Thank you guys for all your questions! I'm off to buy some more stuff for the US tour, see you there :)

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Astroman12910 karma

Hi Aluna! Big fan here from America. I have a few questions:

1) Why do you think AlunaGeorge hasn't taken off to a particularly large degree in the United States as compared to the UK? When DJ Snake remixed You Know You Like It, it went pretty big, but I've always wanted to hear your solo singles on the radio. Your Drums, Your Love is a total jam and people would love it if they had the opportunity to hear it.

2) If you could collaborate with any other artists at the moment, who would they be? A singer, another group, anything.

3) Does it ever bother you that people seem to think AlunaGeorge is an individual, not a group? i.e. "I love AlunaGeorge, she has a great voice!"

Thanks in advance!

TheRealAlunaGeorge10 karma

  1. I don't know! We've only just signed to an American label, maybe that makes a difference with how hard it's pushed.

  2. When I find someone I wanna work with it's a rare and special thing because I have George, who is awesome. For example, the most recent person I've worked with was very difficult to find but I know I had to find him!

  3. No, if you're a hardcore fan you know, if you're not it's something to discover.

_realgangster8 karma

Hey Aluna! Probably don't remember me but I was the brown guy at your free show at output rooftop at Brooklyn standing right in the front (you killed that set by the way!). My question is that since most of your hits in the US have been remixes of your material, getting you more exposure, how has that this helped George out becoming a more well known producer in addition to your success?

TheRealAlunaGeorge6 karma

It's helped George out as much as it's helped me because we are the band! Hopefully see you standing at the front at MSG?

pjthom6 karma

Hey, You're incredible, love your music! Just a quick question, what was it like to work with Disclosure and are there any plans for more collaborations in the future, with them and other artists? Thanks

TheRealAlunaGeorge10 karma

I was very scared when Guy picked me up in a car in South London, but he said 'Don't worry, we've got a singer, we've got tracks, it'll be fine!' Howard brought the sandwiches and we sat in their loft studio and got straight to work. It was unusually quick and really good fun.

I have a new collaboration coming out next week so im not looking for anything else just yet....

andynplay5 karma

Once a friend of mine asked if I'd heard of a new band named "HalloumiGeorge", it made me laugh.

Question - Are you a fan of Halloumi?

TheRealAlunaGeorge5 karma

Haha yes! Grilled or fried

nagmo5 karma

Hey Aluna! Not really a question...I like to get high and listen to your music. It's great and relaxing. Keep up the good work! Have a great weekend! And i am required to ask something so... what is your favorite snack?

TheRealAlunaGeorge5 karma

raspberries x

AsSeenOnPurpose3 karma

How did it come about that You Know You Like It went from being an AlunaGeorge song remixed by DJ Snake to being an AlunaGeorge x DJ Snake song?

TheRealAlunaGeorge9 karma

He just proposed releasing it to his own fan base and we were happy for the song to get a new lease of life. We aren't ego maniacs so who's name is on the tin isn't that important!

Meevex3 karma

Hey Aluna! I always wonder this and since you've collaborated with Jack U recently on To U (my favorite track on the album), what is it like in the studio with them? What's their work ethic, did you record the vocals for the track, I know there was an original version to the production before turning it more Jack U-esque. I just want to know what the atmosphere is in the studio when working with Skrillex and Diplo.

Also being how you received hugely popular make overs by DJ Snake and Tchami, have you ever worked with them in a studio, or through any other instance like a live concert or something along those lines?

Also thank you so much for doing this AMA, I always want some of my favorite musicians to do them, and now one of if not my favorite vocalists of all time is here, and that's awesome! George should do one too, would love to know about his production ethic! Once again, THANK YOU!

TheRealAlunaGeorge5 karma

Firstly, I started the Jack Ü track with Diplo after meeting him at Glastonbury in 2013. Luckily for me, he was tired which meant that he was just about on my energy level. The rest of the time and the reason him and Skrillex are so prolific, they have so much energy that it's like trying to join a party stoney cold sober and everyone else is lit!

I've hung out with DJ Snake and I went on stage with him at Coachella this year.

MRML962 karma

Hi Aluna! Fan from Australia.

Do you have any plans on collaborating with Aussie artists and producers, or any big names in the EDM genre in general?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

We've only been there a couple of times and I like to get to know people before I work with them, so maybe some time in the future

scaryblackguy2 karma

First off, big fan of you two!

