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Interestingly enough it's not that hard for obese women as there are a number of men who are into that (or so I've heard from an obese woman). The difficult part is if you don't want to be fetishized at which point you are going to have a problem.

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You pretty much just need two pieces of mail with your name and address on them... Shit someone can just come in and swear they know you and they will take your ballot.

Source: I was a Deputy Returning Officer at the polls yesterday and had to do this for someone who was going batshit crazy about their right to vote.

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forgot their piece of ID except her. I don't know the exact deal but it was really complicated because she recently moved and their address changed. She had to swear

She can only really swear an oath for one person and then her family members can't swear oaths for each other because if your address is being attested to you can not attest for another person. Technically she could be charged for violating the Canada Elections Act if she did swear more than one oath but I doubt anytyhing would come of it anyway.

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Ummm I think you should read the Liberal platform again. How does creating labour jobs and lowering taxes on the middle class make the poor poorer?

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Not much To be honest Stephen Harper was pretty content with the road he had set the country on and it would have just been more of the same. The Liberals really don't want to shake things up too much but they want to legalize marijuana and rework some of the social programs that don't make much sense. Overall we are probably in store for a slight redistribution in wealth but nothing crazy.