Hi Reddit! We are Big Boi + Phantogram AKA Big Grams and we are so excited to answer your questions! Our 7 track EP “Big Grams” is coming out on September 25th and we’re here to announce that you can pre-order it HERE RIGHT NOW on Apple Music to get our first track “Fell In The Sun” instantly. We’ll be here to answer your questions starting at 2:15pm EST / 11:15am PST so ask us anything.

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We've gotta head out to our next interview now! Thanks so much for all of your questions. Pre-order our BIG GRAMS EP now on Apple Music before it's out on September 25th and stay tuned to our socials below for more info!

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phantogramfan100 karma

Will the tour include renditions of songs from outside the project? Would be ill to hear Sarah sing the hook to "Follow Us", Big rapping over "Black Out Days" etc.

BigGrams130 karma

Yes! We have plans to do some experimenting with mixing up some Big verses with Phantogram beats. Big has already written a verse that is unreleased for "Black Out Days" and it would also be dope to hear Big rap on tracks like "When I'm Small". - Josh & Sarah

apc024386 karma

Big Boi - have you seen the Key and Peele sketch about you and Andre meeting at a coffee shop? and if so, what did you think about it? How is your relationship with Andre 3000?

BigGrams161 karma

It was funny but it was way off. Anybody who follows me on my social media accounts knows that we have been hanging out all summer with our children. We've been going paintballing and had a good personal summer of brotherhood. We've been doing music so long together that we're just getting back to the friendship. The sketch was funny though. - Big

PaintWithRazorblades42 karma

What is your favorite non hip hip album?

BigGrams100 karma

Kate Bush - The Dreaming. - Big

It's A Wonderful Life - Sparklehorse. - Josh

Kid A - Radiohead. - Sarah

anticrastination35 karma

It sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun making this album, and Fell in the Sun is already a winner. Do you have any favorite tracks or background stories that you can share?

Looking forward to the tour!

BigGrams53 karma

The first song we started working on day one in the studio with Big was "Drum Machine" and we recorded vocals that afternoon. - Sarah

We were wrapping up the record and later on down the stretch Josh stayed in my pool house for like a week and a half finishing up the record, eating dinner with my family and we went to The Blue Flame with Dave Chappelle. Dave was like "I can't fucking believe I'm in here!" - Big

aterrorcatsandwich32 karma

Why was Big Grams better than Phantoboi?

BigGrams77 karma

It's all about the grams. The unsnortable. - Big

Zanketzu31 karma

With all the hype of "Staight out of Compton" It has made me curious of other great rap stories. Any chance of an Outkast biopic of you and Andre in the future?

BigGrams94 karma

Me and 'Dre were just discussing this over Labor Day. Stay tuned. - Big

samwise091230 karma

On a more personal note, what are your favorite films?

BigGrams71 karma

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Magnolia. - Sarah

Blue Velvet. Adaptation. - Josh

Colors. Heat. Casino. Point Break. - Big

johnnyrd29 karma

Hows working with run the jewels like? Did you collab in person?

BigGrams45 karma

Yes. Killer Mike came in the studio and crushed. It was great working with him. We had to actually email El-P his stuff. - Big

Homeless_Pig28 karma

Can we expect to see the new music on Spotify under Big Grams on the 25th?

BigGrams51 karma


dustygrandma21 karma

this question is for Big Boi: Who is your favorite artist coming out of ATL as of right now?

BigGrams93 karma

Big Grams!

Humange18 karma

Who would win 1v1 in a basketball game to 21, big boi or andre 3000?

BigGrams134 karma

Muh diack. - Big

eklxtreme17 karma

Any plans for a full-length album? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

BigGrams55 karma

Yeah, we're gonna keep making music as Big Grams so definitely! If Missy Elliott wants to be on a track later on, holler!

spoonman101517 karma

Sarah and Josh: what have you learned from working with Big Boi so far? as a dude with a career going back decades you must have learned some super interesting things, even stories or whatever.

Big Boi: what have you learned from working with Sarah and Josh?

BigGrams40 karma

Whoa, decades?! - Big

Stay confident in what we do and always be forward thinking. Don't second guess ourselves. Sarah and I are both Aquemini and we've modeled a lot of our career after Big Boi and Outkast so hearing all of that from one of our heroes has been reassuring that we're on the right path. - Josh & Sarah

cntlswvs16 karma

I first heard of you (Phantogram) as Charlie Everywhere - what was that name about and why did you change it? I remember hearing your 3 song EP and knowing you would blow up one day. Congrats!

BigGrams33 karma

It was a half-baked inside joke name that we changed because we were gaining a fan base. - Josh

Then Josh came up with Phantogram and it stuck because it was fucking awesome. - Sarah

Poop_sauce16 karma

This question is for all three of you. Outside of general music stuff, what are your hobbies/things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

BigGrams44 karma

Skateboarding and art. - Josh

I like bowling. Top golf is my new favorite thing. Also raising dogs. - Big

I like to stare at Leroy while he sleeps and takes dumps. And I like to smoke cigars. - Sarah

profound_whatever11 karma

I need some new music, so pop quiz – What songs would you choose as the soundtrack if you were:

  • Destroying a house with a sledgehammer?

