My short bio: Libertarian Candidate for United States Senate in Florida. My story recently went viral, and I have received a surprising outpouring of support, especially from Pagans and metalheads. I am an attorney who has represented controversial clients in court, including a notorious murder trial and a case involving the American Front. I am a father of four, a scholar, and a lover of symphonies & tattooed women.

Thank you for all of your questions. We have been at this for three hours now [it is now 11:00pm], and I hope that I have shed some light, at least, on some of the concerns raised by the recent media scandal. At this point, we'll have to say goodnight. Blessings be upon you all.

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MastersMaoMao68 karma

Why exactly did you slaughter the goat and consume it's blood?

SenatorInvictus28 karma

It was a thanksgiving offering to the God of the Wilderness for having allowed me to survive my pilgrimage to the Mojave Desert. I did not expect to survive the journey - certainly not the portion involving the desert - because I am a city boy with no survival training. So to have survived that journey was something certainly worthy of a sacrificial offering.

Josh688944 karma

What inspired you to attempt something you did not expect to survive?

SenatorInvictus3 karma

I take religion seriously. I do not believe that religion is something relegated to Mass on Sundays. If your religion is not an integral part of your life, then it is more a hobby than a religion. One thing my father always said when I was growing up is that he could respect Muslims because they were willing to die for what they believed in. He taught me never to fear death. And if I were to shirk a pilgrimage for fear of death, I could never look my sons in their eyes again.

Azazayle27 karma

I have read your website, faq, biography, and campfires. I was wondering, in many of articles which feature you in the media, you've been touted as holding neo-nazi beliefs. Is this a true statement or is it a misunderstanding due to held anti-zionistic beliefs?

SenatorInvictus12 karma

Actually, this is a misunderstanding due to libelous statements by Adrian Wyllie, former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. Mr. Wyllie abhorred my religion and disagreed with the direction I wanted to take the Libertarian Party. He and many like him want to make the LP a watered-down compromise in order to play ball on an even field with the two major parties. This is simply not possible with our current electoral system. My approach is one of using the System against itself. Third parties must adopt radical stances to pressure the major parties into giving up ground. Wyllie turned this disagreement into a personal matter and deliberately spun my defense of controversial clients into a political endorsement of them. So no, this is not a true statement. If neo-Nazis were to vote for me assuming that I was going to enact racist policies, they would be sorely disappointed.

xrancorx18 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

  1. Do you feel that your actions paint an accurate picture of the Pagan community at large? Is the ritual you took part in commonplace or rare among Pagans?

  2. Are there any specific ways your faith influences your politics?

  3. What, specifically, do you most hope to achieve as a representative in the US Senate?

SenatorInvictus28 karma

  1. No, my actions do not paint an accurate picture of the Pagan community at large. Thank you very much for asking that question. I think the media has done a wonderful job of demonizing Pagans in a literal witch hunt because of my ritual. Had they done even the least bit of research, they would have discovered that Pagans are not slaughtering goats at record speed. They might rather have pointed out the meat industry, which does slaughter chickens and cows and all other manner of mammals at millions per year as sacrifices for a tasty meal.

  2. Yes. For instance, I am far more of an environmentalist than most of my fellow Libertarians, and I reckon that may be due to the fact of my religious faith, which encourages balance and harmony between the individual and the natural world.

  3. I hope to work toward the repeal of as many superfluous laws as possible, and I hope to abolish as many superfluous Government agencies and departments as possible. I also hope to work toward ending the War on Drugs and eliminating the rampant violence we see enacted by the police against our own people.

MegaUrutora18 karma

Can you speak on your expulsion from Ordo Templi Orientis?

What does someone have to do to get booted from an organization that espouses the maxim "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"?

Peace MU

SenatorInvictus4 karma

Thank you so much for this question, as the media has taken an untruth and run with it. My expulsion had nothing to do with any animal sacrifice. As the OTO will tell you themselves, such practices are not against any policy of the Order. The real reason for my expulsion was a political dispute between myself and the leadership of the Order. I wrote a letter in 2013 that caused several people to call the FBI on me. Certain of the Order's leadership felt that I had opened the OTO to persecution by the FBI. I refused to apologize, and I chastised them, perhaps unfairly, as cowards. The goat incident was their excuse to expel someone they considered a problem child.

