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TheAtomicMango73 karma

I have to ask this, no offense intended.

Do you have any diagnosed mental disorders?

IveyAngelo82 karma

ADHD and dyslexic - That's all.

Stanstanlol-13 karma

OP won't answer but it could clear many a conscience. I think many of us laughed and cringed and hoped she would outgrow this but it would feel different if we are laughing at this poor autistic girl who is trying to answer our questions and doesn't realize we didn't upvote the video because it was so cool...

IveyAngelo30 karma

Oh I realize why you upvoted the video, it's funny. And that's what they wanted and that's how it was edited. I don't mind others sharing how they feel about the questions being asked. And I agree that it's not hurting anyone.

Outgrow? You know, I laugh at people who think people have to outgrow what they enjoy. So we're reversed there. I think people should be allowed to enjoy what makes them happy as long as they're moving forward. And I have filled many dreams by sticking with my fandom. I will never outgrow this, like a sport fan will never stop loving the game. Once you got something that has brought so much happiness to you, don't feel you have to change cause others don't understand ya.

ivanmartinvalle30 karma

What's the best crazy pizza you have ever made?

IveyAngelo36 karma

A candy bar pizza, a group of TMNT fans got together for a meet up and we wanted to do some crazy pizza so we got a bunch of candy bars like butter fingers, kitkat bars, m&m and more. It was a very sweet pizza and didn't even taste like pizza when we were finished. Still a lot of laughs, I haven't made one sense then and that was back in 1998.

Jpiercy3 karma

Just a thought, but was it due more to the memory of fun times associated with the pizza than the actual pizza? (Cause that does not sound like a good pizza).

IveyAngelo14 karma

Heh yes, the fun time is deff the main memory. Which is why I never needed to make that pizza again.

swedishpenis1 karma

You didn't do it with the angry videogame nerd did you? cause he has a video of that

IveyAngelo4 karma

No, believe it or not I haven't even met him yet. I have seen his video when they did it, don't think I would've ate some of those.

TehPao25 karma

It's been a long time since that VH1 episode aired. You had the Leonardo and Michelangelo masks from TMNT 3. Did you ever get your hands on the Raphael and Donatello masks?

IveyAngelo27 karma

No, I would love to have the chance. I saw Raphael's sell on Ebay before I got Leonardo's, and never saw Donatello's go for sale. I have seen stunt costumes out there, but I'm only interested in the main heads.

Truthfully though, if I see Raphael's go for sale I know his actor, Matt Hill, would love to get his hands on it. So I would direct him to the head instead of buying it for myself.

yookgaejang3 karma

How about the turtle suit you had? Was that from the movie also

IveyAngelo12 karma

The full suite I had was home made by my dad, mom and I, it was the second Turtle costume I had. We finished it on March 19th, 1993. My first Turtle costume was made by my dad and I and finished on October 17th, 1990. But the head of that was used in the making of the second costume, so I only still have the body from that costume.

grt314 karma

How well can you see with the turtle head on? Any pictures of your turtle heads?

IveyAngelo14 karma

I have a video all about the Turtle Heads called Cowabunga Corner #53 - just search that up and it'll have photos even inside the movie heads. I'm assuming you're talking about the movie heads and not my home made one.... the movie heads have two ways to see out, one is the slit under the face mask and the other is through the mouth. But if the mouth was closed that slit under the eyes would be all their sight and air that could get in the head. Not a good comfort level.

My home made head had a screen in the face I could see out of, as well as the mouth.

ARapperInCalifornia14 karma

Do you have a boyfriend?

IveyAngelo21 karma

LOL - not into relationships of any kind never have been.

elmerjstud10 karma

You said your first job paid 125/hr. What was your job and how did you get the job? What type of schooling did you go through?

IveyAngelo26 karma

I was doing birthday parties for children, no schooling. Just putting on a costume and going to someone's house for an hour entertaining them. It was a family business that ran from 1991 to 1993, as the Party Turtle. Though I crashed it by trying to become a Ninja Turtle going to Mirage Studios. While I made friends with the workers at Mirage, the guy who owned the rights for the parties would not see me cause I was only 15 years old. I have wore my costume for both Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

Being a party actor you just gotta know your character and look the part. It's up to the public to hire you, and the best way is word of mouth. I do share these stories through my blog.

__Griff__10 karma

Are you still a blue belt?

IveyAngelo29 karma

Yes, I never got back into Karate. My last time training was in December 1999. The TV show wanted to act like I was still training, which was felt weird to me. They even got a hold of my sensei that I last trained with in 1997.

While I loved Karate, I have some serious nerve damage that prevents me from going back into seriously training. It's called RSD.

StDoodle16 karma

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which recently started getting categorized as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? Doing all this despite your illness makes you a legit superhero IMO!

IveyAngelo8 karma

Thanks! And good to see someone who knows, it's not easy but you gotta keep living :D

mkicon10 karma

What are your feelings about slash?

I thought he was the coolest toy but was portrayed terribly in the cartoon("my binky!"

IveyAngelo10 karma

I liked Slash, I personally loved how he was Bebop's pet and got mutated by their mess up. I also like when he came back smart. Though I was also reading the Archie Comics and found the way they had him in there was fun, that he befriend the Mighty Mutanimals and all.

Have you seen the Nickelodeon series? I really do enjoy the way they written him into that. And I love the IDW version of him as well.

VIDisaster9 karma

What got you into liking TMNT?