  • Having awesome slow-motion sex?

  • Drifting through post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in a Mustang?

BigGrams22 karma

Destroying a house: Metallica - One -- Big

Having awesome slow-motion sex: Machine Gun - Slowdive -- Josh

Drifting through post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in a Mustang?: Everybody Hurts - REM -- Sarah

AjaxSlax10 karma

Any plans for a Big Grams New Era Cap? And is there anywhere to grab a Phantogram New Era Cap? Was hoping they'd have been in merch on tour, but alas, no dice.

BigGrams15 karma

Already in the works! Phantogram hats are coming back soon too.

Birdsonbat10 karma

Will you be hitting the festival circuit? Would love to see you at Bonnaroo!

BigGrams9 karma

Hell yes! Pretty sure.

OhMyLisa10 karma

I see your songs are paired with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. So which of the seven is your sin?

BigGrams23 karma

Used to be Lust. I'm past it though... with the help of my Lord Jesus. - Big

Gluttony. - Sarah

Wrath. - Josh

Bradfordville10 karma

Is there anyway we can get the new LP in vinyl?

BigGrams13 karma

Absolutely! Hell yeah. Coming soon.

Mike-Lavista9 karma

Excited for the project!

Big Boi - we used to be in a bowling league off Buford HWY. Are you going to play again this season?

You're a good bowler bro.

BigGrams19 karma

I think we might be on the road. Paul actually asked me if I'm gonna be in the league but I'm gonna be tied up with Grams. I might stop in though - come kiss me on the cheek. - Big

cassie_roll9 karma

Is Leroy The Good Boy featured on any tracks? Really love what I've heard of this EP so far from the clips on Instagram and Fell In the Sun is great! Hope y'all come to Chicago on tour.

BigGrams31 karma

No, but he's taken a dump in every studio we've been in. - Sarah

He put the stank in Stankonia - Big

mountainzen8 karma

First off, major props to you both. Fell in the sun on repeat all day.

Do y'all think this will be a long term collab? and when can we expect to see a tour?

BigGrams5 karma

Hell yeah! If they like it, we love it. The reception so far has been motivation, too.

acoqui8 karma

I'm a huge fan of Phantogram! Stoked for the album. What are your top three favorite synths and top three favorite pedals?

BigGrams3 karma

Moog - Minitaur. - Sarah

Guitar pedal - Boss DD20. - Josh

dont_worry_im_here8 karma

For both of y'all:

What / Where was your craziest, wildest, most-insane-crowd experience?

BigGrams21 karma

When people start mosh pitting at our shows I always get a little confused / excited. - Sarah

I've almost been tackled on stage a couple times. - Josh

100,000 people at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. That shit was crazy. - Big

CorgiCadet7 karma

What was the moment/idea/thread/spark/groove that brought you all together?

I've been a huge fan of your collective work, but I was still surprised (and extremely happy) to see you collaborate together on this scale.

BigGrams11 karma

When we were at Stankonia working on VLADR with Big - Josh

Everything we did sounded good as fuck, we was batting .1000 so we just kept working. - Big

bcavalier127 karma

Hey y'all,

how did your features with Skrillex and RTJ come about? Did you approach them with tracks in mind or did they come to you knowing that y'all were working together?

For RTJ at least I wouldn't be surprised if Mike was just kicking it at Stankonia with y'all haha.

BigGrams10 karma

Well, y'all know that we thought Run The Jewels would go well on that particular track and Skrillex hijacked "Drum Machine." Literally.

lncsbrn6 karma

Digital, tape, or a mixture of both in the studio?

BigGrams6 karma

Whatever works! - Sarah

Digital is just a little faster these days. - Big

i_pees_when_i_fap6 karma

How did yous guys meet?

BigGrams20 karma

Tinder and Soul Swipe.

nico11996 karma

Sarah, did you dye your hair just for the Big Grams project? Or did you just want some change?

BigGrams14 karma

I got struck by lightning! - Sarah

joesnackpack6 karma

are you guys releasing a physical copy? if so when can i buy it?

BigGrams6 karma

Yes! Coming soon but you can pre-order on Apple Music in the meantime.

k1down5 karma

When's the big ATL blowout??

BigGrams5 karma

Still scheduling. Stay tuned. - Big

Mrkfrr5 karma

Hey Sarah, how did the collaboration with Miley Cyrus come into play? I just heard the track and it sounds pretty dope. Would you ever feature Miley in a phantogram track? Love the blonde btw.

BigGrams7 karma

Met Miley through The Flaming Lips and we're always open to collaborating. - Sarah

DawsonOler4 karma

Besides your own music, what kind of music were you listening to in order to get inspired for the new EP?