AnarchoHeathen16 karma

What kind of pagan do you identify as?

SenatorInvictus7 karma

I am a Thelemite.

yehurlerjj15 karma

Which current house or senate member do you relate to the most ? Is their compromise to be had with the status quo ?

SenatorInvictus13 karma

None of them. Not only do I find them to be men and women of slavish compromise, but I find them to be cowards, as well. I cannot relate to anyone who sells themselves to special interests, and that includes every present member of the House and Senate.

As to your second question, compromise with the status quo is exactly the problem. This is a time for revolutionaries, not backscratchers.

mpratherjr15 karma

I know you're into black metal, what other genres you like? Any punk or anything like that?

SenatorInvictus21 karma

I'm not too big a fan of punk generally, but Converge is my favorite band, and I know they identify themselves as punk. I also love grindcore, jazz, industrial, Wagner operas, and trap music.

mpratherjr9 karma

What trap music artists? I like Jeezy, Flocka, OJ Da Juiceman, Gorilla Zoe, and Yo Gotti

SenatorInvictus15 karma

Sorry, man, two will have to do. I've got a lot of questions on my plate . . .

eternalemptiness14 karma

Why Thelema?

SenatorInvictus8 karma

I think Thelema is something that chose me, and not the other way around. I think that many people are drawn to their religion rather than just picking one out like apples at the grocery store. That being said, I am certainly attracted to the transgressive nature of the religion; the poetic nature of the writings; and the magical nature of the practices. Also, sex magick.

pkohh11 karma

What tenets of libertarianism do you hold most dearly and want to be implemented in the Senate above all?

SenatorInvictus14 karma

  1. Cut Government spending drastically to correct our financial crisis.

  2. Implement a non-interventionist foreign policy.

  3. End the War on Drugs.

My_Empty_Wallet10 karma

What is your favorite pudding?

SenatorInvictus32 karma

I fucking hate pudding.

SenatorInvictus32 karma

Sorry. I'm just passionate about how much I hate pudding. I didn't mean to offend anyone with profanity.

mpratherjr9 karma

Simply stated, what do you see as the role of government? What are the bare services it should provide?

SenatorInvictus8 karma

I see the role of government as that of preventing what Hobbes called a war of all-against-all. The government should protect the country and its borders and should prevent chaos within. I do not see the role of government as that of wiping the drool from every citizen's chin.

As far as bare services, my father always said (and he raised me as a Libertarian) that there are only two legitimate functions of Govenrment: delivering the mail and building roads. And I think private enterprise has done a better job of both.

On the other hand, I am not of the Libertarian mainstream that naively believes in the inherent nobility of all business owners. Government must have a role in defining certain boundaries, lest we revert to what we once had: 10-year-olds working in coal mines and bakers working 20-hours days.

Zen_Trekkie9 karma

What are your hobbies - I mean, what do you like to do when you're not going on epic pilgrimages and sacrificing goats to the God of the Wilderness?

SenatorInvictus9 karma

I love to read, watch movies, and spend time with my family. I enjoy weightlifting and long walks. I also dabble in the occult.

bannanaflame8 karma

Once elected, will you caucus with the Republicans, Democrats, or neither? Do you think you could pull other libertarian leaning Senators into a third caucus?

SenatorInvictus0 karma

No one will want to caucus with me. They will be more likely to caucus about me.

That being said, I think that my election to the Senate would ultimately prove fruitful. If I am allowed to speak on the Senate floor, America will listen, and the other 99 Senators who are not Libertarians will be forced to listen, too.

Zen_Trekkie7 karma

Why do you use Roman imagery?

SenatorInvictus9 karma

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution with the Roman republic in mind. They having recognized ancient Rome as part of our heritage, I am doing the same. My use of Roman imagery is a deliberate reference to our heritage as a nation. The United States itself uses the same exact imagery, including the eagle, which is our national emblem, and the fasces, which adorns the Senate floor. I would also point out that our campaign logo was taken directly from the banner of the Roman Senate, which again is a reference to the office I am seeking.

erinius6 karma

How do you feel about mysticism and asceticism? Political correctness? What is your stance on homosexuality?

Can you please visit the forums of and

SenatorInvictus0 karma

Technology is my weak point. I had to learn how to use Reddit just for this AMA. The use of, which I have never heard of, and, which I have never actually seen, will be similar milestones. But perhaps I can be talked into it.