1.) Whose decision was it to put Aluna before George? Why not be named GeorgeAluna?

2.) When are you guys going to put out more music? Will it be the ZHU collab? :)

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

  1. George suggested just using Aluna, I said no so he bargained by adding his name as well, then I said yes. I've got a whole book of other names we didn't use!

  2. Yes it will!

Ronreact2 karma

I love your music and wanted to say thank you guys! I wanted to ask, what are some of your most unusual, or least expected music choices?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

I had a Deftones and Idelwild phase! And love the Pixies as well.

Taffyk42 karma

Hey :) not sure if you have already, but ever thought about rapping?

TheRealAlunaGeorge5 karma

Thought about it? I've tried! and been kicked out of the room immediately LOL!

EduFonseca2 karma

Hey Aluna,

I've been a huge fan of you guys since I first heard Your Drums, Your Love ages ago. I'm from Portugal but I now live in Los Angeles and got the chance to finally see you live back in April :) It was a blast. This brings me to my question. You played a lot of amazing new tracks so when are we finally getting a new album from you? There some huge new jams played on that show.

TheRealAlunaGeorge4 karma

We should have the album ready to go this side of the year, and then we'll release it in the Spring. Look out for an AG track in December!


Love u guys, big fan. My question is will you be working with Baauer again in the future? I love the song "One Touch" and what ever happened with that song you worked on with djemba djemba?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

I tend to only work with people once because otherwise you end up being in a band with them, and I'm already in a band! Where did you hear about the Djemba Djemba thing? LOL

Skiip1 karma

What was it like working with Baauer and how different was the process of making One Touch from other tracks considering it had two versions?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

I remember meeting Baauer on a crossroads in the streets of New York, it was really busy and hard to find him. He was pretty shy and it was before Harlem Shake. I was shy too, so imagine 2 really quiet people who barely know each other trying to make a song together... it's in the lyrics, 'You gotta give me something to work with'. He had the track started, I put it on to piano so that I could work out some vocals and then he finished it off.

basilzemplas1 karma

Hey Aluna! Holla from west australia :3 It's my roommates 4 day birthday bender and I've been blasting body music earlier. Gets me in the good vibe zooooone. Anyways, I'd love to know, what's the best style tip you could give someone? Also, seeing as your music talents are in the electronica genre, what are some of your personal favourite dance tracks?

P.S is it just me or did the whole video clip to DJ snakes mix of You Know You Like It remind you of GTA V? Haha Keep it real lovely lady! Thanks and stuff

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

Style tips - if it doesn't fit you, cut it or use a safety pin, don't throw it away!

I love that Disciples track 'They Don't Know'.

I've never seen a monkey in GTA? lol

sycpsycp1 karma

omg!!!!!! hi Aluna!!!!! I'm a big fan of you and George from South Korea! Are you planning to come to tour on Korea some day T-T??????? We South Korea need you guys!

TheRealAlunaGeorge1 karma

Hopefully! Sounds amazing! I've never been there

djsacfly1 karma

Hey Aluna ! I'm coming from Phoenix to see you next month in Denver - will the track you did for the Major Lazer cartoon with (I think) Alexis Taylor be released in a full version anywhere ? I love the song SO DAMN MUCH and I listen to it on loop at least once a week. Can't wait to see you in Colorado !

TheRealAlunaGeorge1 karma

No sadly, it was exclusive for that

Kaliaira1 karma

Gurl, when is your sophomore coming out?!?!? It's been too long! May I just add that Supernatural was my favourite track of 2014, and one of my favourite ever songs. Please have more songs in a similar vein to this on your new album, because I find it just magical.

TheRealAlunaGeorge1 karma

Kisses, we'll try!

goldenboots1 karma

How much control do the two of you have over the final production?

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

We're there for mixing and mastering, but we're not experts in that field so we let them get involved! We write all the tracks and both have the final say over the production.

So far no-one else has been involved with the production side.

acoqui1 karma

Aluna!! You and George inspire me so greatly. Where did you learn how to produce? And how long did it take you guys to find your sound?

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

That is a George question, he's not here he's in the studio!

odiosin1 karma

Hi, big fan from Mexico here. What is the thing that you like the most of being famous and what is the one you like the least?

