Hello, my name is Donavan I've been working at this hotel for the past 2 years. Started out as a Front Desk Agent, and am now a Dual Rate Concierge/Supervisor.

My badge for proof http://imgur.com/EY9Rq8v

*EDIT- Just wanted to say thank you for all the questions! I am now back from my slumber and am ready to answer any more questions. The ones I missed while I slept, I have just got finished answering them!

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DCLaurie20 karma

Can you do any tricks with a yo-yo?

NoobEnomics17 karma

I can.

oldfilmjanitor13 karma

Have you thought about or are you joining Les Clefs d'Or?

NoobEnomics1 karma

I am not sure what that is?

YourSisterSaysHi12 karma

A few years back, I went to St Moritz in Switzerland. I was stunned by the sheer number of 5-star hotels. Even for a Swiss ski resort, it was surprising. A friend of mine was working as a maid in a four-star hotel. She told me that it was worth five stars but only had four because they didn't want to increase their prices. Would this be a fake excuse not to be at the top or a real concern for such an establishment?

Also, are there international rating standards for hotels, i.e. are four stars in the U.S. equivalent to four stars in Austria or in China?

NoobEnomics14 karma

yes that is correct, the MAIN difference between 4 star and 5 star is the sheer fact that everything is just more expensive. With that said, that not only includes rates for the rooms, but also decoration, food prices in the resort, anything aesthetic. EVERYTHING has to be more expensive.

As for the international rating, I am not completely sure. I have never read up on it. But have been told its is not equivalent.

YourSisterSaysHi5 karma

Thanks for your answer!

Also wondering: what does the job of concierge in your hotel consist in?

NoobEnomics3 karma

There are 2 of us. We take in special requests from guests. If the guest would like chocolate covered strawberries, wine, flowers candy, a room set up for a birthday, balloons you name it in their room. We do it.

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NoobEnomics2 karma

that just depends on the hotel, here chocolate covered strawberries are $2.50 for one.

froz3ncat4 karma

Sort of like the odd-job, what-it-takes-to-make-their-stay-magical person?

NoobEnomics3 karma

Pretty much yes!

BoredSausage12 karma

What is the weirdest request a guest ever had?

NoobEnomics30 karma

Its always weird when guest asks me to find them an ''Escort''. Bu the weirdest one would have to be ''Hey, do you know where I can find a midget escort around here?'' Yeah...

scribby5554 karma

So.... is there a canned answer for the "escort" question? Have you ever provided some helpful information?

NoobEnomics7 karma

We simply say, 'Sorry we do not provide those services' we know the 'escorts' that are usually around and hang out here at the resort, and if we see them with a man, they're most likely gonna get kicked out.

17eyes10 karma

shadiest check in?

NoobEnomics28 karma

Shadiest check in is when a guy came up to me asked me to come around the counter, and whispered in my ear ''Hey man, I don't have a room tonight and I know you're hotel is full, could you do me a solid and just ssell me someone elses room?'' Follow by me saying no and he walked off, well then I got a call on my phone line, I answered and all that was said was ''You made a mistake'' in a whispering voice as well. Pretty damn weird.

texancoyote4 karma

I used to work at a hotel and I always loved it when people would come up to me when we were sold out asking for a room.

"Don't you have a room in case the President comes in?"

"If the President came in he would have made reservations months in advance."

"Why are you sold out?"

"There is an event going on. We have the contract with some of the people working the event and they take up the entire hotel."

"Can you check to see if any other hotels have rooms?"

"I don't have to. They have already called us asking for rooms because every hotel 20 minutes in any direction is sold out."

"Well what the fuck am I supposed to do?"

"That's not my problem sir."

NoobEnomics5 karma

I have had this exact same conversation almost word for word O_o

JonasBrosSuck3 karma

does the "$20 under credit card" trick work when trying to get an upgrade to a room?

NoobEnomics2 karma

I am unaware of what that is?

JonasBrosSuck2 karma

I see. In the US, sometimes when you check in at the counter you can sneak a $20 bill to the receptionist and sometimes they'll be able to give you an upgrade to a better room!

NoobEnomics2 karma

Really, it depends on the agent and the mood that day. Remember were just humans. haha Like I have said before, the best way to get an upgrade is ask politely and don't be a jerk.

JonasBrosSuck2 karma

if i just need to be nice then i'll just keep the $20 haha

thanks for answering! this whole thread was very informative!

NoobEnomics2 karma

You're welcome, although the $20 might help xD

placidbitch2 karma


NoobEnomics3 karma

I have not, didn't even know it was a thing xD

TehKombatWombat9 karma

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

How did you end up being a concierge?

Are there any perks to the job that most people wouldn't think about?

Any famous people you have dealt with?

Best/Worst experiences? Weirdest?

