I'm Rob Lowe. You know me.

I've done one of these before and I'm back for more, I have answers to your questions and an obligation to tell you about my men's grooming line Profile 4 Men (http://profile4men.com) and my great new show "THE GRINDER" on Fox (http://www.fox.com/the-grinder), and look at that, it airs tonight at 8:30PM Eastern.

I also have a little show called Moonbeam City on Comedy Central on Wednesday at 10:30PM Eastern. http://www.cc.com/shows/moonbeam-city

PROOF that I am who I claim to be:https://twitter.com/roblowe/status/653607482456051712

Now go on, ask Rob Lowe anything...

Hey everyone! As you can imagine, I'm doing a lot interviews for my new show "The Grinder" which is on tonight at 8:30pm ET on Fox. Most of them are drudgery. But I love my AMA's! Always so interesting, fun, and provocative. Thanks for joining in. Let's keep up the conversation going on Twitter (http://twitter.com/roblowe) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/robloweofficial).

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SteadyOperative2958 karma

Are raisins really natures candy?

RobLoweOfficial5090 karma


malgoya2250 karma

What Rob Lowe do you prefer?

RobLoweOfficial4002 karma

I have great affection for all of them, but a real soft spot for "skinny arms". All he wants from life is some mayonnaise.

FrozenCactuz2035 karma

Hey Rob, would you consider doing a West Wing reunion episode or anything like that in the future?

RobLoweOfficial3476 karma

If Sorkin writes it, I'm in.

matster1212028 karma

When Barlet turned to you and said "You're going to run for President one day Sam." Did you get goosebumps like me?

RobLoweOfficial2594 karma

I remember the first time I read the script for that episode. When I got to that scene, I cried.

Rash_Of_Bacon1759 karma

How do you keep looking the way that you do? Do you bathe in the blood of the innocents?

RobLoweOfficial3493 karma

I do bath in the blood of innocents, but it is so hard to come by that six years ago, I developed my own line of men's grooming products that I use everyday. It's called Profile 4 Men. You get it at Nordstrom and at http://profile4men.com. Powerful anti-aging and overall skin revitalizer.

AWildGopherAppeared1498 karma

Welcome back Rob Lowe!

What was your favorite episode of Parks and Rec to film? Also, what's it like to be Rob Lowe?

RobLoweOfficial2850 karma

My favorite Parks episode is the one where Chris gets the flu. Definitely one of my comedy career highlights. Honorable second mention goes to the scene where I play "air bango".

carolinemathildes1216 karma

What are your thoughts on people "Robbing" their house? (because I think it is amazing)

RobLoweOfficial2521 karma

In today's world, being part of a cultural/internet trend is more significant than winning an Oscar, so I'd like to thank my family, my agent, my managers, and all people who are struggling in the shadows of being terminally handsome. THIS is for you.

nipoco1123 karma

Hey Rob, be honest. Has anyone messed with you about the name of the show and the app "Grindr"?

RobLoweOfficial1924 karma

It's one of the reasons we chose the title! If the phrase "let me grind with you" doesn't make you smile, we're probably not on the same comedy wavelength. Also, how come no one questions coach John Gruden when he picks the grinder of the game each week on ESPN?!!!

rvaisforhaters890 karma

What is your best memory of working with Chris Pratt?

RobLoweOfficial2327 karma

Early on during Parks and Rec, my agents and managers asked me how it was going. I told them great and there's this guy name Chris Pratt that they should sign, because he's so good, he could be the biggest movie star in the world given the right opportunity.

Trionout822 karma

Hey Rob. Could you tell us more about your role in Behind the Candelabra? Because you completely killed it in there.

RobLoweOfficial1183 karma

My face still hurts from being pulled. What I loved most was shooting Parks and Rec and Californication at the same time. Sort of an actor's dream to do such different roles.

janders4761 karma

Thanks for doing this Rob! I read both your books and Sam Seaborn is one of my favorite television characters of all time.

Question: My best buddy growing up is struggling with alcoholism. He's nearly 30, has lived in his hometown for the last 20 years, and has the same old group of friends. I, and most of our friends, drink. I want to stay close with him, but it seems to me that the best thing for him to do is get away from his hometown and old friends and start fresh elsewhere. What can I do as his friend to help him?

RobLoweOfficial1775 karma

I'm sober 25 years now and one of the things that helps me stay on the path is working with people who are struggling. I try to keep it very simple. They need to ask themselves: Are they done? Are they ready to say "uncle"? If so, the recovery community can help. If not, there's nothing anyone can do.

Phineas1713733 karma

Would you consider Wayne's World your greatest success?