IveyAngelo55 karma

At first it was like a normal TV show for me. Before TMNT I liked Care Bears, He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats and Ghostbusters. Though my mom took notice of how much I liked Turtles and started to use them to help me learn to read, I am dyslexic and was a first grade reader in fifth grade. The school wasn't much help, so I started to read thanks to the Turtles. Then the movie came out and taught me some important lessons about defending myself - take out the leader. It inspired me to get into Karate and the fights that I use to have to go through ended.

Basically they kept making my life better from getting my first job doing parties as a Turtle, making friends with the people behind the TMNT comics, getting back stage at the concert and on the set of the TV show. When you start to fall that deep into the behind the scenes, it's hard to think of ever not liking them.

But what got me to really be vocal about my fandom is that - if they could help me through so many hard points in my life. They can help others. So I want to see them around for future generations to come.

_420CakeDay9 karma

Do you have a crush on Casey Jones? April O'Neil?

IveyAngelo16 karma

No, in fact as a kid I was not into any type of romance at all. Hated when it took the main plot of a show, as I liked the comedy and adventure side more. Now I respect it as part of the story, but I'm picky if I like any of it as a main story arch. Still not a romantic.

RyKon5177 karma

What a weird small world. I'm pretty sure I've met you before in the Plymouth area. Anyway, did you like the Michael Bay Turtles movie?

IveyAngelo9 karma

It was okay, not my favorite TMNT film. The original three has not been beaten. I will support the film, but it is missing some of the stuff I really enjoy about the Turtles.

HotBreadKitchen2 karma

I would like you to elaborate on what the stuff missing from the Turtles in the Michael Bay film. I loved TMNT growing up and played the games. My fave was Donatello and since then i've loved most fictional characters that wield staves.

Thanks for the AMA.

IveyAngelo4 karma

Well for me the stuff missing: - The story basing around the Turtles (it followed April more than the Turtles) - The heart : I've never seen any character in the TMNT hurt so bad they could die just get left alone in the sewers, most series if there's two characters one would stay while the other goes on the rescue mission. April should've stayed with Splinter. - Personalities : They forced more of the traits the Turtles are known for taking away a lot of their well rounded characters making Donatello more nerdy, Raphael more brute, and well some of the lines Mikey said just didn't feel right. - The personal grudge between Splinter & Shredder : I hope this is explained in the next film... but Splinter and Shredder talked like they knew each other, but according to the back story Splinter was a normal rat when he was in the lab, so why would Shredder speak to him as if he was an old enemy when they fought?

Over all it felt like the movie was made just to be an action show with a slow beginning and non stop fighting at the end. While I enjoyed some scenes in the movie, I really felt like it was made more to show what they can do with movie effects these days instead of trying to bring these characters to life for the fans like the original films did.

Goodthief7 karma

The TV show also said that you had to take out bank loans in order to afford the costumes. Was the show just trying to make you seem crazy, or was it actually difficult to support your hobby?

IveyAngelo36 karma

I did take out two loans towards the hobby. The first was for the Leonardo head, which was paid in full before I even thought about getting the other head. The other loan was after most of the Michaelangelo head was paid off, I was moving into a new place and VH1 was already in the picture. I wanted Michaelangelo to be there before the camera crew, I also used the loan to get a computer, computer desk and bed in my new room. That loan was paid years ago.

What I find funny about people bringing this up as if it's a bad thing... um... the Bank approved these loans which means Good credit, and an income they could rely on. So... I don't find any harm in using a loan if it's a low interest rate and a good way to build up better credit.

Goodthief8 karma

I was just curious because the show made it seem that you were reckless with your spending. It's good to hear that you were at least responsible with the loans.

I'm not sure how you feel about how the show portrayed you but I wouldn't be happy if I was made out to be a crazy social outcast on tv when in actual fact i'm just a normal person with an eccentric hobby.

IveyAngelo16 karma

When the show aired I was able to laugh at it. While they did try to make me look crazy, those who saw through the show have found me on Facebook, youtube, and even my own website and made friends with me. I've been a guest at events to where I can share my passion now with my own words. Not sure if all of this would be the same without the show. As they say... any press be it good or bad, is good press. It gets people's interest and it's up to you if you're going to let that show have the last word, or you. I got too many great and real stories to share, to let them get it. ;)

AlsatianDarn7 karma

Did you feel the show made you look bad? Do you think it accurately portrayed you?

IveyAngelo10 karma

They did not portray me right at all, it was fun to do. So I'm not upset about it, but they asked me like 3 times how much I eat pizza. They don't like the answer and they have Fred Willard lie about it in his script. I did a making of the show on my blog, with behind the scenes footage of how the show was done. Even with how they do their script, "repeat the question before the answer" so they use you repeating the question and cut your answer.

It's fun stuff, but I don't recommend it for people who get offended easy.

gordito_gr7 karma

When did you decide you wanted to be a turtle?

IveyAngelo11 karma

LOL - well I never want to really mutate. So Never.

But if you mean to wear costumes as a Turtle, that was early one. I grew up in a family of costume makers as my dad has won world costume contests with his work. So when I saw the first movie it inspired me to want to wear costumes for films and stage. My dad made my first turtle costume later that year. Wearing that costume and bringing happiness to others was the best feeling ever. So I wanted to be an official costume actor for the Turtles since 1990.

