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I was very scared when Guy picked me up in a car in South London, but he said 'Don't worry, we've got a singer, we've got tracks, it'll be fine!' Howard brought the sandwiches and we sat in their loft studio and got straight to work. It was unusually quick and really good fun.

I have a new collaboration coming out next week so im not looking for anything else just yet....

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  1. I don't know! We've only just signed to an American label, maybe that makes a difference with how hard it's pushed.

  2. When I find someone I wanna work with it's a rare and special thing because I have George, who is awesome. For example, the most recent person I've worked with was very difficult to find but I know I had to find him!

  3. No, if you're a hardcore fan you know, if you're not it's something to discover.

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He just proposed releasing it to his own fan base and we were happy for the song to get a new lease of life. We aren't ego maniacs so who's name is on the tin isn't that important!

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It's helped George out as much as it's helped me because we are the band! Hopefully see you standing at the front at MSG?

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Haha yes! Grilled or fried