NoobEnomics15 karma

I am currently 21

I started out at the resort as a Cashier forced to get a job as life events happened.

Perks would be- If a guest orders something for their room and they check out without taking the items/using the items/ or they have a Do Not Disturb on the door and can't deliver their order, we get to keep them. Great rates on the hotel room. If it snows or there is some reason we can't get home safely, we get to stay in the hotel for free. Other perks include big discounts on a vast majority of stores other than the resort. If I can think of any others ill put an edit in.

Worst experience would have to be when a guy screamed in my face because we wouldn't let him check in early. Due to the fact we didn't have rooms ready.

I-love-couches4 karma

What's the best thing you've gotten to keep?

NoobEnomics13 karma

I always get to eat chocolate covered strawberries that people either forget or they have a do not disturb on their door so I can't deliver them. But honestly an hdmi and ethernet that I really needed that a guest left lol

derGraf_1 karma

an hdmi and ethernet

You've left out a word there and I'm really curious what you really needed.

Unless the word is cable that would be anticlimatic.

NoobEnomics1 karma

cable yes xD

LeRadioactiveNarwhal1 karma

God I hate the people who think that they should be checked in early. I used to work at a ski resort and we had one particular customer who came in 3 hours early wanting to go to his condo rental. When we told him it wouldn't be ready for a few hours he started screaming and eventually started knocking stuff off the counter. We had to have security escort him out.

NoobEnomics1 karma

People like this...sigh

loganwm979 karma

Do you allow running in your lobby? Or any sort of twin based antics?

NoobEnomics1 karma

Well we don't necessarily allow it. When it happens we don't tell people not too. We have even had kids with the smart wheels come through our lobby. It was pretty cool. Our lobby is big as well so

natanaj4 karma

do you ever think there's gonna be this massive nuclear holocaust, and after all the major nations are destroyed there'll just be the tribes in the jungles, and they'll rise up and survive, and jungle warfare is gonna rule the world?

NoobEnomics6 karma

I mean... that is a possibility lol

JJJ_JJJ4 karma

What's the worse you've seen someone trash a room?

NoobEnomics10 karma

I don't really see the rooms after someone stays. So the worst i have personally seen a room was just beer bottles everywhere. However I have heard of people completely tearing up pillows blankets and flooding the room by leaving the bath run, while also throwing all their extra food and garbage in the shower to clog the drain.

froz3ncat2 karma

people completely tearing up pillows blankets and flooding the room by leaving the bath run, while also throwing all their extra food and garbage in the shower to clog the drain.

... wow.

NoobEnomics3 karma

My thoughts exactly, it would be pretty neat if I could get the pictures of that of the supervisor phone and post them lol

BoRoberts4 karma

Halloween season. Any ghosts in the hotel?

NoobEnomics5 karma

No, but fun fact, no hotel has a room with the number 13 ie: 213, 413 etc..

Frecklitis3 karma

Uh... My hotel has 13's. 213/313/413/513 are the best room of their type, biggest corner rooms with large views.

NoobEnomics0 karma

You're literally the first hotel I have ever even heard of that have rooms ending in 13...

surgesilk1 karma

Well in the US....in Asia it's often floor 4 that is left off

NoobEnomics1 karma


eudamme4 karma

What's the worst you've ever dealt with?

NoobEnomics10 karma

Just the other day actually, I had a big manly man come up to me and try to check in early. We did not have rooms available. He also was trying to use someone's card other than his. So naturally we couldn't allow him to check in. he got in my face screaming and making a fool of himself in front of a line.

NoobEnomics3 karma

There are people like that almost everyday. Sadly.

FedoraLa3 karma

I work at a limited services hotel (think comfort suites, hampton, and holiday inn) and I also just got yelled at by a guest who wanted to pay with someone else's card, without an authorization. It's comforting somehow to know that these issues exist across all service tiers.

NoobEnomics2 karma

Yes, indeed they do, just gotta be prepared for it and expect and accept that everyone is going to make an ass out of themselves.

bafcus3 karma

Did you had a hard time trying to get your first job at a hotel?

NoobEnomics1 karma

I didn't really have a hard time getting as I was already working at the resort, and they hired internally. How ever remembering all the scripting we have to say to our guests was pretty hard.

JoeGideon3 karma

Do you know if the old trick/rumor that tipping the front desk clerk upon check-in gets you a nicer room?

NoobEnomics3 karma

Usually the tip comes after you check them into their room. Agents don't usually get tipped.

JoeGideon1 karma

So wait, you're saying you tip for a better room AFTER you've been checked in to your first room? Am I misunderstanding you?

NoobEnomics2 karma

Sorry, let me clarify.

If you tip the person before they have a chance to get you fully checked in this might work depending on the agent checking you in.