I have come close and been offered the real job more than once since 2004 - sadly it was shortly after an injury that prevents me from wearing costumes for long periods of time.

peix5 karma

How did you first get into TMNT? Did you run into it on your own or did someone else introduce you to it? What's your favorite iteration of the TNMT? Are you planning to attend the upcoming NYCC?

Also, I'm sorry the TV show misrepresented you and your hobby in the way they did :-(

IveyAngelo7 karma

Well the first time I saw Turtles was at a convention, a group in TMNT costumes won. But I didn't really learn of Turtles till a few years later when a kid down the block brought out his tin of toys and one of them was a Michaelangelo figure. It caught my attention and I wanted to play with that toy, cause it was different. A week later my brother came in while I was watching Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers and changed the channel to TMNT. I was hooked after that.

I love most versions of the Turtles for different reasons. I don't think I can pick a favorite. I can say the two things at the bottom of my list.. while I respect them for I have friends who fan them... they're just not my favs is the 2014 movie and the last two seasons of the original cartoon series (1995 and 1996).

I am hoping to make it to NYCC, still working out getting my tickets. I haven't missed a year yet there.

Thanks! And don't worry about it, they had their fun but I know the truth and so do my friends ;)

sandals0sandals5 karma

Few people have a chance to reach the top tiers of fandom, but based on your video blogs and your stories online you've met everyone and seen nearly everything TMNT out there.

What is it like to have notoriety as the fan of something? I'm sure like any kind of publicity it can be good and bad, but what is reaching that level of fandom like?

IveyAngelo8 karma

It's fun and hard all at the same time. I'm in the fandom to enjoy it, because of my passion for the characters. Though some people are after titles and if they think you've done more or know more than them, they want to fight and compete for the titles. That's not my game. Which is why I don't call myself the #1 fan, I like to see us all as equal because really the fandom isn't what you've done, own or where you been... it's in your heart. Sadly being where I am, you see a lot of lies and backstabbing done with your name.

I am honored to have met the people that I've met. Less than a month ago I was hanging out with a good bit of cast members from the original movie all of which, being very kind to me... and my head just keeps asking "is this for real" "do they really know me by name" these are the same people I read magazine stories about, and now they talk to me????

The one thing I do is encourage anyone who has a passion in a fandom to keep going with it. Meet the people, get behind the scenes. because no matter what anyone says, if you're true to your passion the dream is totally worth reaching for!

Faux_F0X5 karma

Favorite TMNT villains?

IveyAngelo7 karma

Dr. Quease is one of my tops, mainly because of character growth from a script that I wish was not cut up for the show itself. Followed close by Bebop, Baxter Stockman and Bishop.

ThEcRoWK5 karma

What was your friend's wedding like? You mentioned you were the maid of honor was there any turtle stuff there? Pretty cool you helped them get together are you still friends?

IveyAngelo8 karma

There wasn't any TMNT stuff up around my friend's wedding. Though we did have no sleeves on our dresses so my Tattoo showed, that's about all the Turtles we had there. There was four of us in the wedding party that was from the TMNT fandom that the bride and groom knew online.

We are still friends. I do enjoy staying in touch with my friends through the years. ;)

Rape-Stitches5 karma

Since the show have you been able to get a job based on TMNT?

IveyAngelo6 karma

I've had a lot of job offers with TMNT. And did do one official job which I was paid for, not credited. Though most of the jobs I've been offered I can't do because of a work injury from the factory job I had when we were filming this show. I have nerve damage called RSD, which has changed my life.

This has not done away with hopes of a job with TMNT stuff, been in talks with Nickelodeon on some ideas down the road. In the mean time I run my blog for fun and to share the passion.

Number-64 karma

I have never seen a TMNT movie/tv show in my life - but I think I did once own a TMNT Lunchbox or mug. Where should I start?

IveyAngelo4 karma

The original live action movie, it's a mixture of the first cartoon and comic. Really gives the best feel for the heart of the series.

AreEyeGeeBeeWhy4 karma

I haven't seen the coming out of our shell tour movie since I was a kid and I had it on VHS. When I heard you singing along I got blasted with nostalgia and started remembering the lyrics. That was my Jam.

On to the questions:

Please in order, rank all wide release TMNT movies (this includes the animated one from a few years ago)

Thoughts on the new TMNT show?

How did you feel about the live action Turtles, the next mutation show from the late nineties? Were you as appalled as I was?

You were a turtles fan, but did you like all things ninja like the 3 ninjas, surf ninjas, or the movie Heavyweights? I know Heavyweights is not ninja related, but it's still a pretty sweet movie.

Thanks for the IAMA

IveyAngelo13 karma

Coming Out of their Shells was big for me when I was a kid, saw it 5 times live and saw their second show four times. Even got back stage. So I do enjoy talking about that stuff.

TMNT Movies - #6 TMNT 2014 - #5 TMNT 2007 - #4 Turtles Forever - #3 Secret of the Ooze - #2 TMNT III - #1 TMNT 1990

Now I know people may pick on me for having TMNT 3 above TMNT 2. But TMNT 2 they took the weapons away and it felt a lot like the first film with another foot battle. TMNT 3 gave the weapons back, gave us a new story and gave Michaelangelo a story line for the first time (without being the comic relief). The costumes were BAD in TMNT 3 I'll agree with that... but if we never saw the Henson costumes, would be as hard on them?

LOVE the Nickelodeon series, Ciro and the gang are doing a great job at throwing back to old school fans of all areas, while keeping it fresh and new. Anyone who hasn't seen it, just get through the first 10 episodes before fully judging. And it keeps getting better!

