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Hey Guys. I have some questions for you

1) What are your favorite mods of Cities Skylines

2) Do you watch streams/let's plays of Cities Skylines

3) Will we get different weathers at some point?

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As someone living on Gotland, why does none of Gotland's national ideas have a reference to the City Wall of Visby when it's probably the biggest landmark on Gotland?


Hi, I'm a programming student! What language(s) are EU4 written in?

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  1. What is your favorite community-created map for Cities Skylines?

  2. Do you play the Magic: The Gathering? If you do, do you play Commander?

  3. Did any of the develops behind Cities Skylines talk to actual city-planners (and the like) when developing the game?

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To Karoliina

Did you get any inspiration (Even if stretched) from strategy games like Europa Universalis 4 while designing Cities Skylines

To the people at Paradox

Earlier this summer, I had this little Twitter conversation with you CEO. Is what he says actually true?

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Does anyone of you play Dota2 or CSGO?