As for homosexuality, my little brother is homosexual, and my girlfriend is bisexual, so I clearly have no issues with that. To think that the Government could pass laws against someone because of their sexual orientation is reprehensible.

Concerning political correctness: Fuck political correctness. It is the refuge of Nietzsche's last man.

As for mysticism and asceticism, I would consider myself both a mystic and an ascetic - though more of the former than the latter. While my self-indulgence is legend, I do think there is something to be said for self-denial, if only for purification.

frankmanstein6 karma

What was your childhood like? More specifically, what religion (if any) was practiced in your household and how many siblings did you have?

SenatorInvictus6 karma

I had one sibling, a little brother. We were raised Baptist. Our mother was Jehovah's Witness. Our father was what you might call semi-Catholic. The Baptist Church was something of a compromise for them. For us, it was Hell.

I moved a lot. I was raised poor. My father was a lawyer, sure, but that only came to be when I was fourteen, and even then he was a Public Defender. Still, his training as a lawyer and his Libertarianism meant that I was raised to be a lawyer and a Libertarian from birth. The religion did not stick quite as well as these two things.

RexAnglorumSaxonum6 karma

What was your political background like? And what would you do to help, or not help, the Florida citus industry?

I just wanted to say thank you running. I first heard about you on the TRS podcast from yesterday and I must say you are a beath of fresh air. I am a former liberal turned libertarian turned conservative turned alt-right. I am rather young, 29, have 2 kids, and the mainstream Republican Establishment does nothing for me. I've been looking for someone like you because no one else I've seen represents my views like you - so far as I've seen. If you get on the libertarian ticket, you have my vote!

SenatorInvictus4 karma

Why thank you very much for the kind words! I am 32 and have four children myself, so I know what it's like to be a young parent.

As for the Florida citrus industry: I am running for federal office, and I think part of the reason our country is in such a mess is that our national representatives are more concerned with reelection and campaign donations than they are with the welfare of the country. With all due respect, I think there are far greater dangers right now than any inconvenience the Florida citrus industry might fear with the election of a Libertarian candidate. For instance, ending police brutality on a scale never seen before in history would, for me, be more pressing a matter on the Senate floor than, say, the price of a gallon of orange juice in Orlando.

As for my political background, I was raised a Libertarian. Like all good American teenagers I rebelled and studied all sorts of political systems. I have voted for Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians alike. I have studied the political systems of Iran, France, ancient Rome, and a hundred others. My concentration in law school was international & comparative law, and so I am familiar with many different systems. Experientially speaking, my background is largely academic. I have never held office.

on_the_nightshift5 karma

For instance, ending police brutality on a scale never seen before

In America, right? You don't truly believe that police brutality in America today is the worst in world history, surely.

SenatorInvictus6 karma

Yes, in America, thank you for helping me to clarify that.

Invisible-War6 karma

Are you familiar with the work of Evola and Guenon? If so, what are your thoughts?

SenatorInvictus6 karma

Evola, yes. I appreciate his revaluation of occultism and his traditionalist perspectives, even though we may have our disagreements.

Guenon, no, I am not famliar with his work.

T3canolis4 karma

How do you plan on winning this seat? I am a Florida voter and certainly have seen stranger things happen, but what is your strategy for getting voters on your side?

SenatorInvictus8 karma

Unlike the leadership of the Libertarian Party, I have read The Art of War, and I understand that you do not attack an enemy's strongholds: you attack their strategy. The strategy of the reigning powers is to use the mass media and the electoral process - which they created - to keep the voters divided into two camps. My strategy is to convince the voters that we are not Republicans and Democrats, we are Americans. To do this, we must take a hardline approach against the entire System itself. I think that in doing this in a genuine fashion, many people may shed their cynicism, reject the System, and vote for Yours Truly.

mario_sunny4 karma

Best case scenario: You get elected senator and are able to somehow to rewind the clock back to 1789. How do you know that it won't just play out the same way that it did last time? What would be different this time that would ensure that the government would not trample over the constitution?

