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Ravie2788 karma

Why would you create an AMA three hours ago and not answer any questions?

PM-ME-YOUR7 karma

My guess is that he was redditing while filleting fish , didn't pay attention to the filleting part and cut his hand . That would be the only logical explanation .

LawlessGy1 karma

i have a slash proof glove!

DatAssociate4 karma

TIL it takes 5 hours to filet a fish

LawlessGy1 karma

8 hours of it non stop takes 2 mins per fish on average

SaturdayBaconThief2 karma

A better question is why this person would create an AMA? First a janitor and now the fish guy from the supermarket?

LawlessGy1 karma

i come across the janitor AMA on facebook and thought you know what ill do that

LawlessGy1 karma

sorry mate first time on reddit wasnt sure how it worked plus i ended up going to Blundell Park to see Grimsby Town

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He's a cunt!

LawlessGy2 karma

i am cunt ill give you that one

xLobotomizer20 karma

Have you ever had sex with a fish?

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Do you like fish sticks?

LawlessGy1 karma

no i dont like fish full stop never had it once

LawlessGy1 karma

Have you?

Ginkgopsida14 karma

Do you find parasites in the fish?

DrJawn18 karma

Fish Monger here, yes. You find parasites in tuna, cod, drum fish, and a lot of other species. They're all edible once the fish is cooked, you've eaten them before.

babybabybabybaby15 karma

Sometimes the move around on the table when you prod them out with your knife. ;)

LawlessGy1 karma

then you should cook the fish properly

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LawlessGy1 karma

salmon can get louse

LawlessGy1 karma

in cod yes but its normal cod are bottom feeders once cooked they are harmless

Weedinator3 karma

We have a thing called standard operating procedure for everything in Australia, except filleting a fish. Do you guys have a manual you follow ?

LawlessGy1 karma

yes we do

rastel2 karma

What is the hardest fish to filet?

LawlessGy1 karma

salmon is suppose to be really hard to do

ottoman_jerk2 karma

what is your pay like? Compare to rent for reference please.

DrJawn2 karma

Supermarket guys in the US don't make much, the meat cutter have a union and mongers don't. So smart guys who are good with knives gravitate towards meat usually. I work in wholesale seafood and that pays very well if you know your stuff.

ottoman_jerk1 karma

I see, you work in US or UK like OP?

LawlessGy1 karma

Grimsby UK

LawlessGy1 karma

i earn 4 times what my rent is but im paid by the hour. Piece work filleters can earn 3 times my wage if there skilled and fast

ottoman_jerk1 karma

not bad. whats stopping you from doing piece work?

LawlessGy1 karma

only been doing it 9 months i am getting better and faster all the time so maybe in the next year i will

sync0pate2 karma

What's the atmosphere like after the recent announcements?

LawlessGy1 karma

i work in the factory which is new and doing incredibly well. its never nice to hear of people losing there jobs but if the stores are not viable

nowihaveaname1 karma

Ouch. Maybe instead of firing 900 people, the guys at the top that fucked things up in the first place should take a little pay cut?

LawlessGy2 karma

well david potts did cut down the staff working at the stores HQ and set about hiring 5000 more staff for the shop floors so its not all doom and gloom i suppose

featured_spectre2 karma

What's the hardest fish to filet kn your opinion?

babybabybabybaby19 karma

Other guy who worked in a fish factory in Iceland. Most fish were simply cutting around bone, easy enough. Salmon and cod were the hardest. Salmon, because you had to pry out each individual bone with pliers (and they were tough). Cod, because after filleting you had to individually remove nematodes with the end of your knife.

P.S. fun fact, the cutting floor NEVER smelled fishy, we had thousands of pounds of fish but the place was cleaned after each day, though my clothes smelled like the ocean after a day of no wash.

LawlessGy1 karma

i find cod really easy to do haddock can be hit and miss for depending on size and how firm the fish is once it gets to the factory floor

TheBigFrog1 karma

I worked in Western Australia as a fishmonger and the shop was cleaned everyday but still smelled fishy, and my clothes in summer would smell the worst! Especially when you catch the bus home and you would smell like sweat AND fish, people would get in the bus then their face would screw up and get off again. no one would sit next to me hahaha

babybabybabybaby11 karma

Must have been how cold it was outside! But it never had a bad smell, a little ocean-y but never bad.

LawlessGy1 karma

when i was young i worked in a factory that only processed frozen fish and i cant ever recall going home stinking of fish

FuzzieTheFuz1 karma

High five fellow fish working fellow icelander! Hate cutting European Hake B2 size, sometimes they are of so low quality that they are almost falling apart.