When I first heard of the Next Mutation I thought I was going to hate it just because of the female Turtle. But my mind was changed fast, as I made friends with one of the actors and got invited out to the set where I met the full cast of the series. I read over 20 scripts before the show was on the air. I ended up being a big fan of it, don't care too much for the first five episodes. But it's a goofy show and has some good moments. The scripts were even BETTER!

I liked Surf Ninjas, I mean that was Keno! I saw the first 3 Ninjas movie, but never saw the others. My other fandoms didn't follow the Ninja theme I like a lot of anime and Disney cartoons and such. Though my head does turn with Ninja stuff is on TV. ;)

NP glad I can answer questions :D

black_flag_4ever3 karma

Favorite TMNT video game?

IveyAngelo6 karma

First NES Game - learned the water level to where I wouldn't die once doing it. Had a lot of fun with that.

designer_farts3 karma

Do you consider yourself to be faster than the average tmnt?

IveyAngelo6 karma


unknowngenius103 karma

Do you still have the 2 turtle ninja heads from the video? How much do you think they are worth today? I envy your passion. I wish I was as passionate about something as you are, I'm sure I'd enjoy life more. Thank you!

IveyAngelo4 karma

Yes I still have the heads from the video, I've been offered $5,000 cash for one of them. Though I am not looking for how much they are worth, as I will not sell. I really don't know, I see them as priceless.

Everyone has a passion within them. I just hope everyone can find it and embrace it, as long as no one gets hurt :)

BryceK3 karma

What is your absolute favorite pizza creation?

IveyAngelo6 karma

Ham and pineapple is my favorite pizza over all.

BLT second close.

really I never made a creation of my own that I would call a favorite. It's not often and usually friends are adding in and we never do that type again.

1ronpur33 karma

You seem like a genuinely nice person. Do you attribute this to having the turtles as role models?

IveyAngelo9 karma

No, the TMNT were fun characters but my role Models were my mom, Grandma and Aunt. They were the real ones to help me through the hard times in my life. My Grandma and Aunt are now passed, but their memories will always be a part of my life.

lepry3 karma

What is your opinion of Splinter? Shredder?

IveyAngelo6 karma

I like it when Splinter and Shredder have history together. For a long time my favorite version of the Shredder was in the Mirage comics, even though he died in the first issue, he had a history of why he choose his road. His brother was killed by Hamato Yoshi when he was 8 years old and he was raised to want his revenge. Though I find that both IDW and Nickelodeon have done a great job at creating their own stories for who the Shredder is and why.

Areas that falls flat for me is the original cartoon while I loved the personalities brought to them both in that series. I didn't feel the drive, Shredder only got him fired and now sees him as an arch enemy. Why did he get Yoshi fired? Why did he not like Yoshi? That was never explained.

I really do like most versions of Splinter, my favorites right now going out to the 2003 version, IDW and Nickelodeon. He's a good father to the Turtles, and while he worries.. he is also learning down the road that he needs to let go and let them grow up on their own.

Boblow_Jihobey3 karma

What are your thoughts on the new version of TMNT?

IveyAngelo4 karma

Which new version? Nickelodeon - LOVE! They're doing so good with the show. IDW - OMG this is the best story line I've seen for TMNT in YEARS 2014 - Eh.... not my Turtles, but hey I'll support them.

Goodgold19873 karma

Also, I see you have a gofundme page about saving your family home. You made 23K out of the 200K goal you set. Why not sell your collection to save your home? Are you personally in debt for taking out bank loans to buy these toys?

IveyAngelo7 karma

I won't be selling the collection, because it does have a meaning towards my future. Before the house came into risk, I started having some serious talks about getting a museum started with people. Part of growing is learning where to let go and what to let go of...

Keeping the house would've been amazing... but it wouldn't give me a job, it wouldn't set a future for me. My family stands by my choice not to sell..

Also, I do not feel there's enough in my collection to save the house. We spent the money made through GoFundMe on house payments and now the house is empty and being sold... though if you look at the name of those who donated... the major donations was from people who work/worked on TMNT... and they understand our choices.

Ashra522 karma

Lol, did the mods remove this again? Or did she?

IveyAngelo3 karma

I haven't removed anything.

Cmethvin2 karma

I think this is awesome. Always wanted to know what happened to you!

As I perused your previous posts, I noticed you had a GoFundMe for your parents who might be losing the family home (iirc, you said it was in the family for 4 generations). Were you able to save the house? How much of your collection did you have to sell off (if any)?

Keep rocking the love for the Turtles.

IveyAngelo5 karma

Hiya, Yes we had a Gofundme, sadly while we raised over $20,000 on it we did not save the house. It is empty and is going up for sale soon. I tried hard to save the house, but I did not sell any of the collection as if I did that would cut into the future I am trying to make for myself.

The Turtle collection has gotten interest to be put together for a real Museum. This is what I would love to do for my future job. If I break up the collection, the future I've been working to make would be gone. So the full family did decide that the collection would not be touched in this mess. Though I did put money and labor into helping my folks through this whole mess.

I will say we are very Thankful to the people who donated and some of those people are folks who work directly with TMNT... the major part of those donations was from TMNT related people. It did help ease the stress at the time, and we will always be Thankful.

sandals0sandals2 karma

Do you know what episode of the original cartoon series had the story where everyone gets locked in a museum and a fake magician tries to steal a diamond?

