a transparency measure for the parties to ensure fairness.

In practice, their access to the lists of who has voted and who hasn't helps parties with their get out the vote tactics. If we have a name of a person who has told us they were going to vote for us, and they haven't shown up at the polls yet, the party can call them and offer a ride to the polling station.

blog24x71 karma

You got it

ska_robot1 karma

Why do they turn people away at voting areas when they come to the wrong location?

I was in line with my registration card, and the lady in front of me had her and her mothers registration cards, but they were at the wrong location. The Information Officer turned them away - the lady in a huff said, "Fuck this, I'm not voting," and stormed off. This seems terribly inconvenient! I know that following simple instructions for some people is difficult, but it was frustrating to see.

blog24x71 karma

Unfortunately, every station has a list of people allowed to vote their. Only they can vote there. Or else, we can't know who is voting twice

Timoris1 karma

How many people were turned away becauae all they had were passports or medicare cards with no proof of address?

blog24x72 karma

15 people. 5 were refusing to show me their ID so I sent them to the back of the 150 people line so they can contemplate whether they want to vote or not.

herpberp1 karma

i was given two ballots. i gave one back after i had gotten to the little cardboard thing to vote behind. is that a countable error?

blog24x72 karma

Yes. Each book has a specific set of ballots.

herpberp1 karma

hmm, is there a place i can see the errors for my polling station?

blog24x71 karma

Sorry I would not know.

cormacwanderers1 karma

What were the spoilt votes like?

blog24x72 karma

Just 9 at my voting center.

cormacwanderers1 karma

Out of how many? That's pretty low, which shows that people don't want to waste their vote.

blog24x72 karma

We had 1000+ people here to vote. Yes, you are right.

FishBowlFrenzy-5 karma

Does anybody care about Canada besides Canadians?

blog24x72 karma

Well if this was your DAE CANADA SUX jab, you failed.

FishBowlFrenzy-2 karma

My comment was not calculated 2 B offensive, you perceived it as such due to an effeminate worldview

blog24x72 karma

What was it meant to be then? You don't hear something like that regularly.

FishBowlFrenzy-2 karma

Unparalleled insight

blog24x71 karma

Uh....okay then.....whatever that means.

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blog24x73 karma

Nope it's fake