Hello dear friends around the world!

Almost 200 days ago we released Cities: Skylines to the world and, boy, were we surprised at the extremely positive reception.

Since then we have seen the game take a life of its own with over 57,000 player created items and mods on the Steam Workshop and a vivid community (<3 and shoutout to /r/CitiesSkylines)

Now we are ready to release the first expansion, After Dark, and are super excited to hear what you all think of it, or us, or life. Whatever you might want to talk about!

We figured it would be best if we gathered a large portion of the team to be approachable from all perspectives, so with no further ado, today you will be conversing with...

Ask us Anything - we have set aside this evening to be as transparent and approachable as possible before.

Feel free to direct questions at specific people or just throw them out there for anyone to grab.

We will start answering questions 19:00 CET / 13:00 EST and continue until we fall asleep or run out of questions.

EDIT: Honestly, you guys and gals are amazing. Thanks a lot for all the questions and interest in our project. Most of us are going to sleep now, it's getting late in the Nordics, some are planning to stay with you all a bit longer though so continue asking away, we'll get to the stragglers tomorrow!

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IJtheDestroyer1172 karma

How do you guys feel about the man who was elected mayor mainly due to his Cities: Skylines proficiency?

TotalyMoo1057 karma

I... Had no idea about this. Link?

TotalyMoo1035 karma

I thought that piece was a joke story since it never had any source :/

NicholasHills863 karma

Donutsville or bagelsville?

TotalyMoo825 karma


distortednet600 karma

whats next? Cities skylines is glorious, do you guys have any ideas for what games ya wanna do next?

gimme something man, im itchin'!

TotalyMoo572 karma

No idea why people are downvoting you but I'll answer your question first then. Hah, take that whoever figured that was a good idea!

There are lots of ideas for what we want to do next but, honestly, don't expect anything else than us continuing Skylines for the foreseeable future. We think this game has potential and it would be a shame if we let that go in order to pursue some other dream :)

scriptmonkey42091 karma

How about a Streets of SimCity style game where you can drive around the cities you build? I miss Streets of SimCity. Splatter splatter splatter, on the windshield of life.

As a side question of the same subject: are the city save files documented so that someone could make their own SoSC with the cities skylines save files?

TotalyMoo293 karma

I still dream of the day we add a "Where's Waldo" type VR game mode where you can "invade" other peoples games Dark Souls style as a waldo character and challenge them to find you :D

drofzz107 karma

i foresee a new mod comming in 10 minutes :P

TotalyMoo502 karma

If this happens I will literally send a personal, hand written, letter of appreciation to whomever did it. If that person is into weird stuff I can even apply lipstick and make one of those kiss mark thingos that signal a cougar on the hunt.

Shadow70379341 karma

Oh man you have made a terrible mistake. Now someone is going to be motivated enough to do exactly that.

TotalyMoo209 karma

Oh man you have executed a genius plan.


amras0000592 karma

This is a more general game publishing/marketing question, but you're one of the most transparent game-related companies I know so here goes: /u/TotalyMoo recently explained on a stream why Russia gets lower pricing for Cities: Skylines; the economy is weaker than in, say, the nordic area, so wages are lower and people can't afford to pay the same prices as American/Swedish/Finnish consumers. Not doing this encourages piracy and ends up with less total profit because fewer people can afford your game. Now, Poland's economy is worse off than Russia's, the average wage is about 3 or 4 times lower than in Sweden, and we are not in the Eurozone. Talking with friends here, they generally don't seem to have the disposable income to afford the western prices of games. Why is it that Poland gets the same prices as the Eurozone/Scandinavia, while Russia gets the price cut by 6?

Sirreman540 karma

Hi! I will take this feedback and bring it up internally. :)

TotalyMoo251 karma

I do have to add it was my less-than-expert explanation on pricing, it's of course a lot more complicated than I might have made it sound.

So my apologies if something I said there was incorrect! :)

Yocto_Koppel200 karma

Are there any plans to natively support mixing default and European building styles on the same map? I love the wall-to-wall building designs, but I would like to isolate them to certain districts.

TotalyMoo451 karma

That's actually added in After Dark, a new feature called "district styles" where you can choose what type of buildings you want in a specific district.

Yocto_Koppel75 karma

Thanks for getting back to me! I thought I overheard that during one of the streams yesterday, but I assumed my ears deceived me. Great news!

Quick follow on, how will the ploppable building style be determined?

TotalyMoo96 karma

Via a scroll down in the district menu :)

tatefin174 karma

How do you think/estimate piracy will affect your sales in the first few days? On release Cities: Skylines was one of the most downloaded games on public and private trackers.

TotalyMoo679 karma

I know /u/Shams_PDX will want to reply to this, but I'll add my 50 cents first, actually I'll be a bastard and steal what he said last we spoke about it.

Pirates are fans like anyone else, they just haven't been convinced to pay for our product yet. Lots of the people tweeting about us, posting on reddit or sharing our stuff on Facebook don't legitimately own the game - that doesn't mean they can't contribute to the community or sales in a positive way.

The lost sales we'll see at launch are mostly going to be because we haven't presented a good enough value proposition to these people (bar some that just can't afford it or be bothered).

So hopefully most piracy at launch will eventually be transferred into real purchases once these people feel convinced they want the game enough.

Trust me, we get lots of messages saying they originally pirated the game to buy after they realized they liked it.

Add stuff like the workshop, our dedicated support channels and updates via Steam and I don't think it will be a huge issue. Now that's not a green light to steal our games of course, but I don't think they harm us more than they do themselves if they are actually interested in the game.

musicmastermsh279 karma

This has got to be the best response to piracy I've seen from a game dev in a while. Can you convince the folks at places like EA to try your approach?