IveyAngelo8 karma

Oooh that was on one of the Burger King VHS tapes, the title is "The Great Boldini"

_420CakeDay2 karma

Do you like pizza?

IveyAngelo5 karma

Doesn't everyone?

Tragicanomaly2 karma

What if your favorite quote from the movies? Mine is "The three of you might have overpowered me with the loss of but one. Now your fate, WILL BE HIS!

IveyAngelo5 karma

It might be a normal answer for a lot of people but I gotta go with the line I quoted the most growing up.... "Wisemen say, forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for a late pizza" though I usually keep going with the quote all the way to the "I thought I delivered everywhere"

Another one I do a LOT for people cause I do the TMNT voices and this has all four is the scene "That's the plan from our GREAT leader" :)

designer_farts2 karma

Which turtle is your favorite?

IveyAngelo5 karma

Michaelangelo! Or Michelangelo if you want to go with the new spelling for his name. He's always been my favorite, cause his personality reminds me a lot of myself.

TacoPunchster2 karma

How much would you guess you have spent on turtle related gear?

IveyAngelo3 karma

I got no idea... I'd say I've bought at least 40% of my collection a lot of it has been gifts from a lot of people. So while I might buy a big movie prop, I got a ton of my toys as gifts from friends growing up. And even half my props and original art work that I own has been gifted to me. I've been very lucky.

In movie props and artwork under $7,000 easy. Not sure with the rest of the stuff.

Datmisty2 karma

Do you use TMNT to escape your personal life and the struggles you don't want to deal with?

IveyAngelo9 karma

No, I used the TMNT to help me learn how to deal with my life and the struggles I was going through. Instead of going into my shell and hiding away, I've come out and fast my fears. Learned to stand up to my bullies and respect myself for who I am. I can walk through a crowd with my head high, when before TMNT I coward and let kids beat me up. They were more teachers than an escape.

They were not the only teachers though... my Family is and always will be first and foremost to me the ones who kept me alive during my darkest times.

CrazyJT1 karma

Have you ever wanted to work at a pizza place? I feel like that would be a better fit for a ninja turtle.

IveyAngelo2 karma

Not really, I did work for Auntie Anne's Hand Rolled Pretzels for awhile and that was enough working with food for me. My dream has always been working in entertainment, but I was bite young by the entertainment bug... I was in my first movie at 4 years old.

jmccormack1 karma

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still doing birthday parties?

IveyAngelo1 karma

I haven't done birthday parties since 1993.... man I WISH I was doing Birthday parties still... that was the BEST job I ever had. Instead I hope to be living in LA getting my new life and job started that I'm trying to do right now.

Goodgold19871 karma

Firstly, awesome collection. I started a turtle collection a few years back. Just comics and cards, nothing special. I have a few questions.

What do you do for a living now?

Do you see yourself ever outgrowing the turtle phase, does it get boring?

Do you ever get scared of losing your collection to a fire, burglary, or some other crazy thing? What would you do if you lost it?

IveyAngelo2 karma

Always good to meet a fellow TMNT collector!

  • Sadly I'm stuck on Worker Comp till doctors can help with my pain problems from a work injury. But I do got future jobs in sight.
  • It doesn't get boring, some times a bit much when people are always challenging me instead of just being friends. But I know who my friends are. Oh and all the events do get me worn out.
  • Fear of lost is one everyone faces. I mean not just my collection by friends or family dying... lost is a hard thing to face. With the collection I have had things stolen before that can't be replaced. I'm still alive, I remember it. But it didn't change how I live. I hope nothing bad happens to the collection as I want to get it out in the public eye for all fans to enjoy at a museum some day.

BurlyRemington1 karma

Do you still play with the action figures? (I would!)

IveyAngelo1 karma

Part of my blog is reviewing toys, the most I play with the toys is for my video reviews. Otherwise they're mainly just display pieces right now.

RECOGNI7E1 karma

What would the turtles have become without the tutelage of master splinter?

IveyAngelo1 karma

A science project.

AlienDuckie1 karma

Do you have any regrets about going on Totally Obsessed? Do you think they took you less seriously than you had hoped?

IveyAngelo2 karma

No, because the people who take me less serious are people who want to believe a TV show. The people who count, get to know me. And the people behind the Turtles... have taken the time to get to know me, before I was on Totally Obsessed. It didn't hurt me. It's a good laugh. And a funny story to tell people. Same goes for the short clip about me in the 2005 Ripley's Believe it or not book, which was taken from the VH1 show. It's all good, as long as I know that what I'm seeing is not really me. And I know it.

RECOGNI7E1 karma

I remember watching tmnt as a child and finding traits I aspired to in each ninja. Do you think that is why it was such a great success?

IveyAngelo1 karma

Totally, most people I know who've remained fans through the years has done so because they could relate or got inspired by the Turtles. It's something I still hear from young children who like the new stuff. I do believe that was a big part in their success.

elfwicket1 karma

Did you ever open up your museum?

IveyAngelo2 karma

No, but there's serious talks going about it now. Family first though, taking care of my folks.

tc_now1 karma

Would you marry me?

IveyAngelo2 karma

Heh, sorry. No... I'm sure you're nice and all. But I'm not looking for anyone right now.

Terminator8461 karma

What Karate belt are you at now?