BigGrams12 karma

A lot of old soul... Gladys Knight and the hits. Dungen. Nina Simone. Young Fathers. - Josh & Sarah

The Isley Brothers. E40. Majical Cloudz. - Big

zzscherp4 karma

What songs are on you guys' ideal road trip playlist?

BigGrams9 karma

Led Zeppelin. Beatles. Prince. James Brown. Stevie Wonder. Stevie Knicks. Steven Tyler. Steve Buscemi. Steve Martin. Even Stevens on DVD. And don't forget Steve Urkel.

JoshuaReddit4 karma

What are your guys' most anticipated upcoming album releases?

BigGrams10 karma

Big Grams!

Also Big Boi. Phantogram III. God bless America and nobody else.

Ronny04 karma

What's your opinion on current music in general? Rappers such as Kendrick, J Cole, Drake, Rocky?

BigGrams21 karma

I think Kendrick is a genius. - Josh

I think I'm a fucking genius. - Big

Shady9XD3 karma

What's the best part of collaborating outside of genres and/or stepping out of your musical comfort zone?

Follow up, who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

BigGrams2 karma

That's the only way I know how to do it. - Big

Same! - Josh & Sarah

Beerbelly523 karma

What are your favorite and least favorite things about being on tour?

BigGrams3 karma

Favorite is hanging with our friends that work with us. Worst thing is missing special days like weddings and birthdays. - Sarah

LaPicturesque3 karma

Of your collaborations so far (out of Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors and the upcoming Big Grams EP), what is your favorite song?

By the way, I saw both OutKast and Phantogram at Osheaga last year and all of you guys were mind-bogglingly good. Thank you!

BigGrams5 karma

I like them all, depends on the day. Today in New York is a Goldmine Junkie type day. - Big

eklxtreme3 karma

Do all of you share the same musical directions for this project or did you guys negotiate a bit?

BigGrams6 karma

We're all very eclectic with our tastes so obviously everyone had their own direction but we meld and collaborate. We're all separate but we all get together and it blends nice. We're mercurial. - Josh

There's no I in Team... but there is an I in Big Grams... for what it's worth. - Big

stabletiger3 karma

Josh and Sara - You grew up in the woods of Upstate New York (Greenwich). How have your experiences in that environment affected you as you continue to develop as musicians?

BigGrams3 karma

I think how it's affected us in our development as artists is learning how to use what you have. Having limited resources challenges you to be creative with not much around. - Josh

siyo43 karma

What's your favorite Kevin Spacey movie?

BigGrams5 karma

Se7en. - Josh

deathbyaspork13 karma

What's the average day on your like?

BigGrams9 karma

What's an average day like?

Wake up. Get out of bed. Drag a comb across my head...

acoqui3 karma

How do you guys over come creative blocks?

BigGrams12 karma

Sex. - Big

Drugs. - Josh & Sarah

Rock & Roll. Everybody got choices. YUP!

RockoBOOM3 karma

How do you guys like your coffee?

BigGrams9 karma

Oh, I like it! - Sarah

Caramel frappuccino with quadruple caramel and quadruple whipped cream. It's not made for a man with diabetes but it gets you through a video shoot. - Big

i_pees_when_i_fap3 karma

Hi BGs Are there currently any contemporary, multimedia artists you follow?

BigGrams5 karma

There's this guy named Freako Rico. He's good. - Big

I like whoever does Amon Tobin's visuals. - Josh

_lucabear2 karma

Big Boi: Who are some other non-hip hop artists you'd want to collab with? I remember reading about you working with Modest Mouse, so I'm curious if there's others you wanna try.
Phantogram: Same question to you, but instead what other MCs or hip-hop related artists would you want to collab with, if any?
Really excited for this project!

BigGrams5 karma

Right now I just wanna collab with the Gram. That's all I can see... the Grams. - Big

Ditto! It's all about Big Grams and the new Phantogram III album for us right now. - Josh & Sarah

MouthFullOfDiamonds2 karma

Hey guys. Random question- if you could be an animal, what animal would you be?

also, come to Kauai and lets go surfing!

BigGrams4 karma

Probably a unicorn. Or one of those centaurs. - Sarah

I wanna be Leroy. - Josh

A rabbit. They get the most cottontail around town. - Big

RohnJobert2 karma

What is your live set up going to look like?

BigGrams8 karma

It's a secret for now but prepare to wear diapers. - Josh

cbray32 karma

Big Boi: Who you voting for this presidential election?

BigGrams9 karma

It's all a clown show right now. And for the record, I'm not libertarian, I'm a humanitarian. Not on anybody's team. - Big

gmriksen2 karma

Sarah: Is the blonde related to the album?

All: What was the inspiration for the aesthetic for this? I'm liking the body paint /statue look.

BigGrams2 karma

The trophy aesthetic. There are 7 songs on the record... each corresponds with a deadly sin. - Josh