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It sounds like a good idea when you are young, as you grow older you have pretty much your whole life where you have been for so many years : friends, family, grand children you wanna take care of...

Also, on a more material side : you often need more medication and stuff... shit like this might not be as good or widely available in those countries.

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Bad people might use privacy against us, so nobody can have privacy, not even honest people.

Something people often fail to acknowledge when you talk about data privacy. And you will be told "I have nothing to hide" or "I did nothing wrong so why should I care about this ?"...

People fail to understand that jews had done nothing wrong either, and didn't really had any reason to hide in the first place (beyond the fact that they had a long history of being hated for random reasons).

But as it happened someone had a grudge against them, and used any means to try and figure out who was jew... that included going through records to crosscheck for your origins / religion. Consider how the nazis have been efficent in that process

While we as random citizens have probably done Nothing bad, that doesn't mean someone in the future may not want to get after us for random reasons. Doxxing is a real thing, and with the amount of data collected nowadays, if the situation we faced back during WW2 was to happen again, it's would be 100% match to figure out who is jew, who is not, and so on...

It's a real issue, and above all things we should just push it away saying "meh it's never gonna happen". People also thought that after WW1 that would not happen again...

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Why not release during the primaries then ? If the election should be transparent maybe democrat voters would have wanted to know prior to chosing their champion ?

That would have been more democratic as it turns out.

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top down is also easier to get done, unlike 3D which will require a lot of animations and physics testing, 2D can get away with much simpler systems. Allowing you to sink more time in production value.

Something often overlooked in the game industry :

"Do it simple, but do it right"

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But that's backed up by supposedly civilized nations... that's the problem.