IveyAngelo1 karma

Still blue, haven't trained since 1999

bellethebum1 karma

What was it about TMNT that really spoke to you? Are you still as much of a fan now as you were when the show was filmed? Are there any other things you love as much?

IveyAngelo3 karma

For me what spoke to me was that the Turtles only fought because they were different, they were not rich so they had to use stuff that anyone can learn to defend themselves and they were not looking for fights, they just wanted to live. And bad spots happened to where they had to fight. I was gang beaten at school, 15 to 30 kids would gang up on me... because I was different.... most super heroes had either super powers or fancy toys. They taught me I had to run to others for protection, the Turtles taught me I could defend myself. I got into Karate and the fighting stopped. True the bullies never stopped picking on me, but words I could handle...

Yes I still love the Turtles as much as I did back in 2004 when they filmed this show.

I put my family, friends and pets above my fandom. Though in other shows, movies and comics. I don't have another fandom this strong even though I love Japanese anime, oldies music, and a lot of other cartoons. TMNT is the only one I collect and want to have a future working with.

PrenatalVitamins1 karma

Have you ever considered popping by a furry convention to just hang out?

I'm sure we would love to see your costume at the cons.

IveyAngelo1 karma

I've been to Midwest Fur Fest and Anthrocon before. Midwest because I had friends in artist alley, had a blast there shared a review and posted photos on the TMNT message board I run. Anthrocon had a TMNT guest, Jim Martin, and I went to meet him. I will go to more if the guests, area and friends are right :)

unknowngenius101 karma

How do you make money today? is it related to your passion for TMNT?

IveyAngelo2 karma

Sadly I'm stuck on Worker Comp till the doctors can get my RSD under control. I am in talk with Nickelodeon on some future job ideas, but need help with medical stuff first. Already turned down some real TMNT jobs (including being a Turtle for the White House Easter Party in 2007) because of the RSD.

zuatrapatuarte1 karma

Have u seen tmnt cartoons and movies in spanish? You are cool, you are great

IveyAngelo2 karma

Someone did send me a tape with some of the original series in Spanish. Though I have not yet seen any of the new series or movies in Spanish. I do collect TMNT from around the world, but most of the stuff I get on VHS/PAL or DVD from other countries has always been gifts.

000010011 karma

Firstly thanks for doing an AmA. My question is, what is your most favorite TMNT video game?

IveyAngelo4 karma

First NES TMNT game - love the water level. ;)

Entthrowaway491 karma

Is your collection something that affects your every day life? Seeing how the show played you out to be someone with an unerving obsession over the lifestyle that TMNT portrayed, in what ways was this inaccurate?

IveyAngelo3 karma

My collection affect my life? Um, I wake up... see what I have on display around me and then go out and live my life... usually with a part of the collection with me... my clothes, purse, wallet and all are TMNT. But, just because the turtles are on this stuff I wouldn't say it affects my life.... Oh I get "Hey Nice Turtle Shirt" when I go out these days hehehe

Really the thing that has affected my life is the TV show. After that I go to a store or travel to another state and people know who I am, without me knowing them. Just last week going into Canada the guy at the toll booth didn't just know me as the Turtle Girl, he knew my full name! It's fun. I've done photo ops with fans and signed autographs. But that's a bigger change to my life than objects laying around my house.

I do film and review the stuff for my blog. But it doesn't change how I live.

emmian1 karma

What is your favorite event that you attended in your turtle costume?

IveyAngelo2 karma

The opening of the Words & Pictures Museum, got to wear my costume for Kevin Eastman that night. December 31st, 1994

Second would be the opening of Shell Shock at Mall of America on March 17th, 2012 to break the World Record for most people in Turtle costumes.

StuffHobbes1 karma

Thanks for the AMA!
Has this obsession effected your love life?
Do you have a partner who shares your passion?

IveyAngelo5 karma

Seeing as how I hated romance before I became a TMNT fan, the answer is no. It hasn't effected me. It's got people to come to me asking for relationships more than the other way around.... I've never had a crush on anyone who didn't like me because of my fandom. And I've never lost a friend or relationship over it. But I am not one looking to get married and have kids, I like being on the road and feels those responsibilities tie people down more.

I've seen the news since I was a kid on how entertainment people are always breaking up... I knew that wasn't drama I wanted in on.

patrickp3211 karma

On a scale of 1 to turtle, how Michelangelo are you? Also, do you still follow your ha-heaaaart?

IveyAngelo3 karma

I still follow my heart... and 1 to Turtle.... I'd give myself an 8 (as if Turtle was 10)... reason is he eats more than I would eat... and I can see bits of the other Turtles with myself, like my favorite weapon is the bo. My favorite color is blue. I've been called the real life Michaelangelo by even people who work on TMNT, but I can see the differences ;)

ClavicleRub1 karma

How do you respond to the people that have put the video in "cringe compilations" ?

IveyAngelo5 karma

Well the video was made to be funny, it wasn't really me. So I understand why people feel that way. But if they want the real story, I'm easy to find on the internet as I don't hide at all.

A_Nick_Name1 karma

How big is the collection now? Any new prized possessions in it?

IveyAngelo3 karma

Heh I could never really answer how big the collection is, I can say it is always growing and I never get rid of any of it. I do have a lot of great new prized collection...

Some to note since I did the show - ... Tokka's hand from TMNT 2 given to me by the actor who played Tokka. ... A direct copy even with the different color pages of April's script from TMNT 1 with all of Judith's notes inside the script. Given to me and signed by Judith Hoag.