SenatorInvictus2 karma

Excellent question. The corruption of the government is an ever-present danger, one our forefathers knew all-too-well. I think that the way it played out last time was largely due to the fact that special interests were able to capitalize on the apathy and disengagement of the American people. If we recognize this danger, and we as Americans are concerned and engaged, I think we might stand a better chance of preventing the government from trampling all over our rights all over again.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way agreeing that the clock should actually be rolled back to 1789 or encouraging the reckless use of time machines or the revival of slavery.

young_dilf4 karma

How can we convince more goat-sacrificing, metal-loving, libertarians to run for any kind of government office? It seems that most who fill that niche have no intention on being involved in politics and that's exactly what this country needs!

SenatorInvictus15 karma

I'm glad you asked that question! As a matter of fact, one of the things I am hoping to do with this campaign is to convince the apolitical that they should not be cynical about politics. I think that most people in my subculture feel isolated and disregarded by the System; and I don't think that they realize how much influence they could have if they would wake up to their own talents and actively engage.

frankmanstein3 karma

What do you think of the non-profit status that the NFL and NCAA hold? Also, what are your thoughts on the IRS/tax code in general?

SenatorInvictus6 karma

I think their non-profit status is bogus. And I think the IRS is a band of brigands that should be abolished.

mpratherjr3 karma

Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?

SenatorInvictus7 karma

Damn right. (It's better than yours.)

Zen_Trekkie3 karma

Pirates or ninjas?

SenatorInvictus11 karma

That's a dick question, man. How am I supposed to choose when both are so awesome? If there is just one representative of either group, then I would have to say a ninja. But if we're talking about a large group, then obviously pirates. That's the toughest question I've had all night.

mpratherjr3 karma

Favorite Mark Wahlberg movie?

SenatorInvictus8 karma

The Departed.

davros4ever3 karma

What is your favorite cocktail?

SenatorInvictus8 karma

White Russian

sonderweg743 karma

Metallica or Slayer?

SenatorInvictus9 karma


IsisUnveiled2 karma

Have your experiences (including your vision quests) given you a better understanding of what is happening in the world? How so? and do you believe this understanding is comprehensive enough to make a positive impact on the world? Put bluntly, how can we be sure that you haven't been communing with low-level tricksters and can we be confident, that as Senator, you will not be doing more harm under the guise of doing good?

SenatorInvictus7 karma

I am not George W. Bush. I do not look to the gods for answers on foreign policy. I look rather to history and international affairs. The gods have better things to than advise me on political matters.

That being said, yes, my experiences have indeed given me a better understanding of the world. I would not say that I can - as John Dee had hoped to do - look into a glass and spy upon the court of the King of Poland. But I am able to see mystic truths in a way I doubt other politicians can, and I think this perspective is something sorely needed in our Government.

Aaron_Rainwater2 karma

As a thelemite, have you found drinking goat blood conducive to communicating with your Holy Guardian Angel and would you consider breaking from senate tradition and appoint your HGA to Chief of Staff?

This brave move could fairly be considered the "Obama moment" for non-corporeal entities around the world.

SenatorInvictus20 karma

If I were to appoint any non-human entity to anything, I would appoint my horse to the Senate once I am declared Emperor.

steelsoldat2 karma

Hey, live in the area- shinner wanted to apologize that he couldn't help you in the end, he had to go across the nation to move, anywho how many messages have you gotten on Facebook per day?

SenatorInvictus4 karma

Maybe close to 100?

And please tell Shinner it's cool. I hope he's doing well.

UtMed2 karma

Any chance of getting Education out from under the thumb of the Federal Government? What about commerce?

SenatorInvictus5 karma

Campaign promise: I will seek the abolition of the Department of Education.

Concerning commerce, I would seek to implement policies that encourage actual free trade instead of "free trade agreements" that serve only to benefit corporate cronies.

JosephineWales5552 karma

What is your end goal as a politician?

SenatorInvictus5 karma

If I can be assured at the time of my death that my children do not live in a totalitarian police state on the brink of total economic collapse, I will consider my political career a success.

neckbeardbro1 karma

How can modern libertarianism exist in a world where the average person expects the state to do everything but wipe their ass? Do we need to revisit older notions of citizenship?

SenatorInvictus15 karma

No, we need to return to older notions of citizenship. Once upon a time, a citizen was someone who participated in the betterment of their country rather than expecting the country to make them better. If we were to resurrect the ideal of individual responsibility, then a libertarian society would flourish.