However the tip usually come after you're checked in and serviced, so when you tip someone you're already check into the room you paid for.

Burnt_Couch2 karma

I think the trick he's talking about is when you go to pay for the room and hand over your credit card and ID you slip a $20 bill in between the cards and ask if there's any nicer rooms available.

NoobEnomics2 karma

That may help ;)

SamiAbK3 karma

Does the front desk provide condoms?

NoobEnomics3 karma

We don't, how ever you can purchase them in our gift shop store

FokTheRock1 karma

i have a gift for you...

NoobEnomics1 karma

you do ? :)

blanketcape3 karma

Has anyone ever deliberately done something to mess with a guest that was being a jerk?

NoobEnomics12 karma

Yeah, I have done it personally.

I had a really rude guest, and I wasn't in the best of mood myself. I made sure to put him in the room right between the elevator and the ice machine and soda vending machine also on the lower floor because the lights that light up the outside of our hotel shines right in the windows. None the less I hope he didn't sleep very well.

blanketcape3 karma

Savage. I love it.

NoobEnomics2 karma

Thank you

tone_hails3 karma

Is there anything gross/shady we should know about hotels in general as visitors?

NoobEnomics6 karma

Not gross or shady, but a couple things to remember. Never book your room through online services, those rates are almost ALWAYS more expensive and won't offer as much. Call the hotel its self always! There is kinda the shady part.

Remember, the rooms are cleaned by human beings, they make mistakes. If you are in a room that is dirty or rubbish laying on the ground or something out of the ordinary. Just tell the front desk POLITELY. They will either reclean the room for you, move you rooms and most likely upgrade you, depending on what it is.

But to answer your question specifically. Not really, at least not with the one I work at.

geauxjeaux8 karma

I'm sorry this is just incorrect. Give me the name of any hotel and I can almost guarantee that I will beat the rack rate and almost always beat their "best price."

If you heart isn't set on one specific hotel, a site like hotwire or priceline will get you a great price that can be half of what the hotel quotes.

NoobEnomics0 karma

That is not true, most of the time the agents can get you a better deal or have a better deal they can offer. The online rates are not only based off the hotel rates but also money for that specific website.

geauxjeaux6 karma

No, just no. You don't understand how these sites/hotel sales work. This is just not your area of expertise. Hotels, during low occupancy, are unwilling to lower their prices to meet demand, so they sell their rooms in bulk to sites who will.

Question to ponder: Why would travel websites exist if you could just call the hotel directly and get the best price? Makes no sense.

NoobEnomics1 karma

I am just saying for my hotel, we can always beat the websites rates, we use such as expedia, and travel click.

Ebenezar_McCoy2 karma

On my most recent booking for a week long stay I found the best price online for the specific place that I wanted to stay. I called up the front desk and asked if they could beat the price directly. "Maybe for one night, but not for a week."

Why would she be able to get me a single night for cheaper, but not my entire stay?

NoobEnomics-1 karma

A lot of hotels go by occupancy. Honestly the agent was probably not in a good mood that day. Or was just being lazy.

Stellen_Klo3 karma

  1. What is a Front Desk Agent? How is it different from a Front Desk receptionist?
  2. What is a Dual Rate Concierge/Supervisor? What does "Dual Rate" mean?
  3. They say we can replace a lost cellphone charger by getting it free from asking it at the hotel reception. Is that true?

Thank you.

NoobEnomics3 karma

  1. Same thing, its just what we call the people who do the check ins at my job.

  2. Dual Rate meaning, when if a supervisor calls off or is on vacation, or simply need me, then I am supervisor and get paid as such.

  3. If we have extra chargers we will let people have them yes.

unlimitedJUICE3 karma

Has there ever been a request made that touched your heart? Something beautiful that someone did for someone else or something like that?

NoobEnomics2 karma

Absolutely, there were these old couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, their daughter knew they didn't have much time left as they were like 90 years old. The daughter came to me crying and asked if I could personally take care of them and treat them right as they were here, she handed me her card, and said give them whatever they want. I did so, nicest couple I have ever met as well. Spoke to them about their hay days, wars, and just history in general. It was very nice!

tacofuckers3 karma

  1. What are some things a guest can do to get the best possible service?

  2. Would you let a guest defecate directly into your hands for a $200 tip?

NoobEnomics6 karma

  1. Be nice! That is all! If you're nice to the person checking you in, nice to the guy helping with your luggage. Nice to everyone. YOU will be treated the best. Also don't be so picky. As in, I wanna be on 5th floor not close to the elevator, ice machine, or vending machine, on the left side with a view and my room smelling like roses. If you come up to an agent checking you in and you say something along those lines, you're not getting upgraded, treated special or complimentary anything.

  2. No.

waalteer2 karma

What would be the best way to get a free upgrade or goodies from the hotel you worked for?