Those are a few of my prized stuff. But a lot of the collection does get shown through my blog when I can get the time. My goal is to open a museum, because no one person should own so much stuff that made these shows, movies and comics... it belongs to the entire fandom. I hope the Museum becomes real some day.

snaredonk1 karma

How tall are you? The TMNT are supposedly around 5'2" :D

IveyAngelo2 karma

I am about 5'2" - 5'3" keep getting told differently... I think 5'3" is the correct answer. It's funny how short Michelan Sisti is to me, so I know I'm not the right height from Michaelangelo. But I'm about the size of Leif Tilden and Ernie Reyes Jr. and I'm shorter than Kenn Scott in our photos.

mypenisonthefloor1 karma

In the video while sparring with you brother you say "When I'm in these situations I kind of feel like they're standing behind me, protecting me. Then I say 'Hey guys? You there?' and they'll check in with me every now and then". Can you elaborate on this a bit? Thanks! Edit: wording

IveyAngelo2 karma

That was my way of getting VH1 crew off my back... what they wanted me to say was "While I'm fighting I feel like I am a Ninja Turtle" I refused. They wouldn't drop the question, so I did that just to get that dropped. I refused to do a few things for them, including wear my costume to work. I knew something was up, with questions like that.

billmofomurray1 karma

Did you make the visit to NH and ME last year for the 30th anniversary on FCBD? I don't recall seeing you there (at least on Sunday in ME as it was a smaller crowd).

Hope you did. It was amazing seeing the creators together for the first time in over 2 decades!

IveyAngelo2 karma

I was there! I had friends with me, in fact we sat inside Saturday at the next table down most of the day.

I Loved it that the t-shirts have "May 4th" on them, because that is my Birthday. Even though the anniversary really is May 5th. I got all four them to sign my shirt.

Glad you were able to make it, I really enjoyed seeing so many TMNT fans at both events. Just wish it didn't rain on us outside in the line.

WGBWooWGBW1 karma

New movie versus the first live action movie, thoughts?

IveyAngelo2 karma

Well they should never be put against each other, because they're two different styles all together and each call out for a different part of the fan base. Like the original comics to the original cartoons.

That being said, I'm more a fan of the live action films. But I still support the 2014 films.

Marshmcgee1 karma

Is there ever a moment when you wonder what might have happened if you had devoted this same energy to something more constructive?

IveyAngelo3 karma

When I walk into a hospital dressed as a Ninja Turtle, lead into the ICU to see children going through some of the hardest things to face as a young kid, one of which in a full body cast from being hit by a car, and see that while they're in pain they can smile so big. I think to myself, I am at the right place at the right time. They need me here. A little girl almost unplugged herself from life support to see me, I was able to go in and spend an hour with her, making her laugh, getting hugs and never a frown.

No, I never thought 'more constructive' as I have always felt each of us are here for something else. I'm here for entertainment and to help keep a property of characters that can help inspire future generations like they did for me, around for years to come.

americanadiandrew1 karma

Did you ever go down into the sewers looking for turtles like those kids in the 90's?

IveyAngelo4 karma

Nope, I was old enough to know they were not real when I became a fan. But I have been on the set of the Subway Lair which was used for The Secret of the Ooze, TMNT III and The Next Mutation. That was cool

legoing1 karma

Do you have a significant other? If so, are they just as obsessed with TMNT?

IveyAngelo4 karma

No, I'm not into relationships. Though I do have a lot of friends who are big TMNT fans and do know some others who are as obsessed as I am. Anyone want to see a great collection of stuff, search up Tokka in the TMNT fandom. He's done a lot for the fans and even has gotten his art printed in Mirage Tales of TMNT Volume 2 as a pin up.

_420CakeDay1 karma

Do you perfer Kevin Eastman's darker turtles or the later cartoons and full length feature films?

IveyAngelo3 karma

All! Kevin knows I love his work, on the Turtles. Though I will always respect that the original show introduced me to the Turtles. And the original movies inspired me so much in my life. I most versions of the Turtles equal.

sweetpeasisme1 karma

How did you get started liking the ninja turtles?

IveyAngelo2 karma

I do think I've answered this question already... it was through the toys and cartoons.... like most kids back in the 1980's. ;)

PenOptimist1 karma

Are you still as invested in TMNT as you were in the clip, or have you toned it down at all.

Do you think that the TMNT are genuinely a good source of morals?

Super personal question incoming, feel free to skip it: Was the a traumatic event that prefaced the TMNT stuff?

IveyAngelo2 karma

I'm still all into TMNT as much as I've ever been. From collecting, traveling, running a forum and a blog. Couldn't be happier.

I do think they are a great source of good morals, which is why I want too keep them around for generations to come. I'm not the only fan I know of who has a strong story of how they helped in life.

There was no traumatic event that brought this on. Yes I had a rough school life, but my family always kept me in good spirits. Really what kept me into it, was I couldn't fall out... oh I thought I was going too a few times, but when you start falling in backstage at their events, or invited to parties with the creators... it gets hard to fall out of something good. And it's been an amazing ride.

SolWeintraub1 karma

What's your favorite part of Ferndale?

IveyAngelo3 karma

The family house we just lost... - otherwise it would've been Harding School... but that got torn down.... not a fan of Ferndale.

CoBullet1 karma

What are your feelings on how the show depicted you? Were there any scenes with a serious interview but were instead chopped up to make for better TV?