RobLoweOfficial1446 karma

No. Running a strong game still, after 35 years is.

lyric_sunshine607 karma

What does Amy Poehler smell like?

RobLoweOfficial1421 karma

Patchouli, golden brown waffles, AND Golden Globes!

KMazor568 karma

Huge fan! Wanted to ask, throughout your career, what do you feel is the best advice you've ever received?

RobLoweOfficial1673 karma

Cary Grant once told me, "Never eat a hot dog while sitting a dais. Someone could take a picture of you with a hot dog in your mouth."

ItWillBeHisLastOne475 karma

With your youngest son breaking into Hollywood on The Grinder, are you more excited or nervous for him?

RobLoweOfficial1283 karma

Both. Being a storyteller/actor/creative person has been great to me and very rewarding, so I can't really complain. But he's got so many more abilities than I had, I'm not sure the world needs one more actor and one less scientist.

carolinemathildes368 karma

Did you pick up/were you sent your Razzie for St Elmo's Fire? If so, where do you keep it?

RobLoweOfficial995 karma

I keep it between my two Screen Actors Guild awards and my five Golden Globe nominations. And my E! channels Golden Hanger award.

JessTheDress293 karma

In-N-Out Burger or White Castle?

RobLoweOfficial1440 karma

East of the Mississippi, White Castle. West of the Mississippi, In and Out. Honorable mention, 5 Guys.

Acehawk74258 karma

Mr. Lowe,

I am a tremendous fan of your work, and your roles you have played. I respect diverse acting roles and you have absolutely accomplished that in your career.

My favorite character you played is Sam Seaborn. The West Wing, and particularly you and Bradley Whitford were largely why I enjoyed politics and am a more informed citizen today.

My question is this. What, if any role have you played (or have a desire to play) do you feel has the most societal impact, or the potential impact as well?

Thank you for your time!

RobLoweOfficial296 karma

Thank you. I am so humbled to have been a part of something that had the kind of impact the West Wing did and does. That is really the ultimate, to do something creatively fulfilling, thrilling to be a part of, acclaimed and enjoyed while being able to inspire. Those projects are one in a million.

Pierre77178 karma

Hi Rob!

MoonBeam City is becoming one of my favorite shows.

Are there any behind the scenes moments or stories you have from voice acting in this show?

RobLoweOfficial216 karma

Thank you! There's some very funny stuff coming up. My favorite story-line involves Dazzle having sex with a prison. That's right, an actual building. (In fairness, it had AI and I think he was more in love with the software as opposed to the actual bricks and mortar.)

Brad_W126 karma

Hi Rob, what was it like working with Tim Olyphant?

RobLoweOfficial195 karma

Amazing! On an upcoming episode of "The Grinder", Tim plays a Hollywood actor/fr-enemy of my character. I can't reveal anything more, but trust me when I tell you, the story line is crazy!

csharpie94 karma

I'm a fan since we were both kids (we're the same age :)). Loved your work back then too but it seems you really gravitate to comedy now. Is that a conscious thing or a "I'm comfortable and happy with me grown up thing" or something else altogether? Love "The Grinder" btw.

RobLoweOfficial218 karma

I will always do both comedy and drama. Not many people are accepted in both worlds, so I don't want to leave either one behind. That said, I think there's more smart comedy out there right now.

--liveitup46 karma

Hey Rob , serious question here.

If you had to fight either 100 duck sized Fred Savages or 1 Fred Savage sized duck, which one would you choose?

RobLoweOfficial177 karma

I would not want to tangle with ANY permutation of multiple Fred Savages. The man is "America's Son" and you simply do not fuck up "America's Son".

Tucana6640 karma

Can you tease a favorite script/episode from "The Grinder"?

Good luck with the show!

RobLoweOfficial72 karma

We were all so happy with the episode that's airing tonight that we moved it up. It's a particularly good one.

irgendwalrus15 karma

Rob, thanks for being here! I'm a fan of lots of your work, but I'm most curious to hear from you what you think about the relationship between your character from Californication, and some of the more vulgar "Rob Lowe" characters from the commercial. The unleashed wildman Eddie Nero seems to anticipate some of the caricature you did for DirecTV. Do you recognize a similar parallel? What's it like to play that kind of an extreme character - a character which for you seems like a significant departure from your former work?

RobLoweOfficial29 karma

It's taken me a long time, but I finally got to a place in my career where people are letting me play diverse characters. Some actors get there early. Some actors get there late. Some actors never get there. Eddie Nero, the senator from Brother's and Sisters, Drew Peterson, the freak from Behind the Candelabra, the Direct TV "Robs", would not have been in the cards for me during my supposed 80's heyday.