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

I'm not sure if I qualify as famous, but... sometimes people share their enthusiasm with me which is lovely!

I wouldn't like to be so famous that I can't go out in my downtime clothes, which I LOVE to do

ryry_theflyguy1 karma

ALUNA! Two part question for you! What was it like hearing one of your songs played on the radio for the first time? And once you gained popularity was it what you expected? Or totally different?

TheRealAlunaGeorge1 karma

You always think things sound better on the radio so it was pretty exciting!

Popularity just means more people want you to do better stuff which is great!

magisz1 karma

Hi Aluna! What happened to "Make no Mistake"? It was one of my favorite songs from you guys. And do you have any plans of coming to Brazil?

TheRealAlunaGeorge1 karma

WOW. That is the first thing in the first hour that me and George ever did! Some things just have to be left behind. FYI I still love that track ;)

AsSeenOnPurpose1 karma

What was it like working with Avicii? Did you both start the song from scratch or did either of you have any ideas before collaborating that made it to the final stage? Did George contribute to that song?

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

I sat with Avicii having never met with him which is unusual for me. And then I suddenly realised I had the perfect song for him and I played him a rough unfinished demo, and he loved it and knew exactly how to finish it. I was SO excited and happy that that song got the treatment it needed. George wasn't there for this one.

sycpsycp1 karma

I have few more questions :)!! i hope you don't mind answering more questions :/

1) who's your favorite artist? Is there anyone who inspired you to do music :)?

2) do you like reading books? is there a book you want to recommend us?

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

My favourite artist is Radiohead. Read 'Beloved' by Toni Morrison :)

goldenboots1 karma

How long does a typical track take to make,from the initial ideas to the finished (unmastered) product?

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

We like to get a song finished in terms of melody, lyrics and chords in a day. Then production could be anything from 2 days to 10 days.

melissalane131 karma

Love you guys and I'm SO excited to see you perform in San Francisco. Is George with you answering questions as well? If so, Hi Aluna AND George! Any chance you'll be performing "You know you like it" (the DJ Snake version?)... I'm always playing that song!

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

No he's not here sadly. As for performing the DJ Snake version, anything's possible!

AsSeenOnPurpose1 karma

Do you and George pick who remixes your songs or is that handled by A&R / Label?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

We've picked the ones that you've heard of. We're very picky ;)

an_optional_poem1 karma

Do you like snakehips?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

Yeh :) Was even gonna share an Air BnB with them when I get to LA!

Jayjianz1 karma

Hi Aluna!! Great fan of your music.

Are you a dancer??

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

I wanted to be one when I was little. Now I have to settle with freestyling!

TheDLade1 karma

Hey Aluna! When is the next album coming?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

The next album is coming out in Spring :)

fdsafdaw3f3acvsda1 karma

what music have you been listening to recently?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

Shivers by SG Lewis, there's some great remixes by Honne and Isaac Tichauer

rachelsapp1 karma

I'm from the US but studying abroad in France and missing your tour is killing me! Are you planning on doing a Europe tour after your North American tour?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

When we tour the second album next year :)

zstamper1 karma

Hi Aluna, this may be common knowledge but I don't know the answer myself and I would love to hear it from you. I assume you are responsible for lyrics, and if so, is there a particular individual who inspires you?

p.s. love your music and can't wait for the sophomore follow-up

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

Yes I am responsible for the lyrics, I do like to collaborate from time to time, because it's so fun to bounce off people.

Lyrically the classics from Etta James to Otis Reading always make you feel in awe

franch1 karma

hi aluna! do you have any thoughts on the london "bubblegum bass" trend spearheaded by pc music and kero kero bonito? i think an alunageorge/hannah diamond collaboration would be super rad.

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

It's about time London came out with something fresh and new, and if it's your thing, then you're happy!

Ikelos1 karma

Hello Aluna!!

How did you first get into the music industry and where did your passion for music first come from?

Big hugs and kisses from Sydney xo

TheRealAlunaGeorge2 karma

My passion for music has always been there. As for the industry, that's a bigger question that I don't have time to answer right now!

kyhenley1 karma

Biggest advice to up and coming artists?

TheRealAlunaGeorge3 karma

If it's the only thing you can do (music) then stop asking yourself 'why am I doing this?' whenever it gets hard and just do it! There's no sense to it, it's madness and it's magic.