TotalyMoo397 karma

As far as I know our stance on piracy has always been "the only way to fight them is to provide a better service".

Honestly. No matter how much time you put on protecting yourself, the second you release something to the public you'll have 10, 100, 1000 times as much time put into breaching whatever you did.

pguyton165 karma

What mods were you the most surprised by? What are your favorites?

TotalyMoo94 karma

I was really surprised to see things like nlight's dynamic resolution (allows in-game dynamic supersampling) and the flight Cimulator!

lomesh54 karma

The community for Cities Skyline have created some very impressive cities out of the basic systems you put in place (Much like minecraft's community), from among these do you have any memorable favorites? Something that just made you go "...woah..."?

TotalyMoo123 karma

I usually post the ones that make me go "woah" on our facebook channel. I compiled an album for you with a few favorites!


Essentia_Modica50 karma

So... when are you guys going to fix it so that the horse at the stable turns and lunges in the other direction sometimes? That poor unbalanced horse! :D

Really, though, here's a question I saw asked a few times in the livestreams yesterday (where I had to be pretty focused on the chat & behind-the-scenes stuff, and so missed most of the actual gameplay!): are there (plans for) more cultural, governmental, or athletics based buildings and 'needs' in this or future expansions/patches?

Mostly I'm here to say HI GUYS & I hope the AMA goes well.


Community Manager & Head Moderator

For: Quill18, AKiss4Luck, Briarstone

#SaveTheHorse ;)

TotalyMoo19 karma

Hi! :D Thanks again for inviting me yesterday. Had so much fun in the streams.

Herlock35 karma

Awesome game guys, I didn't play much but still got it because you deserve all our support ! Devs that listen to the community, release finished and good products... yes I need more of you people !

On to the question : would you consider some kind of whitelist for mods ? I have precision engineer (something like this) that displays road angles when you built them, doesn't feel fair that achievements are blocked due to something as simple as that.

Are achievements such a big deals that they have to be disabled due to mods anyway ? What do you think on the issue as a whole ?

love /u/TotalyMoo posts btw :) this guy deserve a rise :D

TotalyMoo43 karma


At least the latter part.

Pls see this /u/Queen_of_pie

I need more money to put into hearthstone cards

entropydecreaser30 karma


TotalyMoo97 karma

You, sir, just made yourself an enemy.

Nextphaze22 karma

Do you consider yourselves more successful than SimCity?

TotalyMoo157 karma

SimCity is not a game, it's a legacy. So from a personal POV I'd say no, it will take quite some time and dedication from our end to surpass that legendary game series.

Axeran16 karma

  1. What is your favorite community-created map for Cities Skylines?

  2. Do you play the Magic: The Gathering? If you do, do you play Commander?

  3. Did any of the develops behind Cities Skylines talk to actual city-planners (and the like) when developing the game?

TotalyMoo28 karma

  1. Still Raerei Cove by AKiss4Luck

  2. Yes, but just on a low tier pleb level. I have no idea what commander means! I play a green-white populate deck that relies on suddenly having a huge board of 5/5s or 8/8s.

  3. No idea, CO can help here!

Techosius9 karma

Will we get colored lights in the asset editor like red or blue or green spotlights which you can use to light up buildings at night?? Thanks for the AmA.

TotalyMoo13 karma

Yes! There are several "light assets" in the game that you can simply attach to a building to get some night time goodness.

pilotandabastard8 karma

Can I reliably play this game with an internet connection probably only once a month? I have a super restrictive network on base (and awfully slow when it is up) so I have to go out to get stuff.

Please let me know! I really want to play this game. You guys rock.

TotalyMoo13 karma

Yes. It doesn't require any online connection beyond the one time Steam verification when you download it.

Patches can be large sized but aren't pushed out too often so you shouldn't need to worry about constantly straining your limits.

mav1947 karma

Any chance of a console release? I desperately want to play but do not have a gaming PC to handle. Looks like so much fun...

TotalyMoo19 karma

Yes! The game is currently in development for Xbox One!

djnev4 karma

I'm not a gamer. I used to play Halo on the original X Box but that's about it and I haven't played anything for years. Yours was the first game I heard about and thought I'd really like to get involved with. I downloaded it on Steam and have a MacBook Pro (which I could really do with getting a better mouse to use with it). Do you have any tips for a first timer when it comes to the game?

TotalyMoo12 karma

Take it slow, allow yourself to fail, don't get stressed when you see people with 300+ hours building fancier looking stuff ;)

dnlbaines3 karma

So I asked /u/TotalyMoo this on a stream yesterday and he was going to get back to me. What's the deal with the Magicka theme park and which menu will it be under?

Also I use Linux and Cities Skylines has always suffered from some slight performance issues on Linux compared to Windows, has anything been done to address this?

TotalyMoo7 karma

On the Magicka theme park question: it's only available to people that own Magicka :D Sorry for the confusion there yesterday! It's under the park menu.

GuyAboveIsStupid2 karma

Do you think adding modding will hurt sales of the expansion?

TotalyMoo9 karma

Nope. Modding has been there since the start and, in my honest opinion, only been a boon to us.

Spoon_Elemental2 karma

What are all of the teams favorite colors?

TotalyMoo4 karma


GrumpyOldGamerHitbox2 karma

How much can we expect to pay for this expansion?

TotalyMoo2 karma

$14.99 or your local equivalent.

ReelJV2 karma

Do you like purple grapes or green grapes?

TotalyMoo5 karma

Green grapes any day of the week. Purple are OK I guess but can't compete with how juicy, tender and sweetly sour a good green grape can be.