NoobEnomics3 karma

Make sure you book your room on a low occupancy night! Also if you want you could lie and say you're just getting marries, or some special occasion. Also if you're nice upon check in and ask for an upgrade that will have a 50/50 chance of working as well.

TheAceMan2 karma

Did your parents spell your name wrong on your birth certificate and then just go with it anyway?

NoobEnomics3 karma


Anablue2 karma

What is the Worst and best celebrity experience ?

NoobEnomics3 karma

Never really had a BAD celebrity experience, I do know that our security here has to maintain rooms because all the women will somehow find them and stand outside their doors.

Best would have to be when when Eddie Money came through our lobby crackn jokes and didn't care who saw him. Yelling 'Eddie Money everyone glad to meet you' Several times.

Now I am not a huge sports fan, but I did check in a Baseball player from the yankees and I hate to say this but I cannot remember his name...

Anablue3 karma

I've met a ton of celebrities in my job. Some good experiences, some very nasty.

NoobEnomics2 karma

Exactly that.

Phallicmallet2 karma

Best/funniest celebrity fake name? Even if you cant say the celebs real name?

NoobEnomics4 karma

Usually if a celeb stays they're either under their real name, or we don't know the name they stay under. If they even stay with us. A main mis conception is that most celebs bring their motor homes and stay in them.

Delickorious2 karma

Do you wish you worked at a 5 star hotel instead?

NoobEnomics9 karma

Working at a 5 star Hotel would require a lot more 'Acting' Such as when you come in counter with a guest, the first time you hear their last name you are required to memorize that for their entire stay.

Delickorious2 karma

so....is that a no? or a yes?

NoobEnomics6 karma

Its a double edged sword, I would yes because it would be interesting, but I also wouldn't because of how stressful it would be.

dontwanttosleep1 karma

What kind of a deal can an inside man like yourself get me?

NoobEnomics1 karma

Our rooms typically are around 219 dollars. However I can get a room for about 80 dollars and be free upgraded to our nicest room.

TridesHomme1 karma

How does the hotel charge the customer for their requests as they are vastly different? Is there an hourly rate for your work or something? If so how much is it?

NoobEnomics1 karma

We just fill out an amenity form. If there is something that we don't often get a request for, we find out the charge in many different ways depending on the item. Say its food, we see what comes close to our 4 star restaurant and estimate the price through them.

TridesHomme1 karma

So um.. Supposing someone asks for 12 tulips and you take half a day to find those damn tulips. And they costs like 10 usd do you charge 10 usd plus a fee? Or do you charge a percentage? Or is it only the 10 usd?

Thanks for the answer also

NoobEnomics1 karma

The wording of this question has me confused. However if we tell you a price for the tulips its a flat charge, no fees.

Haeguil1 karma

Should I leave my comfy job as front desk agent at a 5 star hotel with sort of decent pay and no workload because I work the night shift or should I trade up for another hotel where I'll most likely end up being with a much larger bank account but a much bigger work challenge which will probably (just probably, haven't seen yet the schedule I'd be given at this other hotel) mess with my ability to study?

NoobEnomics2 karma

I would stay where you are lol, unless that bigger pay is worth it for you!

Elisabirdy1 karma

Based on the demands of your job, what's your least favourite day of the week?

NoobEnomics2 karma

When I work swing shift on either Friday or Saturday. Mainly because its literally like acting and we have to go over a whole page script of everything we are supposed to offer, say and act towards each and every guest. On those days we normally have over 200 check ins. The reason we have to say the script to every guest is because we never know if we are getting rated by Forbes, AAA. or secret shopped. Imagine Just 4-6 solid hours of talking and saying the same thing over and over. I'm a robot.

thuca941 karma

Im looking to actually get into working with hotels. Went to college for marketing, not very experienced. Any tips?

NoobEnomics1 karma

When in the interview, smile! Be confident and outgoing. Also, whatever program they use to check people in, familiarize yourself with it asap. If you get a book/binder that explains it. Study it. Also never take offense to what people say to you, its never personal.

Cake9000001 karma

What is your favorite food?

NoobEnomics2 karma

Taco's, steak, and stirfry

whohw1 karma

When I hear concierge I think of the guy who knows what the suckers want and can get it. Theatre tickets, locale of best restaurants, whatever's hot in the city. Am I off by much?

NoobEnomics0 karma

I am not quite sure, some hotels maybe different, how ever I know for a fact, if you were to call the hotel I work at, we will always find a better rate than online.

gunsforthehomeless-9 karma

as valet of a Very Important Businessperson just in from Europe, i have a rather sensitive request. my employer wishes to obtain some cocaine. he is of course very generous when it comes to people assisting him with such things. might you be able to help a fellow out?

NoobEnomics14 karma

I cannot.