IveyAngelo3 karma

They had their joke, and I laughed. It's not me. They left out the real stuff. They were at my house for three days and even filmed at my job one morning. The interview with me on the couch was 3 hours of hot lights, not leaning back and answering questions. They didn't use most of my answers, they used me repeating their questions as if it was not questions, cutting off the answer at the end. I got the making video of this show on Cowabunga Corner, just search up Cowabunga Corner #40 you'll see a full behind the scenes look.

SuperAwesomeNinjaGuy1 karma

Favorite TMNT videogames?

IveyAngelo1 karma

First NES TMNT game, loved the water level!

SkysDlim1 karma

How much would you say you've spent overall on your ninja turtle obsession?

IveyAngelo3 karma

Second person to ask this, I really don't know... never tried to keep track. I will say I've spent more on car repairs than I have my collection...

skizmcniz1 karma

What'd you think of Jared's Epic Party?

IveyAngelo2 karma

It was a blast!!!! And I got to meet Richard there the Golden Voice of Partners In Kryme, see him sing TURTLE Power!! I also got to hang out with Andre from Black Nerd Comedy and so many other good friends who showed up. The only disappointment was that we did not hear the lines "Did you ever see a Turtle get down" once that night, as we got a different version of Ninja Rap... I didn't want a new version, I wanted to hear "Ninja Rap"... so that was the biggest disappointment. But Ice was good to talk too, he is a Turtle fan and was excited to talk to those of us who went up for his autograph.

Did you go?

SuperFancyMan1 karma

What belt class are you up to now, or did you stop at blue belt? Also serious question as well, have tried to get three people together to join up and form a full Ninja Turtle posse?

IveyAngelo2 karma

I stopped at Blue Belt, personal reasons back in 1999.

I've never tried to get people together be a group of Turtles. Though on line I've been in groups where I've either been Donatello or Michaelangelo, with other people being the other Turtles. Mainly just the nicknames, some role play back in the 1990's.

tenakee1 karma

What about nunchucks? Have you trained with those? How come Michaelangelo's head cost more than Leonardo's (in our opinion, 2k is a great price for a movie prop)? How do you feel about Cory Feldman being the one true Donatello?

Cowabunga Dude!!!!

IveyAngelo3 karma

I have trained with the nunchucks, as well as the bo and sais. The bo is my favorite weapon, but these days I do a lot more with my training chucks as a good work out for my arms as I can't do push ups anymore and I feel like I get a work out from the chucks.

It was the same guy who sold me Leo and I think he just was looking for more money. In fact he told me the price before showing me which Turtle... in my head I said if it's Raph or Don I'm not buying, but when he showed Michelangelo I buckled... he's my favorite Turtle. What got me was he was in worse shape with Leo, as more skin was fallen off already and his saw is broken. He also didn't come with the base for his stand like Leo did. I don't mind too much, cause I got them and have got them checked by puppeteers from the movies to know they are real.

I LOVED Corey's work on the first movie as Donatello's voice, esp since I was a Corey Feldman fan before TMNT came into my life. Though with TMNT 3 he did way too much adlibbing. I have the script and I feel it would've been better if he stayed a little closer to it.

HardcoreEdge1 karma

Hi Ivey I've been reading most of your replies and you seem like a really awesome down to earth person, but anyways I have 2 questions:

1- What's your favorite piece in your collection?

2- What's your rarest/hard to get piece you own?

IveyAngelo3 karma

Favorite is my home made Turtle costume, it's given me some of my best memories. I had to retire it from events recently and hope to make a new one, but this one will always hold a place in my heart for the years I've had with it.

The rarest piece in my collection would have to be an original art work page from Mirage Volume 1 issue 10, it has the four Turtles on the roof with April, Splinter and Casey watching the Second Time Around shop burn down. Kevin Eastman signed and gave this to me as a surprise in 1998 at the Words & Pictures Museum. I got it framed and it hangs in our living room to this day. Original art work from the first part of Mirage Volume one where it's following Eastman and Laird were hard to get pages as they didn't give them out often and wasn't into selling them back in the day. A few years ago Kevin did sell a lot of it. Though it's still not something you see on the market often.

ProfessorSomething1 karma


IveyAngelo2 karma

I love all of the TMNT series so I can't rate them, as they all bring something different to the table that I show to friends all the time.

I am loving the Nickelodeon series, the crew is doing an awesome job with it! Donatello is my second favorite Turtle. I do like Rob Paulsen as the voice, as he's bringing a new side to Donny. Though I am disappointed in how much he fights with Michelangelo. I am hoping that after Mikey helped him out so much in the recent episode, that he lightens up in how he treats Mikey. I loved how Mikey and Donny worked together in the early 1990's movie and the 2003 series.

curly_spork-1 karma

What did you think about the new movie? If you liked it, can you try to convince me to finish it. I only got to the part where Splinter was punishing the TMNT about something, with Megan Fox.

IveyAngelo2 karma

The new movie is not the best TMNT film out there..... though if you like action this movie does go in that direction.

You get three major fight scenes with the Shredder... Splinter/Shredder, Raph/Shredder and all four Turtles/Shredder. If you wanna see fun fights, finish the movie....

if you want to see good TMNT moments... just watch the elevator scene... cause that seems to be the fan favorite moment in the film.

I wish I could give a better reason to watch it than action... but really this film has a lot to learn from the earlier movie on who the Turtles are.