LawlessGy1 karma

at the moment we only do cod & haddock but in the near future we will be doing other species like hake. yeah i know what you mean on the quality sometimes the haddock we get is too soft to fillet to a standard im happy with

Walzl2 karma

What she order?

LawlessGy1 karma

far too much

imaeverydayjunglist2 karma

Do filleters often forget to remove the bone at the head of the fillet behind the gills? I find that from Waitrose to Tesco I often have to remove that myself.

LawlessGy1 karma

only a lazy one! thats the whole point of the job removing the bones and obtaining as much meat as possible

mindscud2 karma

How do you skin both sides of a sole? So bloody thin these things...

LawlessGy2 karma

never done a sole but i heard its a lot easier then you imagine

wayneknightssister2 karma

How often do you just end up snacking on raw fish bits? What is your favorite way to prepare fish at home?

LawlessGy1 karma

i never snack on fish bits i dont eat fish. some do snack on the smoked fish i hear that it is nice

LawlessGy1 karma

usexpatlurker1 karma

Know I'm late to the game here, but I REALLY like Morrison's fish counter and really like the guys like you who do a great job. What's the secret to great poached fish? I generally end up kind of boiling it and it never absorbs the flavour of the herbs, wine, whatever I put in....

LawlessGy1 karma

Sorry i should of said i work in the factory not the store. i dont eat fish so would have no idea how to cook it

green-chartreuse1 karma

Last time someone in the supermarket filleted a fish for me he practically minced it. I took it away and paid anyway because I'm British. What is the etiquette in this situation?

LawlessGy1 karma

i work in the factory and not the shop but if i was you i would asked for a different one.

dishpan1 karma

Do you like your job? Good benefits?

LawlessGy2 karma

yes i enjoy it as for benefits i do recieve discount at morrisons stores and can get a full english and a coffee for £1.30 every day

mobileagent1 karma

Do you have to wear a trilby?

LawlessGy1 karma

I had to google what a trilby is no i dont. we do wear hair nets and a hard hat though

Cat_astrophe71 karma

What's the most annoying fish to work with?

LawlessGy1 karma

A frozen Cod!

LateralThinkerer1 karma

I read this as "IamA Fish Filter"

Anyway, how much seafood fraud/misbranding goes on?

babybabybabybaby12 karma

There's a lot of illegal stuff in fish markets, often times fish labeled cod is definitely not cod. But the good restaurants/grocery stores/etc. Will know what to look for and who to buy from, which is why the good ones make the most money, they sell good fish!

VulcansGM1 karma

Right. And be smart. You're not getting Red Snapper at $6.99/lb. If it is too good to be true, it is.

LawlessGy1 karma

Very True!

LawlessGy1 karma

Hahaha good question mistakes do happen. as i only fillet in a factory environment i dont get to see it packaged and labelled

RealKenny1 karma

What's the best way to get the taste out of your mouth afterwards?

LawlessGy1 karma

no idea i dont eat fish i am from Grimsby and have never had fish n chips

mrrooftops1 karma

Worms in fish meat. How prevailant are they?

LawlessGy1 karma

In Cod they are very prevailant but they are bottom feeders so it is expected. Other Fish its rare to find worms

Lextauph121 karma

Is it fun work? I love fish fishing and harvesting my own meats, and think it would be interesting all of the fish you see. Does it pay well? Is it boring and monotonous?

LawlessGy2 karma

i work in the factory not the supermarket and i can honestly say it is a right laugh. as for the pay if your good you can earn £800 pw i get paid hourly and its not bad i take home £350 + pw

babybabybabybaby11 karma

Where I worked we would do hundreds of fish a day. It's like working on an assembly line.

LawlessGy1 karma


TheFriendlyFinn1 karma

What precautions do you do to minimize parasites ending up in products that are being sold?

LawlessGy1 karma

There is only so much i can do if i see a worm i do remove them. there is not alot you can do with cod being a bottom feeder

theHangedGod1 karma

I've met a few guys behind meat counters and they all seem to be really friendly and a bit crazy.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done or seen on the job?

LawlessGy1 karma

we tricked our supervisor into thinking a workmate was having a heart attack it was quite funny watching him panic and seeing his face after he realised it was a wind up

Spaceninjawithlasers-13 karma

How many Bears, can Bear Grills, grill, if Bear Grills could grill bears?

LawlessGy2 karma

5 or 6