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Big Boi: Who are some other non-hip hop artists you'd want to collab with? I remember reading about you working with Modest Mouse, so I'm curious if there's others you wanna try.
Phantogram: Same question to you, but instead what other MCs or hip-hop related artists would you want to collab with, if any?
Really excited for this project!

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Hello Mr. Handler/Snicket!
Do you think that works such as A Series of Unfortunate Events sometimes suffer from being labelled "children's books" and therefore don't attain a larger audience of adults?
This series (which pretty much made my entire childhood, thank you) and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman come to mind as books that have been labelled as "children's books," yet create such complex and fantastic stories that can be ignored by adults due to their status. Your books still sit with me today, and have both influenced me to be a writer and to further my understanding of the human experience and the world we inhabit, so thank you for that!